Pennfield Ridge Air Station
Remembering Those Who Served

No.34 Operational Training Unit (OTU)
01 June 1942-19 May 1944

   This page will be utilized to provide recognition and remembrance of individuals who served at No.34 Operational Training Unit (OTU), Pennfield Ridge during World War II. It will contain images, stories, diary accounts, messages and other contributions from Veterans and their next-of-kin.

   Please forward material, if you would like to contribute to this section, to PennfieldParish.

by Sgt. - Observer Hugh Rowell Brodie, RAAF

Almighty and all-present power,
Short is the prayer I make to thee,
I do not ask in battle hour
For any shield to cover me.
The vast unalterable way
From which the stars do not depart
May not be turned aside to stay
The bullet flying to my heart.
I ask no help to strike my foe,
I seek no petty victory here,
The enemy I hate, I know
To thee, O'God, is also dear.
But this I pray: be at my side
When death is drawing through the sky,
Almighty God, who also died
Teach me the way that I should die.

01 June 1942: Three Ventura aircraft were delivered today, the first for this Unit.
23 July 1942: Ventura AE950, along with its Pilot and Wop/AG, are reported missing at 2130 hours.
  ABLETT, Frank Robert "Abdabs" RAFVR   Leading Aircraftman


ABOUD, R.E. RCAF R/185383 Aircraftman, Class 1t

ABREY, Gerald John RAFVR GB1385479 Sergeant

ADAIR, Charles Franklin RCAF R/221011 Sergeant
  ADAMS, James "Jimmie"     Sergeant
  ADAMS, John RAF    
  ADAMSON, David Ritchie, CD, LOM RCAF R/105985 Lt. General
  ADDISON, H.     Aircraftman, Class 1
  ADLING,     Corporal

AHEARN, Donald Algernon Joseph RAAF AUS423032 Flight Sergeant
  AIRES, T.A.     Flying Officer
  AIREY, J.P. "Johnnie" RAFVR GB1043249 Aircraftman, Class 1
  AITKEN, "Jimmy"     Leading Aircraftman
  AITKENHEAD,     Sergeant

ALBREY, Trevor Alexander RNZAF NZ425583 Sergeant
  ALDERTON,     Flight Lieutenant
  ALDRIDGE, G. RAF GB545963 Sergeant
  ALDRIDGE, Howard RCAF R/115486 Sergeant
  ALDRIDGE, Robert Samuel George RAFVR GB1012187 Leading Aircraftman

ALEXANDER, James RAFVR GB157401 Pilot Officer
  ALLANSON, RAFVR GB1112027 Leading Aircraftman
  ALLAWAY, Fred     Corporal
  ALLCOCK, Osmond Frederick RCAF J/5099 Flight Lieutenant
  ALLEN, RAFVR GB1028519 Aircraftman, Class 1
  ALLEN, A.G.     Flying Officer
  ALLEN, Arthur Robert RAF GB49254 Flying Officer
  ALLEN, Cyril RAFVR GB1238587 Leading Aircraftman
  ALLEN, Frank      

ALLEN, Joseph Cletus RCAF C/6555 Flying Officer

ALLEN, Joseph Edward RCAF R/162368 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  ALLEN, Ronald     Corporal
  ALLEN, S.R.     Flying Officer

ALLEN, Thomas William RCAF R/131619 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  ALLIES, William Donald RAF GB41978 Flight Lieutenant
  ALLOM, Cyril Cecil RAAF AUS426504 Pilot Officer
  ANCRUM, Herbert Lewis "Tony" RAF   Corporal
  ANDERSON,     Leading Aircraftman
  ANDERSON, Edgar RAFVR GB931454 Aircraftman, Class 1

ANDERSON, Herbert Lawrence RCAF R/197565 Sergeant

ANDERSON, Howard Francis RCAF J/92358 Pilot Officer

ANDERSON, James Kennedy RCAF J/23749 Flying Officer
  ANDERSON, Leslie Scofield, DFC RCAF J/7543 Squadron Leader
  ANDERSON, Murray W. RCAF R/64577 Flight Sergeant

ANDREW, Eric James RAFVR GB1365392 Sergeant

ANDREW, George Vernon RCAF J/19070 Pilot Officer
  ANDREW, Herbert RAF GB43256 Squadron Leader
  ANGERS, J.A.     Pilot Officer
  ANGRAVE, Alan RAFVR GB1479228 Aircraftman, Class 2
  ANSTEY, Ronald Stanley RNZAF NZ424817 Flight Sergeant
  ANTHONY, Ellis, AFC RCAF C/7050 Flying Officer

ANTOFT, Otto Hjalmar RCAF J/25114 Flying Officer

ANTROBUS, Peter RAFVR GB1587245 Flight Sergeant

ARCHIBALD, Vivian Gordon Harris RCAF R/62035 Warrant Officer, Class I
  ARMSTRONG,     Sergeant
  ARMSTRONG, C.R. RCAF R/53330 Corporal
  ARMSTRONG, Ivan Stewart, MID RCAF R/114144 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  ARMSTRONG, M.E.     Flying Officer
  ARNOLD, Bryan Frederick RAFVR GB151046 Flight Lieutenant
  ARNOLD, Frank RAFVR GB1306119 Leading Aircraftman

ARNSTON, Frank Arthur RCAF J/23752 Flying Officer
  ASHBORNE,     Aircraftman

ASHDOWN, Frederick James MacKenzie RCAF J/17262 Pilot Officer
  ASHWELL, Sidney RNZAF NZ415511 Sergeant
  ASKEW, Bert RAFVR GB1515988 Aircraftman, Class 2
  ASKEW, Stanley A.J.      
  ASLING,     Corporal
  ASTRIDGE, Jack Ronald RAF GB551564 Warrant Officer

ATKINS, Arthur George Gordon RAFVR GB127538 Flying Officer
  ATKINS, Thomas     Pilot Officer
  ATKINSON, John Henry RAFVR GB1193829 Leading Aircraftman
  ATKINSON, Matthew Richard RAF GB39364 Squadron Leader
  AUBUT, G.E.     Sergeant

AUSTIN, Harvey John RAFVR GB1331495 Sergeant
  AVERY, David Valentine RNZAF NZ414952 Sergeant

BADGERY, David George RAAF AUS426772 Flight Sergeant
  BAILEY, RAF GB1451786 Aircraftman
  BAILEY, "Bill"     Flight Sergeant
  BAILEY, Douglas Coulson "Doug" RAAF AUS425915 Flight Lieutenant

BAILEY, Eric George RAAF AUS422375 Flight Sergeant
  BAILEY, James Rehill Joseph RNZAF NZ416999 Flying Officer

BAILEY, Martin RCAF R/119468 Flight sergeant

BAIN, Thomas Neil RCAF R/105334 Flight sergeant

BAIRD, Hugh RNZAF NZ415181 Flight Sergeant
  BAKER, Alfred George RAFVR GB147754 Flight Lieutenant
  BAKER, F.E.     Wing Commander

BAKER, John Douglas RCAF J/87670 Pilot Officer
  BAKER, K. RAFVR GB1480452 Aircraftman, Class 2

BAKER, William, MiD RCAF J/23291 Flying Officer
  BALDCHIN, Leslie Alfred RAF GB129418 Squadron Leader
  BALDWIN, Frederick Alexander, POW RCAF J/13058 Flying Officer
  BALLANTINE, Arthur "Jack" RAAF AUS417780 Warrant Officer

BALLANTYNE, Orville Russell RCAF R/82783 Sergeant
  BALLANTYNE, William Wight RAF GB51228 Flying Officer
  BALLINGER, Edward RCAF R/78308 Sergeant

BARABONOFF, Joseph Alexander RCAF R/129211 Warrant Officer, Class II
  BARK,     Sergeant
  BARCLAY, Sgt. J.B. "Jim"     Sergeant

BARKWELL, John Herbert RCAF R/163850 Flight Sergeant
  BARLEY, Basil George RAFVR GB138202 Flight Lieutenant
  BARLOW, J.S. "Johnny" RCAF J/36816 Flying Officer
  BARR, "Jimmy" RAF   Sergeant

BARRY, Alfred Walter Fitzroy RAAF AUS420115 Flying Officer
  BARRETT, RAFVR GB949653 Sergeant

BARRIBALL, Malcolm Eber Palmer RNZAF NZ42358 Pilot Officer
  BARRON, Hubert James, DFM RAF GB45191 Flight Lieutenant
  BARTER, George "Spike" RAFVR GB1052585 Corporal

BARTS, Roy Joseph RCAF R/151359 Sergeant
  BASH,     Corporal
  BASS, Dr. Edwin J. "Ed" RCAF J/28468 Flying Officer
  BASSARAB, Russell Nicholas RCAF J/22239 Pilot Officer

BASTABLE, Thomas Henry RAFVR GB166362 Pilot Officer
  BATES,      Aircraftman

BATES, Donald Stuart RNZAF NZ413220 Sergeant
  BATES, Ralph Kenneth RAFVR GB615927 Corporal
  BATESON, Eric RAFVR GB182165 Flying Officer
  BATESON, Ellis William "Bill", DFC RAAF AUS414381 Flight Lieutenant
  BATH,     Corporal

BATT, James Henry RCAF R/189665 Flight Sergeant
  (BATTON?), RAF GB363799 Flight Sergeant
  BAUDAIS, Franklin Rene RCAF J/39639 Pilot Officer
  BAULK, W.J. RAFVR GB1106793 Sergeant
  BAXTER, Richard John RAAF AUS434497 Warrant Officer

BAYNES, Melville Collison RNZAF NZ4144229 Flight Sergeant
  BEACOCK, D. RAFVR GB1047052 Aircraftman, Class 1
  BEADHAM, Eric     Corporal
  BEARDSHAW, Douglas Richard RAFVR GB152069 Squadron Leader
  BEATLEY,     Flight Sergeant
  BEATY, F. RAFVR GB1045274 Aircraftman, Class 1

BEAUDRY, Eloi Joseph Emile RCAF R/115650 Flight Sergeant
  BEAUMONT, RAFVR GB1122951 Leading Aircraftman

BEAZER, Ronald Charles Ostend RNZAF NZ415733 Flying Officer

BEBARFALD, Brian Arthur RNZAF NZ414953 Flying Officer
  BECKER, "Roy"     Sergeant
  BECKETT, Phillip      
  BECKLEY, Reginald "Leonard" RAFVR GB1217066 Leading Aircraftman
  BEDWELL, RAFVR GB539017 Aircraftman, Class 1
  BEECH, C. RAFVR GB999501 Leading Aircraftman
  BEER, D. A. RAFVR GB550894 Sergeant
  BEGG, George Henry Knight, DFC RCAF J/27527 Flying Officer
  BELDAY,     Aircraftman
  BELL,     Warrant Officer
  BELL,     Aircraftman

BELL, Alvin Donald Gould RCAF J/24222 Fyling Officer
  BELL, "Dinger"     Leading Aircraftman

BELL, George Samuel Crawford RAAF AUS412361 Pilot Officer


BELL, G.T. RCAF R/99291 Corporal
  BELL, Hubert Brittain RAF GB73849 Squadron Leader
  BELL, James Francis RAF GB610164 Aircraftman, Class 1
  BELL, Oliver Herbert RAF GB53150 Flying Officer

BELL, Thomas Gordon RCAF J/8823 Fyling Officer
  BELCHER, John Rashleigh, M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. RAFVR GB86273 Flight Lieutenant
  BENDER, Solomon, M.B., Ch.B., D.R.C.O.G. RAFVR GB79128 Squadron Leader
  BENNETT, H.     Flying Officer
  BENNETT, Richard Neil "Gus" RCAF   Flight Lieutenant
  BENNETT, Sidney     Leading Aircraftman
  BENTLEY, RAFVR GB973672 Aircraftman, Class 1
  BENTLEY, L.M. RCAF R/105861 Sergeant

BERG, Carl Martin RCAF R/121885 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  BERNY,     Flight Sergeant
  BERRY, Francis Herbert RNZAF NZ417007 Pilot Officer

BERRY, Alan RAFVR GB658784 Flight Sergeant
  BETTERLY,     Pilot Officer

BETTINGTON, Max Milson RAAF AUS412306 Warrant Officer

BICKNELL, James RCAF R/159433 Warrent Officer, Class I
  BEVERLEY, H.M.     Lieutenant

BIDDLECOMBE, Conrad Peter Vivian RCAF R/164649 Flight Sergeant
  BIGELOW, Jessie E. RCAF R/114528 Flying Officer
  BIGGERSTAFF, Douglas W.      

BILLING, James William RCAF R/110092 Flight Sergeant
  BING, Fred RCAF   Warrant Officer, Class 2
  BINKS,     Leading Aircraftman
  BINNIE, William Galloway Hepburn RAFVR GB127542 Flight Lieutenant

BINNING, Terence William "Terry" RAAF AUS420432 Warrant Officer
  BIRD, Roy Edward "Dickie" RAAF AUS422108 Flying Officer
  BIRKETT, Norman      
  BIRKS,     Leading Aircraftman

BISGOOD, Douglas Leonard, DFC RAF GB41896 Squadron Leader

BISHOP, Leon Eric Gordon RNZAF NZ415737 Flight Sergeant
  BITZ, Frank Joseph RCAF J/11140 Pilot Officer
  BLACK, Donald George Meteorologist Assistant, Grade III


BLACK, R.P. RCAF R/277602 Aircraftman, Class 1
  BLACKIE, Otis     Corporal
  BLAKELY,     Leading Aircraftman
  BLAKENEY, Samuel RAFVR GB620637 Leading Aircraftman
  BLISS, Harvey Walter RCAF J/27446 Pilot Officer
  BLOOM, Joseph Alexander "Jab" RAF GB113501 Flying Officer
  BLOOMSTIEN, "Alf"     Leading Aircraftman

BLUNDELL, Harold Edwin RAFVR GB1385376 Sergeant
  BLUNDEN, Norman Jamieson "Norm" RAAF AUS424955 Warrant Officer
  BOCKING, Alfred Llewellyn, DFC and bar RAF GB37079 Wing Commander
  BODDY, RAF GB1107483 Aircraftman
  BOLDUC, W. RCAF R/???806 Leading Aircraftman
  BOLANDER, H. RCAF R/178494 Sergeant
  BOOTH, D.C. RCAF R/265035 Leading Aircraftman
  BOREHAN, RAFVR GB574491 Corporal
  BORROW, Raymond Frank RAF GB1612761 Leading Aircraftman
  BOSAS, John RAF   Leading Aircraftman

BOSWELL, John McLaren RNZAF NZ414491 Sergeant
  BOURGEOIS, E.M.     Captain

BOVAIRD, Walter LeRoy RCAF R/113737 Flight Sergeant

BOW, Henry Herbert RCAF J/9657 Flight Lieutenant


BOWERIN, H.R. RCAF R/218793 Aircraftman, Class 1
  BOWERS, RAFVR GB1145515 Aircraftman
  BOWLES, RAFVR GB1382340 Aircraftman
  BOWLES,     Corporal
  BOYCE,      Leading Aircraftman
  BOYCE, A.     Sergeant

BOYCE, Ernest Bertin RCAF J/94382 Pilot Officer
  BOYERS,     Sergeant
  BOXOLD,      Corporal

BRADDOCK, Robert Jack RNZAF NZ416081 Warrant Officer
  BRADFORD,      Corporal
  BRADLEY,     Aircraftman
  BRADLEY, RAFVR GB1241089 Aircraftman, Class 1
  BRADLEY, J.J.C. RCAF R/143763 Leading Aircraftman
  BRADY,     Corporal

BRAIN, William Walter D'Arcy RNZAF NZ42365 Flying Officer
  BRANCHER, George Edward RNZAF NZ422054 Sergeant
  BRANDON, K.     Flying Officer
  BRANDRETH, D.      
  BRANDWOOD, George William RAFVR GB190845 Flying Officer
  BREAK, G.E. Meteorologist

BREAKSPEAR, Allan Rothery RAAF AUS412374 Flight Sergeant
  BRESLIN, Frank      
  BRESSLER, H. RCAF R/169235 Sergeant

BRETT, Robert Arthur RCAF J/88104 Pilot Officer

BRIDGMAN, Donald Charles RCAF J/13782 Flying Officer

BRIEGEL, James Stuart RCAF R/113427 Warrant Officer, Class 1

BRIER, Roland Frank RNZAF NZ424967 Sergeant

BRIERLEY, Thomas Barry RNZAF NZ417009 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  BRIGGS-JUDE, A.R. "Art" RCAF R/256189 Sergeant

BRINGLOE, James Henry RCAF J/23074 Pilot Officer


BRISEBOIS, J. RCAF R/179069 Leading Aircraftman
  BRISTOW, E.D. RAFVR GB1334939 Sergeant
  BROCKHURST, Raymond William RAAF AUS426300 Flying Officer
  BROOKER, Stanley     Leading Aircraftman

BROOKING, Leslie Trewin RAFVR GB135118 Flying Officer
  BROOKS, James Reginald Fairfax RAFVR GB115176 Flight Lieutenant
  BROOKS, L.J. RAFVR GB137646 Sergeant
  BRONSON, Lewis Lee "Lou" RCAF J/39623 Pilot Officer

