Pennfield Ridge Air Station - RCAF Station

Pennfield Ridge Air Station
Remembering Those Who Served
RCAF Station (May 20, 1944-October 1, 1945)
~Operational Training Squadron (July 1, 1944-August 19, 1945)~
~Transport Conversion Squadron (July 1, 1944-August 31, 1945)~

When No.34 Operational Training Unit disbanded 19 May 1944 it was taken over by the RCAF on the 20th of May 1944 under the command of W/C W.W.S. Ross. The Station consisted of an Operational Training Squadron with F/L Van Elslande as Squadron Commander, and a Transport Conversion Squadron with F/L L.B. Stevenson as Unit Commander. A smaller training unit in the form of the Eastern Air Command School of Survival was organized in May of 1945 under command of F/L G. Durrell. This school gave an extensive course in survival measures for those heading to the far East.

     This page will be utilized to provide recognition and remembrance of individuals who served at Pennfield Ridge Air Station during World War II. It will contain images, stories, diary accounts, messages and other contributions from next-of-kin.

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by Sgt. Joshua Helterbran

The soldier stood and faced God,
Which must always come to pass,
He hoped his shoes were shining,
Just as brightly as his brass.

"Step forward now, you soldier,
How shall I deal with you?
Have you always turned the other cheek?
To My Church have you been true?"

The soldier squared his shoulders and
said, "No, Lord, I guess I ain't,
Because those of us who carry guns,
Can't always be a saint.

I've had to work most Sundays,
And at times my talk was tough,
And sometimes I've been violent,
Because the world is awfully rough.

But, I never took a penny
That wasn't mine to keep...
Though I worked a lot of overtime
When the bills got just too steep,

And I never passed a cry for help,
Though at times I shook with fear,
And sometimes, God forgive me,
I've wept unmanly tears.

I know I don't deserve a place
Among the people here,
They never wanted me around,
Except to calm their fears.

If you've a place for me here, Lord,
It needn't be so grand,
I never expected or had too much,
But if you don't, I'll understand."

There was a silence all around the throne,
Where the saints had often trod,
As the soldier waited quietly,
For the judgment of his God.

"Step forward now, you soldier,
You've borne your burdens well,
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've done your time in Hell."

To all that serve.

~RCAF Station (May 20, 1944-October 1, 1945)~
~Operational Training Squadron (July 1, 1944-August 19, 1945)~
~Transport Conversion Unit (July 1, 1944-August 31, 1945)~

  ABBEY, Lloyd     Flight Sergeant
  ABOUND, R.N. RCAF R/19383 Aircraftman, Class 1
  ACHESON, Hazen     Flight Sergeant
  AGNEW, Ray     Flight Lieutenant
  AITKEN, G. Parker. RCAF J/5222 Flight Lieutenant
  AKERLEY,     Leading Aircraftman
  ALWARD,     Flight Sergeant
  ALYEA,     Flight Sergeant
  ANDERSON, N.H.      Pilot Officer
  ANDERSON, RCAF R/219828 Leading Aircraftman
  ANGERS, RCAF   Flying Officer
  ANJO, G.E. RCAF R/1129139 Leading Aircraftman
  ARCH, RCAF   Warrant Officer, Class 1
  ARMS,     Warrant Officer
  ARMSTRONG, C.R. RCAF R/53330 Corporal
  ARMSTRONG, Donald Hadley, AFC RCAF C/2969 Flight Lieutenant
  ARNOLD, R.L. RCAF J/19045 Flying Officer
  ARNOTT,     Flight Lieutenant
  ASHTON-CROSS,     Squadron Leader
  ASPELUND,     Leading Aircraftman
  ASTLE, W.J. RCAF J/43795 Pilot Officer
  AUBRY,     Leading Aircraftman

