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Northumberland Genealogy

Northumberland Genealogy - Research aids

Useful links to help you in your research - free and paid information
St. Michaels Museum - Chatham (Miramichi City) New Brunswick
The Latter Day Saints Search Site
St. John New Brunswick Clearing house records 1832
Partridge Island Centre for Immigration
How to decipher old handwriting
Sandra Devlin's Missing Links page
Pier 21
Immigrants to Canada and the Ships they came on
Canadian Sites with Genealogical Source Material
Big Eye Genealogy search site
I Dream of Genealogy - Canada section
Ship Builders and Mariners
Nova Scotia Bound- Ships Lists
Cyndi's Lists - Ships -
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
Ships of the Yorkshire Emigration
Passenger Ships to Pictou Nova Scotia
Research Guides from the PANB site
Genealogy Look Ups lists
A.J. Morris Genealogy
Global Genealogy Site
Canadian Library and Archives
Irish Ancestors
Irish Name Locator
Kane Ancestral Map of Ireland
Gen Exchange
Arnie's Home Page - Ships Lists
Alan Tupman Genealogy & Ships Lists
RootsWeb Obituary Lists..searchable
Irish Famine information
Beaubear's Island web site
McAlpines Directory - County of Northumberland 1870-71
Richard Olsen's New Chatham Web Site
Natural History Museum and Ships Arrivals