Pennfield Ridge Air Station - No.2 Air Navigation School (ANS)

Pennfield Ridge Air Station
Remembering Those Who Served
No.2 Air Navigation School (ANS)

21 July 1941-30 May 1942

   This page will be utilized to provide recognition and remembrance of individuals who served at No.2 Air Navigation School (ANS), Pennfield Ridge during World War II. It will contain images, stories, diary accounts, messages and other contributions from next-of-kin.

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I wish to be a pilot
And you along with me,
But if we all were pilots,
Where would the Air Force be?
It takes guts to be a gunner;
To sit out in the tail
When the Messerschmitts are coming,
And the slugs begin to wail,
The pilot's just a chauffeur,
It's his job to fly the plane;
But it's we who do the fighting
Though we may not get the fame.
If we all must be gunners,
Then let us make this bet --
We'll be the best damned gunners,
Who have left this station yet.

~Author Unknown~

10 July 1941: First aircraft - Anson W2182 for use at the Air Station arrived from St. Hubert, QC at 1610 hours.
08 August 1941: First mishap - An Anson overran the runway into a ditch and suffered very minor damage.
25 August 1941: First Accidrnt - Anson 6644 crashes near Liverpool, NS killing the entire crew of four.
  ABRAM, J.W.     Pilot Officer

ACHESON, George Robert RCAF R/82633 Warrant Officer

ADAMS, Robert Mercer RCAF J/11950 Flying Officer
  ADAMSON, Arthur Christopher, DFC RCAF J/35979 Pilot Officer

AIDE, Louis Lynde RCAF C/18471 Flight Lieutenant

AIKENHEAD, Lloyd Lawrence RCAF R/91917 Sergeant

AIKMAN, Andrew RCAF R/93115 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  AITCHESON, George Douglas "Doug", DFM RCAF J/17209 Flight Lieutenant
  AITKEN, Bruce Forgan RCAF J/11501 Pilot Officer

AKEY, Ross Wellington RCAF J/19916 Flying Officer

ALEO, Joseph RCAF R/66126 Warrant Officer, Class 2

ALLAN, Charles Needham RCAF R/77057 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  ALLAN, Donald George RCAF J/11943 Flight Lieutenant
  ALLAN, John Cunningham RNZAF NZ41298  

ALLAN, Ralph Grant RCAF J/16754 Pilot Officer
  ALLEN, C.A.     Flight Sergeant

ALLEN, James Jeffrey, DFC RAAF AUS411723 Flight Lieutenant

ALLEN, Norman Alexander RCAF J/11491 Pilot Officer
  ALEXANDER,     Pilot Officer
  ALTSTEDTER, Norman RCAF J/8134 Flying Officer
  AMMON, Frederick William RAFVR GB117439 Flying Officer

AMY, Harris Thomas RCAF C/2233 Flight Lieutenant
  ANDRÉ,     Sergeant
  ANDREAE,     Sergeant
  ANDERSON,     Sergeant
  ANDERSON, A.C. "Andy" RCAF   Sergeant

ANDERSON, Donald Davie RCAF R/114569 Flight Sergeant
  ANDERSON, Emerson Keith RCAF R/90229 Sergeant

ANDERSON, Frank Edgar RCAF J/9568 Pilot Officer
  ANDERSON, John Robert RCAF C/4976 Flying Officer

ANDERSON, Robert Fred Lindsay RCAF J/10415 Flying Officer
  ANDERSON, Roy Frank, DFM RAAF AUS411270 Flying Officer
  ANDREWS, Frederick John, DFC RCAF J/19906 Flying Officer
  ANGUISH, Jack Mills, MiD RCAF J/8435 Flight Lieutenant
  ANGUS, Thomas Anderson, DFC and bar RCAF J/16350 Flight Lieutenant
  APPLETON, Douglas Charles, MiD RCAF J/18563 Flying Officer
  ARCHER, E.L. RCAF R/65720 Sergeant

ARLEN, Anthony RCAF R/84152 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  ARMSTRONG, George Beverly RCAF J/26048 Pilot Officer
  ARMSTRONG, Donaldson Scott, POW RCAF J/11108 Flying Officer
  ARMSTRONG, Orval Murray RCAF J/11488 Pilot Officer
  ARMSTRONG, William Albert, DFC RCAF J/8128 Flight Lieutenant

ASH, George Robert RCAF R/74689 Flight Sergeant
  ASH, Wilford      
  ASHIE, G.E. RCAF J/17620 Flying Officer
  ATKINSON, F.C. RCAF   Sergeant

ATKINSON, Matthew Richard RAF GB39364 Squadron Leader
  AUSTIN, Harold Guy, MiD RCAF C/8027 Squadron Leader
  AUTRIQUE, André Jean Herbert RCAF C/3608 Flying Officer
  AYLSWORTH, Alan Bowen, MiD RCAF J/7641 Flight Lieutenant

BADCOCK, Alan Frederick RNZAF NZ412467 Sergeant

BAILLIE, Thomas RCAF R/99629 Sergeant

BAITTLE, Horace David RCAF R/79439 Flight Sergeant

BAKER, Frank Greenway RCAF J/17661 Pilot Officer
  BAKER, Oliver Nelson Watson, DFC RCAF J/7804 Squadron Leader

BALDOCK, Richard Marlow RCAF R/87969 Flight Sergeant
  BALDWIN, Arthur Edgar RCAF J/11793 T/Flight Lieutenant
  BANKS,     Pilot Officer

BARLOW, Reginald Newman RCAF R/100983 Sergeant
  BARNESON, John RCAF C/3003 Flight Lieutenant
  BASKIN, W.H.   11560 Leading Aircraftman
  BASSETT, Ross Neal RCAF J/17225 Flight Lieutenant
  BAUGH, Hubert Arthur RCAF C/3886 Flying Officer
  BEALS, Alan Welton, DFC RCAF J/17568 Flight Lieutenant
  BEATON, John William RCAF R/98413 Sergeant
  BEAUPRE, Henry Harold, DFC, POW RCAF J/16378 Flight Lieutenant

BEAZLEY, Harry RCAF J/19855 Pilot Officer
  BECKETT, Harry, DFC RCAF J/11103 Flight Lieutenant
  BECKETT, Kenneth Olmstead "Ken"  RCAF   Aircraftman, Class 1

BEDARD, Joseph Philippe RCAF R/77303 Flight Sergeant


BEIRNS,     Sergeant

BEIRNS, Jack Ride, DFC & Bar RCAF C/13458 Squadron Leader

BELIVEAU, Joseph Henri "Alphonse" Onil RCAF R/77189 Sergeant
  BELL, Elmer Warrenner, POW RCAF J/18683 Flight Lieutenant
  BELL, James David, DFC, POW RCAF J/11221 Flying Officer
  BELL, Jerrold Walton, DFC, POW RCAF J/7020 Flight Lieutenant

BELL, Van Edmond Robert RCAF J/11349 Flight Lieutenant
  BELLOW, Thomas Frederick Leo RCAF C/3857 Flying Officer
  BENDALL,     Flight Lieutenant

BENNER, David Stanley RCAF R/90419 Sergeant
  BENNER, Ralph Isaac RCAF J/8811 Pilot Officer

BENSON, Robert Lowell "Bob" RCAF J/11949 Flying Officer

BERG, George Theodore RCAF J/16782 Flight Lieutenant
  BERRY, William Summerside RCAF J/11802 Pilot Officer
  BEST, J.B.     Flying Officer
  BEST, Stephen "Steve", DFC RCAF J/8432 Flight Lieutenant
  BIDEN,     Flight Sergeant

BILLINGS, Robert Arnold RCAF J/86945 Pilot Officer

BIRCHALL, Roland RCAF R/90351 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  BISHOP, George Major, POW RCAF J/16885 Flight Lieutenant
  BISS, Ernest Edward RCAF J/11497 Pilot Officer
  BLACK, George Angus (Medical Officer) RCAF C/5527 Flight Lieutenant
  BLACK, G.W.     Flying Officer

BLACK, Wendell Clifford RCAF R/119121 Flight sergeant
  BLACKBURN, Arthur Paul, DFC RCAF C/846 Squadron Leader
  BLACKIE,     Sergeant
  BLACKMORE, Oscar Ralph RCAF R/112675 Sergeant

BLAIR, Reginald George RCAF R/79379 Sergeant

BLAKE, Leonard Herbert RCAF R/75090 Flight Sergeant
  BLANK, J.E.     Flying Officer
  BLATCHFORD, Ross Thomas, MiD RCAF J/7644 Flight Lieutenant

BLENKINSOP, Edward Weyman "Teddy", DFC RCAF J/3467 Squadron Leader

BLIGHT, William Gerald RCAF R/115483 Warrant Officer, Class 2

BONIN, Ernest Donald RCAF J/17220 Pilot Officer
  BOOKMAN, Abraham RCAF J/35988 Pilot Officer

BOOMER, Carl Stirling RCAF R/99122 Flight Sergeant
  BOOTH, Kenneth Gordon, DFC RCAF J/11769 Flight Lieutenant
  BOSWELL,     Sergeant

BOTTEN, Eric Douglas Ralph RCAF R/82091 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  BOUDREAU,     Leading Aircraftman
  BOUDREAU, Joseph Hector, MiD, DFC RCAF J/16958 Flight Lieutenant
  BOURGOIN, J. RCAF R/126179 Aircraftman, Class 1

BOUVIER, Joseph Maurice Leopold, DFM RCAF J/18377 Pilot Officer

BOWDEN, John Bruce RCAF J/11959 Flying Officer

BOWERY, Edwin Maurice RCAF R/99736 Flight Sergeant
  BOWES, Allan Carson RCAF J/11214 Pilot Officer

BOX, Peter William Bisset RCAF R/82284 Flight Sergeant

BOYER, Jack Sinclair RCAF R/90741 Flight Sergeant
  BOYD, James Chilton RCAF C/2613 Flying Officer
  BOYD, Arthur Harry RCAF J/11803 Pilot Officer
  BOYD, Austin John Taylor RCAF C/7876 Pilot Officer
  BOYD, Thomas William RCAF J/11111 Pilot Officer

BRADLEY, James Reid RCAF J/10044 Flying Officer
  BRADSHAW, D.H. RCAF R/73421 Corporal
  BRAND, William Frederick RCAF J/11775 Pilot Officer

BRANT, Edward RCAF J/17832 Flight Lieutenant
  BRAUN, David Conrad RCAF C/4570 Flying Officer

BRAYFORD, Lloyd Willis RCAF R/78842 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  BREBNER, George Alexander RCAF J/8802 Pilot Officer
  BRISBOIS, Gilbert     Aircraftman, Class 1

BREEN, James Gerald RCAF R/108675 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  BRITTEN, Tom Beverly, DFC RCAF J/19441 Pilot Officer
  BROADIE, Robert Andrew RCAF C/4638 Flying Officer
  BROTHERS, Wilford Roy RCAF J/11944 Flight Lieutenant

BROVENDER, Jack Lionel RCAF R/90611 Sergeant
  BROWN, Frederick Augustus RCAF J/11939 Pilot Officer

BROWN, Harold Alexander RCAF R/67850 Flight Sergeant
  BROWN, Harry      
  BROWN, Jack, DFC RCAF J/7027 Flight Lieutenant
  BROWN, Robert Fisher RCAF J/11782 Pilot Officer

BROWNLEE, John Beverley RCAF C/5894 Flight Lieutenant
  BRUCE, Raymond Clarence RAAF AUS412103 Flight Lieutenant
  BRYANT,     Sergeant
  BUCHANAN, E.V. RCAF R/141272 Aircraftman, Class 2

BULANDA, Joseph Peter RCAF J/17591 Pilot Officer
  BULMAN, Elmer Leigh, MiD RCAF J/18603 Pilot Officer
  BUNTING, RCASC   Lieutenant

BURKE, Cuthbert Worcester Graham RCAF R/85765 Flight Sergeant

BURKITT, John Alan RCAF J/6712 Flight Lieutenant
  BURNAND,     Flight Lieutenant
  BURNS, C.A.     Flying Officer

BUTTERS, Cecil Raymond RCAF R/120320 Leading Aircraftman
  BUTTS, Robert Anthony, DFC RCAF C/854 Flight Lieutenant
  CALDER, Alexander Charles "Mike" RCAF R/84943 Corporal
  CALHOUN, John Mosher RCAF J/11792 Pilot Officer