BALDERSTON, Edward Asthorpe RCAF R/257476 Flight Sergeant
  BARDAL,     Pilot Officer
  BARNABY,     Leading Aircraftman
  BARNES, RCAF   Warrant Officer, Class 1
  BARRETT, W.E. RCAF R/171217 Sergeant
  BARRY, William Alexander Renton "Bill", DFC RCAF J/16116 Squadron Leader
  BASH, Michael RCAF J/47978 Pilot Officer
  BASSETT, RCAF   Flight Lieutenant
  BATTEN, RCAF   Flying Officer
  BEAUCJAMP,     Leading Aircraftman
  BEHAN, C.T. RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  BELANGER, A.E.J. RCAF R/283118 Sergeant
  BELL, G.T. RCAF R/99291 Sergeant
  BEND,     Leading Aircraftman
  BENNETT, J.     Pilot Officer
  BERSCHT, E.L. RCAF R/139169 Leading Aircraftman
  BERTHIAUME, RCAF R/81564 Leading Aircraftman
  BEST, C.J.     Aircraftman, Class 2
  BICKERSTAFF,  RCAF   Flight Sergeant
  BICKFORD, R.J. RCAF R/174304 Flight Sergeant
  BIGGERSTAFF, Douglas W.      
  BING,     Flying Officer
  BLACK, R.P. RCAF R/277602 Aircraftman, Class 1
  BLAY,      Leading Aircraftman
  BOCKING, Alfred Llewellyn, DFC and bar RAF GB37079 Wing Commander
  BOICEY,     Corporal
  BOLDUC, W. RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  BOOTH, D.C. RCAF R/265035 Leading Aircraftman
  BORTNICK,     Flight Sergeant


BOUCH, Robert Leonard RCAF R/270058 Sergeant

BOUGH, Roy Edward RCAF R/190547 Sergeant


BOWLES, Thomas G. RCAF J/47799 Pilot Officer
  BOYCE,     Leading Aircraftman
  BOYD, W.J.     Squadron Leader
  BRADLEY, H.H. RCAF R/201806 Leading Aircraftman
  BRADLEY, John J.G. RCAF R/143763 Leading Aircraftman
  BREDT,     Flying Officer
  BRIAN,   RCAF Flight Lieutenant
  BRISEBOIS, J. RCAF R/179089 Leading Aircraftman
  BRISSETT, J.R.     Corporal


BRITTON, Norman Edward RCAF J/90937 Pilot Officer
  BROOKS, C.H.       Flight Sergeant
  BROTHERHOOD, Douglas     Flying Officer
  BROWN, RCAF   Pilot Officer
  BROWN, C.D.C.     Sergeant
  BROWN, George     Leading Aircraftman
  BRUNELLE, J.A.L.N.. RCAF R/154270 Aircraftman, Class 1
  BRYAN, Glen H. RCAF J/15385 Flying Officer
  BUCHANAN, E.V. RCAF R/141272 Leading Aircraftman
  BULLERWELL, George Malcolm "Mac" RCAF R/137733 Corporal
  BURKHOLDER, S.C. RCAF R/66428 Flight Sergeant
  BURLINGTON, G.D. RCAF R/214034 Aircraftman, Class 1
  BURNETT,     Flying Officer
  BURTO,     Leading Aircraftman
  BURTON,     Flying Officer
  BUTCHER, Glen F. RCAF R/152619 Leading Aircraftman


CALVESBERT, Percival Sydney, AFC RCAF J/6860 Squadron Leader
  CAMERON,     Corporal
  CAPERN, C.J.G.   19037A Warrant Officer, Class 2
  CARMICHAEL,     Corporal
  CARRICK, T.F.C. RCAF R/210361 Leading Aircraftman
  CARROLL, Albert "Red" RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  CARROLL, Walter A. RCAF   Sergeant
  CARTER,     Flying Officer


CARTER, William Henry "Bill" RCAF J/10270 Flying Officer
  CARTY,     Leading Aircraftman
  CARSON, J.M. RCAF R/270269 Aircraftman, Class 1
  CATES, A. RCAF R/259739 Leading Aircraftman
  CAMPBELL,     Corporal
  CHAMBERS,     Flying Officer
  CHARLAND, J.P. RCAF R/216618 Aircraftman, Class 1
  CHARRON, C.J.   7697 Sergeant
  CHARTERS, John Francis Gilbert RCAF K273336 Flight Sergeant
  CHESSELL, T.H.     Flight Lieutenant
  CHINARD,     Leading Aircraftman
  CHRISTIE,     Flight Lieutenant
  CHURCHILL,     Flying Officer
  CLARK, F.S. RCAF R/126153 Leading Aircraftman
  CLARK, James     Sergeant
  CLARK, W.H.  RCAF R/138606 Leading Aircraftman
  CLARKE, Frank     Leading Aircraftman
  CLOSE, Terry E. RCAF J/37593 Pilot Officer
  CLOW,     Sergeant
  COATES,      Aircraftman
  COBBAN,     Flying Officer
  COFFIN, E.L. RCAF J/47084 Pilot Officer
  COFFIN, N.E. RCAF R/55699 Corporal
  COMFORT, Alvin Donald "Al" RCAF J/47802 Flying Officer
  COMPTON,     Leading Aircraftman
  CONDON, Rev. Robert Paurnell. (Protestant Chaplain) RCAF C/44721 Flight Lieutenant
  CONNELL, Philip Frederick "Phil", DFM RCAF J/19001 Flying Officer
  CONWAY, William Charles RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  COOK,     Flight Lieutenant 
  COOLING, J.H. RCAF R/84810 Leading Aircraftman
  CORNISH, Richard     Leading Aircraftman
  COSCO, John Eugene, AFC RCAF C/5581 Squadron Leader
  COTTAM, John "Jack" RCAF R/277541 Leading Aircrafman
  COUCH,     Leading Aircraftman
  COUTURE, J.J.P. RCAF R/194182 Sergeant
  COVERT, George Wilbur RCAF R/104314 Leading Aircraftman
  COYLE, L.E. RCAF R/83340 Leading Aircraftman
  COX, Frederick Charles RCAF J/48154 Pilot Officer
  COX,     Flight Sergeant
  CRAIG, RCAF R/126156 Sergeant
  CRAWFORD, L. RCAF R/130752 Leading Aircraftman
  CROMBIE,     Corporal
  CURREN, J.E. RCAF R/191335 Leading Aircraftman
  D'AOUST, M.R. RCAF R/190575 Acting Corporal
  DAVY, T.C. RCAF R/296230 Leading Aircraftman
  DAVEY,     Corporal


