1843 Tax List, Grand Manan, NB


1843 Tax Assessment List Grand Manan

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To Edmund Cheney Collector of Rates in the parish of Grand Manan..You are hereby required forthwith to collect from the several persons named in the annexed assessment the sums set against their names respectively under the last column entitled “total assessment”, amounting in the whole to the sum of ? 52-1-3 and to pay ?11-13-0 of the same when collected into the hands of the County Treasurer and the remainder into the hands of Overseers of the Poor for this parish, given under my hands this 22nd day of July In the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred forty three. Signed Lorenzo Drake, Charles Ingalls John Mckintosh, Assessors of Rates List as follows..

Barnabus Boyle Nathaniel Bancroft Augustas Bancroft
Henry Bancroft Alonzo Bancroft William Bennett
Daniel Bass Nathaniel Bent George Burden
Henry Benson Henry Benson Jr John Benson
Caleb Benson Caleb BensonJr Nathan Buckman
William L Brown PeterBrown John Brown
? Brown Charles Bleumortier Abram Burnham
John Cummins Ciochrane Craig Esq. John Campbell
Robinson Campbell John Coddington Eliphas Codington
John Cheney Paron Cook Samuel Cheney
Perez Cheney William Cheney Edmund Cheney
Moses Cheney William Cheney 2nd Simeon Cheney
John Cameron Allan Cameron Frederick Cronk
Michael Cronk William Cronk Frederick Cronk Sen
Bartholomew Cadigan Joshua Coggins George Coggins
Benjamin Small William Doggett Nathaniel Doggett
Martin Doggett Philow Doggett Mark Doggett
John Doggett Patrick McDonald Rev.John Dunn
Joseph Drugan ????? Stanley Lorenzo Drake
Lewis Dennett ?????? Anderson (cooper) William Ellison
John Ellison Nelson Ellingwood Giles Eelllingwood
Freeman Eldridge Andress Eldridge Wilford Fisher
John Flood James Flagg Josiah Flagg 2nd Flagg Jr
Josiah Flagg Sr. Hubbard Flagg Malachi Flagg
Rodney Flagg Wlford Fisher Esq. Asa Foster
Betsy Foster Ezra Foster William W Frankland
Edward Frankland Simion Frankland George Frankland
William Frankland John McFarland James McFarland
Joseph McFarland David Fry William Fry
John Fry Asa Foster jr. Mrs Mary Gatcomb
William Gatcomb Edmund Gatcomb Aaron Gatcomb
William Guptill William Guptill Jr Stillman Guptill
Benjamin Guptill Samuel Guptill Nathan Guptill
James Griffin Wiliam Griffin Gilbert griffinGriffin
David Griffin Elisha Griffin Ebenezer Gaskill
David Gaskill John Gilmore John Grady
Joseph Gardner Ebenezer Gray Alexander Gray
William Green Joseph Green Daniel Green
Gilbert Green Joseph McGregor Daniel McLaughlin
Henry Mclaughlin NelsonHerrington —Henderson
George Harvey John Higgins Alfred Ingersoll
Joel Ingersoll Warren Ingersoll Samuel Ingersoll
Ansel Ingersoll John Ingalls Samuel Ingalls
William Ingalls Charles Ingalls David Ingalls.
William McIntosh John McIntosh Archibald Johnson
James Kendrick WilliamKendrick George McKenzie
Jonathon Kent Jeremiah Leary Richard Leary
John McLarty Joseph Lambert Alexander McLain
John Linzey David Morse Robert Miller
Thomas Matthews Benjamin Morse Daniel Murphy
John Morse jr. Church Meigs Isaac Meigs
George Morse Joseph Marshall Robert Mack
Robert MacKenzie Thomas McCormick Jerry Obrien
Phillip Newton Joseph Plant John Ross
Thomas Ryan Ebenezer Richardson Edwin Sinclair
John Sinclair John Stanley Samuel Small
Nelson Small George Small James Small
Elisha Small John S Small John Star
John Sprague Freeman Sprague Hughitson Shepherd
Jacob Thomas Joseph Thomas James Taylor
George Urquhart Seth Vanner Robert Watt
Charles Watt Thomas Watt Josiah Winchester
Samuel Wormell Leonard Wormell Joel Wormell
Oliver Wooster Warren Wooster Turner Wooster
Charles D Wilcox Charles Wilcox Job Wilcox
James Wilcox Albert Wooster Daniel Young

Non resident lands. Lot # 65 Granted to Nathaniel Woodbury
Part of Lot # 64 known as Townsend Lot South Half of Lot # 25 Granted Benj Woodbury
Lot # 51 granted to John Townsend
Lot # 11 granted to William Moon

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