BROUSE, Donald Lorne RCAF R/82714 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  BROWN,     Aircraftman
  BROWN,     Warrant Officer
  BROWN, George "Bruce", BA Meteorologist Assistant, Grade III (1942)
  BROWN, Harold     Pilot Officer
  BROWN, J.A.     Pilot Officer
  BROWN, Leslie George RAFVR GB1440886 Aircraftman, Class 1
  BROWN, Max     Leading Aircraftman
  BROWN, Ronald Davies RAFVR GB154102 Flight Lieutenant
  BROWN, W.A.     Pilot Officer
  BROWNE, Thomas Edward, DFM RNZAF NZ417014 Flight Sergeant
  BRUCE, A.E. RCAF R/96088 Sergeant
  BRUDELL, Montague Anthony Thomas, POW RAAF AUS413340 Warrant Officer
  BRUNTON, Eric Richard RNZAF NZ415237 Pilot Officer
  BRYANT,     Leading Aircraftman
  BRYEN, W.J. RCAF R/169241 Sergeant


BUCHANAN, Earl V. RCAF R/141272 Leading Aircraftman
  BUCKLEY, Fred     Sergeant
  BUCLAW,     Sergeant

BULLERWELL, George Malcolm "Mac" RCAF R/137733 Leading Aircraftman
  BUNCE, Lloyd E. "Dooley" RCAF   Flight Sergeant
  BUNN,      Sergeant

BUNT, Eugene RCAF R/261281 Sergeant
  BURBRIDGE, Byron Francis RAF GB39374 Squadron Leader
  BURCOMBE, Arthur      Leading Aircraftman
  BURGESS,      Aircraftman
  BURGESS, P.H.     Flight Lieutenant


BURKHOLDER, S.C. RCAF R/66428 Flight Sergeant

BURLEY, Herbert Thomas Campbell RCAF R/69756 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  BURLINGTON, G.D. RCAF R/214034 Aircraftman, Class 1
  BURN, Edward D"Ted", DFM RAFVR GB190560 Pilot Officer

BURNHAM, Hubert John "Hugh" RAAF AUS420135 Sergeant


BURROWS, Charles Thomas RAFVR GB170219 Pilot Officer
  BURROWS, Kenneth RAFVR GB186103 Flying Officer
  BURSEY, William     Warrant Officer
  BURTON,     Sergeant
  BURTON, H. RAFVR GB1043508 Sergeant
  BUSSARAB,     Pilot Officer


BUTCHER, Glen F. RCAF R/152622 Leading Aircraftman
  BUTLER,      Leading Aircraftman
  BUTLER, Roy Thomas, DFC RAFVR GB196074 Flying Officer
  BUTLER, Richard Wells "Dick" RAAF AUS434445 Flying Officer
  BUTLER, Thomas "Lewis" RAFVR GB1176512 Corporal
  BUTLER, V.A. RAF GB644233 Corporal
  BUTTERWORTH,     Leading Aircraftman

BUXTON, Bernard John  RAFVR GB1034932 Flight Sergeant
  BYART,      Leading Aircraftman
  BYRAM, Claire Stanley RAF GB32183 Squadron Leader
  BYRON, Joseph RAFVR GB129570 Flight Lieutenant
  BYRON, J.J.     Flying Officer

BYRNE, William John RCAF R/169241 Flight Sergeant
  CABLE, G.J.A. RCAF R/185781 Sergeant
  CABOT, P.V.     Flight Lieutenant
  CALDERWOOD, James     Leading Aircraftman
  CALDWELL, A.T. RCAF R/135062 Sergeant

CALFORD, Robert James RCAF J/40200 Flying Officer

CALVERT, Kenneth George RCAF R/144389 Sergeant
  CALVERT, Martin      
  CAMERON,     Pilot Officer

CAMERON, Duncan James RCAF J/20058 Flying Officer
  CAMERON, Eric Andrew RAFVR GB108672 Flying Officer

CAMERON, Lloyd Henry RCAF J/3734 Squadron Leader
  CAMPBELL, Alexander RAF GB1112447 Aircraftman, Class 1

CANPBELL, Hugh RCAF J/85420 Flying Officer

CAMPBELL, Neil Donald RCAF J/88405 Pilot Officer
  CAMPBELL, William John RAAF AUS418060 Pilot Officer
  CANDY, R.J.     Flight Lieutenant

CANNON, David Armstrong RCAF R/103962 Flight Sergeant
  CARDEW,"Bert"     Corporal
  CAREY, C.J.     Flying Officer
  CAREY, Joseph Michael "Joe" RAAF AUS422534 Flying Officer
  CARMICHAEL, Gordon James RAAF AUS418061 Flying Officer
  CARPENTER, George      
  CARR, A.L.     Flying Officer
  CARRICK, T.F.C. RCAF R/210361 Leading Aircraftman

CARRIERE, Joseph Denis Pierre André RCAF J/89609 Flying Officer
  CARRIERE, Peter J. RCAF    
  CARROLL, Timothy     Leading Aircraftman
  CARROLL, Walter Adrian RCAF   Sergeant
  CARRUTHERS, George C. RCAF R/90302 Sergeant
  CARSON,      Sergeant
  CARSON, J.M. RCAF R/270269 Aircraftman, Class 1
  CARTER,     Warrant Officer
  CARTER, Barry     Leading Aircraftman


CARTER, Francis Robert "Frank" RNZAF NZ416456 Sergeant
  CARTER, W.T. RCAF R/114386 Sergeant
  CARVER,     Leading Aircraftman
  CARVER, Steward Herman RCAF C/9112 Flying Officer
  CASEY, G.P.J. "Jerry" RCAF R/16471 Sergeant
  CATES,      Leading Aircraftman
  CATES, A. RCAF R/259739 Leading Aircraftman

CATES, Lawrence Reginald RAFVR GB155019 Pilot Officer
  CATHERALL, Leonard RAF GB1024337 Aircraftman, Class 1
  CATT, Herbert Ross Alton, POW RCAF R/146355 Sergeant

CATTO, Stuart George RNZAF NZ426149 Flight Sergeant
  CAUNET, H. RAF GB1015083 Leading Aircraftman
  (CAWTHORN), Edward RAF    
  CEBARGE,     Flight Sergeant
  CHAMBERLAIN, Percival John     Aircraftman
  CHAMBERS, John Henry RCAF R/184962  
  CHAMMEN, Colin Douglas RNZAF NZ413532 Flight Lieutenant
  CHAPPEL, G. RAF GB1501303 Leading Aircraftman
  CHAPPELL, R.A.J., POW RAF GB1318483 Flight Sergeant
  CHARLTON, Thomas Fines RAF   Sergeant
  CHARNOCK,     Leading Aircraftman
  CHARRON, C.J. RAF GB7697 Sergeant
  CHASE,     Flight Sergeant
  CHATTERTON, Horace RAF    

CHATTO, Harry Stewart RAAF AUS421569 Flying Officer
  CHAUNDY, Russell     Leading Aircraftman

CHAUVION, Joseph Leon Alfred RCAF R/207824 Flight Sergeant
  CHESHIRE, RAF GB1287183 Leading Aircraftman

CHESTER, William Roy RCAF R/122563 Warrant Officer, Class II

CHILDS, Jack Leslie, DFC RNZAF NZ414663 Pilot Officer
  CHILD-VILLIERS, The Hon. Edward Mansell RAF GB41901 Squadron Leader
  CHLIBECKI,     Sergeant
  CHINELL, J.F. "Jack" RCAF   Flight Sergeant

CHMIELOWIEC, Theodore Edward RCAF J/27442 Flying Officer

CHRISTENSEN, Carlyle George RCAF J/35729 Pilot Officer
  CHRISTIE, David Swanson      
  CHRISTIE, Henry Robert RCAF C/6119 Flight Lieutenant
  CHRYSTAL, Kenneth Hugh RAFVR GB1050177 Corporal
  CHURCH,     Pilot Officer
  CHURCH, T.G.     Flying Officer

CHURCHARD, George RCAF J/90254 Pilot Officer
  CHURCHILL, J. RCAF R/124938 Sergeant


CHURCHILL, Rae E. RCAF   Flying Officer
  CLACK, A.G. RCAF    
  CLARK,     Pilot Officer
  CLARK, Hank      


CLARK, F.S. RCAF R/216153 Leading Aircraftman
  CLARK, Peter RAF   Leading Aircraftman
  CLARK, William George "Hugh" RCAF R/170728 Flight Sergeant


CLARk, W.H. RCAF R/138606 Leading Aircraftman
  CLARKE,     Aircraftman
  CLARKE, Dennis Joseph RAFVR   Leading Aircraftman
  CLARKE, "Frank" RCAF   Pilot Officer


CLAYDON, Thomas W. RAFVR GB640722  

CLEGG, Archibald Sidney RCAF R/169854 Flight Sergeant
  CLEGG, Ronald     Flight Sergeant
  CLEMENT, Raymond RCAF   Sergeant

CLEMINSON, James Harold Nimmo RAAF AUS426535 Pilot Officer
  CLINE, John Anderson "Johnny" RCAF J/39454 Pilot Officer
  CLOTWORTHY, Gilbert Lewis "Gil" RNZAF NZ413737 Sergeant
  COAKER, Charles Francis Carey RAF GB05119 Wing Commander

COATES, Kenneth John RAFVR GB168679 Pilot Officer
  COBURN, James Vincent "Jim" RCAF R/193639 Sergeant

COCHRANE, James "Raymond" Henry RCAF J/86710 Pilot Officer
  COCKS,     Aircraftman
  CODY, D.R. RCAF R/118168 Sergeant

COLE, Richard Martyn RCAF R/186051 Flight Sergeant
  COLES, Herbert James "Bert" RCAF J/23449 Flying Officer
  COLLINGWOOD, Henry Ernest RAF GB62457 Flight Lieutenant
  COLLINS, Stanley "Stan", MID RAF GB1018832 Leading Aircraftman
  COLLEN,     Pilot Officer

COLLENDER, Ronald Gordon RNZAF NZ416419 Pilot Officer
  COLLEY, William "Bill" RAF GB1088631 Corporal
  CONLIN, L.R. RCAF R/109242 Sergeant
  CONNOLLY,     Aircraftman

CONWAY, Robert Warren RCAF J/23055 Flying Officer

COOK, Allan Alfred RAAF AUS414907 Warrant Officer
  COOK, William Reginald Neil RCAF J/11618 Pilot Officer
  COOLING, J.H. RCAF R/84610 Leading Aircraftman
  COOMBER,     Aircraftman
  COOMBS, M.S.J.     Flight Lieutenant
  COOPER,     Leading Aircraftman
  COOPER,     Corporal
  COOPER,     Sergeant
  COOPER, John Herbert "Coop",DFC, CD, POW RCAF J/6642 Flight Lieutenant
  CORDEN, Alfred Gordon RAF GB1045194 Leading Aircraftman
  CORICH, Malcolm James RNZAF NZ417022  
  CORKS,     Aircraftman

CORMACK, Donald Shaw RAAF AUS414470 Pilot Officer
  CORMIER,     Flight Sergeant


CORMIER, Leonard Joseph RCAF   Pilot Officer
  CORMIER, Raymond Edward   R/258970 Sergeant

CORNFOOT, Radford Claude/font> RNZAF NZ414964 Flight Sergeant
  CORNHILL, C.C.M.     Flying Officer
  CORNLEY, RAFVR GB953931 Leading Aircraftman

CORR, Thomas Anthony RAFVR GB138491 Pilot Officer
  CORVER,     Leading Aircraftman

COTE, Charles Edouard RCAF 10797 Warrant Officer, Class II
  COTTAM, John "Jack" RCAF R/277541 Leading Aircraftman
  COTTON, Ralph Hall RCAF J/15041 Flying Officer

COTTON, Robert George RNZAF NZ413818 Flight Sergeant

COULDREY, Gordon RCAF J/24221 Flight Lieutenant
  COULTON, Thomas Manning RCAF J/53318 Pilot Officer

COUPER, James Arthur RNZAF NZ417027 Flight Sergeant
  COURT, R.A. RCAF R/110340 Flight Sergeant

COUTTS, Lorne Ronald RCAF R/123973 Flight Sergeant
  COVERT, George Wilbur RCAF R/104314 Leading Aircraftman

COWAN, John Joseph Henry RCAF R/95716 Warrant Officer, Class I

COWIE, George Wellington RNZAF NZ422262 Pilot Officer

COWIESON, John Harrison RCAF R/122979 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  COX,     Aircraftman
  COX, Ernest Wellesly RNZAF NZ416652 Sergeant
  COXALL, Dennis Raymond RAFVR GB197631 Flying Officer

CRACKNELL, Walter Charles RCAF J/8353 Flight Lieutenant
  CRAIG, R.E. RCAF R/126156 Corporal
  CRAINGER,     Sergeant
  CRAPPER,     Pilot Officer
  CRIBBS, Eddie     Corporal
  CRIPPS, A.H.     Flying Officer
  CROFT, W.J.     Flight Sergeant
  CROSBIE RAFVR GB634516 Leading Aircraftman

CROSBIE, Donald Alexander RCAF J/21660 Fyling Officer
  CROSIER, W.J. "Bill" RCAF   Flying Officer
  CROSS, Fergus RAF GB65475 Flight Lieutenant
  CROSS, M.E., CDC     Captain

CROSTHWAITE, Douglas Charles "Doug" RAAF AUS425128 Pilot Officer

CROUDIS, Peter RNZAF NZ415239 Flight Sergeant
  CROW, J.A. RCAF    
  CROWFOOT, David Alan Stafford RAAF AUS420546 Flying Officer
  CROXTON, Bruce Darwin, DFC RCAF J/15152 / 43149 Flight Lieutenant
  CROZIER,     Flying Officer
  CRUIKSHANK, D.H.     Pilot Officer
  CRUMP, Alfred James      

CULL, George Christopher RCAF R/151223 Sergeant

CULLEN, Kenneth Earle RCAF J/9198 Flight Lieutenant

CULLEN, Sidney Herman RCAF J/86606 Pilot Officer

CULLING, Charles William RAFVR GB186749 Pilot Officer
  CULLUM, Ridgwell, DFC RNZAF NZ416974 Flying Officer

CUMMINGS, Manley Morten RCAF R/187483 Flight Sergeant
  CURNO, Leslie Charles, DFC RNZAF NZ402105 Flying Officer
  CURREN, J.E. RCAF R/221335 Leading Aircraftman
  CURTIS,      Sergeant

CURTIS, Kenneth George RNZAF NZ422987 Flight Sergeant
  CUSLEY,     Aircraftman
  D'AOUST, M.R. RCAF R/180575 Corporal
  DABORN,     Aircraftman
  DAGLISH, Frank RAFVR GB1081053 Leading Aircraftman

DALLY, James William RCAF R/111753 Warrant Officer, Class II

DALTON, Douglas Vernin, MiD RAAF AUS420863 Flying Officer
  DANN, Donald Redvers RAF   Corporal
   DARLING, Francis Ritchie RCAF J/21752 Flying Officer

DARNEY, Jack Neville RNZAF NZ42376 Flight Sergeant
  DARRALL, Mervyn Lance Sydney "Merv" RNZAF NZ414966 Flying Officer
  DASCHUK,     Sergeant
  DAVIDSON, David Y.M.C.A. Clerk (1942-1943)


DAVIDSON, John quot;Brian", MiD, DFC (US) RCAF J/14035 Flight Lieutenant

DAVIDSON, Paul Alexander, MiD RAFVR GB159852 Flying Officer
  DAVIEN, N. RCAF R/82238 Corporal
  DAVIES,     Sergeant
  DAVIES, Clifford Lorne RCAF J/24306 Pilot Officer
  DAVIES, D.A.     Flying Officer


DAVIES, Francis William Gaccon RAVRF GB1285541 Flight Sergeant
  DAVIES, Frank W.     Sergeant
  DAVIES, Frank Mosgrove RCAF C/6904 Flying Officer

DAVIES, John Derrick Edward RAFVR GB176215 Pilot Officer
  DAVIS,     Aircraftman
  DAVIS,     Sergeant
  DAVIS,     Flight Sergeant
  DAVIS,     Pilot Officer
  DAVIS, FA.G. RCAF R/128218 Sergeant
  DAVIS, John     Flying Officer

DAVIS, Reginald Austin RAAF AUS413155 Pilot Officer
  DAVIS, "Ron"     Leading Aircraftman
  DAVIS, Vincent Clive Christopher "Vin" RAAF AUS418256 Flying Officer
  DAY,     Warrant Officer
  DAWES, Walter "George" RAAF AUS428549 Flying Officer

de CORDOWE, James Fernand Gabriel RCAF J/92200 Pilot Officer

DEAKIN, Ronald Edward RAF GB168682 Pilot Officer

DEAN, Francis George RAFVR GB1338362 Flight Sergeant
  DEELEY, RAFVR GB757548 Corporal
  DELANEY,     Aircraftman
  DELISLE,     Sergeant
  DELL,     Sergeant
  DEMERS, C.J.     Pilot Officer
  DENNING, Cecil Ernest RAF GB44434 Squadron Leader
  DENNISON, S.H. RAFVR GB625637 Corporal
  DENNY,     Sergeant
  deRIVERS, D.E.     Pilot Officer
  DERRETT, Arthur Edward Creedon, DFC RAFVR GB82961 Flight Lieutenant
  DESKIN,     Sergeant
  DesROCHES,     Sergeant
  DEWAN, L.M. RCAF R/151147 Sergeant
  DEWHURT, Eric     Corporal
  DEXTER, S.     Pilot Officer
  DIAMOND, William Alexander RAFVR GB145907 Flight Lieutenant
  DICKENS, A.W.      
  DICKERSON, Alexander Frederick "Alex" RAF   Sergeant
  DICKINSON, C.J.      
  DICKSON, Alfred, DFM and bar RAFVR GB751273 Flight Sergeant
  DICKSON, R.E. RCAF R/126152 Corporal