CAMERON, George Alexander Duncan RCAF R/111309 Sergeant

CAMPBELL, Gordon Ernest RCAF R/85722 Flight Sergeant
  CAMPBELL, K.C.     Sergeant
  CAMPBELL, Robert Whitefield RCAF J/11230 Pilot Officer
  CAMPBELL, Wilford A. RCAF R/126182 Aircraftman, Class 1

CANDLIN, Geoffrey William Clifton, DFM, DFC RAFVR GB146286 Flying Officer
  CAPLAN, Ben RCAF J/85590 Flying Officer
  CARD, Henry Clifford, DFC RCAF J/18179 Pilot Officer
  CARLISLE, Claude RCAF J/8803 Pilot Officer
  CARLON, Thomas Edward, DFM, POW RCAF J/16815 Sergeant

CARLSON, Robert Brownlee RCAF J/17311 Pilot Officer
  CARLTON, James Martin, POW RCAF J/96102 Pilot Officer

CARMICHAEL, Duncan Alexander "Alex" RCAF J/12295 Flying Officer
  CARPENTER, Bernard Howard RCAF J/11495 Pilot Officer
  CARRERE, Jean Pierre Henri, DFC and bar RCAF J/17078 Flight Lieutenant

CARRICK, John Hammond RCAF J/10186 Flying Officer
  CARRUTHERS, R.J.M. RCAF R/98569 Leading Aircraftman

CARSON, Lawrence Bartlett RCAF J/8442 Flying Officer
  CARTER, Charles Murray, DFC RCAF J/16830 Flight Lieutenant
  CARTER, Edwin Albert, MiD RCAF J/10048 Flying Officer
  CARTER, Gordon Henry Francis "Gord", DFC and Bar, POW RCAF J/11213 Squadron Leader

CARTWRIGHT, George Stevenson RCAF J/11102 Pilot Officer

CAULDERWOOD, John Samuel Davidson RCAF R/118082 Flight Sergeant
  CAWKER, Hugh Roger RCAF J/11805 Pilot Officer

CHAPMAN, Donald Harold RCAF R/113527 Sergeant
  CHAPMAN, James Keith RCAF J/8130 Pilot Officer

CHAPMAN, Robert Alfred RCAF R/88749 Flight Sergeant

CHARRON, Joseph Hilarion RCAF R/90686 Flight Sergeant
  CHARTERS, Robert Burns, DFM RCAF J/18469 Flight Lieutenant
  CHARTIER, F.G.   6512 Sergeant

CHARTON, Moses RCAF R/96359 Flight Sergeant
  CHAUSSE, Louis Joseph Rosaire, AFM RCAF J/24736 Flight Lieutenant

CHERNIUK, George RCAF J/10179 Flying Officer
  CHEVERIE, M. Russell RCAF R/112411 Leading Aircraftman
  CHRISTIE, Henry Robert (Medical Officer) RCAF C/6119 Squadron Leader
  CHRISTOPHER,     Sergeant
  CHURCH, Thomas Henry Louis RCAF J/10062 Pilot Officer
  CIRKO,     Pilot Officer
  CLARK,     Sergeant
  CLARK, C.A. RCAF 6104A Flight Sergeant

CLARK, Mervyn Oliver RNZAF NZ404895 Pilot Officer
  CLARKE,     Warrant Officer, Class 2
  CLARKE, Charles Percival RCAF J/7803 Pilot Officer
  CLARKE, Frederick Bruce RCAF J/11772 Pilot Officer


CLARKE, J.F. RCAF   Sergeant

CLARKE, James Herbert Stevenson RCAF R/79118 Warrant Officer, Class I

CLEELAND, James Rayson "Wallace" RCAF J/11797 Flying Officer
  CLELAND, Frederick Donald, MiD RCAF C/8532 Squadron Leader
  CLIFFORD, John Sandfield, MiD RCAF J/17312 Flying Officer

CLODE, Gordon Elmore RCAF J/28346 Pilot Officer
  CLOUGH, William John, POW RCAF J/8806 Flying Officer
  COBURN, Graham Willoughby RCAF R/93332 Sergeant
  COCHRANE,     Sergeant
  COFFYN,     Sergeant
  COGGON, Allan Fenwick RCAF J/3495 Flight Lieutenant

COHEN, Samuel RCAF J/16097 Flight Lieutenant
  COHEN, Sydney Joshua Joseph, AFC RCAF J/7645 Squadron Leader

COLANGELO, William RCAF R/100737 Flight Sergeant

COLBRAN, Lester Owen RCAF R/96163 Flight Sergeant
  COLEMAN, Henry R. (Chaplain)     Flight Lieutenant
  COLEMAN, William Richard RCAF J/10057 Pilot Officer
  COLQUHOUN, James Malcolm, POW RCAF J/10181 Flying Officer
  COMEAU, Joseph Wilfred RCAF C/5374 Flight Lieutenant
  CONLEY, William F. RCAF R/126037 Leading Aircraftman

CONLON, John Vincent "Jack" RAAF AUS411084 Sergeant
  CONWAY, Ewart Austin Stanley RCAF J/11106 Pilot Officer
  COO, John Harold RCAF J/10691 Pilot Officer
  COOLING,     Leading Aircraftman

COONS, Willis Wylie RCAF J/17250 Flying Officer
  COOPER, George Edward RCAF J/10010 Pilot Officer
  COOPER, Norman Holland RCAF J/11219 Pilot Officer

COOPER, Robert Marse RCAF J/17156 Flying Officer
  COOTE, Colin James RAAF AUS403557 Squadron Leader

COPELAND, Thomas Donovan RCAF J/18182 Flying Officer
  COPPEL, George RCAF R/103401 Sergeant

CORBALLY, Joseph Charles RCAF J/19835 Pilot Officer

COREY, Douglas Earle RCAF J/9325 Pilot Officer

CORMAN, John Ronald Merwin RCAF R/94835 Flight Sergeant

CORY, Gordon Johnson "Gord" RCAF J/11240 Flying Officer
  CORRIGALL, E.G. RCAF R/82543 Aircraftman, Class 2
  COTTINGTON, Guy RCAF C/3822 Flying Officer
  COTTON, Russell Henry RCAF R/108765 Sergeant

COULSON, Robert Frederick RCAF J/9324 Flying Officer

COULTER, Hubert Vincent "Bert" RCAF J/11504 Flying Officer

COULTER, Richard Leslie RCAF J/7022 Flying Officer
  COVENEY, Christopher Raymond Ralph RCAF J/10053 Pilot Officer
  COWAN,     Sergeant
  CRAFT, Robert George, DFM RCAF R/84492 Flight Sergeant
  CRAIG, Frederick Young, DFC RCAF J/15694 Wing Commander
  CREAGH, Arthur Gethin, DFC RNZAF NZ404340 Flight Lieutenant

CROCKETT, Earle Grant RCAF J/11952 Flight Lieutenant
  CROSBY, Douglas Robert RCAF C/6903 Pilot Officer
  CROWE,     Sergeant
  CROWE, David Carleton RCAF J/9328 Pilot Officer


CROWLEY, John William RCAF J/11953 Flying Officer

CROZIER, David MacLeod, DFM RCAF J/16383 Pilot Officer

CRUICKSHANK, Alfred Stanley, DFC RCAF J/22339 / 39938 Flight Lieutenant

CRUICKSHANK, Charlie Edward RCAF R/58082 Warrant Officer, Class II
  CRUIKSHANK, Sgt. J.G. RCAF   Sergeant

CRUMP, Owen Charles Bellamy RCAF J/8132 Pilot Officer
  CUNNINGHAM, John Scott RCAF J/11223 Pilot Officer
  CURTIS, R.R. RCAF   Sergeant
  CUTHBERT, Ross C. RCAF   Sergeant
  D'ALTROY, John Thomas RCAF J/35999 Flying Officer
  D'ARY,     Flying Officer
  D'EON, Hubert Leo RCAF J/36667 Pilot Officer
  DACK, Harold J. RCAF R/108797 Corporal
  DADSON, Kenneth James RCAF C/2286 Flight Lieutenant
  DALEY, G.A. RCAF R/99217 Sergeant

DALLYN, James Boustead RCAF J/18270 Flying Officer
  DARLINGTON, A.W. RCAF   Sergeant

DARLINGTON, Frank Lawrence RCAF R/108258 Flight Sergeant
  DARREL, P.G.     Flying Officer
  DAVIS, Charles "Earl"     Leading Aircraftman
  DAVIS, Lewis Glendon RCAF J/17646 Flight Lieutenant
  DAVIS, Roy Walcott RCAF J/11493 Flying Officer
  DAY, John Campbell RCAF J/10681 Pilot Officer
  DEAN, William Robert RCAF   Sergeant

DEMPSAY, Ronald RCAF R/89265 Flight Sergeant

DENSMORE, George Robert RCAF J/17486 Pilot Officer
   DESCHAINE, Gordon Edward, DFC RCAF J/93784 Pilot Officer
  DEUTSCHER, Joseph Charles "Joe", DFC RCAF J/22538 Flight Lieutenant

DEWAR, Douglas Robertson RCAF R/115406 Sergeant

DIBB, Thomas Hartley RCAF J/17561 Flying Officer
  DICKEY, Earl Douglas Haig RCAF J/11500 Pilot Officer

DICKINSON, Franklin Matthew RCAF R/50373 Sergeant
  DITCHBURN, Francis Henry, POW RCAF J/11226 Flying Officer
  DIXON,     Sergeant
  DIXON,     Pilot Officer

DOGUE, George RCAF R/69391 Flight Sergeant
  DOHERTY, J.      

DOHERTY, Robert RCAF R/93162 Flight Sergeant
  DOLPHIN, John William RCAF C/6906 Pilot Officer

DONAHUE, Walter Vernard RCAF R/84823 Flight Sergeant

DONALDSON, John RCAF R/97047 Flight Sergeant
  DONNELLY, Terrace "James&quor; RCAF   Corporal

DONOVAN, William Harry RCAF J/9570 Pilot Officer

DORAN, James John Pierre Hector RCAF J/11496 Pilot Officer
  DOUCETTE, R.M. RCAF R/65278 Leading Aircraftman
  DOUGAN, Kenneth Robert RCAF   Sergeant

DOUGHERTY, Hazen Edward RCAF J/21256 Flying Officer
  DOUGHTY, Douglas Thomas RCAF J/10694 Pilot Officer

DOUGLAS, Donald Banmury RCAF J/14533 Flight Lieutenant
  DOWD,     Sergeant

DOWNARD, Henry William Manfred RNZAF NZ41315 Sergeant
  DRYSDALE, Lloyd Douglas     Leading Aircraftman
  DUBE, H.A. RCAF   Sergeant
  DUBE, Joseph Roland Gerard, MiD RCAF J/16994/ 17608 Flying Officer
  DUCHAIS/ DUSHAIS,     Flight Lieutenant
  DUCHESNAY, A.A.H.J.N. André,DFC and bar RCAF J/11502 Flight Lieutenant

DUFFIELD, John Alvin RCAF R/68670 Flight Sergeant

DUGAL, Joseph Jean Baptiste Albert RCAF R/79463 Warrant Officer, Class II
  DUMBRELL, James Herbert RCAF R/96440 Sergeant
  DUNLAP, H.      Corporal

DUNLOP, Thomas Edwin RCAF J/16668 Pilot Officer
  DUNN, A.V. RCAF R/112337 Aircraftman, Class 1

DUNN, Harvey Adam RCAF R/99798 Flight Sergeant
  DURANT, Neal L     Aircraftman

EARLS, John James RCAF J/11958 Flying Officer
  EASTCOTT, Peter, DFC RCAF J/9563 Flight Lieutenant

EBERT, George "Wilbert" Henry RCAF J/16265 Pilot Officer

EDGAR, Robert John RCAF R/75858 Flight Sergeant
  EDGAR, W.A. RCAF   Sergeant
  EDWARDS, Ernest Albert RCAF J/11503 Pilot Officer
  EDWARDS, James G. RCAF   Sergeant

EGGLETON, Cleveland John RCAF R/83220 Flight Sergeant
  ELFORD, Lloyd Freeman RCAF R/65708 Warrant Officer


ELIOTT, Gerald John RCAF R/60107 Aircraftman
  ELLERBECK, Richard Arthur RCAF J/27374 Flight Lieutenant
  ELLIOTT, G.M. RCAF   Sergeant
  ELLIS, H. RCAF   Sergeant
  ELLIS, John Jarvis RCAF J/10063 Pilot Officer

