Various items 1890+
Transcribed by Diana Purdue

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Personal Notes- Richibucto Review- Aug. 21 1890
Mr. Frank Curran was in town last week
Mrs. C. C. Carlyle was in town for a few days this week
Mr. Eva Sutton who is town will remain for some time.
Rev. M. F. Richard of Rogersville was in town on Thursday.
"Cliff" Atkinson of Kouchibouguac was in town on Monday.
Mr. Thos. Hudson of South Branch visited our office on Tuesday.
Mrs. Mary McInerney of Kingston left on Saturday to visit friends in Chatham.
Miss Mary Chrystal left on Saturday for Campbellton to resume school there.
Miss Jane Scott and Mrs. Pickrant of Moncton are visiting Mr. Thos. Scott's Jardineville.
Miss Nan Hutchinson of Kingston is home from Boston where she had spent the last year.
Misses Annie and Ida Wry of Portland Me. are visiting their uncle Mr. James Wry of Kingston.
Miss Minnie Curran of New Mills who has been very sick at Kingston is able to be about again.
Mr. Chas. McAlmon of Boston arrived in Kingston on Wed and is at the Kent Northern Hotel
Mr. John Beattie of Chatham Junction and Miss Annie Graham of Col(?...) Ont are visiting friends in town
Mr. Wm. Parks of Derby Miramichi who has been visiting friends in Kingston left for home on Wed last.
Mrs. A. F. Whitman of Boston is visiting at Mr. Peter Wilson's, Kingston. She is delighted with the country and climate.
Mr. Wm. E. Forbes arrived home on Friday after a very  creditable course in Belleville Business College, Belleville Ontario.
Mrs. Mundee of Halifax is visiting her sister Mrs. K. B. Forbes.  Miss Sadie Mundee has also returned home after visiting friends in Halifax.
Mrs. George Haley and her sister Miss Mamie Wilson left on Tuesday for St. John where they will remain for some time visiting friends.
Mr. Hugh Jardine C E  of Kingston arrived home on Thurs. from Frostburg, Md.
He will return after spending a short time.
Mr. W. Brait of Kingston left on Tues. morning on board the schooner Daniel for Summerside , PE Island.  Mr. Brait took four cargoes of lumber with him.
Mr. John Beattie of Chatham Junction formerly of Richibucto was in town this week
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Irving of East Douglas Mass. are visiting Mr. Irving's parents in Kingston.
Main River Notes
Watson's Crossing, so called was the scene of a gay festival on Wed last when a number of Maine River's fair assembled to have a picnic.  Hugh MacKay, Esq. furnishing the team.  Many thanks are tendered to Hugh for the kindness and cordiality exhibited by him on the occasion
James Mundle's buckwheat field gives promise of one of the finest yields in Kent this year. Rumour tells us that James is going to get a helpmate to assist him fry his pancakes.
Report says that Ernest Ferguson is about to form a life partnership.  Congratulations are tendered in advance.
Never has our post office been so well attended as in the past year under the supervision of our worthy postmaster W. W. Graham.
Mr. Alex Murray and her daughter Mrs. Alex Curran have returned from the Cape where they have been spending the past week.
Christain Olsen is repairing  buildings at " Oak Point" this week.
Mrs. Ada Bateman has returned to her home in Shediac after spending an enjoyable time with her friend Mrs. Allanach.
Kouchibouguac Notes
We understand McLeod's Mill is done sawing for the season
Trout fishing is about over here at the mill and down at the brook too; as far as the brook is concerned, and netting is also too slow for the boys, nothing short of giant powder and dynamite will do them now.  If this thinking is kept up the pool will be ruined.  What's the matter with Mr. Guimond that he can't look after this.
A great many of the young men and maidens who have been away in Uncle Sam's domain have returned for a vacation. This makes times quite lively picnics, dances,etc.  They all seem to be having a good time.
Bass River Notes
The "Mayflowers" succeeded in defeating the "Actives" of Chatham, on the home ground, of the 14 inst.
The Gladstones went to Campbellton to play the North Stars on the 20 inst  The game came to a very unsuccessful ending during the first half of the third inning, the Gladestones retiring form the field when refused a new umpire.
Personal Notes August 28 1890
Two men in Kouchiboucguac picked a barrel of Blueberries in one day last week.  as much as thirty pickers could be seen at one time on the plain in the rear of Robert Murphy's farm.
Messers J. and T. Jardine's barks Ossuna and Kofioma left Liverpool together and arrived here together.  Only about two hours difference
Rev H. Warman will preach on Friday evening next at Mill Creek and on Sabbath, 31st inst, at Richibucto, 11 Kingston, 3 Molus River, 7 Rev Tennant at Coatesville 10:30 Little River, Buctouche 7
Mr. Robert Law has been unable to find any trace of his watch a valuable gold one, which was abstracted from his pocket some time ago while he was asleep in the Kent hotel.
At a bazaar held in Campbellton in aid of the new RC Convent, Dr. W. P. Doherty received the award of being the most popular physician in the town.  A prize of a valuable horse was awarded the doctor. The doctor is a son of J. W. Doherty, M.D. of Kingston and a review subscriber.
Last Wed a party consisting of Dr. Leger, MP, Wm. Brait, Edmond Hutchinson and harbour master Jardine went down to the bar for the purpose of seeing what is best to be done towards improving the harbour.
Personal Notes Sept 4 1890
The heavy winds of last Wed night destroyed several of Miss Sutton's apple trees which were heavily laden with choice fruit.
Mr. Jas. L. Miller of St. Nicholas River lost a valuable Clydesdale colt last week
Mr. Thos. Flett is having his mill at Nelson lighted by electricity.  The plant is being put in by the Chatham Electric Light Co, MacDougall Snowball manager
On monday a little boy , son of Mr. John Marshall was run over by a team belonging to Mr. J. F. Black.  The little fellow was badly bruised, but no bones were broken.
Three of the fleet of old schooners belonging to Kingston have gone within the past two of three weeks, the Ellen, Lily and Mary Mack.  This ought to make room for some good coasting.
The service prepartory to the communion will be held in the Presbyterian Church Kouchibouguac on Friday 5th at 3pm.  Mr. Greenlees exchanges with Rev. Wm. Hamilton next Sunday.
Mr. John McNulty of St. Nicholas River lost an ox by drowning last week.  In trying to swim the river the animal got tangled in a water fence and drowned before being discovered.
