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Along with the introduction to my main Morehouse files, this page contains misc. data found for the Morehouse name in the early years of the settlement of New Brunswick. Although much of this extra data will be for the Loyalist era, some will extend well into the 1800's. If anyone can shed light on any of these people, it will be much appreciated by the numerous people who are working to untangle the many branches of this tree.

There were numerous persons by the name of Morehouse who came to New Brunswick at the close of the Revolutionary War. Relationship has not yet been established between many of them, but it is suspected that a relationship can be found for at least a few, if not here in NB, at least in some previous generation.

My main focus of research will be the descendants of Daniel Morehouse-1587, who d. ca. 1806, and his wife Mary, whose surname is unknown to me at this time. They settled on the east side of the River Saint John, in the area of Keswick, York County, New Brunswick.

I have been able to trace my own lineage back to a Daniel Morehouse-906, and his wife Hannah Hanson, from this same area of the province. Their descendants intermarried extensively with those of the former Daniel mentioned above, and it would appear that indeed he is probably a grandson, or great-grandson of Daniel and Mary. I have linked his line, as well as those of a few other unconnected lines to an unnamed son of Daniel and Mary. They may not belong there, but this is an effort to have all these seemingly connected lines tied together so that research might continue and no members be lost.

To complicate matters there was a Loyalist - Daniel Morehouse, who married Jane Gill, and settled a few miles from Daniel and Mary, at Queensbury, York County. This Daniel is younger than the settler in Keswick, probably young enough to be a son but does not appear to be. Nor do these lines seem to mix with each other.

Then there is a group of odd Morehouse individuals. Although I have not traced many of the "odd" members very far, I have done a bit of work on most of them, to see where they lead. A number of years ago there was a lady, Inez Morehouse, who was working on the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia lines. Her research notes have been placed in the Provincial Archives of Nova Scotia.

Mrs. Morehouse completed the first vol. of a series she had planned, but unfortunately death intervened before the next one was ready for publication. However, I had corresponded with her for sometime before her death and know that she had not separated the two Daniel Morehouses who were Loyalist settlers in York County, NB.

Her published work went into great detail about the pre-NB & NS era of the family, and it may be that we will be able to find out more of our NB lines from this source. As time goes by I will try and work out a possible lineage chart and add it to this site, but for now I am going to concentrate in the New Brunswick lines.

Known Loyalist Settlers by the Name of Morehouse

Daniel Morehouse * - served in New York Volunteers (settled at Keswick, York Co., NB)

Daniel Morehouse * - from CT Quarter-Master of Queens Ranger (settled in Queensbury, York Co, NB)

James Morehouse * - a carpenter from CT (d. 1784, received a Parr Town lot, #1078)

Noah Morehouse * - a farmer from CT (received a Parr Town lot # 1373  and settled in Hamond River, Kings Co. NB)

Samuel  Morehouse * - settled in Maugerville, Sunbury Co., NB - Could this be my Daniel's father???

Theophilus Morehouse * - served in New York Volunteers (settled at Keswick, York Co., NB. He was s/o  Daniel of NY Vol.)

* Items from  The Loyalist of New Brunswick, by Esther Clark Wright / p. 307

James Morehouse & Noah Morehouse
 Loyalist All - Stories told about New Brunswick Loyalist By their Descendants
(Ancestors of Thomas David Barnes: Henry Fowler, James  Morehouse and John Prince)

          JAMES MOREHOUSE - is believed to have been born in Connecticut.  He married Abigail Baxter.  He and Abigail,  together with their grown children Noah and Betty, sailed as  Loyalist on the ship "Eagle" (in John Smith's Company),  landing at Saint John, New Brunswick sometime in 1783; he  received a land grant on King Street.  Early in 1784 Morehouse died, and was buried in the Loyalist Burial Ground.  His widow, Abigail, with children Noah and Betty, moved up to French Village.  Henry Fowler and the Morehouse Family probably came on the same ship, for it must have been soon after their coming to French Village that Betty married Henry Fowler. (Abigail's parents, the Baxters, had also settled there.)  Abigail's son, Noah, never married.  He bought Lot No. 9 from Henry Fowler, and after he and his mother died the property reverted to Henry.  Abigail and Noah were buried in Bull's Hill Burial Ground,  The remains of the old Morehouse home can still be seen in French Village.

