John Munroe, Pennfield, NB Loyalist

John MUNROE, Loyalist
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The following information was researched by Rachel Duffalo and her father Olier D. Valliere.

    John Munroe served as a private in the Hussar troop of the Queens Rangers.  For a good part of his service, he was in the regiment of Lieut.  Col. John Graves Simcoe.

    His name is listed on the muster rolls from 25 Apr 1779 through 24 Aug 1779  and 25 Aug 1780 though 24 Apr 1783 (last known muster roll).  He served in  companies under Capt. James Murray, Capt. Alexander Wickham, Lt. Alan McNab  and Capt. John Saunders.

    John's troop was disbanded at Saint John on 14 Oct 1783. He drew Lot #759 in  Parr-town (now city of Saint John) and was granted Lot #439 at Carleton (now  West Saint John).  It is doubtful that he actually settled at either place.

    He was married to Hannah Cross in Maugerville in 1791 and in 1793 he had a  lot on Grand Lake, Sunbury County.  In about 1803, he moved his family to Pennfield, where he received a land grant in 1815 of 220 acres for his service with the Queen's Rangers.

For more information contact: Rachel Duffalo or Bill Libby.

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