A. Robb and Son's foundry and machine shops were burned to the ground Thursday night.  four dwelling houses were also burned and five I.C.R cars.  Messers Robb's probable loss will be $75,000
A little girl three year old, belonging to Mr. James Fitzpatrick was run over by a team on Saturday and severely injured.  The owner of the team is unknown.  There is far too much fast driving on the street.
Schooner Samuel O'Bear, Capt Wade of and from the Miramichi for Charlottetown ran in here last night for shelter last Wed night.  Mr. John Matheson and son were passengers.  The O'Bear proceeded on her voyage the following morning.
Personal Notes Sept 11 1890
Dr. Thos. Bourque, who was present at the reopening of Memramcook college, says that 113 students were in attendance that day
A plank is needed in the sidewalk in front of Mr. Wm. White's residence to cover a very dangerous hole.  This is one of the results of allowing cattle to roam about our streets.
H. C. Charters, proprietor of the Four Flag store opposite city market building Moncton is clearing out his extensive stock of dry foods at a great sacrifice.
H.G. Marr of Moncton is showing one of the finest stocks of millinery ever seen in the province which he is selling at extremely low prices.
Mr. and Mrs. Patk. Whalen, of East Branch celebrated the 60th anniversary of their wedding last Sunday.  Mr. W. is 87 years old and Mrs. W. is 84 yrs.  Both are hale and hearty and may live for many years yet.
Some parties in the states are inquiring about a family named Whalen, living some thirty years ago on a farm near Richibucto... Mrs. Whalens name was Mary Clark.
Mr. J. F. Atkinson is building a dwelling house.  Mr. David Thompson the builder expects to have it ready for occupancy in the fall.
R. F. Armstrong of Halifax, general agent for CPR remained over at the Central, Monday night.
Mr. O. Smith of Kingston, Wm. Powell of Moncton and J Stevenson of Richibucto registered at the Central on Saturday.
Cocagne  Notes Sept 11 1890
The Lordship Bishop Sweeney has recently visited this quarter of his see attending his ecclesiastical duties and administered the sacrament of confirmation to a large number of children on Tuesday.
Mr. P. Grogan has in course of construction at the rear of his store a large shed and Mr. S. Bourgeois is having the interior of his store remodeled to be more in the conformity with the rules of modern architecture; while directly opposite and fronting the post office Mr. M. Bilodeau of the firm of Grogan & Bilodeau is excavating a large cellar preparatory to putting up a building next summer.
Personal Sept 11 1890
On account the Rev. Wm. Tennant being called to St. John the appointments in connection with the Methodist churches will be as follows:  Rev J Seller will preach Friday evening 12 inst, at Mill Creek on Sabbath next at Richibucto, 11; Kingston, 3; Buctouche 7; on Monday eve at Dixon's Point and on Tuesday evening 7 o'clock at Coatesville
The following from Kent County successfully passed examination for admission to the Normal School Fredericton: Marie E Bourque, Buctouche; Mary B Buckley, Weldford; Marie E Girouard, Buctouche; Margaret G Grahame, Main River.  One hundred and eighty four were examined, 164 passed 20 failed and eight enrolled on matriculation certificates of New Brunswick University and McGill College, Montreal.
Local and General  Sept 18 1890 
Serious Accident of the ICR
Last Sunday evening a young man named Victor Arsenau was struck by a working train at Rogersville and severely injured.  He was badly cut about the forehead and a part of his skull was crushed.  He was taken to the Hotel Dieu Chatham,  Little hope is entertained for his recovey
Chatham Notes
We regret to announce the death of A. E. Patterson which occurred at the residence of his sister Mrs. Stothart Sunday evening.  Albert was one of our most popular young men an accomplished muscian and generous and noble disposition.  He will be mourned by a large circle of friends.
Priests House Robbed
The house of Rev. Joseph Doucett, Grand Anse Gloucester Co was broken into on Saturday night last and the sum of (?$450 ) taken out of a tabledrawer.  The money was intended to repair the church.  Two parties are suspected and constables are after them  A young man named Louis Beaubein was arrested on suspicion on Monday.
Mr William Murray native of West Branch, St Nicholas River died at his residence at Grand Rapids Michighan on 17th Aug 1889 in the sixty-eight year of his age. ( see Obituary)
Mr Auger of St Hyancinthe, Que while on his way to bring a doctor to his sick son attempted to cross the Grand Trunk at Petit Range.  He did not hear the Montreal express approaching and was struck by it and instantly killed 
NUGGETS Sept 18 1890
Mr Alex Lagget has just complete a barn on his property
Dr Doherty of Somers & Doherty will not make his regular trip to Kent this month.
On Monday Mr O. Smith of Kingston sent a very large tow of lumber to Cape Tormentine by the tug St. Lawrence.
Mr. John Maloy was severly injured at the Kent Lumber Company's mill on Sat. by a blow from an edging.  His eye and side are badly hurt.
Mr S. C. Weeks has sold the cow which he recently purchased from mr Geo Campbell, Kingston to Mr. John Curry of Amherst for $ 65.
Mr. Edward Fitzpatrick has purchased the Brown Tannery property and intends on erecting a tannery thereon.  His brother Mr. John Fitzpatrick has contracted to build the new tannery there.
A horse belonging to Mr. Andrew McIntosh dropped dead at the side of Weldford on Saturday.  the horse was being driven by Mr. James Brown when it died, Mr. Brown having hired it.
A few days ago Mr Rhoderic McPherson of Molus River, went to Kingston to take passage on the schooner Annie Florence to PEI and while he was sleeping in the cabin one of the crew relieved him of his watch and a sum of money.  The thief left for parts unknown.
Mr. T. Glenn, of Weldford is erecting a fine building 50 ft by 26 ft with a mansard roof.
Last Thurs evening some (...) broke into the rear of Peters Mill and broked and destroyed alot of the furniture, and things belonging to teacher Miss Lizzie Fraser.
Last week Mr. James Brown of Weldford purchased upwards of one hundred cords of hemlock bark, for which he paid cash.  Mr Brown is one of the most enterprising business men of this county, being always ready to take hold of anything that offers.  He has at present a contract to build extension to the I.C.R. freight house at Moncton, besides other contract.
St Charles  Notes Sept 18 1890
The parish church has been repainted outside recently which ads much to its appearance.  Mr Elair Comeau did the painting in a first class manner.
Mr. Dominique Daigle is completing a very handsome dwelling near the chapel.