The History of the Fowlers
by Christine Cecilia Fowler

p 256 James & Noah Morehouse, who had "lost landed estate without the city" (NY) and were likely to lose what they had there, applied for land in Nova Scotia (The Record, 1890, p. 180).  Jonathan Morehouse was tried in the West Co Court of General Sessions for "adhering to the Enemy".

p. 347 Henry M. Morehouse, Canaan, NY, Nov 29, 1851  Along with a David Ford, Canaan, NY. Signed a will of an Israel Fowler.

Land Petition

Noah Morehouse asks the Lot A, in the Grant to James Fowler and others on Hammond River - Kennebeccasis  Complied with / 8th March 1788

To His Excellency Thomas Carleton, Capt. & [...] & Governor in Chief of the Province of New Brunswick, Chancellor & Vice Admir. of the Same, &c, &c, &c -

The Memorial of Noah Moorehouse most Humbly Sheweth -
        That he is at present Residing on Hammon River - having Early Last Spring made Application for a Lott of Land Lying on the Aforesaid River - Sd. Lott is Marked A. --- your Memorialist has hitherto made Enquiries for Answer to Sd. Memorial But never Recd. Any - Wherefore to prevent Further Difficulties your Memorialist Is [reduced] to Ask again for the Same Lott and Desire Answer to this [? is it might Sum mite] to your Excellency.
That no Obstacle should prevent itself That might prevent your memorialist In proving Said Lott to the Best of his ability, As he Hath made a Very Considerable Improvement Thereon the Summer Season past, Being Destitute of any other lands to improve ---.
        In Complying with this request your Petitioner will Hold Himself in Duty Bound to Ever Pray, And Be Thankful.
        Noah Moorhouse
        Parish of Sussex in Kings County, Jany. 16th 1788.

L-106 (old film number at PANB) prob. D.R. Jacks supp papers?

In 1783 James and Noah were given town lots in Saint John,  NB and 5 years later was given a rural grant in Kings County, NB.

104th Regiment of Foot . . . Index List of men in the NB Fencibles
(0ld film number at PANB L-107)

            Levi Morehouse

Northumberland County Marriage Records Vol 1

            # 52  4 Jun 1818 Levi Morehouse  (Ludlow) m.  Elizabeth Weaver (Ludlow)

Levi Morehouse family data

Levi Morehouse (58-1861 - Dutch - entered 1815);  m. 4 Jun 1818, Northumberland Co, NB  (wit: Henry & Enoch Weaver) Elizabeth Weaver (__-1861 - Dutch)  d/o Frank Weaver. {Fam. resided in Ludlow, Northumberland Co, NB} (The data collected does not seem to be correct. It is poss two separate generations are mixed together in this record.)

  i Nathaniel (__-1861/38-1871/47-1881)
Nathaniel m. 6 Oct 1856, Blackville (II/338), Agnes Connors (8 children)
ii Hannah
Hannah m. Jeremiah Arbeau (3 children)
iii Mary  (16-1861)
    Mary  m. 11 Aug 1853 (II/276) William Deane (Blackville)
  iv Nancy (14-1861)
    Nancy m. 8 Mar 1860, Blackville, Northumberland County, (I/422), Charles Connors  (issue of 5) or (9 children)
vi Frederick (12-1861/32-1871/40-1881)
Frederick m. Susannah Melvina Turner (10 children)
iv David (10-1861) (went to Utah, no further records of him.)
v [Novinie] (female) (5-1861) (poss. a grandchild?)
01: Northumberland County Census = Blackville Parish
02: L-140, p. 52
03: Eugene Campbell, Oromocto, NB
       = lists family as: Frederick m. Susannah Melvina Turner (10 children); Nathaniel m. Agnes Connors (8 children); Nancy m. Charles Connors (9 children); Hannah m. Jeremiah Arbeau (3 children); David (went to Utah, no further records of him.)

 104th Regiment of Foot
(old film number L-107; p.225)

Morehouse - Stephen (Private) 19 Dec 1804 deserted 1805

New Brunswick Loyalist
by Sharon Dubeau

p. 4
          ANDREWS, Rev. Samuel: from CT  ...  His wife Hannah ...  His children include: Elisha  ...; George ...; and their only daughter Hannah (1768-1827) m. Daniel Morehouse.  All are buried in the Old Burial Ground at St Andrews. (Who was this the Daniel ?)

John & Jonathan Morehouse - Although there are a few references to these men in NB records, it appears they both settled in Nova Scotia.

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