DILLON, Spencer Inglis RNZAF NZ414600 Flying Officer
  DINES, W.S. RCAF R/138811 Leading Aircraftman
  DIXON, H.F.     Flying Officer
  DIXON, William H. "Bill" RCAF J/15799 Flight Lieutenant
  DOBBIE, Archibald Lindsay Hamilton RAFVR GB162958 Flight Lieutenant

DOBSON, Amos Rowe RCAF R/116473 Warrant Officer, Class I

DOBSON, Warren Lee RCAF R/99045 Warrant Officer, Class II
  DODDS, L.A.     Pilot Officer
  DOEL, Ewart  M. Fisher RAF GB83535 Flight Lieutenant

DOHERTY, Patrick Clifford RCAF R/208103 Flight Sergeant


DOHERTY, William Fairgrieve, MiD RCAF J/37497 Flying Officer
  DONNELLY, Michael, M.B., Ch.B. RAFVR GB122977 Flight Lieutenant
  DONOGHUE, E.H. RCAF R/111027 Flight Sergeant
  DORAN,     Leading Aircraftman
  DOUBLE, Warwick Ian Archibald "Rick" RNZAF NZ425495 Flight Lieutenant
  DOUCET, Ignatius RCAF R/62873 Corporal
  DOUGAN, Lawrence Henry "Larry" RCAF R/146326 Leading Aircraftman
  DOUGLAS, Kenneth John RAF GB84928 Squadron Leader
  DOW, William Edward RCAF   Warrant Officer
  DOWN, Orland Ross "Dody" RCAF J/16870 Flight Lieutenant
  DOWNS,     Sergeant
  DOWNING, John William RAFVR GB135120 Flight Lieutenant
  DOYLE,     Pilot Officer
  DRAKE, C.     Leading Aircraftman

DRAKE, Frederick Douglas  RCAF J/12307 Flying Officer
  DRAPER, W.H.     Leading Aircraftman
  DREVER, Howard     Pilot Officer
  DREW,     Flying Officer
  DRYDEN, Robert Page, DFC RCAF J/24244 Flight Lieutenant
  DUART, John Howard RAF GB77352 Flight Lieutenant

DU BOSE, Thomas Coke RCAF R/129312 Warrant Officer, Class 2

DUDDING, Keat RNZAF NZ415522 Warrant Officer
  DUNBAR, D.B. RCAF R/84872 Corporal
  DUNCAN, Alfred Leslie, MiD RAFVR GB79533 Squadron Leader
  DUNCAN, G.W.     Pilot Officer
  DUNGEY, Albert RAF   Leading Aircraftman
  DUNGLEY,     Leading Aircraftman

DUNLEVIE, John Sidney Caverhill RAF GB37965 Wing Commander

DUNLOP, Alistar Cameron RNZAF NZ411607 Sergeant
  DUNMUIR, Alexander "Alex"     Corporal

DUNN, Glen Richard RCAF J/87712 Pilot Officer

DUNN, Ernest Leslie RNZAF NZ421966 Flight Sergeant
  DUNN, John Lawrence William RNZAF NZ415178 Flight Lieutenant

DURLING, Russell David "Dave" RCAF J/36594 Flying Officer
  DUROCHER, J.T. RCAF R/94130 Leading Aircraftman
  DURRANT, The Rev. Reginald Francis Warburton, B.A. RAFVR GB78248 Squadron Leader
  DURRANT, Robert John "Bob" RCAF J/39610 Pilot Officer

DYASON, William Henry  RAFVR GB1186005 Leading Aircraftman
  DYER, Ernest RAF GB46553 Flying Officer
  DYOS, J.H.R. RAFVR GB1804705 Sergeant

EAGLESON, James Lyman RCAF J/27715 Flying Officer
  EARLE, W.E.     Flight Lieutenant
  EASON,     Aircraftman
  ECKTON, John A. RAFVR GB1200362 Leading Aircraftman
  EDGAR,     Aircraftman
  EDGAR, W.R.S.     Flight Lieutenant
  EDLINGTON, RAFVR GB1032555 Leading Aircraftman

EDMOND, Philip Llewellyn RAAF AUS413841 Sergeant
  EDWARDS, RCAF   Flying Officer
  EDWARDS, Ernest     Corporal
  EDWARDS, P.J.     Pilot Officer

EDWARDS, Rupert Edward Campbell RCAF J/45920 Flying Officer

EDWARDS, Thomas Chapman "Tom" RAFVR GB1332515 Flight Sergeant
  EDWARDS, W. RCAF R/102483 Sergeant
  ELDER, David     Leading Aircraftman
  ELLARD, G.E. RAFVR GB1215809 Sergeant
  ELLIOTT, Raymond Charles, DFM RCAF R/90093 Sergeant
  ELLIS,     Leading Aircraftman
  ELLIS, Allen Joseph RAAF AUS421189 Flight Lieutenant
  ELLIS, Daniel RAFVR GB1249010 Aircraftman, Class 1
  ELLIS, James Fitzgibbon RCAF J/127859 Flying Officer

ELLIS, Leslie Albert "Les" RAAF AUS422151 Flying Officer

ELLIS, Stanley Frederick RCAF J/289125 Pilot Officer

ELLISON, Thomas Arthur RAFVR GB56151 Pilot Officer
  ELLWORTHY, F.D.     Squadron Leader
  ELSEY,     Leading Aircraftman
  ELVERSTON, Wesley Taylor RAF GB87824 Squadron Leader
  EMERY, M.E.     Flying Officer
  EMMOTT, Alan Bernard RCAF R/118010 Sergeant

EMSIG, Mervyn K. RCAF J/39569 Flying Officer
  ENDACOTT, J.A. RCAF R/170686 Sergeant

ENMAN, William Frederick RCAF R/112120 Flight Sergeant

ENO, Lloyd Higgs, MiD, DFC, DSO RAF GB40096 Squadron Leader
  ENST, C. H. RAFVR GB1232051 Leading Aircraftman
  EPPSTADT, Earl "Eppy"     Flying Officer
  EVANS,     Sergeant
  EVANS, Trevor "John" Augustus RAFVR GB171769 Flight Lieutenant

EVANS-EVANS, Anthony Caron, DFC RAF GB19018 Group Captain
  EVERALL, RAFVR GB956123 Leading Aircraftman
  EVERETT, Howard Carson, DFM RAFVR GB117934 Flight Lieutenant
  EWART, J.C. "Jack" RCAF J/36250 Flying Officer

EXON, Reginald Herbert "Reggie" RAFVR GB1601071 Flight Sergeant
  EYRES, F.     Flying Officer
  FAHEY, John Phillip RCAF J/27438 Flying Officer
  FAIRBAIRN, Derrick Ian, DFC RAF GB39378 Wing Commander
  FAIRBROTHER, RAFVR GB1480498 Aircraftman
  FALOON, H.M. RCAF R/126177 Flight Sergeant
  FARMER, Matthew Henry RAF GB46127 Squadron Leader
  FARNELL, W.H. RCAF R/176588 Sergeant
  FARR, John Milton RAAF AUS422472 Flying Officer

FARRELL, James Josephy RCAF R/144036 Flight Sergeant
  FARRELL, Murray Cecil RCAF J/21211 Flight Lieutenant

FAULKNER, Ronald Herbert RN D/JX 366668 Ordinary Seaman
  FENNELL,     Sergeant
  FENTON,     Sergeant
  FENWICK, RAFVR GB246332 Flight Sergeant
  FERGUSON, A.M.     Pilot Officer
  FERRIS,     Warrant Officer
  FERRIS,     Flight Sergeant
  FERRIS, Thomas A. RCAF R/95468 Sergeant
  (FERRISON, Arthur)      
  FIELD, George Alexander Hughes, DFC and bar RNZAF NZ416634 Flight Lieutenant
  FIELDS,      Leading Aircraftman
  FILBY, Nevin Boswell RAAF AUS422039 Flight Lieutenant
  FILCE, Albert Joseph "Bert" RCAF J/23455 Flight Lieutenant
  FINCH, Jack Lachlan RAAF AUS412123 Warrant Officer
  FINCIT,     Leading Aircraftman
  FINE, Harry Joseph RAF GB63982 Flight Lieutenant
  FINLATER, Hugh Graham RNZAF NZ416969 Pilot Officer

FINLOW, Jack RNZAF NZ49561 Warrant Officer
  FINN, "Mickey"     Corporal

FIRTH, Raymond RNZAF NZ417203 Warrant Officer
  FISHER,     Leading Aircraftman

FISHER, William Charles RCAF/ USAAF R/119605/ T.190910 Sergeant/ Flight Officer
  FISHLOCK, Stanley     Leading Aircraftman

FITTOCK, Lorenzo James Shann RNZAF NZ415753 Flying Officer
  FLAHERTY, Charles Thomas RCAF J/11641 Pilot Officer

FLAHERTY, James Gerard RCAF J/2826 Squadron Leader
  FLEMING, J.J. RCAF R/109172 Sergeant
  FLETCHER,     Sergeant
  FLETCHER,     Flying Officer
  FLETCHER, Archibald Alexander RNZAF NZ411875 Flying Officer
  FLETCHER, Allan Lindsay RAAF AUS429430 Flying Officer
  FLIEGER, G.W.     Flight Lieutenant
  FLITNEY, R.     Flight Sergeant
  FOGARTY,     Flying Officer
  FOGARTY, Francis Richard "Dick", DFC RAAF AUS414397 Flying Officer
  FOOKS, Basil Shorland RAFVR GB105292 Flight Lieutenant

FOOTE, Andrew RAFVR GB1565701 Sergeant
  FONTAINE, J.A.J.P. RCAF R/144719 Leading Aircraftman

FORBES, George John RNZAF NZ418711 Warrant Officer
  FORD,     Aircraftman
  FORDEN, Darcy James RAAF AUS413367 Warrant Officer
  FORMAN, George William, DFC RCAF J/11616 Flight Lieutenant
  FORREST, "Bob"      
  FORREST, D.E.     Flying Officer
  FORREST, Duane G. RCAF   Squadron Leader
  FORRESTER,     Leading Aircraftman
  FORSYTHE, Kenneth Cadham" Ken", DFC RAF GB41573 Squadron Leader
  FORTT, Arthur Raymond "Ray" RAFVR GB3383557 Leading Aircraftman
  FOSTER, E.M. RCAF R/60035 Sergeant
  FOSTER, Owen Ellice RNZAF NZ415067 Sergeant
  FOULDS, Leonard     Leading Aircraftman
  FOULKES, RAF   Sergeant
  FOUNTAIN, Jack Sherman RCAF    
  FOURNIER,     Sergeant
  FOWLER, David Robert "Dave" RNZAF NZ415755 Flying Officer
  FOWLER, George Pagett, DFC RCAF J/15380 Flying Officer
  FOWLER, Robert Howden "Bob", OC, FCASI RCAF J/29282 Flying Officer
  FOX, John William RAFVR GB160934 Flying Officer
  FRANCE, John     Aircraftman
  FRANCIS, Milton "Milt" RCAF   Flying Officer

FRANCKEISS, John Edward RAFVR GB1525643 Sergeant

FRANK, Michael RCAF R/196942 Flight Sergeant
  FRANKLIN, Clifford Walter RNZAF NZ424445 Sergeant
  FRAPPELL, S.J. RAFVR GB1400366 Leading Aircraftman
  FRASER,   R/74169 Leading Aircraftman
  FRASER, Donald A. RCAF J/15615 Flying Officer
  FRASER, Douglas Harvey RCAF J/21322. Flight Lieuteant
  FRASER, D.W. RCAF   Flying Officer
  FRASER, George RAF   Corporal

FRASER, John Clarke RCAF J/21759 Flying Officer
  FRASER, M.P.      
  FRASER, William RAFVR GB129412 Flying Officer
  FRASK, R.     Sergeant
  FREEMAN, G.E.     Flying Officer
  FREEMAN, J.R. "Jim" RAFVR GB1250048 Sergeant
  FRELICK,     Leading Aircraftman
  FRENCH, Donald Louis Henry RCAF R/126248 Sergeant
  FREWIN, "Freddie"     Leading Aircraftman

FRITH, Arthur RAFVR GB1579241 Flight Sergeant
  FRIZZLE, L.P.     Flying Officer

FRIZZLE, Robert James RNZAF NZ415525 Warrant Officer
  FROST, Peter Charles RNZAF NZ422988 Sergeant

FULLERTON, Lawrence RCAF J/21048 Flying Officer

FULTON, James Kenneth RAFVR GB1387101 Sergeant
  FURLONG, J.T. RCAF R/136184 Leading Aircraftman
  FURNEAUX, Brian Pomeroy RAF GB31390 Squadron Leader
  FYFE, Charles Findlay RAFO GB70234 Squadron Leader
  GABITES, Edward William RNZAF NZ413055 Flight Lieutenant
  GAGNE, Raymond     Flight Sergeant
  GALLANT, J.A.J. "Blackie" RCAF   Flying Officer
  GARDINER,     Leading Aircraftman
  GARDINER, Kenneth RAFVR GB1233464 Sergeant
  GARDNER, George RCAF   Sergeant
  GARRAD, M. RAFVR GB1357334 Leading Aircraftman
  GARVIE, James Harvie RCAF R/72025 Sergeant
  GASKIN, Percy William John RAFVR GB543633 Sergeant
  GASS, Leonard Eric RAF   Leading Aircraftman

GATES, Arley Sides RCAF J/25690 Flying Officer
  GAUTHIER, E.W. RCAF R/180835 Leading Aircraftman
  GAYNER,      Leading Aircraftman
  GELLNER, J.     Flight Lieutenant

GEORGE, Floyd Eugene RCAF R/187228 Warrant Officer, Class II
  GEORGE, George Philip, DFC RAAF AUS413369 Flight Lieutenant
  GEORGESON, J.S.     Flight Lieutenant
  GERAMO,     Flying Officer
  GETHINGS,     Pilot Officer
  GIBBS,     Leading Aircraftman
  GIBSON, Donald Andrew RAF GB32216 Wing Commander

GIBSON, Thomas Henry Steele RAAF AUS022016 Flight Lieutenant
  GILBERT, Benjamin George RAAF AUS414784 Flying Officer
  GILBERTSON, Lance Dixon RNAZF NZ421368  
  GILL, Audrey Dudley, M.D., Ch.B., D.P.H. RAF GB79496 Squadron Leader
  GILL, J.E. RCAF R/105085 Sergeant
  GILL, Ron RAFVR GB974225 Leading Aircraftman
  GILLES,     Aircraftman

GILLIES, Alexander Scott RCAF R/200515 Sergeant
  GILLIES, John Shaw RAF    
  GILLESPIE, Robert     Leading Aircraftman
  GILLMAN,      Leading Aircraftman
  GINGRAS,     Flight Sergeant

GIRTY, Lloyd George RCAF J/22568 Flying Officer
  GIRTY, Roy     Sergeant

GIRVIN, William Ivan RCAF J/92124 Pilot Officer
  GLENNIE, A.L.     Pilot Officer
  GOBLE, Charles     Corporal
  GOOD, Thomas Colin, POW RCAF J/14642 Flight Lieutenant
  GOODARD, J.     Leading Aircraftman
  GOODCHILD,     Aircraftman
  GOODLIFFE, Alan Dudley RAF GB79332 Squadron Leader
  GOODRUM, William "Bill" RAFVR   Leading Aircraftman
  GOODS, L.A. RCAF J/17573 Pilot Officer
  GOODWIN,     Sergeant
  GOODWIN, John Mark RCAF R/139905 Sergeant
  GORDON, C.F. RCAF R/107453 Sergeant


    Leading Aircraftman

GORDON, Milton George RCAF R/120737 Flight Sergeant
  GORVIN, John Henry George "Jack" RNZAF NZ425547 Flight Lieutenant
  GOUCHER,     Pilot Officer
  GOUGH,     Leading Aircraftman
  GOUGH, Laurence Gordon John RCAF R/110156 Sergeant
  GOULD, Dr. Lawrence "George" RCAF   Flying Officer
  GOULD, Raymond     Leading Aircraftman
  GOULET, J.C. RCAF R/189615 Leading Aircraftman
  GOVER, Ralph RAFVR GB1339973  
  GOWER, Clifford     Aircraftman
  GRABB, Stanley RCAF   Sergeant
  GRAHAM, Alan Notley RAAF AUS422169 Flying Officer
  GRAHAM, A.W.     Aircraftman
  GRAHAM, Douglas Hamilton RNZAF NZ42393  
  GRAHAM, Frank     Leading Aircraftman

GRAHAM, Robert Bavin RNZAF NZ414282 Flying Officer
  GRANEEK, Ronald RAFVR GB996143 Corporal
  GRANT, V.     Flying Officer
  GRANTLEY, Cyril George "Pip" RAFVR GB1236731 Leading Aircraftman
  GRAY, Neil Robert RNZAF NZ42546  

GREEN, Gordon Arnold RCAF J/29232 Flying Officer
  GREENAWAY, Francis Henry, MBE RNZAF NZ42296 Flight Lieutenant
  GREENBRIDGE,     Pilot Officer
  GREER, J.J. RCAF R/125013 Sergeant
  GREER, John RAFVR GB5674559 Sergeant
  GREER, John Montague RCAF J/8778 Flying Officer
  GREGORY, RAFVR GB1478290 Aircraftman, Class 2
  GREGORY, George     Leading Aircraftman
  GREGORY, Maurice William RNZAF NZ4211907  