Coal Branch Notes Sept 25 1890
John Brown tow weeks ago threshed and shipped to Moncton about 100 nushels of good oats where I am told he sold them for 52 cents a bushel.  He also shipped a nice new potatoes which brought 60 cents per bushel.
Mr. Andrew Burgess was summoned by telegram a few days ago to the bedside of her mother who lies dangerously ill at her home in Gibson, NB
Miss Maggie Spencer of Mill Branch and Miss Mary Little left by Friday noon train for Peabody Mass.  They were accompanied as far as Canaan by Mr. George Robinson and Mr. H.H. Warman.
David Mills returned home Wednesday night from Lynn, Mass where he has been emplyed for the past summer.  He is looking well.
Inspector of weights and measures Mr. Dosithee Richard paid us an official visit on Friday.
Mr. James Robertson ICR telegraphic student spent Sunday at his fathers home Mill Branch.
Our popular merchant J.T.Swift visited Moncton to select his fall supply.
Chatham Notes
Capt. Kimble and Liut. Alward of the Salvation Army farewelled on Sunday evening last as they are about to be removed to another station.  During their stay here they have made many friends and won the respect of all classes of people.
The town for the past week has been overrun with life insuance men.  Among the number we noticed Mr. Black of your town, representing Dominion Safety Fund, of St John.
We noticed C.C. Carlyle in town on Sunday but tis hard to tell whence Charlie cometh and whither he goeth.
Rev. Mr. Gerrior evangelist has arrived and occupied St Luke's Pulpit yesterday mnorning and evening and preached a very acceptably to a large audience.
Rev. Mr. Polley of Escuminac occupied the pulipt of St John's ( Presbyterian Church) yesterday while Rev. Neil McKay took his appoinments at Escuminac.
Miss Eva Johnson who has been home from Chicago visiting her parents for the past few weeks left on her return thither on Monday night last taking her sister with her.
Molus River Notes
I regret to chrconicle the death of one of our respected residents who died last week, viz. Mr. peter McEachren. The funeral was the largest ever seen in this locality there being seventy two carriages in the procession.
Miss Lizzie Dickinson is visiting friends here this week
Mr. Edwin Baldwin has returned home for a few days from Salem Mass.  We are all glad to see him again.
Our school seems to be doing well under the car of Miss Stevenson of Richibucto.  The same may be said of our lower school presided over by Miss Orr of Jardine's Yard, who seems to be a general favorite.
I see that bridges built by J.J. Miller and Daniel Ward are about completed and they are the best that have  ever been built in this section.
Mr. W Cale and sister were guests of J. Miller on Saturday.
Local and General Sept 25 1890
Mr Frank H Crowson of Charlestown Mass, one of our many subscribers in that section of the United States writes " you will find one dollar to renew my subscription to your valuable paper with which I am more than well pleased"etc.
On Sunday the house of C.F. Vincent near Moncton was destroyed by fire at an early hour, the family escaping in their night clothes.
The nephew of the husband of Mrs. Gervais recently murdered at Three Rivers Quebec, has been arrested on supicion of having committed the crime.
NUGGETS Sept 25 1890
Rt. Rev Bishop Kingdon is expected at Weldford about the end of October when he will administer the rite of confirmation.
Mr. Charles Hannay of Kingston made extensive improvements on his store and dwelling lately.  A large new plate window has been placed in front of the store.
Mr. George H Morton of Weldford has added a new branch ( photography) to his business.  He has taken some fine pictures of Weldford and Mortimore, besides several groups which reflects great credit on his artistic ability.
Rev. J. Selter will preach on Sabbath next, Richibucto 11, Molus River 3, Kingston 7 and Rev, Wm. Tennant at Coatesville10:30, Little River 3, Buctouche 7 and on Monday evening Dixon's Point
Rev. J.S. Allen of Bathurst who delivered an excellent address practical and full pathos on Tuesday evening will address meetings on missionary work in Kingston Methodist church this evening and Molus River Friday evening.
In the County of Northumberland Andre W Aresenau, David Buckley, Calixte C Chiasson, John D Gaudet and Henry Bourque for the Justices of the Peace.
Meleme Chiasson to the Free Grants commissioner for Pleasant Ridge Settlement in the Parish of Rogersville
Meleme Maillet to be Free Grants commissioner for Main Rogersville
John LeBlanc to be Free Grants Commissioner for Shediac Ridge including the eastern part of Rogersville.
William Wilson M.D. to be Vendor of Liquors for the Parish of Derby.
Zozime Arseneau to be Labor Act Commissioner for Rogersville.
In the County of Kent:
Francis O. Richard to be Labour Act Commisioner for Acadieville
Jean H. Robichaud to be a Justice of the Peace.
Few men in the hotel business were more popular than the late James McDermott, of the Eureka Hotel, Weldford Station.  ( see obit)
Judging by the new buildings at present being erected here it would seem that the town is not yet complete.  Besides Mr. Atkinson's residence, Mr. J.M. O'Brien is building a residence on Court Street and Mr. Fred Blanchard is cuilding a new dwelling on Pagan Street.
Last Friday while the bark Arathusa was weighing her anchor outside the bar, she hooked a large chain and made it fast to the cathead.  Mr. Edward Harnett being on board had the chain buoyed and on Sat. engaged the schooner Annie C Brown to go down and lift it.  They succeeded in raising the chain which had a very large anchor attached.  The anchor weighs about 2500 pounds and there was 60 fathoms of chain, both nearly new.
St. Louis Notes Oct 9 1890
Rev. Joseph Pelletier who had been on a visit to Madawaska for a couple of weeks returned on Wednesday.  He was accompanied to St. Louis by Father Dixon of Newcastle.
Miss Mary Daigle the Tracadie Church organist was home last week on a visit to her brother C. Daigle.
Mr. Joseph Allaire our popular merchant returned last week from Montreal where he had been visiting parents.  He was accompanied by his sister who is to spend a few months here.
Mr. A. Leger's mill broke down last week causing a delay for four weeks.
Coal Branch Notes Oct. 9 1890
Mr. R E Munroe who has been spending a few weeks at her father Henry Cassidy's left for her home in Boston Mass on Friday.
Master Robbie Brown left by Friday's Noon Train for Salem, Mass to seek his fortune.
A gang of men are now repairing I.C.R. Bridges among whom I notice Mr. John Hains a former resident of Richibucto.
Robert Robinson's young son " Chris" kicked in the face by a horse some two months ago and who from the efforts at one time lay at the point of death, has we are please to say completely recovered.  Dr Keith of Weldford was the medical attendant.
