No.2 Air Navigation School (1941-1942)

Pennfield Ridge Air Station
No.2 Air Navigation School (ANS)
July 21, 1941-May 30, 1942

     In May of 1941 it had become necessary to form the second Air Navigation School under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and Pennfield Ridge was the chosen location. "Organization Order No.126" dated 8 May 1941 states: "No.2 Air Navigation School is to open at Pennfield Ridge on July 21st, 1941, on which date it will receive its first intake of pupils for navigation training."

    This school conducted a four week intensive course on astro navigation, designed to qualify students for night navigation.

 Appendix "A" attached to the Organization shows the personnel of No.2 Air Navigation School (ANS) were to be as follows:
Headquarters 23 172 1
Accounting Section 2 19 -
Equipment Section 2 22 1
Signals Section 1 19 -
Station Sick Quarters 6 17 -
Maintenance Squadron 1 74 -
Flying Headquarters 3 4 -
Two Flights 10 46 -
Works & Building Section 1 39 -
TOTAL: 49 412 2
TRANSCRIBER NOTES: Additional information on break-down of the various sections is available upon request.

SOURCE: Operational Records Books No.2 ANS/ Library and Archives Canada/ Copy Number: C-12327 (copy in archival holdings of "Pennfield Parish Historical Society."

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