ELLIS, Stanley Frederick RCAF J/89125 Pilot Officer
  ELLIS, W.C. RCAF R/62983 Leading Aircraftman
  ELWARD,     Sergeant
  ENNIS,      Pilot Officer

ERLY, William Jerome RCAF J/9574 Flying Officer
  ERWIN, Garnet West RCAF J/10047 Pilot Officer

ERZINGER, John Dartry RCAF J/7023 Flying Officer
  ESHELMAN, Donald "Don" RCAF C/3770 Flight Lieutenant
  ESTEY, Jack Burton, MiD RCAF J/20552 Flying Officer

ETHIER, Joseph "Paul" Olivier RCAF R/55816 Flight Sergeant

EVANS, David Finlay RCAF R/95730 Warrant Officer, Class 2

EVANS, Ivan Thomas Hugel RCAF J/15580 Pilot Officer

EVANS, James Spencer RCAF R/83398 Flight Sergeant
  EVERARD, Marcel Alphonse RCAF J/11801 Pilot Officer

EVERETT, George Walter James RNZAF NZ411870 Sergeant
  EWAN, Gordon Mitchell, DFC RCAF J/17183 Squadron Leader
  EWAR, Denis Aubrey RCAF J/17393 Flight Lieutenant

FAHIE, Percy Philip RCAF R/104192 Flight Sergeant
  FALLIS, Hugh Kerr RCAF J/9579 Pilot Officer
  FALVEY, John F. RCAF J/18899 Flying Officer

FARRINGTON, Harry Gregory RCAF J/11241 Flying Officer
  FAWCETT, Gerald C. RCAF R/84601 Sergeant

FAWNS, Herman Stanley RCAF R/93489 Warrant Officer, Class 2

FEARN, James RCAF J/12721 Flying Officer
  FEAVER,     Sergeant

FEDIRCHYK, Michael William RCAF R/86326 Flight Sergeant
  FEE, Robert Andrews, POW RCAF R/90718 Warrant Officer, Class 2

FELDMAN, Leonard RCAF R/109627 Flight Sergeant
  FENTON, Harvey Wesley, DFC RCAF J/16787 Flight Lieutenant
  FERGUSON, Douglas Stewart RCAF J/11781 Pilot Officer
  FERRY, Denys Haughton, POW RCAF J/16838 Flight Lieutenant
  FETTES, Thomas Alexander RAAF AUS411306 Flight Lieutenant
  FINNIE, William Norman RCAF J/46833 Pilot Officer
  FISHER, Roy Lewis RNZAF NZ404860  

FLESCH, Arnold Leo RCAF R/75715 Flight Sergeant
  FLEURANT, W. RCAF R/108101 Aircraftman, Class 1

FLETCHER, Arthur Haydn RCAF J/12747 Flying Officer
  FLETCHER, Robert Earl, MiD RCAF J/9323/ 30184 Flight Lieutenant
  FLEURANT, W. RCAF R/108101 Aircraftman, Class 1
  FLUMERFELT, James Beckton RCAF J/11232 Pilot Officer
  FOCKLER, N. E. RCAF R/97248 Aircraftman, Class 1

FOLLOWS, William Arthur RCAF J/12302 Flying Officer
  FOLKES, Reginald William, DFC RCAF J/18382 Flying Officer

FORD, George Edward RCAF R/79656 Warrant Officer, Class II
  FORD, Lloyd Willis Bray RCAF   Sergeant
  FORD, V.A.     Flying Officer

FORREST, Frederick RCAF J/11951 Flying Officer
  FORREST, Hugh Lindsay, DFC and bar RCAF J/11188 Flight Lieutenant
  FORREST, W.H.     Pilot Officer
  FORSYTH, William James RCAF J/11783 Pilot Officer
  FOURNIER, J.L. RCAF R/135774 Aircraftman, Class 1

FOURNIER, Rene Joseph Ludger RCAF R/86362 Flight Sergeant

FOX, Morgan David RCAF J/11234 Flying Officer
  FOX, Robert William RCAF R/123102 Sergeant

FOY, Dennis Fitzmaurice RCAF J/10404 Pilot Officer
  FRANCIS, Gustave Edwin "Ted", MiD, DFC RCAF J/10690 Flight Lieutenant
  FREDERICK, Ralph "Gordon", MiD RCAF J/8125 Flight Lieutenant

FREE, Edward Russell RCAF J/10060 Flying Officer
  FRIDFINNSON,     Warrant Officer
  FRIEL, John Edward RCAF C/4650 Flight Lieutenant

FRIESEN, Victor Erwin RCAF J/7026 Pilot Officer

FRY, Ernest John RCAF J/16944 Pilot Officer
  FULLER, Herbert Leonard RCAF   Leading Aircraftman

GALLAGHER, Frank John RCAF R/102761 Flight Sergeant
  GALLAGHER, William Cecil RCAF R/96430 Sergeant
  GALLANT, A.J. RCAF R/138799 Aircraftman, Class 1
  GAMMAGE, Donald Athol RAAF AUS412295 Flight Lieutenant

GARDNER, William Hawksworth RCAF R/67982 Flight Sergeant
  GARDNER-MEDWIN, Alec George, MiD, DFC RCAF J/11245 Flight Lieutenant
  GARRETT, Eric Alonzo, DFC RCAF J/9779 Flying Officer
  GARRETT, Ernest Walter. DFC and bar RCAF J/16299 Flying Officer
  GATES, Charles Rexdale RCAF C/1835 Flight Lieutenant

GAUDET, Joseph Raymond RCAF J/17020 Pilot Officer
  GAUTHIER, Joseph Adrian Vincent, MiD, POW RCAF J/96391 Pilot Officer

GAUTHIER, Joseph Emile Armand RCAF R/77463 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  GEARY, George Eaton RCAF J/11236 Pilot Officer
  GEIL, Lorin Daniel RCAF C/3777 Flying Officer
  GENTLE, Stanley William RCAF J/16367 Flight Lieutenant
  GEROW, Edwin Carleton RCAF J/11216 Flight Lieutenant

GERVAIS, Edward Emile RCAF J/15815 Pilot Officer
  GIACOMELLI, Ferruecio "Fritz" RCAF J/18219 Flying Officer

GIBSON, Arthur Gordon Bertley RCAF R/75979 Sergeant
  GILBERT, Arthur Alan RCAF R/117672 Sergeant

GILBEY, James Frank RCAF J/17444 Flying Officer
  GILLESPIE, F.D. RCAF   Sergeant

GILLIES, Gordon Menhennick RCAF J/10175 Flying Officer

GILLIN, James William RCAF R/89875 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  GILLIN, Robert Clark, DFC RCAF J/11211 Flight Lieutenant

GLASSBERG, Jack RCAF j/18551 Pilot Officer
  GLENCROSS, J.G. RCAF R/50479 Leading Aircraftman
  GLENN, Edward Perry RCAF R/96384 Sergeant

GLICKMAN, Bertram William RCAF J/10409 Flying Officer

GLOVER, Charles Gordon RCAF R/110773 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  GLUSTIEN, Aaron, DFC RCAF J/15765 Flight Lieutenant
  GNAEDINGER, Rodney Hanna RCAF R/108342 Sergeant

GOATLEY, Stephen George "Steve" RCAF J/8436 Pilot Officer
  GORDON, Colin Douglas RCAF J/9310 Pilot Officer
  HEDLEY, Gordon RCAF ^nbsp; Sergeant
  GORDON, Joseph Bernard RCAF R/101917 Sergeant
  GORDON, Stanley, DFM RAAF AUS403922 Flight Lieutenant
  GORMAN, Thomas James RCAF J/10687 Pilot Officer

GRAHAME, John Howard James RCAF R/106461 Flight Sergeant

GRANT, William Seaman RCAF R/84623 Flight Sergeant

GRAY, George Armstrong RCAF R/67287 Flight Sergeant
   GRAY, Lester Allan RCAF J/11965 Pilot Officer
  GREGG, F.G     Flying Officer
  GREEN,     Leading Aircraftman, Class 1

GREEN, Frank Stafford RCAF J/18353 Pilot Officer
  GREEN, Geoffrey William RCAF J/17646 Pilot Officer
  GREEN, Paul      

GREGORY, Francis Brooke Pickard RCAF J/7025 Flight Lieutenant
  GRIFFITHS, Robert Wilford RCAF J/10180 Pilot Officer

GRIMES. Donald Leonard RCAF R/77592 Flight Sergeant
  GROFF,     Flying Officer
  GROUER, H.A. RCAF   Sergeant

GROULX, Joseph Arthur Edward RCAF R/111476 Sergeant

GROVER, Henry Arthur RCAF R/84043 Flight Sergeant

GUEPIN, Yvon Jean Baptiste RCAF R/108356 Warrant Officer, Class 2

GUICHARD, James Louis RCAF R/83203 Warrant Officer, Class II
  GUINAND, Andrew Paul RCAF C/2918 Flying Officer

GUNNING, Kenneth Shaw RCAF R/104946 Flight Sergeant

GUSTAVSEN, Preben Brandt RCAF R/113728 Flight Sergeant

HAIST, John Clyde RCAF R/66129 Warrant Officer, Class I
  HALEWOOD, W.H. RCAF R/65604 Corporal
  HALL,     Flying Officer
  HALL,     Sergeant

HALL, Francis William RCAF J/12703 Flight Lieutenant
  HALL, J.A.     Flight Lieutenant
  HALL, J.W.A.     Flight Lieutenant

HALL, Reginald John Ward RCAF C/14919 Flying Officer
  HALL, R.L. RCAF   Sergeant
  HALL, Robert     Aircraftman

HALLIDAY, Francis, MiD RCAF J/10696 Flight Lieutenant
  HAMILTON, R.H. (Medical Officer) RCAF C/10540 Flight Lieutenant

HAMILTON, William Caldwell RCAF J/10176 Flying Officer
  HAMMOND, George Kent, BEM RCAF R/68722 Flight Sergeant
  HAMMOND, Harry Robert Georgen RCAF R/109524 Sergeant
  HANKINSON, G.K. RCAF   Sergeant
  HANKINSON, M.M. RCAF R/66378 Leading Aircraftman
  HANLON, D.R. RCAF R/126163 Aircraftman, Class 1
  HANNA, Alvin Bruce RCAF C/6792 Flying Officer
  HARBORNE, Donald Arthur RCAF J/90079 Pilot Officer
  HARDING,      Flight Sergeant
  HARDING, John Robert "Jack", DFC RCAF J/17377 Flight Lieutenant

HARDY, William Albert George RCAF J/10054 Flying Officer

HARGROVE, Basil Eldon RCAF R/73175 Warrant Officer, Class II
  HARLAN, Garnet Robert, DFC RCAF J/9316 Flight Lieutenant

HARMAN, Robert Leonard RCAF J/8438 Flight Lieutenant
  HARMON, H.T. RCAF R/126178 Aircraftman, Class 1
  HARPER,      Pilot Officer
  HARPER, Thomas James Gilmore, MiD RCAF J/8333 Squadron Leader
  HARRIS. Althol McLean "Carr" RCAF C/1453 Flight Lieutenant
  HARRIS, C.H. RCAF R/73422 Aircraftman, Class 1
  HARRIS, Charles Harris, POW RCAF J/9768 Flight Lieutenant
  HARRIS, David Edmund, DFC RCAF J/17400 Flying Officer

HARRIS, John Clarke RCAF R/77587 Flight Sergeant
  HARRIS, Roy B. RAF   Flight Lieutenant
  HARRISON, Thomas James "Jim", MiD RCAF J/21966 Flying Officer

HART, Gordon Gerald RCAF R/111333 Flight Sergeant
  HART, W.R. RCAF   Sergeant

HARTNEY, Norman John Patrick RCAF J/10412 Flying Officer

HARVEY, Edgar William RNZAF NZ41902 Sergeant

HARVIE, Lloyd George RCAF R/83885 Flight Sergeant

HARVIE, Robert RCAF J/8127 Flying Officer
  HASTERY,     Sergeant
  HASTINGS, Harry Edwin RAF GB1383855 Sergeant
  HAVILAND, William RCAF C/3918 Flying Officer
  HAWKEN, John Fletcher RCAF J/10052 Pilot Officer
  HAWKINS, Alfred Howard "Alfie" RCAF R/99331 Leading Aircraftman

HAWKINS, John David RCAF J/16775 Flying Officer
  HAWTIN, John Arthur "Art", POW RCAF J/11941 Flying Officer
  HAYES,     Flying Officer