Molus River Notes Oct. 9 1890
Mrs. Allanach and her nephew have .. Dalhousie visiting her sister Mrs. Haines.
Mrs. McMichael is visiting her daughter Ms. Murray,  Mrs. Gordon is also ..daughter Mrs. McKay.  These are very old ladies.
Early evening some evil doers entered the orchard of Norman McAulay and damaged a large quantity of apples and fruit trees.  Mr McAulay intends on prosecuting them.
Local and General Oct 9 1890
Messers Loggie and Walkers horses were taken through to Newcastle to the races to be held yesterday and today
Two inches of snow is reported to have fallen at Newcastle Monday, and there is also reported to have been quite a heavy fall at Elgin in Albert County.
Frank Connors, a lumberman and farmer while intoxicated was run over and killed on the Windsor and Annapolis railway on Saturday Night near Windsor Junction.
Another Boston Physician Sherman Follansbee is locked up and charged with malpractice on Ida Stewart aged 21 formerly of Nova Scotia and but the last two years a resident of Boston.
Personal Mention Oct 9 1890
Hugh Dysart of Cocagne who has for the last three weeks were are pleased to say entirely recovered under Dr. Thomposons skilled treatment.
__ M. Dunn of Weldford visited St John exhibition last week and returned home on Sat.  His trip was business as well as pleasure
Mr and Mrs. A.B. Weldon of Kouchibouguac were in town on Friday.
Mary , Fannie, Teresa and Annie and Hannah bell and Janet Paterson Kouchibouguqc left for Boston.
Joseph Grogan was in town on Friday
Councillor O'Leary of Carleton was in town the other day.
Thomas and Joseph McMaster of Kouchibouguac were in town on Saturday.
Michael Whalen of Molus River  was in town on Tuesday.
The popular and enterprising station agent at Coal Branch, Mr. F.S. Sayre is having a cultivated portion of ground near the station part of which he will seed down for hay and the balance he intends converting into a vegetable and flower garden.
Mr. G.K. McLeods Clydesdale mare, the one that was awarded first prize at the recent exhibition took sick on Sunday evening and died within three hours, all  the veterinary skill availble being unable to save her.  Supposed to be inflammation.
Amos Estabrooks a young man about 25 years of age was drowned at St. John while getting out of a small boat into the schooner Glengariff.  The unfortuante man who was drunk at the time belonged to Sackville, NB.  Estabrooks younger brother, who was on the vessel, tried to rescue him but in vain.
The new Roman Catholic church being erected by Rev. Father Cormier at Cocagne is all finished and painted on the outside and is one of the finest wooden buildings in the province.  It will cost in the vicintiy of $8,000.  Mr. Sylvain Gaudet of Memramcook drew the plan and the building was superintended by Mr. Hypolite Cormier of Cocagne.
Cocagne Oct 9 1890
We regret referring the death of Mrs. John Hebert.
Father Cormier has been slightly indisposed for the past few days being unable to attend services on Sunday
Mr. T. F. Dwyer of Cornwalllis NS has lately arrived to spend a few weeks with her father Mr. James Lucas
Mr. David Chapman has recently imported three fine horses from PE Island two of the number being for sale.
Mrs Thomas Arseneau has returned home to Waltham Mass, evidently much th better of her summer's visit being accompanied by her mother and Mrs. S Bourgeois, who also has friends to visit in that section.
Mr Geo. LeBlanc is also to be numbered amoung the exodians intending to woo fortunes smiles in the 'land of the free"  George takes his departure accompanied by the best wishes of his host of friends.
Mr. Melanson and bride of Bathurst, have in the course of their wedding remained in town a few days the guests of post master Bourgeois.
Oct. 23 1890
Capt James Wilson, son of Mr. Peter Wilson Kingston is home after an absence of nineteen years during which time he has only been home twice.  Capt. Wilson recently passed for master in Liverpool England.
Mr. Roderick Gillis of Kingston arrived home on Thurdays from New York being summoned to the bedside of his wife who is dangerously ill.  His son James accompanied him home the latter having been in the United States for the past twenty years.  Mr. John Gillis is also home from New York.
Mr. Edward Fitzpatrick who has been in Richibucto some time intending to start business left Tuesday for Gloucester, where he has decided to locate.  His many Richibucto friends regret that he did not make arrangements to stay here.
Mr. Joseph Allair of St. Louis was in town on Monday.
Mr. J Hamblet Wood representing LeBaron Robertson rubber stamp manufacturer St. John was doing Kent County this week.
Judge Fraser has gone to Florida for the benefit of his health
Mr. W.C. Anslow of Newcastle Advocate registered at the Kent Monday.
Miss Annie Ferguson has returned home from a visit to her fiends in Northumberland and Gloucester.
Mr. B Toombs and Mrs. G.V. Forbes returned home on Saturday after and extended tour of the Eastern States  Mrs. Forbes was accompanied by her father Mr. John Harris of Harrisville.
Mr. George Graham of Newfoundland accompanied by his wife is here visiting his father Mr. John Graham.
Mr. P Cadegan of Chockpish was in town yesterday.
Oct. 28 1890
Capt. Henry Jorgenson of Kingston has thoroughly repaired and launched the schooner Send and she has been loaded with a cargo of lumber.
At Moncton on Oct. 19th Joseph McLeod died age 59 years.
Little River Items  Dec 18 1890
Smelt fishing is quite brisk.  Some of the fisherman have been very successful catching as high as a ton in one tide.
The recent fall of snow will be a great boon to the lumber man.  Some of the young gents are taking advantage of it in giving their best girl the first sleigh ride this season.
A number of young folks gathered at Mr. R. Hyslop's for the purpose of starting a singing class.  After spending a very enjoyable evening they returned home. Dr W Cruise who has been our physician for upwards of thirty years has moved to Moncton, where he intends continuing his practice.
Mr. Thomas Ray, one of the oldest settlers of this community who has been visiting his son and other friends in Moncton has returned home much pleased with his visit
NUGGETS Dec 18 1890
Ford's Mills wants a teacher.
Squire Irving of Buctouche was in town on Tuesday.
Rev. M.F. Richard of Rogersville was in town Tuesday
Mr. John A Campbell of Bass River was in town this week.
Mr. Robert Hutchinson of Molus River visited the shire town this week.
For sale: 200 tons of first quality  pressed hay.  H O'Leary
A fine lot of geese and turkeys for sale cheap for cash at M Flanagan's
Mr. JAW. McDermott proprietor of the Eureka Hotel, Weldford was in town for a few days this week.
