Pennfield Ridge Air Station - No.2 Operational Training Unit (OTU)

Pennfield Ridge Air Station
Remembering Those Who Served
No.2 Operational Training Unit (OTU)
06 July 1942-20 August 1942

   This page will be utilized to provide recognition and remembrance of individuals who served at No.2 Operational Training Unit, Pennfield Ridge during World War II. It will contain images, stories, diary accounts, messages and other contributions from next-of-kin.

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Very few had known this place before
The trees were cut and earth was levelled out;
It took a thing gigantic as a war
To make this spot well-known and talked about.
For Pennfield Ridge, close by the town St. George,
In former times deserved no special fame-
Today, the men who live and work here, forge
The human means to play in war's grime game.
It's just an airport to the casual eye;
(The girls, however, think on terms of men!)
To most, it's just a place where airmen fly,
And trainees get the latest, modern gen.
But look beyond this; surely you must see
That these are men resolved to smash the foe-
Who soon will fight, and die, for you and me,
And save the precious freedom that we know!
This is no time to moan and
Because this thing or that is taxed so high-
Perhaps the man who volunteers, and flies
Through legal lead, may better question, "Why"?
Instead, my friends, give well of what you own;
Face cheerfully the shortage war implies-
O'er German towns we shall repay your loan,
And drive the German eagle from the skies!

~Author Unknown, 08 November 1942~
"The Adventura" (Magazine of No.34 O.T.U.)


BAILEY, Wesley Glenn RCAF R/86191 Flight Sergeant
  BALLINGER, Edward John, MID RCAF R/78308 Sergeant
  BARTH, L.H. RCAF R/78144 Leading Aircraftman

BARTLEMAY, William Arthur RCAF J/95199 Pilot Officer
  BROWN, R.D. RCAF R/138519 Leading Aircraftman

BUTTERS, Cecil Raymond RCAF R/120320 Leading Aircraftman
  CARLEY, H.L. RCAF R/93130 Corporal

COLLINS, Herbert Williamn RCAF R/141273 Leading Aircraftman
  COLPITTS, G.S. RCAF R/64622 Corporal

CRAIN, William Gilbert RCAF R/143665 Flight Sergeant
  DADSON, Kenneth James RCAF C/2286 Flight Lieutenant

DAVIDSON, William Alfred RCAF R/156547 Leading Aircraftman

DUNNING, William John Anderson RCAF R/65243 Sergeant

EBBS, George Robert RCAF R/67132 Corporal

ELLIS, Stanley Frederick RCAF J/89125 Pilot Officer

ELLIS, William John RCAF R/153918 Corporal
  FINLEY, J.E. RCAF R/109521 Leading Aircraftman
  FURNEAUX, Brian Pomeroy RAF GB31390 Flight Lieutenant

GALGAN, Peter David RCAF R/128183 Sergeant
  GILLIS, Robert John RCAF C/11741 Flying Officer
  GOGUEN, J.J.D. RCAF R/99093 Leading Aircraftman
  HAGEN, J.J. RCAF R/72697 Corporal
  HATTY, T.M.  RCAF R/126282 Leading Aircraftman
  HOULIBAN, D.F.     Pilot Officer
  HOWIE, Vernon Cecil RCAF C/2736 Flying Officer
  INGRAHAM, R.D. RCAF R/73176 Sergeant

JOHNSTONE, Ernest How MacDonald RCAF R/92028 Sergeant
  KERSHAW, Clifford RAAF AUS405976 Flight Lieutenant
  LEGG, E.J. RCAF R/90474 Leading Aircraftman
  MacMITCHELL, J.E.I. RCAF R/120436 Leading Aircraftman
  McKAY, L.E. RCAF R/53611 Corporal
  McLEAN, Ronald Griffin  RCAF C/2514 Squadron Leader
  MELOCHE, C.L.  RCAF R/145205 Aircraftman, Class 1
  O'LEARY, E. Lawrence, MC RCAF C/1920 Squadron Leader
  RUSSELL, Herbert John Campbell RCAF C/9370 Flying Officer
  SANGSTER, W.L. RCAF R/104444 Leading Aircraftman
  STUART, John "David" RCAF 22066A Warrant Officer, Class 2
  THATCHER, F.A. RCAF R/68019 Flight Sergeant
  TOMLINSON, A.T. RCAF C/6892 Flying Officer
  VENABLES, Arthur John RAAF AUS412087 Flight Lieutenant
  WARNER, G.H. RCAF R/85334 Leading Aircraftman
  WOOD, D.J. RCAF R/80626 Sergeant
  WOODS, Charles Henry RCAF C/3841 Flying Officer

poppyDenotes those who have been reported killed or missing in action.

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Those servicemen appearing above with just surnames and/or partial first names have been acquired from a variety of different sources. Therefore individual ranks currently listed, in most cases, may not reflect the rank they held upon discharge. Also , while some surnames & ranks appear to be the one in the same person there is a preponderance of evidence to suggest otherwise.

Abbreviations Used Stands For
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAF Royal Air Force
RAFVR Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RCAMC Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RNNAS Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
RN Royal Navy
AFC Air Force Cross
AFM Air Force Medal
BME British Empire Medal
CBE Commander of the Order of the British Empire
CGM Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (Flying)
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
DFM Distinguished Flying Medal
DSO Distinguished Service Order
MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire
MC Military Cross
MID Mention in Despatches
OC Officer in the Order Canada

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