DAVIDSON, William Gordon "Gord" RCAF R/191311 Flight Sergeant
  DAVIEN, N. RCAF R/81938 Corporal
  DAVIS, Ronald RAF   Leading Aircraftman
  DAY, "Bob"      Corporal
  DECAIRE, J.A. RCAF R/180768 Leading Aircrafman
  DECK,     Flying Officer
  DEGENAIRE,      Corporal
  DENIS,     Leading Aircraftman
  DEPAULT,     Leading Aircraftman
  DESAUTELS,     Leading Aircraftman
  DEVINE, Russell Edward RCAF    
  DICK, Norman     Flight Lieutenant
  DICKSON,     Flying Officer
  DICKSON, Clayton RCAF   Corporal
  DICKSON, R.E. RCAF R/126152 Corporal
  DINES, W.S. RCAF R/138811 Leading Aircraftman
  DIXON,     Leading Aircraftman
  DIXON, E.A.     Squadron Leader
  DOAN, Arthur B. RCAF J/47616 Flying Officer
  DOCKERILL, G.D. RCAF R/65325 Flight Sergeant
  DONALD,     Leading Aircraftman
  DONALDSON,      Leading Aircraftman
  DONOGHUE, E.H. RCAF R/111027 Flight Sergeant
  DORRINGTON, James     Leading Aircraftman
  DORT, J.C.     Warrant Officer
  DOUCET, I. RCAF R/62873 Corporal
  DOUGAN, Lawrence Henry "Larry" RCAF R/146326 Leading Aircraftman
  DOWNER, Albert H. RCAF R/123380 Leading Aircraftman
  DOYLE,     Group Captain
  DUNBAR, D.B. RCAF R/84872 Corporal
  DUBOIS,     Leading Aircraftman
  DUNCAN,     Leading Aircraftman
  DUNN, H. R. RCAF R/194720 Sergeant
  DURAND, J.M. Roger Napoleon RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  DUROCHER, J.T. RCAF R/94130 Leading Aircraftman
  DURRELL, G.     Flight Lieutenant
  DUXBURY, J. RCAF R/263285 Leading Aircraftman
  EDDY,     Leading Aircraftman
  EDGETT, Alvin      
  EDLAND,     Flight Sergeant
ELLIS,     Flight Lieutenant
  ELPHICK, R.   1260 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  ERNST. Robert Ward RCAF J/5479 Flying Officer
  ESTEY, Jack Burton, MiD RCAF J/20552 Flying Officer
  EVERSON,     Pilot Officer
  EVIN,     Leading Aircraftman
  FAIRGRIEVE, J.W. RCAF R/168059 Corporal
  FALOON, Henry M. RCAF R/126152 Flight Sergeant
  FARQUHARSON,     Flying Officer
  FENTON, G. Blair RCAF   Flying Officer
  FENTON, Blair     Warrant Officer, Class 2
  FERGUSON,      Sergeant
  FILLION, J.D.A. RCAF R/216239 Sergeant
  FLEMING, H.E.     Squadron Leader
  FLETCHER,     Pilot Officer
  FLOREN, Winfred     Leading Aircraftman
  FOGARTY, Frank "Douglas" RCAF R/89399 Corporal
  FONTAINE, J.A.J.F. RCAF R/84586 Corporal
  FORD, G.W.F. RCAF R/219328 Leading Aircraftman
  FORMAN,      Sergeant
  FORREST, "Bob"      
  FORRESTER,     Leading Aircraftman
  FOSTER, E.M. RCAF R/60035 Sergeant
  FOUNTAIN, Donald M. RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  FRANCIS, Gustave Edwin "Ted", MiD, DFC RCAF J/10690 Flight Lieutenant
  FREDERICK,     Leading Aircraftman
  FRIEDMAN,     Flying Officer
  FRIEDICK,     Leading Aircraftman
  FRENCH, RCAF   Flying Officer


