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New Brunswick - Canada

Kings County is located in Southern New Brunswick and is surrounded by Saint John, Queens and Albert Counties. Kings County has rolling hills and is ideal for farming (in most places). Sussex is the major business area for the County, and is half way between Moncton and Saint John (abt 1 hr drive or 45 miles) and 1 ¼ hr to Fredericton.

For a quick map of the area go to imput Sussex, NB and you will see a map of the area. Also, with mapquestt you can get directions to places.

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The proximity of Kingston Parish to Saint John City, has led to many events in the lives of its residents to take place in the city. In fact, in years gone by, it was not uncommon for whole families to live in Saint John during the winter months and return to the land in time for spring planting. Or - for families of mariners to wile away the long months of separation there. With this in mind, it is wise to consider that such events as marriages might well have occurred there.

The Kingston Peninsula was early an area for ship building, and has also supplied New Brunswick with many river and sea captains. Once a ships was built, the local mariners sailed it to Saint John, and often on to the British Isles where it was sold. Occasionally these ships were built for local sale, and then sailed away to follow the international trade.

A voyage would take up much of the year. Several years ago, I had typed up letters to and from family members involved in such a voyage. These letters gave an insight into the lives of those who stayed at home, as well as the shipping trade in that era. Sailing Days (The Holder Family) and the Crawford Diary, fills in our knowledge of the era. I think both items are at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB), and would be well worth the time spent reading them, even if they are not of our own lineage.

The Gorham manuscript(s), also at PANB, and recorded in part under the title of R. P. Gorham Collection , is a collection of Historical data, and brief accounts of Loyalist settlers in the area of Kingston Parish.

When New Brunswick was still part of Nova Scotia (in the pre Loyalist era) the lands that were set apart as the Township of Conway extended up the Saint John River to encompas part of the land now within Kings County. (see: The Studholm Report and the accompanying map.)

Also, some land quit rent, for land owners in Wickham Parish, Queens County, were paid to Kings County. The quit rent books are at the Archives in Fredericton. (Information received from Ernest Graham, Kings County, N. B.)