GRENIER, Joseph Amedee RCAF R/145806 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  GREATHEAD, L. RCAF R/105501 Leading Aircraftman
  GRESSWELL, Cecil Harold RAF GB72202 Squadron Leader
  GRICE, Jack H. RCAF R/209457 Leading Aircraftman
  GRIFFITHS,      Leading Aircraftman

GRIFFITHS, Clifford Avery RNZAF NZ421703 Pilot Officer
  GRILLS, Donald RCAF R/148578 Pilot Officer
  GRINDON, John Evelyn, DSO, AFC RAF GB33206 Wing Commander
  GRIST, R.     Corporal
  GROOME, R.J.     Pilot Officer
  GROSSUTTI, Aldo RCAF R/187683 Sergeant
  GROUNSELL, Laurence RAF GB189226 Flying Officer
  GROVE,     Flying Officer
  GUEST, Fred Thomson RCAF/ CAF J/38992/ 60420 Flying Officer/ Colonel
  GUIGET,     Pilot Officer
  GUINNESS, Padre Howard Wyndham RAFVR GB127020 Squadron Leader
  GULUCHE, Albert James, POW RCAF R/188305 Warrant Officer
  HACHE, E.     Lieutenant Colonel

HADDOCK, Ieuan "Rex" RCAF J/88238 Pilot Officer

HADLEY, Robert Stewart RCAF J/26622 Flying Officer
  HALES,     Flying Officer
  HALL, E.J. RCAF    
  HALL, James Marshall "Jim", CGM RAF GB605494 Flight Sergeant
  HALL, "Nobby"     Sergeant
  HALL, R. RCAF R/122830 Leading Aircraftman
  HALL, Reginald John George RCAF C/14919 Flying Officer
  HALL, R.G. RAAF AUS434540 Sergeant
  HALL, S.L.      Flying Officer
  HALL, W. RCAF R/102663 Leading Aircraftman

HAMBROOKE, Linton Austin Sydney RCAF R/129321 Warrant Officer, Class II
  HALTON, "Joe" RAFVR   Sergeant
  HAMEL,     Leading Aircraftman
  HAMLEY,     Sergeant
  HAMILTON,     Flying Officer

HAMILTON, Albert Carl RNZAF NZ415575 Fligth Sergeant
  HAMILTON, D. RCAF R/123452 Leading Aircraftman
  HAMILTON, J.R.     Leading Aircraftman

HAMILTON, Matthew Millar RNZAF NZ42325 Flight Sergeant
  HAMILTON, Peter Cameron "Pete" RCAF J/11556 Squadron Leader
  HAMILTON, R.H. RCAF C/10540 Flight Lieutenant
  HAMILTON, T.B. RAFVR GB951702 Leading Aircraftman
  HAMILTON, "Vic"     Corporal
  HAMMAT, Douglas Albert, DFM & Bar RAFVR GB48465 Flying Officer
  HAMMELL, G.R. "Gord"     Warrant Officer

HAMMOND, David Charles RNZAF NZ414502 Warrant Officer
  HANCOX,     Sergeant
  HANSEN, Albert "Bert" RAF GB174124 Flight Lieutenant

HANSEN, Milton Whitehead RCAF J/26817 Pilot Officer
  HANSON, C.D.     Sergeant
  HANSI, RAFVR GB1215458 Aircraftman, Class 1
  HARASYWCHUK, W. RAFVR GB107423 Flight Sergeant
  HARDER, Lloyd Jacob RCAF J/35622 Pilot Officer

HARDER, Robert RNZAF NZ425692 Pilot Officer
  HARDY, R.L. RCAF R/155951 Flight Sergeant
  HARMER,     Leading Aircraftman
  HARMER, Alan Guy RAF GB44572 Flight Lieutenant
  HARRICKS, Peter Neville Hughes RAAF AUS33735 Warrant Officer
  HARRIS, RAFVR GB1427365 Aircraftman, Class 1
  HARRIS, B.J.     Corporal
  HARRIS, H.N. RCAF R/83137 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  HARRIS, John, OBE, DFC RAF GB104460 Wing Commander

HARRIS, John Stephen RAFVR GB1338763 Sergeant

HARRIS, Norman Clifford RAFVR GB138121 Pilot Officer
  HARRIS, Sydney Charles RAF GB362423  
  HARRIS, Trevor Pitts RNZAF NZ42400 Flight Lieutenant
  HARRISON, RCAF R/163722 Sergeant
  HARRISON, "Ginger"     Leading Aircraftman

HARRISON, Gordon Fletcher RCAF R/112810 Warrant Officer, Class I
  HARRISON, Kenneth William Wallace "Ken" RCAF    
  HARRISON, Robert Neal, DFC RAFVR GB84302 Squadron Leader

HART, John Moore RNZAF NZ424460 Flight Sergeant

HARTRICK, Norman Angus RCAF R/224413 Sergeant
  HARVEY,     Leading Aircraftman
  HARVEY, Colin Barclay RAAF AUS420666 Flying Officer

HARVEY, Eric Bertram RAFVR GB161482 Pilot Officer

HARVEY, Dr. George Lile RCAF C/11826  
  HARVEY, Thomas Swindale Wilson "Tom" RCAF J/35172 / 120003 Squadron Leader
  HARWOOD, C.L.     Flying Officer
  HASE, Richard Winter RAFO GB37229 Wing Commander
  HASKELL, H.J.     Captain
  HASKINS,     Aircraftman
  HASTINGS, Lionel Edward "Hank", DDS, FPFA, FADI RCAF J/29247 Flying Officer
  HATCHER, Henry Morean  RAFVR GB130981 Flight Lieutenant

HATCHMAN, Fred RCAF J/86442 Pilot Officer
  HATTER,     Leading Aircraftman
  HATTY, T.M. RCAF R/126282 Leading Aircraftman
  HAUGH, J.W.     Warrant Officer
  HAWEY,     Aircraftman
  HAWK,     Flight Sergeant
  HAWKINS, Alfred Howard "Alfie" RCAF R/99331 Leading Aircraftman
  HAWTHORNE, Eddie RAF    

HAY, Alan Joseph Fairfield RCAF J/21713 Flying Officer

HAY, Gordon Douglas RCAF J/13834 Pilot Officer

HAYCOCK, Roy Clifford RCAF J/86607 Pilot Officer
  HAYNES,     Aircraftman

HAYNES, Clifford Charles RCAF R/160750 Flight Sergeant

HAYTON, John William RAFVR GB1333343 Sergeant
  HEAD, L. RCAF R/106601 Sergeant
  HEARLE, G.M. RAFVR GB159660 Sergeant
  HEATH, Alfred Wray RCAF J/9746 Flying Officer
  HEATON, Eric Cawthra RNZAF NZ428817 Flight Lieutenant
  HEBERT, "Andy"      
  HEFFORD,     Corporal

HELM, George Vincent RNZAF NZ416113 Pilot Officer
  HEMMING, A.     Sergeant
  HENDERSON,     Corporal
  HENDERSON,     Flying Officer
  HENDERSON, Albert Caisley, MiD, DFC and bar RAFVR GB88679 Squadron Leader
  HENDERSON, William Charles RNZAF NZ415435 Pilot Officer
  HENDRY, F.A. "Frank"     Flight Lieutenant

HENNESSY, Thomas William RAAF AUS412314 Flight Sergeant
  HENNING, J.H.N. RCAF J/35647 Flying Officer
  HENRY,     Sergeant
HENRY, William Frank "Bill" RCAF J/95274 Pilot Officer
  HENRY, Walter RCAF R/188371 Leading Aircraftman

HERGER, Robert Blair RCAF J/89135 Pilot Officer
  HERMAN, Keith William RAAF AUS417372 Flying Officer

HETHERINGTON, Clinton George RCAF J/22226 Flying Officer
  HEWITT,     Aircraftman
  HEWITT, G.W. RCAF R/88734 Sergeant
  HEWITT, Harold Alton RCAF R/73429 Corporal
  HEWSON, J.F. RCAF R/138669 Leading Aircraftman
  (HEY?), RAFVR GB1003105 Aircraftman, Class 1
  HIBBERT, RAFVR GB1026469 Aircraftman, Class 1
  HIBBINS, L. RCAF R/1114011 Flight Sergeant
  HICKERY, J.     Corporal
  HICKS,     Corporal
  HICKS, Dr, Eric Sankey RCAF J/39571 Pilot Officer
  HILL,     Leading Aircraftman
  HILL, George Drake, MID RAFO/ RCAF GB39986/ C89593 Squadron Leader
  HILL, J.     Squadron Leader
  HILL, "Johnny"     Corporal
  HILL, Nathan Leonard RCAF J/18445 Pilot Officer
  HILLIER, Stanley      

HILSDEN, Roger Norman RAFVR GB176443 Pilot Officer
  HINDERMARSH, P.E.     Flight Lieutenant

HINDIN, Victor "Vic" RCAF J/20877 Flying Officer
  HINES, G.D.E. "Dal"      
  HINTON, "Harry"     Corporal
  HOBBS, William "Willie" RCAF R/1744865 Sergeant

HOCK, W.L. RCAF R/113081 Leading Aircraftman
  HOCKING, John     Leading Aircraftman
  HOCKNEY, W.A.     Pilot Officer
  HODDER, Ernest George RAFVR GB152979 Flight Lieutenant
  HODGSON, A.      
  HODGSON, F.E. RAFVR GB339010 Corporal

HOGAN, John Edward "Jack" RNZAF NZ416424 Sergeant

HOGAN, Leoanrd Ignatius RCAF R/160470 Flight Sergeant
  HOGBEN, Frank     Leading Aircraftman
  HOLDSWORTH, Charles A.     Corporal
  HOLLINGSHEAD, Gordon Harvey RCAF J/26788 Pilot Officer
  HOLLOWAY,     Corporal
  HOLME,     Aircraftman
  HOLMES, I.E. RCAF R/84049 Sergeant
  HOLMES, James George "Jim" RAF    
  HOLMES, Peter     Sergeant
  HOLTON, "Joe" RAF   Sergeant
  HONEYFORD,     Leading Aircraftman
  HOOD, A.W. RCAF R/130020 Sergeant
  HOOK, Robert     Leading Aircraftman
  HOPKINS,     Leading Aircraftman
  HOPKINS, Sidney Goldman RAF GB52470 Flight Lieutenant

HOPPER, Lloyd Hinson RCAF J/86734 Pilot Officer
  HORNER, R.W./font> RCAF R/166305 Leading Aircraftman
  HORSFIELD, F.E.     Pilot Officer
  HORSTEAD, I.     Corporal
  HOUGHTON, Keith Ernest Creffield RAAF AUS403988 Flying Officer
  HOULTON, G.M.     Flight Lieutenant

HOUSE, Brooks Earl RCAF J/95275 Pilot Officer
  HOWARD, T.H.     Aircraftman
  HOVELL, J.M. RCAF R/107144 Corporal
  HOYLES, Ronald     Leading Aircraftman
  HUBER, K.T. RCAF    
  HUDDLESTON, Henry Bogie RNZAF NZ417209 Flying Officer
  HUISH, F.R. RAFVR GB1402541  
  HUGHES, B.J. RCAF R/186484 Sergeant
  HUGHES, L. RAFVR GB1379981 Leading Aircraftman

HUGHES, William Adrain RCAF J/14859 Flying Officer
  HUMPHRIES,     Aircraftman
  HUNT,     Aircraftman
  HUNTER,     Leading Aircraftman
  HUNTER, Albert     Leading Aircraftman
  HUNTER, Alexander Dudley RCAF   Flight Lieutenant
  HUNTER, Charles Russell "Russ" RCAF    
  HUNTER, E.F.     Flight Lieutenant

HUNTER, Joseph Robert RCAF R/170618 Flight Sergeant

HUNTER, Thomas Matthew RNZAF NZ42329 Sergeant
  HURDING, Frederick Victor RAFVR GB105479 Flying Officer
  HURN,     Leading Aircraftman

HUSKILSON, William St. Clair RCAF J/38161 Flying Officer/font>
  HUTCHINGS, Edward "Eddie" RAF   Sergeant
  HUTCHINGS, Harry     Leading Aircraftman
  HUTTON, Francis Gilbert RAAF AUS422914 Flying Officer
  HUTTON, James "Bower" Hugh RCAF J/27754 Flying Officer
  HYAMS, Gordon Frank, DFC RAFVR GB73463 Squadron Leader
  HYDE, Dennis     Aircraftman, Class 2

HYNDMAN, James Thomas William RNZAF NZ42406 Flight Sergeant
  INGERSOLL, Neil Leroy RCAF J/18557 Flying Officer
  INGHAM, P.T.     Flying Officer
  INGLIS, "Jock" RAF   Sergeant
  IRENE, H.J.     Wing Commander
  IRVINE, A.E.H. RCAF J/22558 Flying Officer
  IRVINE, S.H. RCAF   Flying Officer

IRVING, Walter Nelson RCAF J/87928 Pilot Officer
  JACOBS,     Pilot Officer
  JACKSON,     Flying Officer
  JACKSON, Ernest George RAF   Corporal
  JACKSON, Frank William RAAF AUS424039 Flying Officer
  JACKSON, K.D.     Leading Aircraftman
  JAMES,     Pilot Officer

JAMES, Stanley Joseph RAAF AUS416966 Pilot Officer

JAMISON, Clement John RAAF AUS413603 Flight Sergeant
  JANES, RAFVR GB1047337 Aircraftman, Class 1
  JANES, J. RCAF R/136143 Corporal
  JARVIS,     Leading Aircraftman
  JARVIS, Lindsay James RNZAF NZ422920 Flight Sergeant

JARVIS, Ralph Hendy RCAF R/115663 Flight Sergeant

JASMIN, Herbert Eloi RCAF J/26838 Pilot Officer
  JEANES, George RAFVR GB1272646 Leading Aircraftman
  JEFFREY, RAFVR   Pilot Officer
  JEFFRIES, William RAF    

JENKINS, James Parsloe RCAF J/33900 Flying Officer
  JENNINGS, F.     Leading Aircraftman
  JENNINGS, Stanley, MiD RAFVR GB176439 Flying Officer
  JESSUP,     Corporal
  JOHN,     Sergeant
  JOHNSON,     Aircraftman
  JOHNSON, R.H.     Flying Officer
  JOHNSON/ JOHNSTON,     Corporal
  JOHNSTON, G.R. RCAF R/193486 Aircraftman, Class 1
  JONES,     Sergeant
  JONES, C.H.  RCAF R/138906 Corporal
  JONES, David Arthur RAFVR GB191182 Flying Officer
  JONES, Gordon Ewan RCAF J/39631 Pilot Officer
  JONES, Leslie     Corporal

JONES, Marshall Levi RCAF J/17899 Flying Officer


JONES, Robert M. "Bob" RAF   Corporal
  JONES, T. "Tal"     Leading Aircraftman


JONES, Thomas Chamney RNZAF NZ422410 Flying Officer
  JORDAN, J.S.     Pilot Officer
  JUDD, Cyril Fairfield RAFVR   Leading Aircraftman
  JUDD, I.C. RCAF R/200414 Sergeant

JUDGES, W. Colin RCAF   Pilot Officer
  JUSTASON, G.M. RCAF R/126104 Leading Aircraftman
  KAY, Harold Joseph RCAF J/15230 Pilot Officer

KEARNEY, Wallace David RCAF R/115987 Warrant Officer, Class II
  KEEPIN, Harry     Leading Aircraftman
  KEITH, RCAF   Pilot Officer
  KEIVER, Francis Murray "Frank" RCAF R/201783 Warrant Officer, Class 1

KELLS, Harry Kenneth RCAF R/103205 Warrant Officer
  KELLY,     Leading Aircraftman
  KELLY,      Corporal
  KELLY, "Bill"     Leading Aircraftman
  KELLY, Raymond Allan "Ray" RAAF AUS429700 Flight Lieutenant
  KELSO, Albert James RNZAF NZ414507  
  KEMP, R.     Flying Officer
  KEMPTON, A.F. RCAF R/108309 Sergeant

KENNARD, Robert Miller "Bob" RAAF AUS422080 Flying Officer

KERNAGHAN, Clarence Gerald RCAF R/128981 Flight Sergeant
  KETHERNEL, W.H.      Pilot Officer
  KETTLEY, RAFVR GB1297786 Aircraftman, Class 2
  KEWLEY,     Leading Aircraftman
  KIERSTEAD, Ralph Clayton RAF GB40230 Squadron Leader

KILGOUR, Leonard Alfred Arthur RNZAF NZ42412 Flying Officer
  KILLARN, J.J.     Pilot Officer
  KING, Edgar RAFVR   Leading Aircraftman
  KINSBOROUGH, G.C. RCAF R/165084 Sergeant
  KIRBY, H.     Pilot Officer
  KIRK, Alfred Charles "David" RAFVR GB154612 Wing Commander
  KIRK, W.     Flying Officer
  KIRKMAN,     Sergeant

KIRSTINE, Lloyd RCAF R/90782 Warrant Officer, Class II
  KIRTLEY, G.H. RAFVR GB940175 Corporal
  KIRWIN, A.M. RCAF R/82152 Flight Sergeant
  KNEATSEY,     Leading Aircraftman
  KNICKERBOCKER, Gordon H. RCAF J/15473 Flying Officer
  KNIGHT, D.A. RCAF R/171484 Pilot Officer
  KNOCK, Stewart Gordon, AFC/font> RAFVR GB85890 Squadron Leader
  KNOTT,     Leading Aircraftman
  KNOWLTON, J. "Joe" RCAF   Flight Lieutenant