  FRONENT, L.J.J.   9622 Sergeant
  FRYE, John C.     Leading Aircraftman
  FURLONG, J.T. RCAF R/136194 Leading Aircraftman
  GALLOWAY,     Leading Aircraftman
  GARDINER,     Wing Commander
  GAULT,     Flight Lieutenant
  GAUTHIER, E.W. RCAF R/190835 Leading Aircraftman
  GAWLISKI, Charles     Corporal
  GIBSON,     Sergeant


GIGGEY, Douglas Lloyd, DFC RCAF J/9445 Flying Officer
  GILCHER,     Pilot Officer
  GILL, J.E. RCAF R/105085 Sergeant
  GILLIS,     Leading Aircraftman
  GLENNIE, A.L.     Flying Officer
  GOLD,     Leading Aircraftman
  GOODFELLOW, W.A."Bill" RCAF J/47796 Pilot Officer
  GOODING,     Pilot Officer
  GOODWIN, J.M. RCAF R/139905 Corporal
  GORBETT,     Leading Aircraftman
  GOSTNELL, Howard Ira "Howie" RCAF R/159098 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  GOULET, J.C. RCAF R/199615 Leading Aircraftman
  GOW, J. RCAF R/60762 Leading Aircraftman
  GRANT, James, DFC RCAF J/10965 Flight Lieutenant

GRAVEL, Louis Peter RCAF J/25273 Flying Officer
  GRAY,     Flight Lieutenant
  GREEN,     Leading Aircraftman


GREENWOOD,   RCAF   Warrant Officer, Class 1
  (GRENTHEAD?), L. RCAF R/105501 Leading Aircraftman
  GRICE, Jack H. RCAF R/209457 Leading Aircraftman
  HALL, R. RCAF R/119830 Leading Aircraftman
  HALL, W. RCAF R/102663 Leading Aircraftman
  HAMEL,     Leading Aircraftman
  HAMILTON, D. RCAF R/123452 Leading Aircraftman
  HAMPTON,     Leading Aircraftman
  HANDLEY,     Flight Lieutenant
  HANDY, Alwyne     Flight Lieutenant
  HARDIE,     Leading Aircraftman

HARJU, Sulo Matt RCAF J/46723 Flying Officer
  HARLAND,     Pilot Officer
  HARMER,     Leading Aircraftman
  HARMON, Henry     Leading Aircraftman
  HARRIS,     Leading Aircraftman
  HARRIS,     Flying Officer
  HARRISON, C.O. RCAF R/153615 Corporal
  HARVEY,     Flight Lieutenant


HARVEY, Roland John, AFC RCAF J/4895 Wing Commander
  HAWKINS, Alfred Howard "Alfie" RCAF R/99331 Leading Aircraftman
  HAWKINS, A.M. RCAF R/99331 Leading Aircraftman
  HAWSON, J.F. RCAF R/138669 Leading Aircraftman
  HAY,     Aircraftman
  HAY, Alexander James RCAF J/48151 Pilot Officer
  HEALEY,     Flight Lieutenant
  HEISLER,     Sergeant


HENDERSON, RCAF   Flying Officer
  HENDERSON, G.P. RCAF R/279478 Aircraftman
  HENRY,     Sergeant
  HENRY,     Leading Aircraftman
  HEWITT, H. Alton RCAF R/73429 Corporal
  HIBBINS, Leslie RCAF R/1114011 Acting Flight Sergeant
  HICKS, Eric Sankey RCAF J/396571 Pilot Officer
  HIGGINS, Civilian Meteorologist
  HIRSCH, Harold RCAF R/199856 Leading Aircraftman
  HUGHES, Gordon     Leading Aircraftman
  HOLDEN,       Leading Aircraftman
  HOOGINS,     Leading Aircraftman
  HORNER, R.W. RCAF R/166305 Leading Aircraftman
  HOWELL, J.M.  RCAF R/107144 Acting Corporal
  HOWES,     Pilot Officer
  HUNTER, J.H.     Flight Lieutenant
  INGALLS, Howard RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  INGERSOLL, Neil Leroy RCAF J/18557 Flying Officer
  JACK, T.A. RCAF R/96241 Corporal
  JANES, J.  RCAF R/136143 Corporal
  JEWSBURY,     Pilot Officer
  JOHANNSON, "Joe<" RCAF   Pilot Officer
  JOHNSTON, G.R. RCAF R/193486 Aircraftman, Class 1
  JONES,      Leading Aircraftman
  JONES, C.H.  RCAF R/138906 Corporal
  JONES, Lloyd Alexander RCAF R/231229 Leading Aircraftman


