Anglican Churches in New Brunswick, Canada
Anglican Church of Canada - in New Brunswick
Divided by Archdeaconries - Deaneries - Parishes - Churches
Past and Present

(This off site link will add names of ministers, etc. with some e-mail addresses.)

This page is a work in progress, and will be an effort to list all known Anglican churches in New Brunswick, whether still in use today, abandoned, or distroyed. At the end of this page is a list of special ministries and educational units.

I have a listing of the divisions, down to the Parishes*, and have found a number of the individual church names. However, I have not been able to identify where a number of these individual churches fit in this format. I believe I have identified what Deanery most of them fit into, by their civil addresses. These names are in blue type, and assistance would be appreciated in fiting them into their proper place. (* Church, not cicil parishes.)

The names of Parishes often reflect the name of the Church (ie: St Margaret's Church is in St Margaret's Parish, Fredericton.) However, a number of Parishes have names such as the "Parish of Derby and Blackville", which in turn has several small churches within its parish boundary.

Some of the parishes or individual churches are linked to their official websites. These sites often have extensive history as well as currant data. Others are one page sites with only a brief recording of present day information. Some of these links may disappear over time. If you find a broken link I would appreciated being notified.