KOZLOF, Alexander "Alex" RCAF J/27922 Flying Officer
  KOZORIZ, George RCAF J/86831 Lieutenant Colonel

LACERTE, Charles Henry RCAF J/10877 Flying Officer


LACEY, Dennis Gordon RAFVR GB76586 Flight Lieutenant
  LACHANCE, P.S. RCAF R/102478 Leading Aircraftman

LADEROUTE, Michael John, MID RCAF J/18906 Flying Officer

LAGACE, Joseph Maurice Conrad RCAF R/55654 Flight Sergeant

LAIDLAW, Joseph Stanley RCAF R/73968 Flight Sergeant

LALOR, Fintan Howard RCAF J/22229 Pilot Officer
  LAMB, RCAF   Flying Officer
  LANDER, P.W. RAFVR GB1843333 Leading Aircraftman
  LANE, Leslie Eric RAF GB547108 Corporal

LANGDALE, Selwyn Noel   RNZAF NZ424554 Pilot Officer
  LANGLEY,     Pilot Officer
  LARK, Sonny RNZAF    
  LAURILLARD, James Antoine RAF GB85961 Flight Lieutenant
  LAWRENCE, Kenneth Aubyn Hassell, DFC & bar RAF GB41031 Flight Lieutenant

LAWS, Russell RNZAF NZ421515 Sergeant

LAWSON, Kenneth Stanley Henry RAFVR GB1388124 Sergeant

LAYLEY, Ronald George RAFVR GB129404 Flight Lieutenant
  LAZENBY,     Corporal
  LEA,     Sergeant
  LEACH, Anthony, MC RAF GB07202 Group Captain
  LEADER, G. RCAF R/181020 Leading Aircraftman

LEAMAN, James Richard RCAF J/24215 Flying Officer
  LEANING, Ronald      

LEAVEY, Thomas "Kevin" Francis Xavier RAAF AUS432007 Pilot Officer
  LeBLANC, J.D. RCAF R/144755 Leading Aircraftman

LEDGERWOOD, John RAAF AUS421863 Pilot Officer

LEDINGHAM, Robert Alexander RCAF J/27450 Pilot Officer
  LEDUC,     Sergeant
  LEDGER, L.H.     Aircraftman
  LEDGER, Sidney     Leading Aircraftman
  LEES, Stuart      
  LEESON, John Douglas RAAF AUS425450 Flying Officer
  LEFLER, Harry Burton RCAF R/139092 Corporal
  LeGAULT, J.M.G. RCAF R/94149 Leading Aircraftman
  LEGG, R.J. "Russ"     Flight Sergeant
  LEIA,     Sergeant
  LEISTER, Charles RAAF AUS420472 Flight Lieutenant
  LEITH, Phillip Edward Meric, DFC, C.M.H., UE, M.Sc., B.S.A., B. Com. RCAF J/15201 Squadron Leader
  LEMESSURIER, R. RAFVR GB798765 Sergeant
  LENIHAN, C.G. RCAF R/84586 Corporal
  LESHKO, Lloyd RCAF J/21718 Flight Lieutenant
  LESSARD,     Corporal
  LETOURNEAU, J.G.J. RCAF J/18333 Flying Officer
  LEVER, Alan RAFVR GB629376  
  LEWIS, Clifford David "Taffy" RAFVR   Leading Aircraftman
  LEWIS, E. RAFVR GB1400403 Aircraftman, Class 1
  LEWIS, Murray A. RCAF R/137739 Leading Aircraftman
  LEWIS, N.D.     Flying Officer

LEWIS, William Radcliffe RNZAF NZ425267 Flight Sergeant
  LIETH, "Paddy"     Sergeant
  LIGHTBOWN, "Jack"     Leading Aircraftman
  LILLEY, W.F. RCASC   Lieutenant
  LINDSAY, Cecil Robert RNZAF NZ417217 Sergeant

LINDSEY, David Wright RNZAF NZ422570 Flying Officer
  LINGARD, R.L.     Flying Officer
  LINK,     Aircraftman

LINK, Rudolph Walter RCAF J/18990 Pilot Officer

LISTER, Hilton Arthur RNZAF NZ415538 Flight Sergeant

LIVELY, Harry Harvey RCAF J/29283 Flying Officer
  LLOYD,     Pilot Officer

LLOYD, Deuel Dewitt RCAF J/40199 Flying Officer

LLOYD, John Raymond RNZAF NZ41187 Warrant Officert
  LLOYD, L.W. "Bill" RCAF    
  LOCKE, F.A. RCAF R/91309 Leading Aircraftman
  LOCKHART, Raymond Claude RCAF   Flying Officer

LOGIE, Robert Fraser "Bob" RCAF C/2921 Flight Lieutenant
  LOGUE,     Sergeant
  LOHR, Frederick William "Bill"  RCAF J/36479 Pilot Officer
  LOMAS, Allan Kenneth RCAF J/15284 Acting Squadron Leader
  LONGDEN, Bert     Leading Aircraftman
  LONSDALE, Frederick Denham, BEM RAF GB63964 Sergeant
  LORD, Robert W.     Leading Aircraftman

LOSZCHUK, Peter RCAF J/41054 Flying Officer
  LOUBERT, Peter George Patrick RCAF J/85476 Pilot Officer

LOUCKS, John Clark RCAF J/26843 Pilot Officer
  LOUGHT,     Sergeant
  LOUDON, J. A. "Jack" RCAF   Flying Officer
  LOUTET, Stuart "Stu" RCAF J/26798 Flying Officer

LOVERIDGE, Denis Llewellyn "Denny" RCAF J/36150 Flying Officer
  LOW, J.R. RCAF R/124210 Sergeant
  LOWE,     Leading Aircraftman

LOWE, James William RAF GB657928 Sergeant
  LOYER, J.B.R. RCAF R/96022 Leading Aircraftman

LYNASS, James Cunningham RCAF R/103922 Flight Sergeant
  LYONS, Gerald J "Gerry" RAF GB1231236 Aircraftman

LYTTLE, William Alex RCAF J/19020 Pilot Officer
  MacARTHUR,     Pilot Officer
  MacARTHUR, F.A.     Pilot Officer
  MacARTHUR, N.M.     Pilot Officer
  MacDONALD,     Corporal
  MacDONALD, A.A.J. RCAF R/137584 Leading Aircraftman
  MacDONALD, C.C.     Pilot Officer
  MacDONALD, David Ignatius RAAF AUS412628 Flying Officer

MacDONALD, Fred Whitten RCAF R/153164 Flight Sergeant
  MacDONALD, J.A..     Flying Officer
  MacDONALD, John Robert, DFC RCAF J/16282 Flight Lieutenant

MacDONALD, Robert Emmett RCAF J/89663 Pilot Officer
  MACE, W.G.     Leading Aircraftman
  MacEACHERN, William Oliver "Bud" RCAF J/39556 Pilot Officer
  MacFARLANE,     Flying Officer
  MacINNERNEY, G.H.R.     Captain
  MacINNIS, D.A. RCAF R/137857 Leading Aircraftman
  MacINTOSH, Keith D. RCAF R/125140 Flying Officer
  MACK, Ian Harold William RNZAF NZ415544 Flight Sergeant

MacKAY Angus "Donald" RCAF J/86152 Pilot Officer

MacKAY, Hugh Munro RNZAF NZ415345 Flying Officer

MacKINNON, John Allan RCAF J/13793 Flying Officer
  MacLEAN, Cornelius RCAF J/18373 Flight Lieutenant

MacMILLAN, Edgar RCAF R/125154 Flight Sergeant
  MacQUEEN, RAF GB519215 Sergeant
  MacRAE, John Alexander RAF GB35167 Squadron Leader
  MacWILLIAMS, W.     Flying Officer

MADIGAN, Reginald Beach RAAF AUS422600 Warrant Officer
  MAGUIRE, George Glen, POW RCAF J/86166 Flying Officer
  MAILMAN, W.K.     Pilot Officer
  MAINHEAD, A. RCAF   Corporal

MALE, Harold Otho RAFVR GB188825 Pilot Officer
  MALKINSON, John     Sergeant
  MALLOCH, Elwood     Corporal
  MANCES, R.     Corporal
  MANN, The Rev. Christopher William, M.A., B.D. RAFVR GB67571 Squadron Leader
  MANN, Russell Walter RAAF AUS411357 Warrant Officer
  MANNES, R.     Corporal
  MANNING, George Edward "Jim" RAF GB153948 Flight Lieutenant
  MANNON, W.M.C.     Flying Officer

MANSCHOT, Adriaan RNNAS   Lt./ JC.
  MANSELL, Lewis     Leading Aircraftman

MANSER, Raymond Earl RCAF R/115267 Flight Sergeant
  MANTON, John, MiD RAFVR GB363010 Warrant Officer
  MANTON, William Kenneth RAFVR GB1497792 Leading Aircraftman
  MANZI,     Aircraftman
  MARK, H.A.     Pilot Officer
  MARK, Harry Edward RNZAF NZ414508 Sergeant
  MARKHAM, W.K.     Pilot Officer
  MARSH, Herbert Arthur Darvill RAF GB52967 Flying Officer
  MARSH, John     Leading Aircraftman
  MARTIN, Alan "Al" RAFVR   Flight Sergeant
  MARTIN, A.A.     Pilot Officer
  MARTIN, Colin Stuart, DFC RNZAF NZ422872 Flying Officer


MARTIN, Desmond Joseph RNZAF NZ422070 Flight Lieutenant
  MARTIN, Richard Francis Hingston RAFVR/ RAF GB131701/ GB122157 Squadron Leader

MARTIN, Stanley Douglas RCAF R/99792 Warrant Officer, Class I
  MARTINEAU, Wilfred G. RCAF R/192754 Aircraftman, Class 2
  MARZI,     Aircraftman
  MASON,     Leading Aircraftman
  MASSON, W.M.G.     Pilot Officer
  MASTERS,     Sergeant
  MATHELS, H.G.S. RAF GB798766 Sergeant
  MATHERS, H. RCAF R/193153 Corporal

MATHESON, Roderick James RCAF J/20179 Flying Officer
  MATHEWS, J.C. RCAF R/33665 Sergeant
  MATHEWS,     Sergeant

MATHEWS, George Norman RCAF R/122398 Warrant Officer, Class 2

MATHEWSON, Donald Meldrum RNZAF NZ421331 Warrant Officer
  MATHEWS, W.D.     Flight Lieutenant
  MATTHEWS, RCAF R/85014 Sergeant
  MATTHEWS, Alfred John RAF   Corporal
  MATTHEWS, Donald J. RCAF R/194164 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  MATTHEWS, Francis, POW RNZAF NZ414511 Flight Sergeant
  MAULE,     Flying Officer

MAY, Bruce Herbert  RCAF R/123227 Flight Sergeant
  MAY, Stanley     Leading Aircraftman
  MAYBERRY, RAFVR GB1476070 Aircraftman, Class 1
  MAYER, Sheppard Edwin "Shep" RCAF J/38998 Pilot Officer

MAYNARD, Roy Edward RCAF J/23453 Flight Lieutenant
  MAYOR, Harry     Corporal
  McADAM,     Aircraftman
  McALLISTER, L.G. RCAF R/103670 Sergeant
  McALPIN, Gregor Neil "Greg" RAAF AUS423473 Warrant Officer
  McARTHUR, Neil Max RCAF J/25230 Flying Officer
  McCALLUM, Kenneth D.     Flight Sergeant

McCARTHY, Philip William RCAF J/21050 Pilot Officer
  McCARTNEY, R.L.     Pilot Officer

McCLANAGHAN, Frederick RCAF R/126158 Leading Aircraftman

McCLELLAN, William Gordon RCAF R/113865 Warrant Officer, Class I
  McCONNELL, J.F. RCAF R/97430 Sergeant


McCONNELL, J. Kenneth RCAF $nbsp;  
  McCORMICK, D.M.     Flying Officer

McCORMICK, Joseph Roy RCAF R/120653 Flight Sergeant

McCREA, Leslie Asa RCAF J/89734 Pilot Officer
  McDONALD,     Pilot Officer

McDONALD, Charles Grant RCAF J/13787 Flying Officer
  McDONALD, George D. RCAF J/39312 Pilot Officer
  McDONALD, J.F..     Flying Officer

McDONALD, Melvyn Alexander RCAF J/17042 Pilot Officer
  McDONALD, Russell George "Russ" RCAF J/39610 Pilot Officer
  McDONALD, R.K. RCAF R/115315 Sergeant
  McEACHERN,     Flying Officer
  McEACHERN, Thomas William RCAF J/87493 Pilot Officer
  McELROY, L.R. RCAF R/82539 Sergeant
  McEWEN, G.G.A. RCAF    
  McFARLAE,     Aircraftman
  McGANN, Thomas      
  McGILLIVARY, Bruce RCAF   Corporal
  McGILLVARY, Gordon Robertson, POW RCAF R/163625 Flight Sergeant
  McGINN, Saemus     Sergeant
  McGINN,     Pilot Officer
  McGLYNN, Henry Trent RAFVR GB625900 Corporal
  McGOWAN, Ernest Howard "Ernie" RCAF J/36173 Flying Officer

McGOWAN, Stuart RNZAF NZ414996 Flying Officer

McGOVERN, JohnBruce RCAF R/105460 Warrant Officer, Class I
  McGREGOR, Donald Gillespie "Don" RCAF J/89234 Flying Officer
  McGUINNESS,     Leading Aircraftman
  McGURK, R.     Warrant Officer
  McINNES, Angus, BEM RAF GB335568 Flight Sergeant
  McKANE,     Corporal
  McKAY,     Sergeant

McKAY, Frank Gordon RNZAF NZ39570 Flight Sergeant

McKEAN, Frank Henry Joseph RAFVR BG639840 Corporal
  McKEEN,     Sergeant

McKELLAR, David Alastair RAFVR GB152661 Flying Officer
  McKENNA, RAFVR GB1129746 Aircraftman, Class 1
  McKENNA, Arthur Edward RCAF J/39629 Pilot Officer

McKENNIE, Gerald Baird RCAF R/110872 Flight Sergeant
  McKENZIE, G.S.     Corporal
  McKINLEY, Edward     Leading Aircraftman
  McKINNON, Cecil Thomas RAAF AUS413408 Flight Lieutenant

McKINNON, John Allan RCAF J/13793 Pilot Officer
  McKINNON, R.P. RCAF R/186694 Sergeant
  McLAREN, "Del" RAF    
  McLAREN, Robert Arthur, POW RCAF J/96178 Pilot Officer
  McLAREN, William RAF   Leading Aircraftman
  McLELLAN, J.B. "Jimmy"     Sergeant
  McLELLAND, W.G. RCAF R/107527 Sergeant
  McLEOD, D.A. RCAF    
  McLEOD, H. RAFVR GB1343398 Sergeant
  McLEOD, W. RCAF R/158014 Leading Aircraftman
  McMAHON, RAFVR GB1039546 Leading Aircraftman

McMILLAN, Archibald Kenzie RCAF J/92761 Pilot Officer

McMILLAN, John Dunch RNZAF NZ415341 Flying Officer
  McMILLAN, Kenneth McIntosh RCAF J/6138 Flying Officer
  McNABB, B.C.     Pilot Officer
  McNEIL, A.H. RCAF R/137662 Sergeant
  McNEIL, R.J.     Lance Corporal
  McNEIL, S.     Private
  McNEVAN, Archibald Malcolm "Mac" RCAF R/119396 Corporal
  McPHIE, R.G.  RCAF   Squadron Leader
  McRAE, Donald F. RCAF J/9405 Pilot Officer
  McRITCHIE, John Highet RAF GB46006 Flight Lieutenant
  McROBBIE, J. RCAF R/84544 Leading Aircraftman
  McWHIRTER, William James "Bill" RCAF R/206353 Flight Sergeant
  McVEY, Elmer J. RCAF R/119359 Corporal
  McWILLIAMS, W.C.     Flying Officer
  MEAD,     Corporal

MEAD, Robert Frazer RCAF J/7760 Flight Lieutenant
  MELIA,     Aircraftman
  MELOCHE, C.L. RCAF R/145205 Aircraftman, Class 1
  MELSON, R.     Flight Lieutenant
  MELVILLE, J.      Flight Sergeant

MENZIES, James Archibald RCAF J/27804 Flying Officer
  MERHIGE, Edmond George RCAF J/40968 Pilot Officer

MESSIER, Horace Daniel Eugene RCAF R/108499 Flight Sergeant
  MESSITER, John Eric RAAF AUS421993 Warrant Officer
  METCALFE,     Aircraftman
  MIDDLETON,     Sergeant
  MIDGLEY, Durward E. "Midge", DFC RCAF J/18859 Flight Lieutenant
  MILLER, Desmond Joseph "Des" RNZAF NZ422070 Pilot Officer
  MILLER, Benjamin Ambrose RAF GB37977 Squadron Leader
  MILLER, L.     Flying Officer
  MILLER, Maurice James RNZAF NZ428792 Flying Officer
  MILLER, M.R. RCAF R/182?? Leading Aircraftman

MILLIKEN, Robert Clifton RCAF R/111746 Sergeant
  MILLS, William George RAAF AUS405979 Flight Lieutenant

