Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society's Mandate

Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society's mandate

    The "Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society" is a non-profit, charitable organization that was incorporated 28th November 2007 under the Province of New Brunswick Companies Act.  The mandate is as follows:

1. To discover, procure, collect, preserve, display, and interpret material of historical value associated with the area

2. To encourage and assist in the writing of histories, historical essays and the recording of personal reminiscences by way of print, audio or digital means

3. To disseminate information by way of lectures, pictures and discussions, and by radio, T.V., internet, newspapers, festivals, and other means to awaken the general public interest

4. To have a continuing interest in such current events as may be part of history yet to be written, and to record them, in journal or other form, with photographs and sound accompaniment when practical

5. To do all such things ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable objectives

Anyone with any information on local servicemen and women from Pennfield Parish, information on the former Air Station and/or Camp Utopia, photographs, artifacts or memories to share of this area please feel free to contact G. Christian Larsen at:

Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society 
c/o G. Christian Larsen
309 Mealey Rd.
Pennfield, NB
E5H 1T5
(506) 456-3494
E-mail: [email protected]

Anyone who lives in the area, appointments are available to bring your material in to have it scanned and then returned to you. If you are unable to travel please contact us and we will come to you.

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