HAYES, Ronald RCAF J/8550 Pilot Officer

HAYWORTH, William Asher RCAF J/7019 Pilot Officer
  HEATHER, Harry Frederick "Fred" RCAF J/5701 Flight Lieutenant

HEBERT, Anthony Albert RCAF J/11955 Pilot Officer
  HEENEY, Harold Blair, MBE RCAF J/11489 Flight Lieutenant

HEHIR, John RCAF J/19730 Pilot Officer
  HENDERSON, James Robert RCAF C/2061 Flying Officer
  HENRY, E.W. RCAF R/73490 Leading Aircraftman
  HENRY, Roy Alexander RCAF R/105176 Sergeant
  HENRY, William E. RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  HERRIDGE, Edward RCAF C/2178 Acting Squadron Leader
  HESKETH, Harry Hope RCAF J/10058 Flight Lieutenant

HESP, William John RCAF R/86357 Flight Sergeant
  HESSON, W.H. RCAF   Sergeant
  HEWIS, Michael H RAFVR   Sergeant

HEWETT, William Upton RNZAF NZ404363 Pilot Officer
  HEWLETT,     Sergeant
  HEWSON, W.E. RCAF R/129940 Aircraftman, Class 1
  HICKSON, Donald RCAF   Sergeant
  HIGGIN, Edwin Sharples RCAF J/11776 Pilot Officer

HIGNELL, Wilbert Scott RCAF R/93410 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  HILL, Ernest Stillman RCAF C/5462 Flying Officer

HILL, Robert George RCAF J/85167 Pilot Officer
  HILL, Vernon "Peter" Bruce, DFC RCAF J/16225 Flight Lieutenant

HILTON, Frederick RNZAF NZ41330 Flight Lieutenant

HINDERMARSH, Felix Campbell RCAF J/89248 Pilot Officer
  HOCKING,     Aircraftman, Class 1
  HOCKRIDGE, Clarence William RCAF J/19675 Flying Officer

HODGE, Frederick William RCAF J/16996 Pilot Officer
  HODGES, W.G.     Flying Officer

HODGINS, Adam Kidd RCAF R/959943 Flight Sergeant

HOGAN, Francis Joseph RCAF R/111255 Flight Sergeant
  HOLLIDAY, Gerald      
  HOLLOWAY,     Sergeant

HOLMES, Andrew RCAF R/76189 Flight Sergeant
  HOLMES, Carl William RCAF J/10695 Pilot Officer
  HOLMES, Peter Robert RNZAF NZ403121  

HOLMES, Stanley RNZAF NZ405274 Sergeant
  HOLTBY, Lawrence MacLeod Murray, DFM RCAF J/17560 Pilot Officer
  HOLTON, Donald Herbert RCAF J/8334 Pilot Officer
  HONE, John "Jack", AFC and bar RCAF C/1294 Wing Commander
  HONEYCHURCH, Charles Cyril, POW RCAF R/83611 Warrant Officer, Class 2

HOOPLE, James "Allan" RCAF R/125748 Leading Aircraftman
  HOPKINS, Reginald Thorne RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  HORE-KENNARD, John Deryek RCAF J/9309 Flight Lieutenant

HORNBY, Albert William RCAF J/19466 Pilot Officer
  HORTON,     Sergeant
  HOURGEOIS, John Herbert Cedric RCAF J/10697 Pilot Officer
  HOUSER, John Henry, MiD, DFC RCAF J/10679 Flight Lieutenant
  HOWARD, K.     Flying Officer

HOWARD, William Franklin Max RCAF J/9313 Flying Officer
  HOWE, James     Leading Aircraftman
  HOWELL, W.I. RCAF   Pilot Officer
  HUBBARD, J.W. RCAF R/88347 Aircraftman, Class 1
  HUGHES, George Douglas, POW RCAF J/8805 Flight Lieutenant
  HUGHES, L.W.     Corporal

HUGLI, Vincent Armand RCAF R/90778 Flight Sergeant
  HUNT, Clarence Albert, POW RCAF R/78615 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  HUNT, Lyndon Aynsley, MiD RCAF R/74841 Warrant Officer, 2
  HUNT, Reginald George Frederick, DFC RCAF J/11498 Flying Officer

HUNTER, Henry Philip RAFVR GB1332920 Sergeant

HURL, Carl Norman RCAF R/102768 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  HURLEY,     Corporal

HUTCHESON, Eric Harry RCAF J/24117 Flying Officer
  HUTCHINSON, Edgar Bruce, DFC RCAF J/16831 Flying Officer
  HUTCHINSON, H.W.   4110 Corporal

HUTCHINSON, John William RCAF R/85883 Flight Sergeant
  HUTTON, Frank RCAF R/108345 Sergeant

HYLAND, Ernest William RCAF J/11806 Flying Officer
  HYSLOP, George William RCAF C/6436 Flying Officer
  INGERSOLL, Paul RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  INGERSOLL, P.H. RCAF R/73066 Corporal
   INMAN, Derek Arnold, MiD (3), CM, OC RCAF J/16149 Squadron Leader
  INNIS,     Leading Aircraftman

INSKIP, Jack RNZAF NZ41332 Sergeant
  ION, R.  RCAF R/103223 Corporal
  IREDALE, John William RCAF C/1837 Flying Officer
  IRWIN, Hugh Duval RCAF C/1884 Flight Lieutenant

IRWIN, Howard Clinton RCAF J/11956 Flying Officer
  JACKMAN, Roy Lionel RCAF R/125215 Sergeant
  JACKSON,      Flying Officer

JACKSON, Alan Hamilton RCAF J/11217 Flying Officer


JACKSON, Alfred Hillman, DFC RCAF J/11231 Flight Lieutenant
  JACKSON, E.H. RAFVR GB1292959 Sergeant
  JACKSON, Francis Eugene RCAF J/11117 Pilot Officer
  JACKSON, U.S. RCAF C/559 Flying Officer
  JACKSON, W.A. RCAF   Sergeant
  JANES, Albert Josiah, DFM RCAF R/88329 Flight Sergeant

JARRETT, David Leslie RCAF R/90781 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  JARVIS, Jack Duncan RCAF R/103241 Sergeant

JARVIS, Leonard Fitgerald RCAF C/8309 Flight Lieutenant
  JEWEL?, John Christian RCAF    
  JEWETT, Alden Lloyd RCAF J/10043 Pilot Officer

JOHNS, Kenneth William "Ken" RCAF J/11119 Flying Officer

JOHNSON, Albert Morse Borden RCAF R/84820 Flight Sergeant
  JOHNSON, Borden RCAF   Flight Sergeant

JOHNSON, Harlow Eugene RCAF R/59779 Sergeant

JOHNSON, James McLean RCAF R/115270 Sergeant
  JOHNSON, Raymond Albert RCAF J/11798 Pilot Officer
  JOHNSON, Verdell Clinton RCAF J/11227 Pilot Officer
  JOHNSTON, Walter Gordon "Gordy" RCAF R/111749 Sergeant
  JOHNSTON,     Flying Officer
  JONES, Arthur     Sergeant
  JONES, Charles     Leading Aircraftman
  JONES, Charles Franklin RCAF J/9576 Pilot Officer
  JONES, David E.      

JONES, Leslie Leathen RCAF R/105354 Flight Sergeant
  JONES, Russell Edward RCAF C/2447 Flying Officer

JONES, Rex Nigel Hugh RNZAF NZ411217 Sergeant
  JONES, Thomas John RCAF R/109701 Sergeant
  JONES, W.T., POW RCAF R/93413 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  JOYCE, B.A.     Sergeant
  JULIAN,     Flying Officer

JUNGE, Walter Lawrence "Bub" RAAF AUS411713 Pilot Officer

JUPE, Royden Martin RCAF R/104836 Flight Sergeant
  JUSTASON, Glendon Royal RCAF    
  JUTRAS, Joseph Rene, DFC RCAF J/26321 / 121432 Flying Officer
  KALAXHOWSKI,      Warrant Officer
  KAUFFELDT, Lawrence Melville Charles, AFC RCAF J/46840 Flying Officer
  KAUFMAN, Stanley Reesor RCAF J/11090 Flying Officer

KEIL, George Alvin RCAF R/85378 Flight Sergeant
  KELLY, Patrick Gregory, DFC RCAF J/17322 Flight Lieutenant

KELNER, Norman RCAF J/18252 Pilot Officer
  KENNEDY, Harry Marlowe RCAF C/471 Group Captain

KENT, Hugh Benjamin RCAF J/11963 Pilot Officer
  KEOHN, A.F. RCAF R/79389 Sergeant
  KERR, Ian Henry RAAF AUS405179 Flight Lieutenant
  KERR, John Williamson "Jack", DFC RCAF J/11940 Flight Lieutenant
  KESHISHIAN, Jacques RCAF R/119002 Sergeant
  KIDD, Keith Roy, DFC RCAF J/22340 Flight Lieutenant

KIDDER, Gordon Arthur, MiD RCAF J/10177 Flight Lieutenant

KING, Donald Chesley RCAF J/10413 Pilot Officer
  KING, D.H. RCAF R/126168 Aircraftman, Class 1

KING, George Thomas RCAF R/90192 Flight Sergeant
  KING, William Edward, DFC RCAF J/8441 Flight Lieutenant

KINGSLAND, Edwin Herbert RCAF R/74447 Flight Sergeant
  KINGSLEY, William, POW RCAF R/108765 Sergeant

KIRBY, Erlyn Everard RCAF R/76971 Flight Sergeant
  KIRK, Charles Frederick "Ted", POW RCAF J/17740 Pilot Officer

KIRKPATRICK, John Gillespie RCAF J/11038 Flight Lieutenant

KITCHEN, John Colwell RCAF J/15997 Pilot Officer

KOMAIKO, William Kadison RCAF J/11218 Flying Officer
  KNAPPER, William George RCAF C/3612 Flying Officer
  KNIGHT,     Leading Aircraftman
  KNIGHT,     Flight Lieutenant

KNIGHT, Ronald Earl RCAF J/9308 Flight Lieutenant
  KNIGHTON, Robert Allen RCAF   Sergeant

KOEHN, Arthur Ferdinand RCAF J/10411 Flying Officer
  KUFFNER, Donald RCAF R/70673 Leading Aircraftman

KURTZ, Dennis Haig RCAF R/75874 Sergeant
  KUSHNER, Bernard     Leading Aircraftman
  KYLE, Donald     Leading Aircraftman
  La FORCE,.Charles RCAF    
  LA FRANCE, Joseph Francis, DFC RCAF J/19357 Flying Officer
  LABARGE, Joseph Andre Roger, POW, DFC RCAF J/17674 Flight Lieutenant
  LACKE, David Wesrbourne RCAF J/11787 Pilot Officer

LALONE, Joseph Moise Gaston RCAF J/18455 Pilot Officer
  LANCHBERRY, William Edward RAFVR GB141149 Flying Officer
  LANDREVILLE, Harold Medric RCAF R/96101 Sergeant
  LANGLEY, B.E. RCAF R/88081 Sergeant

LANGLOIS, Joseph Albert Roger RCAF R/108482 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  LARDEN,Alan William Jessup, CGM RCAF R/90883 Flying Officer
  LARIVIERE, Joseph Donat Victor, DFC RCAF J/8133 Flight Lieutenant
  LASHMERE, H.E. RCAF R/75721 Sergeant

LAUT, William George RCAF J/11807 Flying Officer
  LAUZON, A. RCAF   Flying Officer

LAVERS, William Wilfred Henry RCAF R/83468 Flight Sergeant

LAWLESS, Joseph Frederick "Joe" RCAF J/8443 Pilot Officer

LAWRENCE, John Buchanan RCAF R/55798 Flight Sergeant
  LAZENBY, J.E.W.     Sergeant
  LeBLANC, J.A. RCAF R/126183 Aircraftman, Class 1
  LeBLANC, John Calixie Jean Paul RCAF J/85447 Pilot Officer
  LEDOUX, J.A.F.   10722 Corporal

LEE, Jack Griffin, DFC RCAF J/9311 Flight Lieutenant

LEE, John Kennerleigh Barnett RAFVR GB1174918 Flight Sergeant

LEE, Richard John RCAF J/17759 Pilot Officer

LEFEBVRE, Joseph Donat Camille RCAF J/17682 Flying Officer
  LEIGH, John Bruce RCAF J/9183 Pilot Officer
  LEITCH, Arthur Kingswell, DFC RCAF J/9775 Flying Officer