MINEEFF, Alexis Charles RAAF AUS412469 Warrant Officer
  MIRON, W.G.     Pilot Officer
  MITCHELL, Frederic "Keith" RAAF AUS429851 Flying Officer
  MITCHELL, M.N. RAF GB657486 Sergeant
  MITSON, Gerald Stanley RAF GB969028 Sergeant
  MOAKLER,     Sergeant
  MODHURST,     Aircraftman, Class 2
  MOE, RNNAS   Sergeant
  MOFFITT, George "Lloyd" RCAF    
  MOLLETT, F.K. RAFVR GB1212521 Leading Aircraftman
  MOLSON, R.     Flight Lieutenant
  MONKS, John Duncan Minto RAF    

MONTGOMERY, Alan Martin RAAF AUS430040 Flying Officer
  MONTGOMERY, "Charlie"      
  MONTGOMERY,     Pilot Officer
  MOODY,     Sergeant
  MOODY,     Sergeant

MOOSEMAN, Milton Cecil RNZAF NZ415551 Warrant Officer

MOORBY, Arthur Robert RCAF J/89868 Pilot Officer
  MOORE,     Sergeant
  MOORE,     Leading Aircraftman
  MOORE, D.L.     Pilot Officer
  MOORE, J.G.     Aircraftman
  MOORE, Robert RAF   Leading Aircraftman
  MOORE, William Alexander, DFC RAAF AUS420475 Flight Lieutenant
  MORDEN, John Crawford RCAF J/6283 Flying Officer
  MORESIDE, James Ivan RCAF J/20184 Pilot Officer
  MORFORD, Raymond Victor RCAF J/40457 Pilot Officer
  MORGAN, RAFVR GB1502066 Aircraftman, Class 2
  MORGAN, RAFVR GB626599 Leading Aircraftman
  MORGAN,     Warrant Officer
  MORGAN, RAFVR   Sergeant
  MORGAN, F.B.J. "Joe"     Corporal
  MORGAN, John Sydney Croscombe RAF GB43013 Flight Lieutenant
  MORGAN, Lestyn Benjamin RAFVR GB1435923 Aircraftman, Class 1
  MORKLEY, G. M. RCAF R/153702 Leading Aircraftman
  MORRIS,J.     Leading Aircraftman
  MORRISH, E.A.     Flying Officer
  MORRISON, Arthur G.A. RCAF R/97334 Sergeant
  MORRISON, Howard Allen "Howie", DFC, DSO, AFC RCAF J/4898 Squadron Leader
  MORRISON, Hyam RAF GB123975 Flying Officer
  MORRISON, Jack Russell RNZAF NZ422949 Flying Officer
  MORRISON, R.W.     Pilot Officer
  MORSIDE,     Pilot Officer
  MOSS,     Aircraftman
  MOSS, B.     Sergeant
  MOSSEMAN, "Ron"      
  MOST?, Leopold Henry RAFVR GB1374249 Leading Aircraftman

MOULTRIE, Douglas RNZAF NZ414324 Pilot Officer

MOUNTFORD, Oswald RAAF AUS422628 Sergeant
  MOWAT, William RCAF J//22242 Pilot Officer
  MOYEN,     Flying Officer

MOYER, Arthur Andrew RCAF J/14645 Flying Officer
  MUDDIMAN,     Sergeant

MUIR, Colin Bruce RNZAF NZ413459 Pilot Officer
  MUIR, Henry Watson "Scoot" RCAF J/39641 Pilot Officer
  MUIRHEAD, A. RCAF R/104411 Corporal

MUIRSON, Geoffrey Neville RNZAF NZ421523 Flying Officer

MULCAHY, Cornelius Arthur RAAF AUS422234 Sergeant

MULLALLY, James Aloysius RNZAF NZ404314 Flight Sergeant

MULLIGAN, Justin Reginald RAAF AUS423164 Pilot Officer
  MULLOCK, W. A.     Captain
  MUNRO, Leslie Nicholson RCAF J/11617 Pilot Officer

MUNROE, George Edmund RCAF J/24218 Flying Officer

MUNROE, James Henryd RCAF R/125842 Warrant Officer, Class II
  MURDOCH,     Corporal
  MURDOCH, J.     Corporal
  MURPHY, A.     Flying Officer
  MURPHY, E.N.     Flying Officer

MURPHY, Henry Arthur RCAF J/86753 Pilot Officer

MURPHY, Thomas CAFVR GB798604  
  MURRAY, J. RAAF   Flying Officer
  MURRAY, J.A. RCAF R/204257 Aircraftman, Class 2
  MURRAY, Norman Sapeley RAF GB148319 Aircraftman
  MUSGRAVE, Barrington LeButt RAFVR GB74190 Squadron Leader
  MUYSSO, A.P. RAFVR GB516691 Sergeant
  MYERS, Francis Joseph "Frank" RCAF R/111188 Sergeant
  NAGY, L. RCAF    
  NASH,     Corporal
  NATTRASS,      Leading Aircraftman
  NECK, F.L.  RCAF R/1130?? Leading Aircraftman

NELSON, Harold Perry RCAF J/43176 Flying Officer

NELSON, John Archibald RCAF R/167872 Leading Aircraftman
  NELSON, R.     Flight Lieutenant
  NESBIT,     Leading Aircraftman
  NESBITT, Harold Everett     Sergeant
  NEWELL, P. RCAF R/116893 Pilot Officer
  NEWCOMBE, G.E. RCAF R/104361 Sergeant

NEWMAN, John William RCAF J/38970 Flying Officer

NEWTON, Norman Thomas, DFC RNZAF NZ415528 Pilot Officer
  NICHOLAS, Peter Alexander, DFC RAF/ RAFO GB39257 Wing Commander
  NICHOLS, John Maxwell, MiD RCAF J/86553 Flying Officer
  NICHOLSON,     Pilot Officer
  NICKEL, L.O. RCAF R/203023 Aircraftman, Class 1
  NODWELL, George Ross RCAF C/4179 Flight Lieutenant
  NOLE, S.S.     Flying Officer
  NONO, J.A. RAFVR GB1611585 Aircraftman, Class 1

NORMAN, Ernest Albert RCAF R/78909 Sergeant

NORRISS, Geoffrey Alexander RNZAF NZ421334 Pilot Officer
  NORMAN, R.L.     Flight Lieutenant
  NORTH, Leonard "Len" RAFVR GB744519 Sergeant
  NORTH, S.     Flying Officer
  NORTON, Albert Kitchener RCAF J/29361 Pilot Officer

NUNN, Gordon William, DFC RAAF AUS425737 Pilot Officer

NUNN, Kenneth Stanley RAAF AUS418459 Flight Sergeant
  NUTTALL, Kenneth W. RCAF R/131051 Flying Officer


OATES, A. RCAF R/259739 Leading Aircraftman
  OATES,     Pilot Officer
  OBODIAC, Stanley Paul "Stan" RCAF J/39620 Pilot Officer
  O'BRIEN, William George RNZAF NZ40866 Flying Officer
  O'CARROLL,     Pilot Officer
  O'CONNOR, Bernard     Aircraftman

O'CONNOR, Leroy Joseph RCAF R/100538 Flight Sergeant

O'CONNOR, Stafford Thomas RCAF R/114634 Flight Sergeant
  ODLUM, Desmond William Julian RAFVR GB156329 Flight Lieutenant

O'DONNELL, Bernard James RCAF R/109157 Sergeant
  O'DWYER,     Sergeant

O'KANE, Robert Alexander RNZAF NZ411577 Warrant Officer
  OLDREY, "Freddie"     Leading Aircraftman
  O'LEARY, E. Lawrence, MC RCAF C/1920 Squadron Leader
  O'LEARY, F.L. RCAF R/73128 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  OLIEN, L.C.     Pilot Officer
  OLIPHANT,     Corporal
  OLLIVER, A.G.     Flying Officer
  OLSEN, O. RNNAS   Lieutenant

OLSON, Andrew Gordon RCAF J/25058 Pilot Officer
  OLSON, N.A. RCAF R/68638 Sergeant
  O'NEIL, Lloyd Frank RCAF J/40376 Pilot Officer
  O'NEIL, Joseph Frederick RCAF   Sergeant
  O'REGAN,     Pilot Officer
  ORPEN, Ronald George "Ron" RCAF J/6627 Flight Lieutenant
  ORR, R.M.     Sergeant
  ORRISS, Dennis Charles RAFVR GB138099 Flight Lieutenant
  ORRISS, Herbert Samuel "Bert" RAFVR GB156651 Flight Lieutenant
  OSBORNE, B. RCAF R/217859 Leading Aircraftman

OSMOND, Wallace Edgar RAAF AUS421929 Pilot Officer

O'SULLIVAN, Denis Joseph RCAF R/171492 Flight Sergeant

OTTO, Thomas Marshall RCAF R/161141 Sergeant
  OUELLET, J.T. RCAF R/146279 Leading Aircraftman
  OULETTE, Joseph "Joe" RCAF    
  OVERTON, George H.     Aircraftman
  OWNSWORTH, Henry Leonard RNZAF NZ422998 Pilot Officer
  OWEN, Charles Dancaster "Chuck", DFC RAF GB45945 Squadron Leader
  OWEN, Gordon "Gord" RCAF    
  PAGE, Douglas E. Civilian Meteorologist (Jan 13, 1943-?)
  PAGE, Hugh "Charles" RNZAF NZ421288 Sergeant
  PAGET, Stuart Harold RAFO GB102777 Flying Officer

PAGET, William Robert RCAF J/37545 Flying Officer

PAINTING, Allen John RAAF AUS412673 Warrant Officer
  PALLET, Charles Gordon RCAF R/141179 Sergeant
  PALLIS, RAFVR GB1508196 Aircraftman, Class 2
  PALMER,     Leading Aircraftman
  PALMER, RCAF   Pilot Officer
  PALMER, R.M. RCAF R/129640 Sergeant
  PAQUETTE, R.A. RCAF R/130121 Sergeant
  PARFITT, Lester      
  PARK, RAFVR GB1556386 Aircraftman, Class 1
  PARK,     Pilot Officer
  PARK, R.H. "Ray" RCAF R/166127 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  PARK, R.N. "Norm" RCAF   Sergeant
  PARK, Roland RAFVR GB82060 Flight Lieutant
  PARK, William RAFVR GB1147453 Aircraftman, Class 1

PARKER, John Frederick RCAF J/21710 Flying Officer
  PARKINSON, A. RCAF R/70279 Pilot Officer
  PARKS, F.J.     Corporal
  PARNALL, A.L.     Flight Lieutenant
  PARR, E. RCAF R/193155 Leading Aircraftman
  PARRINGTON, Charles Freeman   GB614657 Sergeant

PARSLEY, William Alfred RCAF R/135211 Warrant Officer, Class II
  PARVIN, Frank, OBE RAF GB43140 Wing Commander
  PASCOE, Frank Edmund, DFC RAAF AUS421041 Flight Lieutenant
  PATON, N.M.     Flying Officer
  PATTERSON,     Flying Officer
  PATTERSON,     Pilot Officer
  PATTISON, J.C. RCAF J/17083 Pilot Officer
  PATTISON, L.C.     Pilot Officer

PATTYSON, Leonard William RCAF J/35167 Flying Officer
  PAUL, RCAF R/58229 Warrant Officer
  PAWLYSHYN, John, DFC RCAF J/13984 Flying Officer
  PAYNE, A.N. RAFVR GB1432098 Aircraftman, Class 1

PAYNE, Raymond George Cuthbert RNZAF NZ42446 Pilot Officer
  PAYNTER, John deCamborne RCAF   Warrant Officer
  PEACOCK,     Leading Aircraftman
  PEACOCK. G.     Flying Officer

PEARCE, Ronald William "Jack" RAF GB575901 Corporal
  PEARS, E.W.     Flying Officer
  PEARS, Lloyd Ernest RCAF J/29727 T/Flying Officer
  PEDLAR, William Arthur RAFVR GB159857 Flight Lieutenant
  PEETS, John R. RCAF R/251440 Corporal
  PEHNY, D.L.     Flight Lieutenant
  PELLETIER, Joseph Aime Damien Roger RCAF C/39217 Flying Officer
  PELLETIER, J.L.A. RCAF R/84890 Sergeant
  PELLETIER, Jeffrey William, DFC and bar RAAF AUS400483 Squadron Leader
  PENN, Thomas Alfred RNZAF NZ414336 Flight Lieutenant
  PEREMUTTER,     Sergeant

PERKINS, George Gordon RCAF J/28280 Flying Officer
  PERKINS, Richard Marshall "Dick", DSO RAF GB187288 Flying Officer
  PERRY, "Jock"     Corporal
  PERRY, J.A.     Flying Officer
  PERRY, P.     Warrant Officer
  PETERKIN, F.D. RCAF R/166338 Flight Sergeant
  PETERS, V. RCAF R/223233 Aircraftman, Class 1
  PETERSON, "Pete" RCAF   Pilot Officer
  PETTIT, Victor Godfrey RAFVR GB67026 Flight Lieutenant
  PETRIE, D.E.     Private
  PHILIP, Owen Bartley "O.B.", CM, DFC, CD RCAF J/38956 / 27175 Colonel
  PHILLIPS, Reginald RAFVR GB1013535 Corporal
  PHILPOTT, Howard     Sergeant

PHYSICK, Francis Gerald RCAF J/38105 Flying Officer
  PICKERING,     Leading Aircraftman
  PIERCE, Eric Manford, DFM RCAF R/58718 Flight Sergeant
  PIERCE,     Sergeant
  PINK, Alan     Corporal

PINNER, Roy Irving RCAF R/172856 Warrant Officer, Class I

PITHIE, Harold Cruse RCAF R/101308 Warrant Officer, Class II
  (PITTAWAY), Thomas Henry      

PITTENDRIGH, Robert Nisbet RAAF AUS434575 Pilot Officer
  PLUMMER, Alfred Norman RAFVR GB125147 Flying Officer
  POD, W.A.   GB131408 Sergeant
  POIRER, Jacques B.J.A. RCAF R/96787 Warrant Officer
  POISSANT, Cyrille Edward Joseph "Cy" RCAF R/159483 Flight Sergeant
  POLLACK, Edward Roland Baker RAAF AUS420261 Flying Officer

POOLE, Francis McDonald RNZAF NZ416537 Pilot Officer
  POPAY, Henry Ian, DFM & Bar RAF GB48468 Squadron Leader
  POPE,     Sergeant
  PORTER, Douglas RAF GB199037 Fyling Officer
  PORTER, Kenneth L. "Ken"     Sergeant
  PORTER, Lowry James RNZAF NZ391019 Fyling Officer
  PORTWAY, James "Jack" RAFVR GB344276 Sergeant
  POTTS, George Albert Campfield, DFC and bar RAF GB43943 Squadron Leader
  POWELL,     Leading Aircraftman
  POWELL, "Norm"      
  POWELL, W.D.     Pilot Officer

POWER, Lawrence Fabian RCAF R/76139 Fligh Sergeant
  POYNTZ, Hardy Alford Peter, DFC RCAF J/6233 Flying Officer

PRATT, Richard William RCAF J/86893 Pilot Officer
  PRENTICE, RAFVR GB1110795 Leading Aircraftman
  PRICE,     Aircraftman
  PRICE, RAF GB1049551 Leading Aircraftman

PRICE, Kenneth Ether RCAF R/82703 Sergeant
  PRICE, William Kenneth RAFVR GB567789 Sergeant
  PRIDE, "Pinky" RAF    

PRIDDLE, David Allan RAAF AUS420487 Pilot Officer
  PRITCHARD,     Sergeant
  PROCIW, Morris RCAF J/94724 Flying Officer
  PROTHEROE, William Thomas RAFVR GB1275339 Aircraftman, Class 1


PROUDLOVE, L.G. RCAF R/107372 Corporal

PROWSE, Lemuel Ernest RCAF J/22241 Flight Lieutenant
  PURVIS,     Leading Aircraftman

PUTT, Gerald St. George RNZAF NZ416039 Sergeant
  PYE, Robert William Wren RNZAF NZ414891  
  PYNN,     Sergeant
  QUINN, Harold C RCAF/ CA   Sergeant;
  QUIRKE, Kevin Thomas RAFVR GB155217 Flight Lieutenant
  RACKHAM, Douglas H. "Doug"     Leading Aircraftman
  RADIUS, J. RNNAS   Flight Lieutenant
  RAINE, William     Leading Aircraftman

RALPH, Frederick Wilsont RCAF R/152317 Flight Sergeant
  RAMM,     Leading Aircraftman
  RAMSAY, Roy Russell "Bud" RCAF J/27657 Pilot Officer
  RANDALL, Clifford William RAAF AUS412689 Flight Lieutenant

RANKMORE, Gordon John RCAF R/101981 Flight Sergeant
  RANSFORD,     Sergeant
  READ, J.H.      
  READ, Jack Aubrey RNZAF NZ422725 Flight Lieutenant
  READER, Frederick RCAF J/15999 Flight Lieutenant

READY, Gordon Leonard RCAF R/114466 Warrant Officer, Class II
  REDLEY, N.C.     Sergeant
  REDMAN,     Sergeant
  REDMOND, Edward John RAFVR GB47575 Flight Lieutenant
  REED, E.O.     Flying Officer
  REES,     Sergeant
  REIBER, R.O. RCAF/font>    
  REID, Arthur     Leading Aircraftman