JORDAN, J.S. RCAF   Squadron Leader
  JUDD,      Sergeant
  JUDD,     Corporal
  JUDGES,      Corporal
  JUSTASON, G.M.  RCAF R/126104 Leading Aircraftman
  KEANE, Albert RCAF   Pilot Officer
  KELLY, Lawrence Earl RCAF   Flying Officer
  KENDALL, "Russ" RCAF    
  KENNEDY, Harry Marlowe, AFC RCAF C/471 Group Captain
  KENNEDY, Thomas Fowler, B.Sc. RCAF   Squadron Leader
  KERWIN,      Flight Lieutenant
  KIPPS, L.H. RCAF R/173123 Leading Aircraftman
  KIRWIN, A.M. RCAF R/82152 Flight Sergeant
  KNIGHT, J.F. RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  L'ABBE, R.E.   1977 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  LACHANCE, F.S. RCAF R/102475 Leading Aircraftman
  LAMB, F.F. "Frank"/i> RCAF J/47794 Pilot Officer
  La PLANT, John Arthur RCAF    
  LARSON,     Flight Sergeant
  LAYER, J.B.R. RCAF R/96019 Leading Aircraftman
  LAYZELL,  RCAF R/80661 Corporal
  LEADER, G.  RCAF R/191020 Leading Aircraftman
  LeBLANC, J.D. RCAF R/144755 Leading Aircraftman
  LECLAIR, Edmond RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  LEDUC, H.J. RCAF R/83032 Sergeant
  LEE,     Leading Aircraftman
  LEFLER, Harry Burton  RCAF R/139092 Corporal
  LeGAULT, J.M.G.  RCAF R/94149 Leading Aircraftman
  LEITERMAN, E.     Corporal
  LENIHAN, C.G.  RCAF  R/84586 Corporal
  LETANG, Wilfrid RCAF   Sergeant

LEVESQUE, Reid Edmond RCAF R/84634 Leading Aircraftman
  LEWIS, Murray A. RCAF R/137739 Leading Aircraftman
  LEWIS,      Flight Lieutenant
  LEWIS, John     Flying Officer
  LIGGETT,      Flying Officer
  LINTON, Roy     Leading Aircraftman
  LOCKE, F.A. RCAF R/91309 Leading Aircraftman
  LOCKHART,     Flight Lieutenant
  LOGAN, Ronald Herbert RCAF J/19286 Flight Lieutenant
  LOMAS, Allan Kenneth RCAF J/15284 Acting Squadron Leader
  LORD, Frank      
  LOVEGROVE,     Leading Aircraftman
  LUDUC, H.J. RCAF R/83032 Sergeant
  MacCOMB, Joseph C. RCAF R/158606 Warrant Officer
  MacCUTCHEON,     Leading Aircraftman
  MacDONALD, A.A.J. RCAF R/13784 Leading Aircraftman
  MacINNIS, D.A.  RCAF R/137857 Leading Aircraftman
  MacLEAN, R.U. (Padre)     Flight Lieutenant
  MacNAUGHTON,     Leading Aircraftman

MacNEILL, Daniel "Hilary" RCAF R/271794 Sergeant
  MacRAE,      Leading Aircraftman
  MacRITCHIE, Bob     Corporal


MAGID,  RCAF   Flight Sergeant
  MAHONEY,     Flying Officer
  MAIKOWSKI,      Leading Aircraftman
  MAILLOUX, E.E. RCAF J/47618 Pilot Officer
  MAINHEAD, A. RCAF R/1044?1 Corporal
  MANCUSO,      Leading Aircraftman
  MANEUSO,       Leading Aircraftman
  MARANTZ,       Leading Aircraftman
  MARONTETTE, W.J. RCAF R/173256 Leading Aircraftman
  MARSHALL, "Dunc"   RCAF Flying Officer
  MARTIN,      Corporal
  MATHERS, H.  RCAF R/193153 Corporal
  MAW,     Flying Officer