W A MacLaren is showing a very nice line of Xmas and New Years cards at the Richibucto Drug store.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Terence Curran will take place at her late residence, West Branch today ( Thursday) at 1pm.
R.P. Doherty, D.D.S. of Somers and Doherty is now visiting Kent County Buctouche will be visited on the 27th 28th and 29th this month instead of the usual time.
If you wish to clothing got up in first class manner in the latest style, leave your order with Mr. M. McLeod of Moncton.  Mr. McL keeps in stock a full line of cloths, employs a staff of experienced workmen, is prompt in the filling orders and guarantees satisfaction.
Personal Mention  Jan 8 1891
Ex-councillor F.X. LeBLANC was in town on Saturday
Mr. John Rusk is visiting friends in St. John.
Ex-councillor P.L.Richard of St. Louis was in town on Friday
Messers Chas. D Robichaud and Mois. Barrieau of St. Louis were among the many visitors to town last week.
Mr. Jas. McDermott and Mr. J W McDermott of the Eureka house Weldford 
John Nowlin, Esq. of St. Anne was in town on Monday.
Stipendiary D.D. Landry of Buctouche was in town last week.
Mr. Wilmot Brown arrived in town on Saturday from St. Stephen
George McLeod, Esq. has returned from England
H.A. Powell Esq. M.P.P. was in town this week
Mr. J.A. McAlmon has returned from a western tour firmly convinced that there is no country like the Great Northwest.
The many friends of John S. Harnett will be pleased to hear of his return.  Richibucto from California after a seven year sojourn in the States.  Mr. Harnett expects to return to the "Far West" in March.
A correspndent at West Branch write: " S B Hetherington has returned from west Bridgewater, Mass here he has been for the last two years on a short visit to his friend.  All of his old friends here were glad to see him and as he has bought an apparatus completely prepared to take views he is doubly welcome.  He says that nothing gave him as much pleasure when away from home as the reading of the Review".
Drs. Doherty and Somers, dentists lost mostly all thier tools and stock by fire Monday Morning, valued at about $1,000 insurance,$700.
Coun. D. McAlmon had his hand badly jammed in a car door at Kingston station the other day.
Henry O'Leary Esq, recently imported a car load of boots and shoes from the factory of J.T. Hurley, St John
A correspndent at buctouche singed, Grit", writes about the herring nets some of the local politicians are making and wonders if Luarier is interested in that industry.  "One thing is sure, he is coming to Buctouche during the herring season and our friend D.D. will revive again", says the writer.
Coatesville Correspondence Jan 22 1891
I have nothing very cheering to write at present.  a great deal of sickness prevails and Doctors King and Leger of Buctouche are quite frequently seen visiting their patients here.  I am glad to note that Mrs. Tyle Coates, who has been quite ill , is improving under the skillful treatment of Dr. King,  Mr. M Budd, who has been laid up with slow fever, is progressing favorably under the treatment of Dr. Leger.
Mr. John E Coates ius doing a thriving lumber business this winter, but owing to the low figures offered for spruce he deal he is not operating quite so largely in that line as last year.
Mr. McLean has finsihed his contract on the church here, it is now ready for the seats for which Mr. E.R. Leger has the contract.
Several young people have left the community lately.  Mr. F A Steeves has left for the lumber woods in Mill Creek.  Miss Emma Coates has left for Buctouche, where she intends on taking a course in music.  Miss Steeves has gone on a visit to relatives in Peticodiac.  May they have a good time and return soon.
Feb 5 1891
Rev. F A Wightman will preach on Sabbath 8th as follows:-Weldford 10am, Methodist Church, Mill Branch at 3.
a semi-demented old woman named Annie Morrison was found dead in the snow bank bear Little Narrows, C.B. short time ago.  She was found by parties going to church on a Sunday Morning.
The population of the city of Vancouver BC has increased from 3,000 in 1888 to 18,000 in 1891
Fred Dodge was presented by the Mayor of St. John with $100 for bravery in attempting to save the young hero J. Frederick Young in Courtenay Bay.
One of Mortimore's sports shot a very fine moose within three or four miles of the factory a few days ago.  The moose has been chased by different parties for two days and at last was brought to a halt by the unerring shot of Mr. Beattie.
We note with pleasure that Mr. Phinney continues to improve, having been out driving on two or three occasions during the week.  This will be good news to all, as we can ill afford to part with men of Mr. Phinney's stamp.
NUGGETS March 26 1891
The robins have arrived.
London and paris are united by telephone.
Bouctouche residents are importing hay via the B & M railway.
Peter Mazerolle and family of the North West go to the States this week.
Messers Robertson Bros. have begun work on the new public wharf above Kingston Bridge.
Mrs. Alex Walker one of Kent's most enterprising famers is selling out and purposes going west shortly.
Robert McCleave, brother of David McCleave of Moncton was killed at Lynn, Mass. on Monday by a passing railway train.
NUGGETS April 9 1891
Mr. E. D. Outrain of St John was in town during the week.
Mr. John McLean, mail contractor who has been seriously ill, is recovering.
Mr. Wm. White is getting around nicely after his prolonged and serious illness
Mr. William Robertson of West Branch has leased the Foster Farm and removed to town.
Mr. David Webster the veteran engineer is at his old post in the McLeod Mill getting ready for the season's work.
The Farmer says the Local government has appointed Mr. Julis L. Inches Secretary of Agriculture, an office from which he was removed a few years ago.
A New Brunswick man recently sold 2000 pounds of spruce gum in Boston at 90 cents a pound.  There is no duty on spruce gum.  here is an industry to be developed.
The papers announced a short time ago the death of Robert T. Snowball, at St. Helena, a brother of J. B. Snowball, of Chatham.  There is another brother still living in California, Judge J W Snowball who resides in Graften, Yoto county and is now a grain merchant.
Mr. John B. Smith and wife of Stonehaven Goucester Co, spent Sunday at the Commercial Hotel, Moncton.  Mr. Smith went to Moncton to consult Dr Chandler about his leg which he had broken while working in one of R. Reid & Co.'s stone quaries last fall.
Mr. H.D. Chapman who recently purchased the grocery business of Allan and Chapman Moncton is meeting with marked sucess in his undertaking.
NUGGETS June 18 1891
Mr. Wm. J. Smith left on Tuesday for Charlottetown PEI by packet.
The bark Veronica, Capt. McLean landed at St. John on Monday night with  (-) cases of small pox on board.  The bark came from Montevideo.