REID, Earle Kerr RCAF J/14021 Flying Officer

REID, Earl William RCAF R/183902 Flight Sergeant
  REID, J.     Pilot Officer
  REILLY, G. RCAF R/189977 Aircraftman, Class 1
  RELF, E.G.     Flying Officer
  RENAUD,     Flight Sergeant
  RENNIE, James Michael "Jim" RAFVR GB948175 Corporal
  RENTON, H.V. RCAF R/50485 Sergeant
  REYNOLDS, RAFVR GB1158988 Sergeant
  REYNOLDS, E.J. RCAF R/107508 Sergeant
  RICE, Charles Lewis RCAF J/96260 Pilot Officer
  RICE, James     Leading Aircraftman
  RICHARDS, Robert RAF   Leading Aircraftman
  RICHARDSON, RAFVR GB646252 Leading Aircraftman
  RICHARDSON,     Pilot Officer
  RIDLEY, N.C.     Pilot Officer
  RIGG, G.A.     Flying Officer
  RILEY,     Warrant Officer
  RILEY, Ernest RAFVR GB942714 Sergeant
  RIOUX, Daniel James "Danny" RCAF J/24064 Pilot Officer
  RITCHIE, RAF GB1558771 Aircraftman
  RITCHIE, RAFVR GB1342409 Aircraftman, Class 2
  RITCHIE,     Leading Aircraftman

RITCHIE, Wenford Maxwell RCAF J/90667 Pilot Officer

ROACH, James Theodore RCAF R/137561 Warrant Officer, Class II
  ROACH, Patrick James      
  ROBERTS, RAFVR GB1014639 Leading Aircraftman
  ROBERTS, Norman Victor RAFVR GB184803 Flying Officer
  ROBERTS, Victor Albert Adair RNZAF NZ414521 Sergeant
  ROBERTSON,     Sergeant

ROBERTSON, John RCAF R/103625 Warrant Officer, Class II
  ROBERTSON, Ralph John "Robbie" RAAF AUS425967 Flying Officer
  ROBINSON, Cecil, DFM RCAF R/65749 Pilot Officer
  ROBINSON, Daniel     Aircraftman
  ROBINSON, Lindsay Francis RNZAF NZ4210092 Sergeant
  ROBSON, Douglas RAFVR GB170893 Fyling Officer
  ROCK,     Leading Aircraftman
  RODGER, Margot Taylor RCAF C/4680 Nursing Sister

ROGERS, Albert Ernest Edward RAAF AUS421828 Sergeant
  ROGERS, Ernest William RAAF AUS420359 Flying Officer
  ROGERS, J.     Flight Sergeant

ROGERS, John RCAF J/12243 Flying Officer
  ROGERSON, John     Flight Sergeant
  ROOKE, Denis Munro Morley RAFVR GB65654 Flight Lieutenant
  ROPER,     Aircraftman, Class 1
  ROSS, Colin James RNZAF NZ425176 Sergeant
  ROSS, A. Edward "Eddie" RCAF R/161679 Warrant Officer
  ROTHERNEL, Laird William Herbert RCAF J/21673 Flying Officer
  ROWAN,     Sergeant
  ROWE,     Aircraftman, Class 1
  ROWE,     Leading Aircraftman
  ROWE-SLEEMAN, A.J. RCAF R/119443 Sergeant
  ROWELL,     Sergeant
  ROWLAND, FatherJoseph Edmund RAFVR GB118776 Squadron Leader
  ROWO,     Aircraftman, Class 1

ROWSE, Deryck Charles RNZAF NZ413778 Sergeant
  ROY, D. T. "Des" RCAF J/29248 Flying Officer
  ROYCROFT, T. RCAF   Leading Aircraftman

ROZELL, Glen Edward RCAF R/107240 Flight Sergeant
  RUDKIN,     Corporal

RUFF, Ian Richard Victor RNZAF NZ411046 Flight Sergeant
  RUSSELL, G.W.     Pilot Officer
  RUTHERFORD, Carmen Edgar RCAF   Pilot Officer
  RUTHVEN, L.A. RCAF R/208264 Sergeant
  RYAN, A.D.     Flight Lieutenant
  RYAN, Douglas Peter "Doc" RCAF J/93292 Pilot Officer
  RYAN, H.R.     Flight Lieutenant
  RYAN, R.M.     Flight Lieutenant
  SALTZMAN, L. RCAF R/116262 Sergeant

SAMPSON, Douglas John RNZAF NZ422571 Flight Sergeant
  SAMUEL, Henry Sampson RAFVR GB84053 Squadron Leader
  SAMUELSON, Vernon Elliot RCAF J/20182 Pilot Officer
  SANDERS, Peter R. RAF   Flying Officer
  SANDERS,     Sergeant
  SANDERSON,     Sergeant
  SANDIFORD,     Corporal
  SANEY, Donald RAFVR GB1199559 Aircraftman, Class 1
  SANFORD,     Corporal

SARGEANT, Thomas Frederick RAFVR GB1125256 Aircraftman, Class 1
  SARGENT, Arthur Clement RAFVR GB42533 Flight Lieutenant
  SAUMER, Paul     Sergeant
  SAVAGE, E.L. RCAF R/174818 Leading Aircraftman
  SAWYER, Cyril     Pilot Officer
  SCHALIT, R.F. RCAF R/145372 Pilot Officer

SCHEIDER, Douglas Otto RCAF R/192073 Flight Sergeant

SCHRUMP, Theodore Henry RCAF J/95434 Pilot Officer

SCHURR, Donald Dean RCAF J/37545 Flying Officer
  SCOTT, Frank RNZAF NZ421104 Flight Lieutenant
  SCOTT, S.H.     Flight Lieutenant
  SCOTT, Thomas RAFVR GB174218 Flight Lieutenant
  SCOTT, W.G.     Pilot Officer
  SCOTT-WHITE, Derek RAFVR GB56143 Flight Lieutenant
  SCRIBBINS, J.     Aircraftman
  SCRIBNER, Arthur Vernon RCAF J/94330 Flying Officer
  SCRIVEN, Arthur Christopher Leonard RCAF C/12616 Flying Officer
  SEANIGER, Neville Alfred RAAF AUS426761 Warrant Officer
  SECKER, W.G.      
  SEELEY, J.T.     Flying Officer
  SEFTON, Frank "Hugh" Cotterell RCAF C/8748 Flight Lieutenant
  SELBY, "Charlie"     Leading Aircraftman
  SELF, G. RAFVR GB1533312 Leading Aircraftman

SELF, Keith Robert RAAF AUS425367 Sergeant
  SELLARS, Douglas S. RCAF R/146785 Sergeant
  SELWOOD, William Arthur RAFVR GB1127821  

SENCIALL, Frank Leslie RAFVR GB1137087 Aircraftman, Class 1

SETTLE, Arthur RAFVR GB1033314 Flight Sergeant
  SEYMOUR, Reginald George RAF GB49168 Wing Commander
  SHAFFER, Ernest Charles RCAF J/11606 Pilot Officer
  SHANKS, Lloyd A. RCAF R/190156 Sergeant
  SHAPKA, George William RCAF R/187485 Sergeant
  SHARP, Thomas     Flight Sergeant
  SHARPE,     Aircraftman, Class 1
   SHAPTON, Samuel Walter "Sam" RCAF J/3494 Flight Lieutenant
  SHAW,     Sergeant

SHEAHAN, John Joseph Harold RCAF J/86608 Pilot Officer
  SHELDRICK, Norman Xavier ROAF GB27016 Squadron Leader
  SHELLING,     Flying Officer
  SHELTON, R.D.      Flying Officer
  SHEPHERD,     Flight Sergeant
  SHEPHERD, Harold     Sergeant

SHEPHERD, Alfred Alexander RCAF J/13948 Flying Officer
  SHERRY, Lee Keith RAFVR GB152745 Flight Lieutenant
  SHERRY, W.     Pilot Officer
  SHERWIN, Gordon Keith, MiD RCAF R/160354 Flight Sergeant

SHERWOOD, Clyde Allison RCAF R/99421 Flight Sergeant
  SHIELDS, S.C. RAFVR GB1439437 Sergeant
  SHIRLEY, C.A.     Flying Officer
  SHORE, R.G. RCAF R/219187 Aircraftman, Class 1
  SHOTTER, RAFVR GB1208176 Leading Aircraftman
  SIDAWAY,     Sergeant
  SIEGERT, Cyril Laurence, DFC RNZAF NZ421779 Flight Lieutenant
  SILCOX, Henry Thomas Alexander RAF GB22125 Squadron Leader

SILVER, W. RCAF R/173647 Aircraftman, Class 1
  SIM, John King "Jack" RCAF J/93234 Pilot Officer
  SIMS, S.T.' RCAF R/53549 Corporal
  SIMMONS, Thomas W.     Leading Aircraftman
  SIMMONS, Vivian Harold RNZAF NZ40442  
  SIMPSON, Alexander Hugh "Lofty" RCAF R/120200 Sergeant
  SIMPSON, S. B. RCAF R/225122 Pilot Officer
  SINCLAIR,     Sergeant
  SJOSTROM, K.A. RCAF R/110266 Leading Aircraftman
  SKIDD, J.J. RCAF R/17668 Leading Aircraftman
  SKINNER, Alan Richard RAF GB40435 Squadron Leader
  SKLARCHUK, Edward Robert RCAF R/115543 Warrant officer, Class II
  SLADE, C.G. RCAF R/116974 Sergeant
  SLATER, Richard James "Denis" RAF   Sergeant
  SLATER, Victor Charles "Vic" RAFVR GB138201 Flying Officer
  SLEEP, O.E.     Sergeant
  SLYE,     Aircraftman
  SMALLWOOD, A.     Flight Lieutenant
  SMART,     Flying Officer
  SMART, Jack RNZAF NZ425727 Sergeant
  SMITH,     Aircraftman
  SMITH,     Corporal
  SMITH,     Sergeant

SMITH, Cyril Richard RNZAF NZ415563 Sergeant
  SMITH, David     Leading Aircraftman

SMITH, Desmond RAFVR GB1477985 Sergeant
  SMITH, D.G.      
  SMITH, Donald Taylor, DFC  RAFVR/ RCAF GB102564/ C/46810 Flight Lieutenant
  SMITH, Frank     Leading Aircraftman
  SMITH, George Vivian RAAF AUS419407 Flying Officer
  SMITH, H.B. RCAF   Flight Sergeant

SMITH, Howard RAF    
  SMITH, J. RCAF    

SMITH, James Henry "Jim" RCAF J/18558 Flying Officer
  SMITH, John Frederick, DFM RCAF J/85744 / 301158 Flying Offcer
  SMITH, J. R. RAF GB513169 Corporal
  SMITH, James Talbot "Smitty", POW RCAF J/24217 Flight Lieutenant


SMIHT, John Frederick RCAF J/85744 / 301158 Flying Officer

SMITH, Joseph John Sidney ROad RCAF R/171430 Flight Sergeant

SMITH, Keith Alfred RNZAF NZ412022 Warrant Officert

SMITH, Keith McRae RAAF AUS413145 Flight Sergeant
  SMITH, L.H.     Flying Officer

SMITH, Owen Keith RAAF AUS425782 Flight Sergeant
  SMITH, Ray RAF    
  SMITH, Reginald      

SMITH, Ronald Alexander RNZAF NZ415378 Sergeant

SMITH, Roy Hamilton RCAF R/176376 Flight Sergeant
  SMITH, Stanley William RAFVR GB612187 Sergeant
  SNELLING,     Flying Officer
  SNIDER, Stanley "Stan" RCAF R/106202 Sergeant
  SNOWDEN,     Sergeant
  SNYDER,     Sergeant
  SNYDER, L.J.     Pilot Officer

SOLHEIM, William A. "Bill" RCAF / USAAF R/127499 / T.190848 Sergeant / Lieutenant

SOMERS, George Robert RCAF R/203432 Sergeant
  SOPER, John Herman RCAF R/161774 Warrant Officer, ClassII

SORENSEN, Neville Lloyd RAAF AUS413678 Flight Sergeant
  SOUTHALL, J.     Pilot Officer
  SPAFFORD, Frank Ronald "Spaff" RCAF J/23446 Flight Lieutenant
  SPARKS, George Walter "Ned" RAF GB50008 Flight Lieutenant
  SPOONER,     Sergeant
  SPRAY, Reginald Evelyn RAFVR GB78862 Flight Lieutenant
  SPROULE, John Alexander RAF GB39693 Squadron Leader
  SPROULE, W.C.     Flying Officer

SQUANCE, John Martyn RAFVR GB153549 Flying Officer
  SQUIRRELL, Jack RAF   Sergeant
  St. ARNAUD, (J.L.R.)   (J/29424) Sergeant

St. JOHN, Anthony Caryle RNZAF NZ404472 Flight Lieutenant
  STABLES, John Murray RAF GB79765 Flight Lieutenant


STAINFORTH, Arthur Granville, MBE RAF   Flying Officer
  STAINTON, R.C. RCAF/font>    
  STANGER, Wilfred A. "Wilf" RCAF R/134217  
   STANLEY, Samuel Charles "Chis" RAF GB1576051 Warrant Officer
  STAVELY, D.M.     Squadron Leader
  STEEDMAN, A.J., MiD RAFVR GB1137559 Warrant Officer

STEEDMAN, Robert RCAF R/122165 Flight Sergeant
  STEEL, Herbert Warwick Townley RAFVR GB174083 Flight Lieutenant
  STEELE, Lionel RAF   Leading Aircraftman

STEPHENS, Ronald Frederick RAAF AUS423264 Flying Officer


STEPHENS, Allistair William RCAF J/21661 Flight Lieutenant
  STEPHENS, Stephen John Cecil RAF GB116051 Flight Lieutenant
  STEVENS, Alfred William Loftus RAF    
  STEEVES, R.D. RCAF R/73055 Corporal
  STEVENS, "Bill"     Leading Aircraftman
  STEVENSON, Frederick Stewart RNZAF NZ413759 Flight Lieutenant
  STEVENSON, Frederick William "Fred" RCAF R/93247 Flight Sergeant
  STEVENSON, S.W.     Flight Sergeant
  STEWARD, Graham Villiers, M.B., B.Ch.,M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. RAFVR GB61860 Flight Lieutenant
  STEWART, J.W. RCAF R/108539 Leading Aircraftman
  STEWART, N.G. "Norm" RCAF R/260262 Sergeant
  STEWART, "Stu"      
  STIGANT, Ronald Frank RAFVR GB137610 Flight Lieutenant

STILES, Frederick John "Fred" RCAF R/164116 Sergeant
  STILES, P.     Flying Officer
  STILL, L.W.     Flight Lieutenant
  STOBBS, A. RAF   Aircraftman
  STOKES, H. "Felix"     Sergeant
  STONE, John RAFVR GB1217396 Aircraftman
  STONE, Walter "Wally"      Leading Aircraftman
  STONELEIGH, RAFVR GB1202974 Aircraftman, Class 1
  STONE, Herbert Charles RCAF J/26820 Pilot Officer

STORDY, John Lawrence RAF R/104320 Flight Sergeant
  STRANGE, John Fraser RCAF J/21761 Pilot Officer
  STRONG,     Leading Aircraftman
  STRONG, Delford "Clayton" RCAF R/102917 Sergeant

STRUTHERS, George Alexander Monckton, DFC RNZAF NZ421789 Flying Officer
  STUART, George Scott RAF GB60416 Flight Lieutenant
  STUART, Norman E.     Sergeant
  SUCKLING, Geoffrey Goss RNZAF NZ415386 Flight Lieutenant
  SUTCLIFFE, RAFVR GB1508585 Aircraftman
  SUTCLIFFE,     Sergeant
  SUTHERLAND,     Sergeant
  SUTHERLAND, G. RAFVR GB948919 Leading Aircraftman
  SUTHERLAND, Noel William, DFC RNZAF NZ422329 Flying Officer

SUTHERLAND, Stanley Evan RCAF J/15455 Pilot Officer
  SUTHERLAND, William Samuel RAFVR GB1401997 Aircraftman, Class 1
  SUTCLIFFE, D. RAFVR GB1090317 Aircraftman, Class 1
  SUTCLIFFE,     Sergeant
  SUTTIE, Grant Crawford "Sut" RAAF AUS15553 Flying Officer
  SUTTON, Ronald William RAF GB1090327 Aircraftman, Class 1
  SWAN,     Flight Sergeant
  SWAN, John Valentine RCAF J/27753 Flying Officer
  SWANSTON, Charles Rowland "Roy" RAF   Leading Aircraftman
  SWARTZ, M. RCAF R/203363 Flight Sergeant
  SWEANER, George J. RCAF   Squadron Leader
  SWEENEY, Elton George RAAF AUS420074 Flight Lieutenant
  SWIFT, Roland E. RAF    
  SYKES, Leonard E. RAFVR   Flight Lieutenant

TANNER, Samuel Arthur Raymond, MiD RAFVR GB144191 Flying Officer
  TARLTON, F.     Pilot Officer

TATE, Lloyd Edward RNZAF NZ421791 Flight Sergeant
  TAYLOR, D.J.     Pilot Officer

TAYLOR, John "Roy" RCAF J/10787 Flight Lieutenant
  TAYLOR, Leslie Ian RNZAF NZ421337 Pilot Officer
  TAYLOR, Patrick RNZAF NZ421296 Sergeant

TELFER, Selwyn Earl RNZAF NZ426211 Flight Sergeant
  THATCHER, Victor Raymond RAAF AUS420302 Fyling Officer
  THERBARGE, C.A. RCAF R/125939 Flight Sergeant
  THIBIDEAU,     Warrant Officer
  THOMAS, RAFVR GB1178214 Leading Aircraftman
  THOMAS, Gordon S. "Gord"44 RCAF    
  THOMAS, H.R.     Flight Lieutenant
  THOMPSON, RAFVR GB1533263 Aircraftman, Class 2
  THOMPSON,     Leading Aircraftman
  THOMPSON,      Sergeant
  THOMPSON,     Sergeant

