Air Station (Today's Remnants - Misc. Photographs)

Air Station
Today's Remnants - Misc. Photographs

25 YARD RANGE (Photographs by John W. Gardner - May 6, 2008)

4507'16"N  6641'40"W.

Close-up view

Small room (east side of structure)

Small room (west side of structure)

Munitions Shelters (Photographs by Greg McDowell - October 21, 2007)

Number 1 (N.4507.864 W 6642.143)

Number 2 (N.4507.796 W 6642.120)

Number 3 (N.4507.801 W 6642.174)

Number 4 (N.4507.839 W 6642.193)

Air Station  (Photographs by John W. Gardner - May 6, 2008)

Runway Number 3 (S.6920'W.) - 150' wide X 4983'3" long

Remnants of concrete pad from No.1 Hangar

Looking east down Bishop Street

Remnants of plumbing system

Remnants of plumbing system 

Support pads of Number 5 Hanger

Remnants of a building

Remnants of drain from No.5 Hangar 

Stairs to nowhere ?
Near the old Tatton place

Bent rebar

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