LEETHER, Albert RCAF R/85786 Flight Sergeant
  LENAHAN, J.A. Civilian Meteorologist
  LENEHAN, Basil Mark RCAF R/99290 Sergeant
  LENIHAN,      Aircraftman, Class 1
  LENIHAN,      Flight Sergeant
  LENOVER, Robert Murray RCAF J/10055 Pilot Officer
  LERNER, Arthur Harry RCAF J/11233 Pilot Officer
  LEWIS,     Pilot Officer
  LEWIS, Chrysostom John, MiD RCAF C/8335 Flight Lieutenant
  LEWIS, John Frederick, DFC and bar RCAF J/11224 Flight Lieutenant
  LEWIS, William Alexander RAF GB1371359 Sergeant

LIEBECK, Millard Meyer RCAF J/9774 Flying Officer

LINCOLN, Thomas MacLaren RCAF J/88482 Flying Officer
  LINDSAY,      Sergeant
  LINGHAM, Henry Thomas RCAF J/8131 Pilot Officer
  LIPMAN, Arthur Maitland RCAF J/11942 Flight Lieutenant
  LIPSETT, A.G.B. RCAF R/99465 Leading Aircraftman

LITTLE, Albert William RCAF J/11494 Flying Officer
  LITTLEJOHN,      Pilot Officer

LIVERMORE, Texas Roy RCAF J/17974 Pilot Officer
  LLOYD, W.R. RCAF R/102119 Sergeant

LLOYD, John Llewellyn RNZAF NZ413438 Sergeant

LOGAN, Carl Edgar RCAF R/99218 Corporal

LONG, Clarence Roy RCAF J/11238 Flying Officer

LONGWORTH, Harold Francis Lawrence RCAF J/11105 Flight Lieutenant
  LORD, Clifford William RCAF J/8336 Pilot Officer
  LORD, Edward Stickney RCAF   Corporal

LOREE, James William RCAF J/11109 Flying Officer

LOTT, William Wesley RCAF R/99690 Flight Sergeant
  LOVEDAY, George Bannard RCAF J/11780 Pilot Officer
  LOWANS, Edward John, DFM RCAF J/18661 Flight Lieutenant
  LOWRY, D.J.     Flight Lieutenant

LUARD, Richard Aubrey RCAF J/7801 Pilot Officer
  LUCAS, John William

RCAF C/2627 Flying Officer
  LUNAN, Edward Arthur RCAF J/9326 Pilot Officer

LUNDBERG, Torkel Torkelsson RCAF J/10683 Flight Lieutenant
  LUNNY, Kenneth Urban, MiD RCAF J/36682 Flight Lieutenant
  LUPTON,     Sergeant
  LYMBURNER, Joseph Arthur Laurent., DFC and bar RCAF J/16573 Flying Officer
  LYON, Peyton Vaughan RCAF J/9565 Flight Lieutenant
  LYONS, James Emerson RCAF J/11771 Pilot Officer

LYNG, David Thomas RCAF J/19590 Pilot Officer

MacALLISTER, Harvard Darrell Frederick RCAF J/11486 Flight Lieutenant
  MacCALLUM, A.W. RCAF R/137810 Aircraftman, Class 2

MacCOLL, Donald Duncan RCAF R/91224 Flight Sergeant
  MacDONALD, A.P.     Sergeant
  MacDONALD, Allan Robertson RCAF J/11773 Pilot Officer
  MacDONALD, Alexander Thompson RCAF C/8889 Pilot Officer

MacDONALD, Ian Batts RCAF J/16944 Pilot Officer

MacDONALD, Kenneth Watson Parker RCAF J/16935 Pilot Officer

MacDONALD, Louis John RCAF R/95565 Sergeant

MacDONALD, Robert Douglas RCAF J/10405 Flying Officer
  MacFARLANE, Duncan Walter RCAF J/18216 Flying Officer
  MacFARLANE, John Bruce RCAF J/11779 Pilot Officer

MacGILLIVRAY, Aubrey Lawrence RCAF J/10168 Flying Officer

MacGILLIVRAY, Ralph Northcliff RCAF J/16944 Pilot Officer


MacGREGOR, Alexander Edward RCAF J/10698 Pilot Officer
  MacGREGOR, Roderick James RCAF J/35953 Pilot Officer
  MacINNIS, Gerald Lester RCAF J/9781 Pilot Officer
   MacINTOSH, Ian Finaly, DFC RCAF J/11962 Flying Officer

MacINTYRE, John Scott RCAF J/10050 Flying Officer

MacKAY, William Leslie RCAF J/7642 Flying Officer
  MacKENZIE, Alexander Gerald, DFM, POW RCAF R/78574 Warrant Officer, Class 1

MacKINNON, John Reginald "Reggie" RCAF R/72893 Sergeant
  MacKINNON, John      Sergeant
  MacLEAN, Donald Arthur, DFM RCAF J/17476 Squadron Leader
  MacLEAN, John Alexander Hugh RCAF J/9315 Flight Lieutenant

MacLEAN, John Scott RCAF J/10685 Flying Officer

MacLENNAN, Charles Grant RCAF R/65421 Flight Sergeant
  MacLEOD, Kenyon Crosby RCAF R/88394 Sergeant

MacMASTER, John Glenn RCAF J/9116 Flying Officer
  MacMILLAN, Robert Donald RCAF J/17016 Pilot Officer
  MacNEIL, Dan Thomas, DFC RCAF J/85961 Flying Officer

MacNEIL, Hugh Columba RCAF J/17016 Pilot Officer

MacQUEEN, Ian Andrew James RCAF J/8439 Pilot Officer
  MacQUEEN, R.K. RCAF R/113376 Corporal

MAGDER, Hiam Murray RCAF R/69500 Flight Sergeant
  MAGNUSSON, M.G. "Mike"      
  MAHER,      Flying Officer
  MAHER,      Flying Officer
  MAILLET, J.B.L. RCAF R/138898 Aircraftman, Class 1
  MAILLET, J.U. RCAF R/138902 Aircraftman, Class 1
  MALL,     Flying Officer

MANDIN, Emile Francois Bruno RCAF R/75471 Flight Sergeant
  MANN, George Alexander RCAF J/11770 Pilot Officer
  MANETT,     Sergeant
  MANNINGS, Kenneth Percy RCAF J/10689 Pilot Officer
  MANOOGIAN, Harry RCAF   Corporal

MANYLUCK, William Alexander RCAF J/22965 Sergeant
  MARK, Lloyd G. RCAF   Sergeant

MARLATT, Samuel Paul RCAF J/7997 Flight Lieutenant
  MARLER, Howard Meredith RCAF J/11499 Pilot Officer

MARRIOTT, John Robert RCAF J/17600 Pilot Officer

MARSHALL, James Stanley RCAF R/86762 Warrant Officer, Class II
  MARSHALL, Oliver Robert RCAF J/9578 Pilot Officer
  MARSTIN,     Sergeant
  MARTIN, Eld James, MiD RCAF J/7648 Flight Lieutenant

MARTIN, Harry MacNaughton RCAF J/24644 Flying Officer
  MARTIN, John Herman RCAF R/113904 Sergeant

MARTIN, William McKenzie RCAF J/85779 Flight Sergeant
  MASSEY, Cornelius "Connie", MiD, DFC RCAF J/11113 Flying Officer
  MASTIN, C.H.     Sergeant
  MATTHEWS, J.C. RCAF R/73137 Leading Aircraftman
  MATTHEWS, John Lamont, DFM RCAF R/103101 Flight Sergeant
  MATTINGLY, John William RCAF J/8338 Flight Lieutenant
  MAXWELL,     Pilot Officer
  MAXWELL, William Christie, DFC RCAF J/35980 Flying Officer
  MAZUR, Bernist Edward RCAF J/9321 Pilot Officer

McALLISTER, Harvard Darrell Frederick RCAF J/11486 Flight Lieutenant

McARTHUR, Leo Neil RCAF R/104008 Flight Sergeant
  McBURNEY, Robert W. RCAF   Sergeant
  McCALL, John Patrick RCAF J/8337 Flight Lieutenant
  McCAMUS, William Harold "Mac" DFC RCAF J/10049 Flight Lieutenant

McCANN, Charles Curtis Merril RCAF J/9780 Flying Officer

McCARDLE, Frederick Grant RCAF R/115429 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  McCARTHY, Thomas Vyner RAAF AUS412816 Sergeant
  McCLELLAND, Richard Charles, DFC and bar RCAF J/16755 Flight Lieutenant

McCLEERY, Raymond Norman RCAF J/11118 Flying Officer
  McCONNELL, J. K. RCAF   Sergeant
  McCONNELL, Millan      

McCOWAN, Eugene Russell RCAF R/117569 Sergeant
  McCRACKEN, D.W.     Warrant Officer, Class 2

McCREERY, Harry Kenneth RCAF R/100701 Warrant Officer, Class 2

McDONALD, Jack Thompson RCAF R/90083 Flight Sergeant
  McDONNELL, Leo "Gregory" RCAF   Sergeant

McDOUGALL, Thom Ross RCAF J/8812 Flight Lieutenant
  McEWAN, Bruce Davidson, DFC RCAF J/38574 Flying Officer
  McFARLANE, John      

McGEE, Robert Cecil Stuart RCAF J/86063 Pilot Officer
  McGILL, Harold Warren RCAF J/11795 Pilot Officer

McGILLICUDDY, Paul Clark RCAF J/15647 Pilot Officer
  McGLADE, Thomas Hugh RCAF J/19983 Pilot Officer

McGOVERN, John Bruce RCAF R/105460 Warrant Officer, Class I
  McGOVERN, L.W. RCAF   Sergeant
  McGOWAN, Edwin Archibald RCAF C/105 Wing Commander

McGRATH, Bernard Arthur RCAF R/89516 Flight Sergeant

McGRATH, Joseph Ernest RAAF AUS412321 Sergeant

McGREGOR, Charles Gordon Tassie RCAF J/9567 Pilot Officer

McINTOSH, Douglas Young RCAF J/11945 Flying Officer

McINTYRE, Monte Alan Gray RNZAF NZ405298 Sergeant

McINTOSH, William Phillip MacDonell, DFM RCAF J/18231 Pilot Officer
  McINTYRE, John W. RCAF   Sergeant

McIVER, Joseph Charles RCAF J/17374 Flying Officer

McIVER, Malcolm, DFC RCAF J/11107 Flight Lieutenant

McKAY, Donald James "Don" RCAF J/18749 Flying Officer
  McKAY, J. H. "Jack" RCAF R/77282 Sergeant
  McKEE, Eric Dayton, MiD RCAF J/8329 Squadron Leader

McKENNA, Charles Daniel RCAF J/6665 Flying Officer
  McKENZIE, John William Birdwood RAAF AUS411032 Flight Lieutenant

McKEOWN, Francis James RCAF R/79107 Flight Sergeant
  McKIBBON, J.N. RCAF   Sergeant
  McKIBBON, Lloyd S. RCAF R/108680  

McKILLOP, Robert Hugh RNZAF NZ404389 Sergeant
  McKIM, Donald William, POW RCAF J/9776 Flying Officer
  McLAREN, Alistair Donald, MiD RCAF J/17178 Flying Officer
  McLAREN, L.T.     Lieutenant

McLAUGHLIN, Andrew Josephd RCAF J/16387 Pilot Officer
  McLAUGHLIN, James Robert RCAF J/9571 Pilot Officer
  McLAUGHLIN, Orison     Leading Aircraftman

McLAUGHLIN, Patrick Ignatius RCAF R/93495 Warrant Officer, Class II

McLAUGHLIN, Andrew Joseph RCAF J/16387 Pilot Officer
  McLAUGHLIN, Robert Alexander RCAF J/11229 Flight Lieutenant

McLEAN, Ernest Caldwell RCAF R/93450 Flight Sergeant

McLEAN, Ralph RCAF R/72502 Flight Sergeant

McLELLAN, Norman Milton RCAF J/8807 Flying Officer
  McLEOD,      Pilot Officer
  McLEOD, Donald Earl RCAF   Pilot Officer
  McMILLAN, John H. RCAF J/12246 Flight Lieutenant

McMILLIN, James Parker RCAF J/8437 Squadron Leader

McMULLIN, Francis Hugh "Frank" RCAF R/87749 Sergeant
  McMURTREY, G.E.     Flight Lieutenant