THOMPSON, Frank William RCAF J/39305 Pilot Officer
  THOMPSON, Leith Lander RNZAF NZ414843 Flying Officer
  THOMPSON, Lloyd Matthew RCAF J/39616 Pilot Officer
  THOMS, R.H. RCAF R/217604 Leading Aircraftman

THOMSON, James McNae RCAF R/159123 Flight Sergeant

THORNBER, Ernest Garfield RCAF J/13792 Flying Officer
  THORBURN, R.G.     Sergeant
  THORENTON, J.H. RCAF J/37908 Pilot Officer
  THORPE, Eric A.     Aircraftman
  THURSFIELD, RAFVR GB1071758 Sergeant

THURSTON, Walter Vincent "Vince" RAAF AUS422318 Pilot Officer
  THWAITES, J. RAFVR GB568211 Sergeant
  TICE,     Leading Aircraftman
  TICKLE,     Aircraftman
  TIDEY,     Corporal
  TIDMARSH, Cyril Lawrence RAFVR GB1431669 Aircraftman, Class 1
  TILLEY,     2nd Lieutenant
  TIMMERMAN, Nelles Woods, MiD, DSO, DFC RAF/ RCAF GB39046/ C/89504 Air Commodore
  TIPPING, RAFVR GB1477532 Aircraftman, Class 2
  TIPPINGS, Geoffrey James RAFVR GB1077108 Leading Aircraftman
  TITUS, John Sidney "Jack", DFC RCAF J/98712 Pilot Officer
  TIVEY, Richard William RAFVR GB154023 Flight Lieutenant

TOBIN, Leo Sarsfield RCAF J/88747 Pilot Officer
  TODD,     Flying Officer
  TODD, D.H.     Pilot Officer
  TONKIN, Joseph Arthur RAFVR GB1586859 Pilot Officer

TOOHEY, Edward Wallace RNZAF NZ416672 Sergeant

TOOMBS, Harry Wallace RCAF R/103535 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  TORLEY, John James RAF GB1374848 Leading Aircraftman
  TOVELL, Edward John, MID, DFC RAAF AUS414526 Flying Officer
  TOWER, A.I. RCAF    
  TOWSE,     Sergeant
  TRASK, Donald Roy RAF GB798775 Sergeant
  TRIBE, E.W.      Flight Lieutenant

TROMAN, Samuel Robert RCAF R/178352 Sergeant
  TROTT, F.G.     Leading Aircraftman
  TROTTER, RAFVR GB1088062 Leading Aircraftman
  TROUGHTON, "Mattie"     Aircraftman
  TRUDEAU, H.P. RCAF R/195587 Sergeant

TRUDEAU, Zenon Romeo RCAF J/87046 Pilot Officer
  TRUSSLER, Douglas RAF GB530138 Sergeant
  TUBMAN, Ingham "Garth" RCAF J/24307 Pilot Officer
  TUCKER, Sylvester George RCAF R/261472 Leading Aircraftman
  TULLY, J. RAFVR GB531581 Sergeant
  TULLOCK, RAFVR GB1016182 Leading Aircraftman
  TUNER, G.     Corporal
  TUPPER, P.W.     Flight Lieutenant
  TURNBULL, Clarence     Aircraftman
  TURNER, RAFVR GB1498045 Aircraftman, Class 2
  TURNER, D.T.     Corporal
  TURNER, G.     Corporal
  TURNER, "Phil"     Corporal
  TUYTTENS,     Sergeant
  TWEMLOW,     Leading Aircraftman
  TYFA, RAFVR GB1386804 Aircraftman, Class 1

TYRDEICH, Ian RNZAF NZ41556 Pilot Officer

TYRONE, Gordon Louis RCAF R/147160 Flight Sergeant
  TYRRELL, Sydney     Leading Aircraftman
  UDALL, "Ron"     Leading Aircraftman

ULENS, Rayburn William Thomas RCAF R/1915540 Sergeant

UNDERWOOD, Cecil Gwynne RAAF AUS420720 Flight Sergeant
 UNDERWOOD, S.G. RCAF R/99265 Sergeant
  UNWIN, F.H.W.     Flight Lieutenant
  URLICH, Ivan Francis, POW RNZAF NZ41221 Sergeant

URU, Henare Whakatau RNZAF NZ39589 Pilot Officer
  VALLELY,     Aircraftman
  VALLEY, Thomas     Leading Aircraftman
  VANASSE, Gaston      
  VANDERBURGH, L. RNNAS   Flight Lieutenant
  VANMEULEN, RCAF R/145210 Leading Aircraftman

VENN, Arthur James RCAF J/87754 Pilot Officer

VERNAZON, Ronald Barry RNZAF NZ416185 Flying Officer
  VERREN, Albert Edwin RAAF AUS420308 Flight Lieutenant
  VIGGERS,     Pilot Officer
  VINE, Ronald Francis RAAF AUS412767 Warrant Officer
  VINES, Arthur Godfrey Cuthbert RAFVR GB18049 Fyling Officer
  VINET, Joseph Parker, POW RCAF J/14646 Flying Officer
  VonRICHTER, "Donnie" RCASC   Staff Sergeant

WADE, Reginald Herbert RCAF J/86403 Pilot Officer
  WADSWORTH, A. RAFVR GB346011 Flight Sergeant
  WAGSTAFF,     Sergeant
  WAITE, Edward     Corporal
  WAKEHAM,     Leading Aircraftman
  WALKER, RAFVR GB1576012 Leading Aircraftman
  WALKER, RAFVR GB990687 Leading Aircraftman
  WALKER,     Sergeant


WALKER, Andrew Douglas RAFVR GB61940 Flight Lieutenant
  WALKER, A.K.     Flight Lieutenant
  WALKER, Ernest Thomas RAFVR GB1234053 Aircraftman, Class 1
  WALKER, Geoffrey Gordon RAFVR GB1148846 Leading Aircraftman

WALKER, Ian Paris RCAF J/22461 Flight Lieutenant
  WALKER, Jack     Sergeant

WALKER, Kenneth Alexander RCAF C/5863 Flight Lieutenant
  WALKER, P.G.W.     Flying Officer
  WALKER, Reginald Thomas RAAF AUS409863 Flying Officer

WALKER,Stanley Clarkson RCAF J/90030 Pilot Officer
  WALKER, Wilfred RAF    
  WALKER, W.J.     Squadron Leader
  WALKERDINE, Kenneth Alfred "Ken" RCAF J/27445 Pilot Officer
  WALL, W.D. RCAF R/200210 Leading Aircraftman

WALLACE, Dalton James Kenneth RCAF R/91311 Flight Sergeant
  WALLACE,     Sergeant
  WALLACE, John RAF GB1034054 Leading Aircraftman
  WALLER, Frederick Sidney RAF GB48101 Flight Lieutenant
  WALLER, Jack RAF GB1440591 Aircraftman, Class 2

WALTERS, Henry George RNZAF NZ425377 Flight Sergeant

WALTON, Colin Allan RAAF AUS10769 Pilot Officer

WALTON, Jonathan Harvey RCAF R/137620 Fligh Sergeant
  WANDERBURGH, L. RNAAS   Lieutenant
  WARD, Albert T. RCAF   Warrant Officer

WARD, Harold Claude RCAF R/104222 Flight Sergeant

WARD, J RAF GB939430 Leading Aircraftman

WARNER, Timothy William James RNZAF NZ414363 Sergeant
  WARNER, Walter George RCAF R/215361 Flight Sergeant
  WATERMAN,     Leading Aircraftman
  WATERHOUSE, Andrew RAFVR GB627775 Corporal
  WATERS, Frederick     Leading Aircraftman
  WATERTON,     Corporal
  WATMORE, T.G. RCAF R/114789 Sergeant
  WATSON,     Warrant Officer
  WATSON, J. RAF GB942208 Corporal
  WATSON, William E., DFM RCAF J/17524 Pilot Officer
  WATTERS, James Smith RAF GB42923 Flight Lieutenant
  WEARING, M.P.     Pilot Officer

WEAVER, Sylvan Elwood RCAF R/77581 Flight Sergeant
  WEAVER, Walter Stewart, French Croix de Guerre RCAF J/93890 Flying Officer
  WEBB, Edward Joseph "Ted" RAF GB1737926 Leading Aircraftman
  WEBB, A.     Corporal
  WEBSTER,     Sergeant
  WEBSTER, Charles     Aircraftman
  WEINBERG,     Aircraftman
  WEINSTEIN, L.R. RCAF J/14640 Pilot Officer
  WEILER, S.W. "Stan",CDC     Captain
  WELLARD,     Sergeant
  WELLINGTON, Dennis Edward RAF    
  WELLS, Fred     Leading Aircraftman

WELLS, Edward Arnold RCAF J/96549 Flying Officer

WELLS, Ronald Herbert RAFVR GB1331819 Sergeant
  WELSFORD, Donald F. RCAF/font>    
  WELTON,     Sergeant

WESKER, Thomas John RAFVR GB1389851 Flight Sergeant
  WEST, Graham Patterson RAFVR GB1437720 Leading Aircraftman
  WEST, L.H.     Leading Aircraftman

WESTERGARD, Ralph William RCAF R/134419 Flight Sergeant
  WESTGARTH-TAYLOR, Clifford RAF GB151180 Flight Lieutenant
  WESTWOOD, RAF GB1429725 Aircraftman
  WETMORE, W.D.     Captain
  WHEELER, F.H. RCAF R/123620 Sergeant
  WHEELER, John Charles RAAF AUS413465 Flight Lieutenant
  WILDY,     Flight Sergeant
  WHEATON, Dorothy Marie, RCAF (WD)    
  WHINAM, Lesmore Brassey RNZAF NZ40454 Pilot Officer
  WHINCOP, Gerard RNZAF NZ415806 Flight Lieutenant
  WHITE, "Basher" RAAF    
  WHITE, "Chalky" RAF    
  WHITE, K.R. RAFVR GB1229128 Leading Aircraftman
  WHITE, Raymond Arthur Cecil de Courcy, DFM RAF GB46132 Squadron Leader
  WHITE, Ralph S. "Joe" RCAF J/15278 Flying Officer
  WHITEFOOT,     Corporal
  WHITEHALL, L.     Leading Aircraftman
  WHITEHEAD, George William, MiD, DFM RAF/ RCAF GB53738/ C/47184 Flying Officer
  WHITEHEAD, R.     Pilot Officer
  WHITEHOUSE,      Sergeant
  WHITEHOUSE,     Sergeant
  WHITESIDE, L.B.     Flight Sergeant


WHITLOCK, Leslie Innes RCAF R/155222 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  WHITMAN,     Sergeant
  WHITMORE, Ernest "Ernie"     Leading Aircraftman
  WICKHAM-JONES, Thomas Anthony, DFC RAFVR GB172569 Flying Officer
  WILCOX, H.  RCAF R/108539 Leading Aircraftman
  WILDOX, E.A.     Corporal
  WILKINS, F.A. RCAF R/130589 Sergeant
  WILKINSON,     Sergeant
  WILKS, Stanley Edward RNZAF NZ415429 Pilot Officer
  WILKSON, N.E. RCAF R/90377 Sergeant
  WILLIAMS,     Sergeant

WILLIAMS, Bayden Bala RCAF J/21199 Pilot Officer


WILLIAMS, Bruce Llewellyn RAAF AUS428538 Flight Sergeant
  WILLIAMS, Dewi Owen RAFVR GB108792 Flight Lieutenant


WILLIAMS, Dudley Ernest George RAFVR GB153960 Flying Officer

WILLIAMS, Evan RAAF AUS416901 Sergeant
  WILLIAMS, G.H.     Squadron Leader
  WILLIAMS, J.C. RCAF R/132762 Leading Aircraftman
  WILLIAMS, R.     Corporal
  WILLIAMS, Richard      Corporal
  WILLIAMS, Robert Lionel Topham RAF GB169700 Flight Lieutenant
  WILLIAMS, Terence Richard RAF   Aircraftman
  WILLIAMSON, H.E. RCAF R/90377 Sergeant


WILLIAMSON, John Andrew  RCAF R/95454 Flight Sergeant


WILLISTON, David Archibald "Dave" RCAF R/124616 Flight Sergeant
  WILSHIRE, Thomas Victor, DFC RCAF J/88560 Pilot Officer
  WILSON, RAFVR GB1373059 Aircraftman, Class 1
  WILSON,     Sergeant
  WILSON,     Pilot Officer
  WILSON, Alan Gatenby, MiD, DFC, OBE RAFO GB70831 Group Captain
  WILSON, F.V. RCAF R/214990 Leading Aircraftman
  WILSON, James George RCAF J/27884 Pilot Officer
  WILSON, J.H.J. RCAF R/82778 Corporal
  WILSON, J.K.     Flying Officer
  WILTSHIRE, F.E. RAF GB560780 Flight Sergeant
  WINGFIELD, "Abe" RAF    


WINN, Elmer Stanley RCAF J/8840 Flight Lieutenant
  WINSTANLEY, A.     Flight Sergeant


WINTER, John Burns RNZAF NZ421805 Flight Sergeant
  WINTER, Lewis     Leading Aircraftman
  WINTERS, Lionel William RAF   Leading Aircraftman
  WINTLE, Ronald     Sergeant
  WITCOMBE, C.     Corporal
  WITTON, RAFVR GB1275041 Aircraftman, Class 1

WOELFLE, Carlton Henry RCAF J/88324 Pilot Officer
  WOOLETT, F.K. RAFVR GB1212521 Leading Aircraftman
  WOOD,     Sergeant
  WOOD, A.H,     Flying Officer


WOOD, Alan William RNZAF NZ414535 Flight Sergeant


WOOD, George Robert Newton RAAF AUS412792 Warrant Officer
  WOOD, H.J. RCAF R/107583 Sergeant
  WOOD, James RAF GB188932 Flying Officer

WOODS, Earle Deachman RCAF J/86372 Pilot Officer

WOODS, Robert Albert Francis RNZAF NZ411964 Sergeant
  WOODCOCK, RAFVR GB1101413 Leading Aircraftman


WOOLLEY, Leonard R. RCAF    
  WOOLNOUGH, C.V. RCAF R/213430 Corporal

WORKMAN, Lelie Edmond RNZAF NZ414536 Flight Sergeant
  WRIGHT,     Corporal
  WRIGHT, Albert     Aircraftman
  WRIGHT, Arnold RAF    
  WRIGHT, Bruce      
  WRIGHT, Ivan Herbert RNZAF NZ425202 Sergeant
  WRIGHT, "Ken" RCAF    
  WRIGHT, Robert Marshall RNZAF NZ414371 Flight Sergeant
  WRIGHT, "Wes" Y.M.C.A. Supervisor
  WYATT, Fred     Leading Aircraftman


WYGLE, Hugh Manson RCAF J/21717 Flying Officer
  WYJAD, Maurice "Danny" RCAF J/29234 Pilot Officer


WYLIE, Douglas McKay RCAF R/129010 Warrant Officer, Class II


WYNNE, John Richard Ward "Dick", O.St.J., M.B., B.S. (Lond.), M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (Eng.), L.M.C.C. RCAF J/39452 Colonel
  YARWOOD, H.J. RCAF R/160400 Pilot Officer
  YATES, Jacob Leonard "Jack" RCAMC, RCAF R/97009 Sergeant
  YATES, K. RCAF    
  YOUNG, A.F.     Flight Lieutenant
  YOUNG, Eric     Leading Aircraftman
  YOUNG, H.O. RAFVR GB394360 Sergeant
  YOUNGMAN, Bernard Robert "Bunny" RAF GB185637 Fligh Lieutenant
  YUILL, John Douglas RCAF J/15728 Pilot Officer
  YULE, V.T. RCAF R/1311605 Sergeant

YURKOWSKI, Joseph Stanley   RCAF R/107012 Sergeant
  ZADO, Arthur Ferdinand, POW RCAF J/96242 Pilot Officer
bulletDenotes those who were killed in training accidents and/or died from natural causes (LAC W.H. Dyason, LAC F. McClanaghan, LAC J.A. Nelson and AC1 F.R. Senciall all died from natural causes).
poppyDenotes those who have been reported killed or missing in action.

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Those servicemen appearing above with just surnames and/or partial first names have been acquired from a variety of different sources. Therefore individual ranks currently listed, in most cases, may not reflect the rank they held upon discharge. Also, while some surnames & ranks appear to be the one in the same person there is a preponderance of evidence to suggest otherwise.

Abbreviations Used Stands For
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAF Royal Air Force
RAFO Reserve of Air Force Officers
RAFVR Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RCAMC Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RNNAS Netherlands Naval Air Service
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
RN Royal Navy
AFC Air Force Cross
AFM Air Force Medal
BME Medal of the Order of the British Empire for Meritorious Service (British Empire Medal)
CBE Commander of the Order of the British Empire
CD Canadian Decoration (service medal)
CGM Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (Flying)
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
DFC (US) Distinguished Flying Cross (United States)
DFM Distinguished Flying Medal
DSO Distinguished Service Order
FCASI Fellow of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute
MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire
MC Military Cross
MiD Mention in Despatches
OBE Officer of the Order of the British Empire
OC Officer in the Order Canada
POW Prisoner of War

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