McBAIN,  RCAF   Flying Officer
  McBRIDE,     Squadron Leader
  McBRIDE,     Pilot Officer
  McCALLUM,     Squadron Leader
  McCALLUM, Kenneth Charles RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  McCAVOUR, Percy     Leading Aircraftman

McCOLMAN, James Murray RCAF R/150762 Sergeant
  McCULLOUGH,  RCAF R/197035 Leading Aircraftman
  McCUTCHESON,      Leading Aircraftman
  McDERMOTT, F.C. Mac RCAF J/46687 Pilot Officer
  McFADDEN,     Flight Lieutenant
  McGEE,     Squadron Leader

McGOVERN, John "Bruce" RCAF R/105460 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  McINTYRE, N. RCAF R/85287 Corporal
  McKELLAR,     Flight Sergeant
  McKINNON, R.B. RCAF R/221515 Leading Aircraftman
  McLAREN, R.A.  RCAF R/196797 Sergeant
  McLAUGHLIN,     Corporal
  McLEAN, Robert U. (Padre) RCAF   H/Flight Lieutenant
  McLEOD, J.W.     Corporal
  McLEOD, W.  RCAF R/153014 Leading Aircraftman
  McNEIL, DFC      Flight Lieutenant
  McNEVAN, Archibald Malcolm "Mac" RCAF R/119396 Corporal
  McNAUGHTON, W.A. RCAF R/126262 Corporal

McQUARRIE, John Parker RCAF R/219160 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  McQUARRIE,      Leading Aircraftman
  McROBBIE, J. RCAF R/84544 Leading Aircraftman
  McROBERTS,     Flight Lieutenant
  McVEY, Elmer J.  RCAF R/119359 Corporal
  MERHIGE, George Edmund RCAF J/40968 Pilot Officer
  MERRITT, Allison Thomas RCAF J/48197 Pilot Officer
  MESSNER,      Leading Aircraftman
  MICHEL,     Flight Lieutenant
  MIERZWINSKI, William     Corporal
  MILLER,     Warrant Officer
   MILLER, W.R.  RCAF R/192??? Leading Aircraftman
  MITROW, A.H. RCAF R/119365 Leading Aircraftman
  MITTON, John RCAF   Sergeant
  MOFFATT,     Pilot Officer
  MOHER, H.  RCAF R/144121 Corporal
  MONTGOMERY, "Charlie"      
  MORKLEY, G. W.  RCAF R/153702 Leading Aircraftman
  MOSES, Robert Martin "Marney" RCAF   Sergeant
  MOSSEMAN, "Ron"      
  MURRAY, William Henry  RCAF   Flying Officer
  MUIRHEAD, A.F. RCAF R/10441 Corporal
  MUZIKA,      Leading Aircraftman
  MYSHRALL,      Flight Lieutenant
  MYSHRALL, Clair     Leading Aircraftman
  NECK, F.L. RCAF R/1130?? Leading Aircraftman
  NESBIT, L.C. RCAF R/115975 Leading Aircraftman
  NESBITT, Carl     Corporal
  NEWCOMBE, G.E. RCAF R/104361 Acting Sergeant
  NICHOLISHEN,      Leading Aircraftman
  NICKEL, L.C. RCAF R/203023 Aircraftman, Class 1
  NORMAN, Alvin Rendal RCAF J/38984 Flying Officer
  NORMAN, R.O.     Squadron Leader
  NORRIS, K.C.     Flight Lieutenant

NORTHGRAVE, John Milne RCAF R/123120 Sergeant

O'CONNELL, Robert Emmett RCAF J/43904 Flying Officer
  O'LEARY, F.L. RCAF R/73128 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  O'MARA, Earle Francis, AFC RCAF C/24442 Flight Lieutenant
  ORMROD, William RCAF C/8713 Flight Lieutenant
  OSBORNE, B.  RCAF R/217859 Leading Aircraftman
  OUELLET, J.T.  RCAF R/146279 Leading Aircraftman
  OWEN, RCAF   Sergeant
  PARR, E.  RCAF R/193155 Leading Aircraftman
  PAUL,     Leading Aircraftman
   PEETS, John R.  RCAF R/251440 Corporal
  PELKIE,      Flying Officer
  PERRY, Hank RCAF   Flight Lieutenant
  PESHEAU,     Sergeant
  PETERS, V. RCAF R/193233 Aircraftman, Class 1
  PIZZEY, G.H. RCAF J/47812 Pilot Officer
  PORTER,      Flying Officer
  PORTER,      Leading Aircraftman
  PREST,     Flying Officer
  PRICE,      Warrant Officer, Class 1
  PRINGLE,     Sergeant
  PROUDLOVE, L.G. RCAF   Corporal
  PUGH, E.J.  RCAF R/137653 Corporal
  RAINVILLE, R.L.     Flight Lieutenant
  RAMSAY,     Corporal
  RATZLAFF, Walter RCAF C/37919 Flight Lieutenant
  REDHEAD, J.       
REID,     Flying Officer
  REID,      Corporal
  REILLY, G. RCAF R/199977 Aircraftman, Class 1
  RENAUD,      Flight Sergeant
  RENTON, H.V.   R/50485 Sergeant