Mr. Charles Pollick of Mill Creek returned home from the U.S. with a severe attack of inflammation of his lungs still continues in a very delicate state of health.
Mr. Crocket received official notice from Mr. Blair of his dismissal from the Superintendancy of Education on the (-) day last.  Dr. Inch Sackville Institutions is to success Mr. Crocket.
Mr. Bustard of Salmon River missed some of his sheep last fall and five of them out of the woods this spring having spent the whole winter in the woods.
Geo. V. McInerney Esq. has been appointed U.S. Cousul.
Mr. James Mitchell of Miramichi was registered at the Kent of Tuesday
Mr. Clifford Atkinson recently captured several large bass with a fly at Kouchiboucguac
Rev F.A. Wightman will preach on Sabbath 21 inst. as follows:- McWilliam's Corner, 10:30 Capt. Smith's Coner, 2; Weldford 6:30
Messers J.D. Phinney and Wm. D. Carter, have as will be seen by announcement elsewhere- entered into a co-partnership.
A six pound trout was exhibited this morning at R. C. Fuller's drug store which was caught by Chas. Histon in Jacquet River
Mr. Richard Rolly , a native of Kingston who has been residing in Michigan for the past score or more years, is visiting his old home.
The late Capt. Jorgenson's schooner "Scud" which was sold by public auction on Tuesday was purchased by Capt. Funchion for $230.00
Mr. Samuel Cohn proposes leaving in a few days for Londonderry Ireland.  It is said that Mr. Cohn is crossing the "pond" to secure some wealth awaiting him on the other side.
The telephone linemen, under the able supervision of Mr. Alex McEchren of Kouchibouguac, have all the posts set from that place to Jardineville and will at once proceed to stretch the wires.
Mr. Clifford Murphy who is formerly resided of South Branch, is home from the States visiting friends after an absence of some five years.  Dame Rumor says that he will take one of Kents fair daughters with him on his return.
Mr. Wm. Carter's little daughter had a narrow escape from drowning by falling though a hole in a sawdust wharf on Sunday.  She was rescued with some difficulty by Engineer Smith, of  the tug Victor which was moored.
July 2 1891
We were shown a fine sample of ripe strawberries by Mrs. Clifford Atkinson last Thursday.  They had been gathered on the farm of J. R. Little, Esq. Kouchibouquac.
We learn from an exchange that Danile Amos of Buctouche was drowned in D. Summer's mill pond at Shunnimicas, Friday morning by falling from a raft.  Deceased was thirty years of age and unmarried.
The following Methodist Ministers will be stationed on the Miramichi Circuit for the coming year: Chatham, Thos Marshall; Newcastle; George Harrison; Derby, Thomas Allen; Richibucto, Joseph Sellar, M.A.; Buctouche, N. McLauchlan; Weldford, F.A. Wightman; Bathurst, John S. Allen ; Campbellton George C. P. Palmer
While Mr. Robt. Clark proprietor of the Bangor House, St. John was out for a drive with a friend on the Lock Lommond Road, St, John one day last week his horse took fright at a cow which suddenly appeared on the road, overturning the waggon.  Mr. Clarke received several cuts and bruises but his companion escaped unhurt. ( Surname Clark was spelled both ways in this article)
We would like to call attention of lumberman and carriage builders to Josiah Fowler's advertisement in another column.  Fowler is doing  (?..) in carrriage springs and axles, also a new carriage gear that he has invented and secured a patent.
Messers Miller, Thurber, Wathen and Dunn came up from the Adogqasook fishing grounds on Friday where they had been spending some days at the club house on Tweedie Brook Kouchibouguac.  Owing to the inclemency of the weather they were unable to return by water and remained in town until Monday, when they proceeded to their homes in Weldford via the K.N.R.
The body of Miss Ethel Allen one of the victims of a sad drowing accident that occurred at St. John on the 24th of April last was found on the beach at Red Head in the Bay on Thursday afternoon.
Samuel Austin of Salmon River was seriously injured last Thursay. While unloading logs on a brow the logs went over him and crushed his foot and leg below the knee, also injuring him above the body and head, he is not expected to live.
The many friends of Mr. H. Irving were sorry to hear that he had been seriously injured by falling from a load of hay at Buctouche on Monday.  Although badly injured hopes are entertained for his recovery. Mr. Irving sprainined his ankle a few years ago sliding off a load of hay.
At Mattawamkeag, Me., despatch of the 26th inst says that John Whalen who was at work peeling bark in the woods at Benedicta was fatally injured.
July 30 1891
The crew of the barque "Mary E Chapman" deserted on Tuesday
Senator O'Dell died on Sunday at Halifax, aged eighty years
Keady O'Leary J.P. had some fine new potatoes of his own raising last Sunday
The contract for the new station house and freight shed at Kent Junction has been awarded to Mr. James Brown of Weldford.
William Kinnear, an aged resident of Cookwille, Westmorland County was gored to death by a bull last Wed.  The deceased was about 80 years old.
Mr. P.A. Noonan of Chatham registered at the Kent on Tuesday.
Mr. Thos. Gibson of Weldford and Mr. Thomas Hudson of Main River were at Kent on Tuesday.
Mr. Isaac Trenholm of Buctouche signed the roll at the Kent on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sullivan of Kouchibouguac were in town yesterday having an operation performed on their infant child.  Dr. Bowser performed the operation.
Mr. E. Comeau one of the enterprising businessmen of St. Louis was in town on Monday.
Mr. Neales Wathen of Weldford was in town for a few days last week.
Dr. William Ferguson of Newcastle left for home fo Tuesday.  He was accompanied by Mrs. Ferguson who was in town for some time, the guest of the Misses Ferguson.
Mr. Frank Robichaud, student of St. Louis was visitng friends in town this week.
Capt. Matthews of St. John arrived in town last week to take command of the barque Mary E Chapman.  He was accompanied by his wife.
August 13 1891
Misses Mary and Libbee Powell of Moncton spending vacation at grandfathers Mr. William Barnes.
Miss Mary McEachern is visiting her sister
Mrs. Daniel Ward returns to Moncton in two weeks.
LOCAL NEWS Feb. 1894 
To Float the Varona
An effort will be made in a few days to get the Barque Valona off the South Beach where she was driven by the storm last October.
Richard Cunningham the fourteen year old son of the late Captain Cunningham broke his collar bone while wrestling with another lad on the street Saturday.
