Northumberland County: Heritage
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** This area is under construction and will eventually include a brief overview of Northumberland County history. **

Northumberland County was one of the original New Brunswick counties, and as such, has quite an extensive history.

* Genealogy Tips
* The Great Miramichi Fire of 1825
* Canadian National Geographic Article - Miramichi
* Two Fathers of Confederation by Edith McAllister
* Northumberland County Probate Record Index 1832-1899
* North Esk Parish School Returns from Cleadie Barnett
* South Nelson and Semiwagon Ridge School returns 1834 - 1842
* Nelson School List 1842
* Nelson School List 1877-78
* Nelson area School Lists - Semiwagon Ridge - Barnaby River
* Marine Hospital Douglastown
* Douglastown Brass Band
* Captain Hewison - A poem about the sailors of the Miramichi
* Poetry by Michael Whalen - the poet of the Miramichi
* Hutchison's New Brunswick Directory 1867-68
* Rankin Hutchison House Douglastown
* Legends of the Miramichi and Northumberland County
* George Burchill-John Harley and Beaubear's Island
* The Moose Story
* Currency in early New Brunswick
* Historic Buildings submitted by Richard Olsen - owner- Robert Power
* Early Settler Parish Entry Dates