REYNOLDS, Harold Charles Beresford  RCAF J/16971 Flying Officer
  RICE, Robert O. RCAF J/13739 Flight Lieutenant
  RICHARDSON,     Pilot Officer
  RIDEOUGH, A.R. RCAF   Flying Officer
  RILEY, Alban Ernest RCAF    
  RIVETT,      Leading Aircraftman
  ROBERTS,     Sergeant


ROBINSON, F.C. RCAF   Squadron Leader


ROBINSON, Robert "Bob"      
  ROBLIN,     Leading Aircraftman
  ROCK,     Leading Aircraftman
  RODGERS, H.J. RCAF J/37791 Pilot Officer
  ROSLOVSKY,      Warrant Officer, Class 2
  ROSS, G.C. RCAF R/195119 Leading Aircraftman
  ROSS, George RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  ROSS, William Waldo Scott, MID RCAF C/638 Wing Commander
  ROSSY,     Leading Aircraftman
  ROTHERNEL, Laird William Herbert RCAF   Flying Officer
  ROUSELLE, C.F. RCAF R/62541 Corporal
  RUFF,     Warrant Officer, Class 1
  RUSSELL, Edward      Leading Aircraftman
  RUSSELL, Ross Harmon RCASC   Staff Sergeant
  RUTCHINSKI,     Flying Officer
  SALTZMAN, L. RCAF R/116282 Acting Sergeant
  SAMPSON, Donald Louis Gilmor  RCAF   Flight Sergeant
  SANDERS, P.R. RAF   Flying Officer
  SANDLER, Edwin RCAF   Corporal
  SASKIN,      Leading Aircraftman
  SAVAGE, E.L. RCAF R/174819 Leading Aircraftman
  SCHAFER,      Leading Aircraftman
  SCOTT,      Squadron Leader
  SCRIVEN, A.C.L.      Flying Officer
  SEARBY,     Corporal
  SEARLE, Arthur Brodie, AFC RCAF C/785 Group Captain
  SEELY,      Leading Aircraftman
  SEFTON,      Flight Lieutenant
  SHARP, A.M.  RCAF   Flight Lieutenant
  SHAW, W.A.  RCAF R/209150 Sergeant
  SHEPPARD,  RCAF   Flying Officer
  SHERRY, William RCAF C/39243 Flying Officer
  SHIRLEY, W.W.   6101A Flight Sergeant
  SHORE, R.G. RCAF R/219197 Aircraftman, Class 1
  SILLS, G.A.  RCAF R/276488 Sergeant
  (SIMONSEN?),     Leading Aircraftman
  SIMS,     Corporal
  SINKINS, Jack RCAF R/184571 Leading Aircraftman
  SJOSTRON, K.A. RCAF R/110266 Leading Aircraftman
  SKIDD, J.J. RCAF R/17668 Leading Aircraftman

SMITH, John Moody RCAF C/1006 Flying Officer
  SMITH. Leslie Howard RAF GB65956 Flight Lieutenant
  SMITH, Ross     Sergeant
   SMYTHE, A.     Pilot Officer
  SNAPE,      Leading Aircraftman
  SOUTHWOOD,      Sergeant
  SPANO,      Leading Aircraftman
  SPARKS,     Flight Lieutenant
  SPENCER, Grant S.      Flight Sergeant
  STEELE, Winton George RCAF R/201958 Leading Aircraftman
  STEVENS, J.R.      Warrant Officer, Class 2
  STEEVES, R.D. RCAF R/73055 Corporal
  STEVENSON,     Corporal
  STEVENSON, Frederick William "Freddie" RCAF R/93247 Flight Sergeant
  STEVENSON, Lewis Beatteay, AFC  RCAF C/20032 Squadron Leader
  STEVENSON, R.B.     Squadron Leader
  STEWART, J.W. RCAF R/108539 Leading Aircraftman
  STOKES, Felix RAF   Lieutenant
  STONEFISH,     Leading Aircraftman
  STYLES,       Leading Aircraftman