A report was in circulation last week to the effect that a man named McDonald formerly of the I.C.R. had been arrested at Weldford in connection with the murder of the Englishman whose body was found at the foot of Sugar Loaf Mountain at Campbellton some years ago.  Just how the rumour gained its currency is unknowc but it appears to have been entirely without formation.
A complaint was laid before Stipendiary Magistrate Richardson last week by William Eddy of Jardineville, charging Thomas Eddy, his son with having used threatening language towards him.  The hearing took place Monday and Eddy was ordered to provide bonds to keep the peace.  In default of bail he was comitted to jail for two months.  It is believed that he is insane.
At St. Charles Kent County Jan 20th by Rev. Fr. Venner, Mr. Fred Davids to Miss Salome Daigle.  The bride was assisted by Miss Elizabeth Daigle the bridegroom being assisted by Mr. David Daigle.
An Ommission- nThe following resolution re liquor license was imitted from the report of council porceedings: moved by Councillor McAlmon seconded by Coun. Murray that the license fee be $35.00 for Hotel and $ 55.00 for wholesale licesnses.  Moved by Coun Richard seconded by Coun Johnson as an amendment.
Mr. Hugh McDermott of Lawrence, Mass.  is visting friends in Richibucto.
Rev. Fr. Pelletier of St. Louis who has been ill with la grippe is much improved.
Waren L.J. Wathen was in town today
NUGGETS Feb 1894 
John Cook, jr. of St. Margaret's who cut one of his legs badly a few dyas ago while working for Mr. Buckely at Rogersville and taken to HOtel Dieu, Chtaham for treatment is doing well.
Joseph Young arrested some time ago for opening the cash drawer at Red Pine, an I.C.R.. station and stealing a sum of money was tried at Bathurst under Speedy Trials Act on Jan. 31 and sentenced to six months in jail.
A Newcastle dispatch says the storm of last week was the worst experienced there for years: it was a veritable blizzard.
Feb 8 1894 St. Margaret's Notes
Fever has been raging here since last fall.  Several cases have proved fatal, but it is all over now.
Grippe is very prevalent.
It is with some sorrow that we report the death of Mr. Patrick Lynch who passed away on the 25th aged 88.
Miss Kate A McDonald and Miss Effie Flanagan left here on the 8th to attend school at the convent in Chatham.
A fashionable wedding took place her on the 10th inst.  The contracting parties were Mr. John Rainsborough and Miss Kate Poor.  The cememony was performed by Rev. Father Patteneaude. The bride was attended by her sister Miss Bridget Poor and Mr John Hackett acted as the groomsman.
Miss Lizzie Grogan has charge of the same school again and a great many scholars are attending.  Some of the young men are pleased to see her teaching again.
Local News Feb 15 1894
Lumbermen on the Richibucto and Buctouche reivers are coming out of the woods on account of the depth of snow.  Before the storm the snow was fully four feet deep..The last storm will add about 18 inches to the depth and make lumbering operations almost impossible.
The marriage of Capt. Antoine Arseneau of Kingston to Miss Domithilde Belliveau, sister of Rev P.L. Belliveau of Barachois and Prof. Belliveau of the Normal School took place at St. Thomas's church Memramcook on Monday last and excited a good deal of interest as the couple are well known and universally esteemed.  Rev. Father Belliveau gave the nuptial benediction assistered by Rev, Fathers Lefebyre and Labbe.  At High Mass Mrs. A.T. Gaudet presided at the organ.
A pleasant event occurred yesterday afternoon at the residence of Rev. Charles R. Brown pastor of the Congregational Church in Charlestown, when at 4 o'clock Miss Sadie J. Beattie of this city 
(formerly of Richibcuto) sister of the Beattie Brothers of Crescent Street and Mr. Thomas P. Fessenden of Charlestown, were united in the holy bonds of wedlock by the officiating clergyman Rev. Mr. Brown in the presence of a small bridal party.
Humphrey's saw mill about 2 miles from Moncton was burned down on Friday morning about 2 o'clock.  ...There was no insurance on the building and the loss will be in the vicinity of $15,000
Personal May 28 1896
Mr. Allan Haines visited Moncton last week
Mr. B.J. Johnston of St. Louis visited the southern part of the country in the interests of Mr. G. V. McInerney of the Liberal Conservative candidate
Conseillor Maxim Daigle and Antoine Robichaud, Esq. J.P. of Point Sapin were in town last week
Mr. T.F. Sherrad of Moncton was in town
Mr. J.M. Kennedy of Buctouche was in town this week.
Mr. H Irving of Buctouche was in town on Tuesday
Hon. O J LeBlanc was in town this week.
Miss Birdie Smith of Kingston is visiting friend in Westmoreland County
Mr. Theotime Blanchard has been nominated Liberal standard ( ?bearer) in Gloucester
Mr. H A Powell was nominated as the Conservative candidate for Westmoreland on Wed. Last
Mr. Thomas McNeill brought a nice lot of Gaspereau to town Sat.  They were caught at the South Beach
Mr. H O'Leary shipped a carload of lobsters on Friday last, and will ship another today.
On Thursday afternoon, Mr. Roderick McDonald of Bass River lost his barn and alot of fencing by forest fires, a number of cattle were also burned.
A four mile timber berth on the Big Buctouche was sold at the crown Land Office at noon last week to J. D. Irving at 26 dollars per mile.
Last week Mr. C C Carlyle received a letter from Hon. Hugh John McDONALD of Winninpeg , Minister of the Interior for Canada, congratulating him the latter on the success of his poem  on Sir James Tupper (--? ) which was published a few weeks ago and copied into many Western papers Mr. McDonald greatly admired Mr. C's eulogy on his late father, Rt. Hon. Sir John A McDonald
June 1 1896
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phinney visited Chatham last week and returned Wed. eve
Mr. and Mrs. J Pine who spent the last 5 years in San Fransciso returned home Wed. and will remain for the summer
Miss Sylvia Black arrived home from Mount Allison Thurs. eve accompanied by her friend Miss Hamilton of Pictou N.S.
Mr. John McGowan the popular travellor for J. T. Hurley of St. John was doing Kent County last week.
Mr. George Bisset of St. John was in town last week
Mr. H.B. McLaughlin of Londonderry, was in town last week
Mr. and Mrs. George Raymond of Kouchibouguac were in town Sat.
Mr. Thos. Forster of Kingston who spent a number of years on the Pacific coast returned home last week.