McNAREY, David Ian RNZAF NZ405299 Flight Lieutenant

McNAUGHTON, George Eriksen RAAF AUS409182 Flying Officer
  McNINCH, Robert Crysler RCAF R/90892 Sergeant
  McPHERSON,     Sergeant
   McRATH, B.A. RCAF   Sergeant

McRAE, William Gordon RCAF RJ/6834 Flight Lieutenant
  McQUEEN, Duncan Thomas RCAF J/10686 Flight Lieutenant
  McTEIGUE, Gerald James Joseph RCAF R/90892 Sergeant
  MEADOWS, W.R. RCAF   Sergeant
  MECHAN, J.E. RCAF   Sergeant
  MEDWIN, Edric James RNZAF NZ41522  
  MEHR, Mark RCAF J/18159 Pilot Officer

MELROSE, James Adam Weatherbee RCAF J/10046 Flying Officer

MELVILLE, John Edward RCAF R/115480 Flight Sergeant
  MENDELSON,     Flight Sergeant

MERRITT, John Percival RCAF J/85569 Pilot Officer

METCALFE, Malcolm Roy Edgar Day RCAF R/104383 Flight Sergeant
  MILLER, Burton Leigh, MiD, POW RCAF J/17436 Flight Lieutenant
  MILLER, David Franklin RCAF J/10051 Pilot Officer
  MILLER, Douglas Herson RCAF J/8328 Flight Lieutenant
  MILLER, Frank Robert, MiD, CBE, CC RCAF C/139 Air Chief Marshal
  MILLER, Gordon, DFC, POW RCAF J/11239 Flight Lieutenant

MILLER, Gordon Ernest RCAF R/88850 Flight Sergeant
  MILLER, M.S.. RCAF   Sergeant

MILLER, William Adam RCAF J/10692 Pilot Officer
  MILLICHAMP, Earle Spencer RCAF R/114267 Sergeant

MILLIKEN, P.S. RCAF   Flight Lieutenant
  MILLMAN, Peter MacKenzie RCAF C/3964 Flying Officer
   MITCHELL. Alastair Bruce RCAF R/100776 Sergeant

MITCHELL, Dow Lester RCAF R/99220 Leading Aircraftman
  MITCHELL, E.M.     Sergeant

MITCHELL, James Lee RCAF C/2572 Flight Lieutenant
  MITCHELL, J.S.      Flight Lieutenant
  MITCHELL, Winston RCAF   Sergeant

MITTON, John Noble RCAF R/94834 Warrant Officer, Class II
  MOHER, Daniel Logan Joseph, DFC RCAF J/17713 Flying Officer

MONAHAN, Joseph Earl RCAF J/16554 Pilot Officer
  MONTGOMERY, James William RCAF J/10682 Pilot Officer

MOORE, George Nelson RCAF R/69232 Flight Sergeant

MOORE, Roy Frederick RCAF J/17804 Pilot Officer
  MOORE, Theodore Bruce RCAF J/11804 Pilot Officer
  MORDEN, G.H.J.     Sergeant

MORE, Eric Gordon RCAF J/17617 Pilot Officer

MORELLY, Max Louis RCAF R/80811 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  MORESIDE, James "Ivan" RCAF J/20181 Flying Officer
  MORGAN,     Pilot Officer
  MORGAN, J.E. RAFVR   Sergeant

MORGAN, Joseph Evan RCAF R/113280 Leading Aircraftman
  MORGAN, Owen Horace, MiD, DFC RCAF J/7021 Flight Lieutenant
  MORGAN, Ted RAF   Sergeant
  MORRELL, Gordon Lloyd RCAF J/7650 Flight Lieutenant
  MORRIS, Frederick Joseph RCAF C/9965 Flying Officer
  MORRIS, William Reginald RCAF C/8312 Pilot Officer

MORRISON, Gordon Douglas Grant RCAF R/95853 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  MORTON, A. E. RCAF R/91573 Aircraftman, Class 1
  MORTON, Francis Lionel RCAF J/10120 Pilot Officer

MOSHER, John Edgar RCAF J/6677 Flying Officer

MOULD, Peter RAFVR GB124668 Flying Officer
  MOULTON, Rev. Carlyle McKenzie RAAF AUS405451 Flight Lieutenant

MOUNT, Kenneth Herbert RCAF R/108483 Flight Sergeant
  MOUSER, Hugh S. RCAF C/3336 Flying Officer
  MOWATT, L.R. RAF   Squadron Leader

MOYER, John Ernest RCAF J/36677 Flying Officer
  MUDRA,     Flying Officer

MUFFITT, Edward Earle RCAF J/8372 Flying Officer
  MUNRO, Donald Wallace, B.A., M.A. RCAF J/8126 Pilot Officer

MURDOCH, William McKenzie RCAF R/79291 Fligh Sergeant

MURPHY, James RCAF R/109934 Sergeant
  MURPHY, Matthew John, DFC RCAF J/16832 Pilot Officer

MURRAY, George Douglas RCAF R/93062 Flight Sergeant
  MURRAY, Phillips Douglas RCAF J/11964 Pilot Officer
  MUSSELS, H. Lindsay (Dental Officer)     Lieutenant
  NEDDOW, L.W.J. RCAF R/111054 Aircraftman, Class 1

NEEDLER, John RCAF R/100587 Flight Sergeant
  NEELIN, Donald Harold RCAF J/35945 Pilot Officer
  NESBITT, Harold RCAF   Sergeant
  NEVILLS, Franklin "Keith" RCAF J/18460 Flying Officer

NICKERSON, Fred John RCAF J/18427 Flying Officer
  NICOLSON, Uila RNZAF NZ405310  
  NOBLE,     Flying Officer
  NOBLES, Theodore C. RCAF   Sergeant
  NODWELL, George Ross RCAF C/4179 Flight Lieutenant
  NORRIS, G.S. RCAF R/138911 Aircraftman, Class 1
  NORTON, Albert John, MiD RCAF J/11961 Flight Lieutenant
  NORWOOD, Falls Joseph Montgomery RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  NORWOOD, Purvis Henry RCAF   Sergeant

NOWOSAD, August RCAF J/7649 Pilot Officer

NUSSBAUM, Lambert Richard RCAF J/7800 Flying Officer
  NUTT, J.S.     Flight Lieutenant

O'BRIEN, Alexander Alan RCAF J/11244 Flying Officer
  O'BYRNE, William Kevin Charles RNZAF NZ405311  
  O'CALLAGHAN, Frederick James RCAF R/82505 Sergeant

O'GRADY, Joseph Leonard RCAF R/95736 Flight Sergeant

O'HALLORAN, William Peter RNZAF NZ41352 Sergeant

O'HANLEY, Gerald James RCAF J/10184 Flight Lieutenant
  O'LEARY, E. Lawrence, MC RCAF C/1920 Squadron Leader

O'NEIL, Thomas Harold RCAF J/10678 Flying Officer
   OAKLEY, R.J. RCAF R/57693 Corporal
  OLIVIER, William George Marcol RCAF J/11115 Pilot Officer
  ORR, Russell Parks RCAF J/10013 Pilot Officer
  OSBORNE, "Tom" RAAF   Sergeant

OSWALD, Ronald Earl RCAF R/97152 Flight Sergeant
  OULTON,     Wing Commander

OWEN, Brock Laverne RCAF R/90400 Flight Sergeant
  PAGE, Charles Richard, POW RCAF R/114415 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  PALLAS, Thomas Ernest RCAF J/7643 Pilot Officer

PALLEN, Richard Haviland RCAF   Flying Officer
  PALMER,     Flying Officer
  PALMER, L.W. RCAF R/126185 Aircraftman, Class 1
  PALSER, George Dearle RCAF J/11490 Pilot Officer
  PARENT, G.L. RCAF   Sergeant
  PARKINSON, G.G. RCAF   Sergeant
  PARSON, D.R.      

PATON, Charles Anderson RCAF R/93472 Sergeant
  PATRICK, George Alfred, DFC RNZAF NZ411442 Flying Officer

PATRICK, John Walker RCAF J/19501 Pilot Officer

PATRICK, Leslie Cayless RCAF R/98423 Flight Sergeant

PATTERSON, Joseph Moses RCAF J/11799 Flying Officer
  PAULTON, Alfred Charles, DFM RCAF J/18018 Pilot Officer
  PAWSEY, Herbert William RAFVR GB127151 Flight Lieutenant

PELTIER, Joseph Ovila RCAF J/17546 Flying Officer
  PENEAULT, J.E.M. RCAF R/127244  
  PENNELL, Lawrence Terrence "Larry" RCAF J/8808 Flight Lieutenant
  PERKINS,     Leading Aircraftman
  PERKINS, Francis Dudley RNZAF NZ638041  

PERKINS, Kenneth Mitchell RCAF R/105148 Warrant Officer, Class 2

PETERS, Arthur Harold RCAF J/18148 Pilot Officer

PHILIP, Donald Robert RCAF R/90469 Flight Sergeant
  PHILLIPS, Andrew James, DFC RCAF J/17013 Flight Lieutenant

PICKERING, William Vincent "Vince" RCAF R/66308 Flight Sergeant

PILON, François Roland Joseph RCAF R/90867 Flight Sergeant


PIXLEY,     Aircraftman, Class II

PIXLEY, Asa Nelson, POW RCAF R/125451 Warrant Officer, Class I
  PLAMPTON, Arthur Morton RCAF J/16689 Flight Lieutenant
  PLANTE, J.R. RCAF R/138604 Aircraftman, Class 1
  PLAYER, Bernard Vaughan RCAF J/10967 Pilot Officer
  PLAMPTON, Arthur Morton RCAF J/16689 Flight Lieutenant
  PLEWMAN, Harold Herbert Elgood RCAF J/9326 Pilot Officer

POIRIER, Joseph Alfred Raymond RCAF J9147 Flight Liuetenant

POLLARD, Charles Edward RCAF R/123260 Sergeant
  POPE, Harry RAF GB125566 Pilot Officer
  POTHIER, J.C. RCAF R/137681 Aircraftman, Class 2
  PORTER, Donald Clair RCAF J/10061 Pilot Officer
  POTTER, A.D. RCAF R/91688 Leading Aircraftman
  POTTER, William W. RCAF   Sergeant
  POWELL,     Flying Officer

POWELL, David Haynes Barcham RCAF R/82995 Flight Sergeant
  POWELL, Patrick Albert, DFC RCAF J/11222 Flight Lieutenant

POWER, Lawrence Fabian RCAF R/76139 Flight Sergeant
  PREST, A.D. RCAF R/101299 Sergeant

PREST, Robert Hardwick RCAF R/99704 Warrant Officer, Class 1

PRICE, Donald Alexander RCAF J/86321 Pilot Officer
  PRIEST, Lawrence Edgar RCAF J/16845 Pilot Officer
  PRIME, Leslie Arthur Jacob RAAF AUS402902 Flight Lieutenant
  PRITCHARD, Byron Frank RCAF C/5199 Flying Officer

PROSPERINE, Frank RCAF J/16407 Pilot Officer
  PROUDFOOT,      Flying Officer
  PRYCE, Melvin Claire RCAF C/2884 Flight Lieutenant

PURCHASE, Frederick Hugh RCAF R/105100 Warrant Officer, Class II
  PURNER, Russell J. RCAF R/109824 Sergeant
  PURVIS, George Austin RCAF J/11104 Pilot Officer

PYE, Franklyn Richard Samuel RCAF J/8440 Pilot Officer
  QUICK, William Ellery RCAF C/5839 Flying Officer
  QUINN, G.A. RCAF R/66929 Aircraftman, Class 1

QUINTON, Lloyd Frederick RAAF AUS409443 Flying Officer

RALPH, Howard Pearson RCAF J/20738 Flying Officer

RAMSEY, James Kenneth RCAF J/12697 Flight Lieutenant
  RANEY,     Leading Aircraftman
  RAYMOND, Charles Oliver, MiD RCAF R/62658 Sergeant
  READ, John Herman RCAF C/9878 Flight Sergeant

REANSBURY, John Joseph RCAF R/90121 Warrant Officer, Class 2

REAUME, Clarence William RCAF J/9777 Pilot Officer
  REEVE, AlexanderJardine, MiD RCAF J/11484 Flight Lieutenant
  RECTOR, Wilmot Ben RCAF J/11789 Pilot Officer
  REICHEL, Robert Craig, DFC RCAF J/26014 Flight Lieutenant
  REID, Angus More RCAF J/9315 Pilot Officer