SULLIVAN,   RCAF   Pilot Officer
  SULLIVAN, Paul J. RCAF C/22660 Flight Lieutenant
  SURRETTE,      Leading Aircraftman
  (TAKEFORM?), H.E. RCAF R/185287 Leading Aircraftman
  TATTRIE,     Pilot Officer
  TAYLOR, Frank Edward, AFC RCAF J/21995 Flight Lieutenant
  THERBARGE, C.A. RCAF R/125939 Flight Sergeant
  THERIAULT, George     Leading Aircraftman
  THOMPSON, L.     Flight Lieutenant
  THOMPSON, Thomas RCAF C/39717 Flying Officer
  THOMS, R.H.  RCAF R/217604 Leading Aircraftman


TIPLIN,  RCAF   Flight Lieutenant
  TONNER, Thomas Hanna RCAF   Flight Lieutenant
  TRADBURKS,     Leading Aircraftman
  TRIMBLE, R.     Sergeant
  TUCKER, Sylvester George RCAF R/261472 Leading Aircraftman
  TUPPER, P.W.     Flight Lieutenant


TWIST, Joseph Graham, AFC RCAF C/1282 Wing Commander
  UHRICH, Jerome RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  UNDERHILL,     Squadron Leader
  USHER,     Leading Aircraftman
  Van ELSLANDE, Pierre Jules RCAF J/6678 Flight Lieutenant
  VANASSE, Gaston      
  VANEXAN,     Squadron Leader
  VEITCH, D.     Flight Sergeant
  VICRGUTZ,      Corporal
  VIVIER,     Leading Aircraftman
  VOGT,     Flying Officer
  WAGG, Kenneth     Corporal
  WAIN, Hal      Leading Aircraftman
  WAITES, H.F. RCAF R/206055 Leading Aircraftman
  WALL, W.D.  RCAF R/200210 Leading Aircraftman
  WALLACE,     Leading Aircraftman
  WALKER,     Corporal

WALKER, Kenneth Alexander RCAF C/5863 Flight Lieutenant
  WALKER,     Flight Lieutenant
WARING, Richard Charles RCAF J/8398 Flight Lieutenant
  WATERS,     Aircraftman


WATKINS, RCAF   Flying Officer
  WATSON, RCAF   Sergeant
  WATTS,     Flying Officer
  WAYNE, Morris     Corporal
  WEBB,     Leading Aircraftman
  WEBB,     Leading Aircraftman
  WEINBERG,      Leading Aircraftman
  WELDON,     Sergeant
  WELLS, Ronald Gladstone, AFC RCAF C/19667 Flight Lieutenant
  WESTHOUSE, Ralph RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  WHEELER,     Flight Lieutenant


WHITE, Albert Stanford, DFC RCAF J/23795 Flight Lieutenant
  WHYTE, D.D.    7785 Corporal
  WHYTE,     Sergeant
  WILCOX, Hiram RCAF R/108539 Leading Aircraftman
  WILSON, Thomas Henry Clark RCAF J/47975 Pilot Officer
  WILLIAMS, J.C. RCAF R/132762 Leading Aircraftman
  WILSON, F.V. RCAF R/214990 Leading Aircraftman
  WILSON, L.H.J.  RCAF R/88778 Acting/Corporal
  WILSON, Kenneth Berkeley, AFC RCAF C/28053 Flight Lieutenant
  WINDSOR, G.A. RCAF R/173331 Leading Aircraftman
  WINIKOFF,     Leading Aircraftman
  WISEMAN,  RCAF   Corporal


WOODSIDE, RCAF   Flight Lieutenant
  WOOLNOUGH, C.V.  RCAF R/213439 Acting Corporal
  WORTH, J.S. RCAF R/78466 Leading Aircraftman
  WRIGHT, RCAF   Warrant Officer, Class 1
  WYJAD, Maurice RCAF J/29285 Flying Officer
  YATES, Jacob Leonard "Jack" RCAMC, RCAF R/97009 Sergeant
  YEATS,     Flying Officer
  YOUNG,      Leading Aircraftman
  ZEIHR,     Pilot Officer
bulletDenotes those who were killed in training accidents. LAC R.E. Levesque died as a result of injuries received in a truck accident and F/L K.A. Walker died of natural causes.
poppyDenotes those who have been reported killed or missing in action.

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Those servicemen appearing above with just surnames and/or partial first names have been acquired from a variety of different sources. Therefore individual ranks currently listed, in most cases, may not reflect the rank they held upon discharge. Also , while some surnames & ranks appear to be the one in the same person there is a preponderance of evidence to suggest otherwise.

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