Mrs. John Cordon of Portland Me, Mr. Patrick Train of Waltham, Mass, Mrs. McIicudy of St. John and Miss Kate Donaher of Chester Mass arrived in Kingston last week to attend the funeral of their mother the late Mrs. James Donaher.
Mrs. Frank Curran of Moncton arrived in town Sat
Mrs. Keith of Harcourt is visiting parents Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Black
Messers Walter and Thomas Glendenning of Moncton attended the funeral of their sister, the late Mrs. Robert Little on Sunday
Mr. Solomon T. Powell of Fords Mills who has been very ill is recovering slowly.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Irving of Buctouche were in town Sunday.
Mr. Edward Powell of Fords Mills was in town on Monday.
Messers J and T Jardine killed all their stock of cattle on Wed.  It will be remembered that the whole herd of about 20 head of pure bred Ayrshires were affiliated with TB
June 6 1896
Mrs. Henry Powell and Mrs. Wry of Buctouche were in town this week.
We are selling off balances of our onion at 3 cents a lb and 2 lb for 5 cents. 
W. W. Short
Mr. Barnes M.P.P. was in town Tues.
Mr. W. Forbes went to Chatham.
Mr. Adolph  T LeBlanc of the Union Hotel has purchased the Richardson House which he intends to open as a hotel.
Mrs. Joseph Allaire St. Louis was in town yesterday
Mrs. W. H. McLeod who has been ill, is recovering
Mr. James McNairn of Buctouche is in town this week.
Christopher Frigaud ( frigand) of St. Louis fell Monday and dislocate his arm at the elbow joint.  He came to town and received medical care from Dr. Bourque.
Mr. John Cail well known in Kingston and Richibucto left last week for Keno Michigan in company with his daughter with whom he intends to reside in the future.
Conductor Thomas Murray is laying a new platform from his residence to the street which will add much to the appearance of the premises.
Miss Robichaud of St. Charles was the first lady cyclist ever seen in Richibucto.  She appeared on a one wheel on Friday clad in bloomers.  Miss Robichaud has spent some years in the US and there learned to ride a wheel.
She rides very gracefully.
On Wed. Mr. Thomas Olsen of Harcourt was walking on the track of the Kent Northern Railway, his foot caught in one of the rails when he fell and broke his leg.  He was taken to Harcourt where the fracture was set by Dr. Keith.
Judge James of Buctouche was in town in Friday
Counc. F. X. LeBlanc was in town on Friday
Mr. Adam Coates was on town on Friday.
Thomas Dunlay Esq. Bass River was in town on Saturday.
Mr. Geo. A. Warman of Molus River was in town on Saturday.
Mr. John B Goguen of Cocagne was in town on Saturday.
Mr. B.J. Johnson of St Louis was in town on Saturday.
Mrs. O Smith of Campbellton, formerly of Kingston is visiting at Mr. and Mrs. Phinneys.
Mr. R A Irving, the popular young Barrister of Buctouche and Mr. Goddard, school teacher of the same place are in the city.
Mr. C. J. Sayre arrived home Saturday from (?Nebraska) where he had been attending court.
Mr. David Hudson and Bride arrive in town by Kent Northern and will remain a week at Mr. Hudson's parents.
Mr. Octavious Tarbox and Miss Nellie Beattie were untied in Marriage at Boston June 8th . The bride is a daughter of Mrn John Beattie Sr. Kouchibouguac.
Mr. C. C. Carlyles young horse which was tied in the court  house yard last evening took fright and ran away kicking the road cart to pieces,
Last Monday Hanson W Horton of Fall River, formerly of Molus River Kent County was badly hurt by the breaking of a driving belt in the Mill in which he was employed.  He was cut and badly bruised about the head and was unconscious for about a half and hour.  The docs fear serious effects on the brain.
Mrs. A Briggs of McKees Mills who had been visiting friends in the U.S. returned home last week.
Births at Richibucto June 23 1896 to the wife of B. E. Johnson Collector of Customs- a son
Mr and Mrs A B Carson of Kingston left on Tuesday for Montreal where Mrs. Carson will undergo and operation for a tumor.
August 27 1896
James Thompson, Archie Campbell and David McLeod propose moving with their families to the United states shortly. 
Mrs. Warn from Queens County and Mrs. Vradenburg of Roxbury Mass are visiting friends here at present.
October 8 1896
Jas. McKey of Peabody, Mass is home on a short visit after a few years abscence. Old friends greet him cordially.
Miss Maggie Graham Oak Point has returned to Sackville College.
While showing a horse Tues. Mr. J. M. O'Brien received a severe kick in the head that made an ugly wound.
Mr. Alfred Haines, bridge builder for the local gov't. was in Kent this week.
Mr. Amie LeBlanc well known St. Louis farmer was in town yesterday, accompanied by his blushing bride.
On Monday, young son of Dr. Olliqui, Kingston fell from a barn loft and received a bad shaking up.  There were no broken bones.
Mr. Michael Windell formerly of Richibucto who was severly injured at st. John last winter by falling down the hold of a vessel, died on Saturday night. 
On Sunday eve last Chas. Cormier who has been residing with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson became intoxicated and kicked up a row.  He defied authorities to arrest him and left early Monday morning for Miramichi.
The notorious Wright, who has been terrorizing the people of Douglas Town and other parts of the Miramichi and who was under sentence to serve 2 years and 4 months in penitentiary escaped from Chatham jail Wed night and is still at large.
OCTOBER 22 1896
Last Saturday Mrs. Catherine McArthur , mother of Mrs. Philip Woods was found dead in her bed.
Rev Mr. Vans and Miss Vans of Bouctouche were in town on Tues on their way from Kouchibouguac where they spent a few days.
Mr and Mrs P. Swift of Coal Branch Station were in town on Monday attending the funeral of the latters mother.
Died Edward Pine at Smiths Corner age 72 on the 11th.
Died Margaret Daigle at Little Northwest , relict of the late  Oliver Daigle age 78
on the 16th
Mr. J.A. Farrer, a former ICR operator who has lately graduated from the Boston Law school spent Tuesday with friends here.
Mrs. W.W. Short after a short illness of some months died of consumption at her home on the evening of Friday last.
A 7 years old boy belonging to Mr. W.W. Short fell over Miss Richards wharf on Wed., evening about 4 o'clock and had it not been for Mr. Wm Lawton who is 77 years of age who was near at the time and had the courage and the prescence of mind to jump in after him as he was going out with the tide no doubt he would have drowned.  Mr Short generously presented Mr. Lawton with $5.000
These excerpts from the Richibucto Review were transcribed by D Purdue