REID, Byron Ball RCAF J/16261 Flying Officer
  REID, "Jack"      Sergeant
  REID, John Arthur Stuart "Jack" RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  REID, R.J. RCAF   Sergeant


RENTON,     Corporal
  RESNICK, Malcolm RCAF J/11944 Pilot Officer
  RETALLACK, John Leonard RCAF J/11778 Pilot Officer
  REY, A.E. RCAF   Sergeant
  REYNOLDS, John Keith, MiD RCAF J/17805 Flying Officer
  RICE, Gerald Ashton "Gerry" RCAF J/8434 Pilot Officer

RICE. Ruskin Service RCAF R/76534 Flight Sergeant
  RICHARDS, John Kennedy, DFC RCAF J/85552 Pilot Officer
  RICHARDSON, George Donovan RCAF   Corporal

RICHARDS, Sidney Albert Hardie RCAF R/113705 Flight Sergeant
  RICHARDSON, Lawrence Pineo RCAF   Corporal

RIDDELL, Keith Emerson RCAF R/108478 Warrant Officer, Class II
  RIDEOUT, C.F. RCAF R/57851 Warrant Officer, Class II
  RING,     Sergeant
  RISDILL, Theodore Alton RCAF J/25567 Pilot Officer

RITCHIE, George William RCAF J/16320 Flying Officer
  RIVERS, Russell Nelson, DFC RCAF J/9566 Flight Lieutenant
  ROACH, Martin Leonard RCAF J/8810 Flight Lieutenant
  ROBBINS, Eugene RCAF J/11796 Pilot Officer

ROBERT, Allan Dease RCAF R/77310 Flight Sergeant

ROBERTS, Ernest Wilson David RCAF R/102988 Flight Sergeant
  ROBERTSON, D. J. RCAF R/77296 Sergeant

ROBERTSON, Andrew Crawford Stark RCAF R/93399 Flight Sergeant

ROBERTSON, Ernest Drever RCAF J/10178 Flying Officer
  ROBERTSON, Robert Alvin Ian RCAF R/90527 Warrant Officer, 2
  ROBINSON, Maurice Swailes RCAF R/117623 Sergeant
  ROBSON, John Harris RCAF J/7208 Flight Lieutenant
  ROBYNS,     Sergeant

RODGER, John David James RCAF J16394 Pilot Officer
  RODGER, Margot Taylor RCAF C/4680 Nursing Sister
  ROGER, D.W. RCAF R/53639 Corporal
  ROGERS, George Alexander RCAF J/9312 Pilot Officer
  ROGERS, John     Aircraftman
  ROGERS, Leslie W RCAF   Sergeant
  ROGERS, Robert Wilfrid RCAF J/11786 Pilot Officer

ROLFE, Robert Cecil RCAF R/104858 Flight Sergeant
  ROLFE, Victor, DFC and bar RCAF J/10676 Flight Lieutenant
  ROPER, William Vennor RCAF J/11947 Pilot Officer

ROTENBERG, Arthur RCAF J/16615 Pilot Officer
  ROUSELLE, Peter Jerome RCAF J/11777 Pilot Officer

ROWE, Alfred George, DFC RCAF J/16574 Flight Lieutenant
  ROWE, Edward L L RCAF   Sergeant

ROWE, Maurice Medcalf RCAF R/99614 Flight Sergeant
  ROY,     Corporal

ROY, Joseph Tancrede Robert Jean RCAF R/56194 Warrant officer, Class II
  RUSSELL, Blair Lorraine RCAF J/9322 Pilot Officer
  RUSSELL, P.G. RCAF   Sergeant
  RUSSELL, W.R. RCAF R/108712 Aircraftman, Class 1
  RUTHERFORD, John Thomas "Baptiste" RCAF R/86383 Sergeant
  RYDER, C.A.      

RYNSKI, Joseph Barney RCAF R/148282 Flight Sergeant
  SACOUMAN,     Corporal
  SANDERS, Dudley Alfred RNZAF NZ405609  

SARGENT, William Benedict RCAF J/9318 Flight Lieutenant
  SARGEANT, William Douglas RCAF J/11800 Flight Lieutenant

SAWYER, Rupert Claude RAF GB125574 Flight Lieutenant

SAYERS, John Fisher RCAF R/53361 Flight Sergeant
  SAYRE,     Flying Officer

SCANDIFFIO, Thomas Peter RCAF R/102787 Warrant Officer, Class II
  SCATTERGOOD, Charles RCAF   Sergeant
  SCHAMEHORN, Garnet Ralph RCAF J/19985 Flying Officer
  SCHIER, Kenneth Lloyd RCAF J/8339 Pilot Officer
  SCHINASI, Samuel RCAF R/108484 Sergeant
   SCHMITZ, George RCAF C/3163 Flying Officer

SCHOEPF, Albin Kesley Jr., Purple Heart RCAF/ USAAF C/5516/ O-1699027 Flying Officer/ First Lieutenant

SCHRODER, Donald Kilgour RCAF J/86625 Pilot Officer
  SCOLLAY, William John Robert, DFC RNZAF NZ41497 Flying Officer
  SCOTT,     Leading Aircraftman
  SCOTT, S.H. RCAF   Sergeant

SCOURFIELD, Leslie Rowland RCAF J/9782 Flying Officer

SCRUTON, Albert Cecil RCAF J/7807 Pilot Officer
  SCULLY, G.      
  SEFTON, Frank Hugh Cotterell RCAF C/8748 Flight Lieutenant
  SEIGEL, Everett Kingsley, DFC RCAF J/18475  

SENEZ, Joseph Wilfred Alderic RCAF R/79111 Flight Sergeant

SEWELL, Allen Gerald RCAF R/113789 Leading Aircraftman
  SEWELL, William RCAF J/9062 Pilot Officer
  SHERK, V.W. RCAF R/52104 Corporal

SHAGENA, Carl John RCAF J/11948 Flying Officer
  SHANFIELD,     Sergeant
  SHARPE,      Aircraftman, Class 1

SHARPE, Douglas Haig RCAF J/11485 Flight Lieutenant

SHARPLES, James David, DFC RCAF J/19986 Flying Officer
  SHAW, Gordon Cousins RCAF J/11236 Pilot Officer

SHAW, Joseph Howard Gourley RCAF R/51824 Warrant Officer, Class 1
  SHAW, Victor John Taylor RAAF AUS412733 Flying Officer

SHEA, Wayne Sheldon RCAF J/27813 Flying Officer
  SHERK, V.W. RCAF R/52104 Corporal
  SHERWIN,     Sergeant
  SHEWARD, Frederick Cyril Grant RCAF C/5925 Flying Officer
  SHEILD, Harold John, DFC and bar RNZAF NZ404953 Flight Lieutenant

SHIELDS, Ivan Harley RAAF AUS405885 Flight Sergeant
   SHYBA, Martin Donald RCAF R/76536 Sergeant

SIDES, Roger Fisher Rowe RAAF AUS412850 Sergeant

SILLIS, Robert RCAF R/76683 Warrant Officer, Class II
  SIMPSON, Donald Wallace "Don", DFC RCAF J/11110 Flying Officer
  SIMPSON, R.A.W. RCAF   Sergeant
  SIMS, Richard Paul Andrew RCAF J/11938 Flight Lieutenant

SKELTON, Oliver Henry RCAF Jé18375 Pilot Officer
  SKILLEN, Robert Lyster, DFM RCAF J/18895 Flight Lieutenant
  SKILLETER, Eric Arthur, DFC RCAF J/16999 Pilot Officer

SHOOK, Carl Clynton RCAF R/103000 Flight Sergeant
  SKOUSEN, Ervin M.     Flying Officer


SMALLMAN, Walter Samuel Leslie RAF GB39003 Flight Lieutenant
  SMART, Thomas RCAF J/10011 Pilot Officer

SMEATON, Wilfred Hubert RNZAF NZ405331 Sergeant

SMITH, Alexander John RCAF J/16380 Pilot Officer

SMITH, Armand Joseph Marcel RCAF R/79500 Flight Sergeant
  SMITH, A.R.   R/60278 Sergeant

SMITH, Charles Thomas RCAF R/84977 Warrant Officer, Class II
  SMITH, Clive Graham RCAF J/11960 Pilot Officer
  SMITH, Clyde Cecil RCAF R/84988 Sergeant
  SMITH, D.H. RCAF   Sergeant

SMITH, John Wilmer RCAF R/69401 Flight Sergeant
  SMITH, M.C. RCAF    

SMITH, Owen Albert RCAF J/11116 Flying Officer
  SMITH, Robert Edward RCAF R/115418 Sergeant

SMITH, Shannon Stanley James Hobbs RCAF R/90458 Flight Sergeant

SMITH, William Davis RCAF J/9778 Flying Officer
  SMYTHE, Sidney RCAF J/9573 Flight Lieutenant

SNIDER, Charles Soloman RCAF R/83354 Flight Sergeant
  SNYDER, W.S. RCAF   Sergeant

SOEDER, Glen Andrew RCAF R/87436 Flight Sergeant
  SORSOLEIL,     Flight Lieutenant
  SPARKS, George, POW RCAF J/18782 Flying Officer

SPEARS, Edmund Thomas RCAF R/84639 Sergeant

SPENCE, Malcolm Burgess RCAF J/17487 Pilot Officer
  SPENCER, Richard Henry RCAF J/11790 Pilot Officer
  SPICER,     Sergeant
  St. ARNAUD, A.E.   2191 Flight Sergeant
  STAMPE, Clifford Robert RCAF J/11794 Pilot Officer
  STANLEY, Richard Neil RAAF AUS403963 Flight Lieutenant
  STAPLE,     Sergeant
  STAPLE, Albert Edward Frank RCAF J/10131 Pilot Officer
  STARRATT, David Eybert RCAF J/11506 Pilot Officer
  STEAD, George E.     Leading Aircraftman

STEED, Beecham Isaac Gordon RCAF J/85990 Pilot Officer

STEEVES, Chesley Borden, MiD RCAF J/16802 Flying Officer
  STEEVES, R.D.     Corporal


STENNET,     Corporal
  STERLING, Harold Marshall RCAF R/117708 Sergeant
  STEVENS, Roy Oliver RCAF R/104218 Sergeant

STEVENSON, Alfred William RCAF J/16687 Pilot Officer
  STEWART, John Bradley, MiD RCAF J/36689 Flying Officer

STEWART, Maxwell MacLean RCAF C/8536 Pilot Officer

STIRLING, James Wight RCAF R/67851 Flight Sergeant
  STOCKDALE, Alexander Marlow, DFC RCAF J/10407 Flight Lieutenant
  STOKES, Douglas, MiD RCAF J/20551 Flight Lieutenant

STOLLERY, E. RCAF   Flying Officer
  STONE, Alexander Edwin RCAF J/11788 Pilot Officer

STRAUSS, Robert Harry RCAF J/9328 Flying Officer


STREET, Sydney RAFVR GB1058228 Sergeant
  STROEHAN, K.W.C.     Sergeant

STRONG, Robert Douglas RCAF R/102783 Warrant Officer, Class 2

STROUT, Alfred Carman RCAF J/9481 Flight Lieutenant
  STUART, John "David" RCAF 22066A Warrant Officer, Class 2

STUART, Robert Bruce RCAF R/97131 Flight Sergeant
  STURGEON, Clifford Wallace RCAF J/50561 Flying Officer
  STURROCK, Gregory Alexander RCAF J/11957 Pilot Officer
  SUGARMAN, Ben RCAF   Sergeant

SULLIVAN, Clifford Roy RCAF J/85162 Pilot Officer
  SULLIVAN, D.O. RCAF R/126170 Aircraftman, Class 1
  SULLIVAN, William Kevin, MiD RAAF AUS403966 Flying Officer
  SUTHERLAND, Charles Angus George RCAF J/11785 Pilot Officer
  SUTHERLAND, Frank Alexander, DFM RCAF J/17496 Pilot Officer
  SUTHERLAND, Neil Smith RCAF J/9317 Pilot Officer
  SUTTON, Richard Twiss, POW RCAF J/96279 Pilot Officer
  SWAIN, Aubrey Russell RCAF R/97371 Flight Sergeant
  SWEANEY, George Andrew, DFC, DSO RCAF J/9783 Squadron Leader
  SWEANOR, George Joseph, POW RCAF J/11114 Flight Lieutenant
  SWITZER, William John RCAF J/25559 Pilot Officer
  TAIT, Alfred Smith RCAF J/18234 Flight Lieutenant
  TAMBLYN, Charles Walter Dearness RCAF J/11220 Pilot Officer
  TAPLEY, Colin Edward Livingstone RCAF C/5208 Flying Officer

TARRISON, Maxwell Harry RCAF J/11225 Flying Officer

TARVER, Harold Melville RCAF J/8433 Flying Officer

YAYLOR, Charles Hugh RCAF J/9905 Flight Lieutenant

TAYLOR, George Robert Ian RCAF R/98145 Flight Sergeant

TAYLOR, James RCAF J/9328 Warrant Officer, Class II


TAYLOR, Norman Phillip RAFVR GB/1336198 Sergeant
  TAYLOR, W.E.G. RCAF R/97143 Sergeant

THAIN, Jack Alexander RCAF J/8431 Flying Officer

THATCHER, William RCAF J/11784 Flight Lieutenant

THEBERGE, Jean Marie Marcel Raymond RCAF R/77091 Flight Sergeant

THERIAULT, Henri Paul RCAF J/21300 Flying Officer
  THOMAS, Peter Denton RCAF    
  THOMPSON, C.G.     Sergeant

THOMSON, Frederick Donald RNZAF NZ405298 Flight Sergeant

THOMSON, Robert Andrew RCAF J/10153 Pilot Officer
  THOMPSON, Walter RCAF J/11235 Pilot Officer
  THOMPSON, William Scott RCAF J/11487 Pilot Officer
  THORNE, Harold Floyd RCAF J/11492 Pilot Officer

THORNEYCROFT, Leonard Everett RCAF R/78983 Warrant Officer
  THORPE, David Alexander RCAF J/9569 Pilot Officer


TITTERINGTON, Sydney Desmond, DFC RAAF AUS411553 Flight Lieutenant
  TOLE, George Harold RCAF   Pilot Officer


TOMLINSON, Mansell Matthew RCAF J/9575 Flying Officer

TODD, Francis Lionel RCAF J/10185 Flying Officer

TRACEY, Harold Vernon RCAF R/84804 Sergeant
  TREMBLAY, H.E. RCAF R/12078 Aircraftman, Class 1
  TRIMBLE,     Warrant Officer

TRIPLETT, Leslie Edward RCAF J/11774 Flying Officer

TRITT, Jack RCAF R/66697 Flight Sergeant
  TRUMPOUR, John Grenfell, POW RCAF J/96368 Pilot Officer
  TUCKER, McDonald Charles, DFC RCAF J/17744 Flying Officer
  TULLY, Ralph Wilbert, DFC, POW RCAF J/18180 Flying Officer

TUNNEY, Lawrence Raymond RCAF R/111442 Sergeant
  TUPLIN, Robert Edgar RCAF   Leading Aircraftman
  TURNBULL, Donald O.     Squadron Leader
  TURNER, C.W.     Flying Officer
  TYLER,     Flying Officer

UDELL, Donald RCAF R/68267 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  UENCHIARUTTI, Suilio RCAF   Sergeant
  VAIL, Wilfred Haskell RCAF   Aircraftman, Class 1
  VAILLANCOURT, J.J.   7618 Corporal


VALGARDSON,     Sergeant

VALLANCE, Lloyd George RCAF J/10684 Flying Officer
  VALLINSKY, S. RCAF   Sergeant
  Van DOREN, E.F.     Flying Officer
  Van Der GOSS, Louis Henri Phillippe RCAF J/9561 Pilot Officer
  VEITCH, E.B, (Dental Officer)     Captain

VEIRA, Basil Vernon Lancelot, DFC RCAF J/10677 Flying Officer

VENN, Arthur James, RCAF J/87754 Pilot Officer
  VERNEY, Vernon Noel, DFC RAAF AUS405891 Flight Lieutenant

VIAU, Joseph Alfred Jean Louis RCAF R/95518 Flight Sergeant
  VOGAN, George Lindsay, MiD, DFC RCAF J/17351 Squadron Leader

VOSE, James Samuel RCAF R/93441 Warrant Officer, Class 2

VYE, Byron Emerson Alwyn RCAF J/11791 Flying Officer

WADDELL, Woodrow Wilcox RCAF R/67738 Flight Sergeant

WAGNER, Robert Eugene RCAF J/16323 Pilot Officer

WAINWRIGHT, Alan Ewart Gilbert RCAF J/7806 Pilot Officer
  WALDRON, William Kenneth RCAF J/8809 Flight Lieutenant

WALKER, Arthur Douglas RCAF J/10056 Flying Officer
  WALKER, Bertram Somerville RAAF AUS412864 Flight Lieutenant
  WALLACE, Alexander Cameron "Cam", DFC RCAF J/11946 Flight Lieutenant

WALLACE, George Ernest RCAF J/10183 Flying Officer
  WALLER, Stephen John William, MiD RCAF J/10012 Flight Lieutenant
  WALSH, Edgar Grattan RCAF J/9530 Pilot Officer
  WALSH, G.J. RCAF R/81825 Aircraftman, Class 1

WALTON, Jonathan Harvey RCAF R/137620 Flight Sergeant

WARD, Francis Henry "Frank", DFM RAAF AUS411207  Flight Sergeant

WARD, Hugh Denis George RCAF R/117558 Warrant Officer, Class II
  WARD, R.H. RCAF   Sergeant
  WARD, Roy Henry RAAF AUS402711 Warrant Officer

WARMAN, John Henri RCAF R/84897 Sergeant

WARNER, John William RCAF R/99548 Flight Sergeant

WARWICK, Douglas William RCAF J/11112 Flying Officer
  WASHBURN, Robert B. RCAF R/126186 Warrant Officer
  WASHINGTON, Alwyn Day Coleman RCAF J/7998 Pilot Officer
  WATAVE,     Sergeant

WATSON, James RCAF J/10693 Pilot Officer
  WATSON, John Henry, MiD RCAF J/7802 Flying Officer
  WATSON, Laverne Clair RCAF J/11228 Pilot Officer

WATTERS, William John RCAF R/86348 Warrant Officer, Class II
  WATTS, W. "Jack:      
  WEBB,      Flying Officer



WECKER, Alvah Rodney RAAF AUS404676 Flying Officer

WELCH, Harry William RCAF J/16600 Pilot Officer
  WELCH, Henry W. "Huck" RCAF   Sergeant
  WESTBROOK, J.J. RCAF   Sergeant
  WESTELL, Robert Allan, DFC RCAF J/16965 Flight Lieutenant
  WICKHAM,     Warrant Officer, Class II

WILLOUGHBY, Edwin Burtram RCAF J/85159 Pilot Officer
  WILSON, D.T.     Captain

WILSON, John Wallace RCAF R/102722 Flight Sergeant
  WILSON, Robert John RCAF J/9572 Pilot Officer

WILSON, Thompson Lawrie RCAF J/8129 Pilot Officer

WHEELER, George Howard RCAF J/10045 Flying Officer

WHITCOMBE, William Henry RNZAF NZ41561 Sergeant
  WHITE, Ernest Elsworth RCAF J/7799 Flight Lieutenant

WHITE, John Duncan Drummond "Jack" RCAF R/85735 Sergeant
  WHITE, John Robert RCAF J/10680 Pilot Officer
  WHITE, Ken      

WHITE, Robert John, DFM RCAF J/17506 Flying Officer
  WHITE, W.L. RCAF   Sergeant
  WHITELEY, J.J.     Corporal
  WIGGS, Robert Jackson RCAF J/10059 Pilot Officer

WIGLE, George Benson RCAF R/98456 Warrant Officer, Class 2
  WILDE/ WILES, Eric     Aircraftman

WILE, Floyd Alvin RCAF J/16872 Pilot Officer
  WILKINSON, David Harold RCAF   Sergeant

WILLIAMS, James Lionel Tupuae RNZAF NZ41386 Warrant Officer
  WILLIAMS, L.F.     Pilot Officer
  WILLIAMS, Maldwyn George RCAF R/110018 Sergeant
  WILLIAMS, Norman Brock RCAF J/10042 Pilot Officer
  WILLIAMS, Reginald James, DFC RCAF J/17821 Pilot Officer
  WILLIAMS, Vernon Albert "Vern", DFC RCAF J/9577 Flying Officer
  WILLIAMSON, Ronald, DFC RAAF AUS409461 Flight Lieutenant
  WILLIAMSON, William Alfred "Bill", POW RCAF J/18458 Pilot Officer
  WILLOUGHBY, R.E. RCAF   Sergeant
  WILLIS, G.F.D.     Flying Officer
  WILLIS, K.E. RCAF   Sergeant
  WILLIS, Philip Ernest RCAF C/3239 Squadron Leader
  WILSON, D.T.     Captain
  WILSON, R.J. RCAF   Sergeant
  WILSDON, Raymond William RCAF J/11243 Pilot Officer
  WILSON, I.V. RCAF R/126188 Aircraftman, Class 1

WILSON, John Wallace RCAF R/102722 Flight Sergeant

WILSON, Thompson Lawrie RCAF J/8129 Pilot Officer
  WILSON, William George, MiD RCAF J/11215 Flying Officer
  WINCHESTER, Sidney Arthur RCAF   Flight Lieutenantt
  WINDLE, Bernard Patrick RCAF R/96250 Sergeant

WINTER, Benjamin RCAF R/58539 Warrant Officer, Class I
  WISEMAN, Percy Bernand      
  WISKIN, Eric Walter RCAF J/8804 Flight Lieutenant

WITHERS, Joseph Alan William RCAF J/10182 Flying Officer
  WOLFERSTAN, John RCAF C/1430 Flight Lieutenant
  WOOD, Denis Ainsworth RCAF J/8332 Flight Lieutenant

WOOD, George RCAF J/10688 Flying Officer

WOOD, John Kenneth RCAF R/82786 Warrant Officer, Class II
  WOODCOCK, Joseph Marshall RCAF J/11505 Pilot Officer


WOODHAMS, George Thomas John RCAF R/58453 Sergeant

WOODMAN, James Donald RCAF J/11232 Flying Officer

WOODS, Ross Clifton RCAF R/93015 Sergeant
  WOODSIDE, Harry Hickford Gilmour, MiD RCAF J/18035 Flight Lieutenant
  WOOF,     Sergeant


WOOLCOTT, Edmund Leigh RAAF AUS412046 Pilot Officer

WOOLNER, Robert Ward RCAF R/80999 Flight Sergeant


WORLEY, Robert Stephen Borden RCAF J/85180 Pilot Officer
  WORTH, A.H. RCAF R/112233 Leading Aircraftman
  WORTHYLAKE, Millan Grant RCAF R/88344 Sergeant
  WRIGHT, G.E. RAFVR GB1376774 Sergeant

WRIGHT, Sydney Henry Arthur RCAF C/8592 Pilot Officer
  WRIXON, E.M. RCAF   Sergeant
  WRY,     Sergeant
  WYMAN, Sydney Russell, MiD(2) RCAF J/8330 Squadron Leader

YEOMAN, Kenneth Averyd RNZAF NZ401389 Sergeant
  YEO, William     Sergeant Major

YEOMAN, Kenneth Harry RNZAF NZ41389 Sergeant

YOUNG, Archibald Kawy RCAF R/102677 Warrant Officer

YOUNG, Gordon Kenneth RCAF R/90189 Warrant Officer, Class 2

ZAPFE, Willard Christian RCAF J/7024 Flying Officer

ZEALAND, John Herbert RCAF J/16639 Pilot Officer

ZOEPHEL, Peter Charles RCAF J/11212 Flying Officer
  ZORA, Nicholas RCAF J/8331 Squadron Leader
bulletDenotes those who were killed in training accidents. LAC J.A. Hoople died of natural causes while stationed at No.2 ANS, Pennfield Ridge.
poppyDenotes those who have been reported killed or missing in action.
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Those servicemen appearing above with just surnames and/or partial first names have been acquired from a variety of different sources. Therefore individual ranks currently listed, in most cases, may not reflect the rank they held upon discharge.

Abbreviations Used Stands For
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAF Royal Air Force
RAFVR Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
USAAF United States Army Air Forces
AFC Air Force Cross
AFM Air Force Medal
CBE Commander of the Order of the British Empire
CC Companion of the Order of Canada
CGM Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (Flying)
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
DFM Distinguished Flying Medal
MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire
MiD Mention in Despatches
DSO Distinguished Service Order

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