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The following resources are invaluable for doing genealogical research in Charlotte County. If you see a title underlined, parts or all of it may be HERE ON LINE, or someone may be willing to do a lookup!!!!!!


The Saint Croix Courier  
BangorDaily News Bangor, Maine
Telegraph Journal Saint John, NB
Calais Advertiser Calais, Maine
Eastport Sentinal Eastport, Maine
Quoddy Tides  

Books & Publications

History of the Sardine Industry, Vol. 1, 2000- by John Gilman
History of the Sardine Industry, Vol. 2, 2003- by John Gilman
Milltown , by Doug Doherty Parsons Printing Ltd., St. Stephen, NB 2004
Early Families of The Mackadavy", Second Edition, by Cal Craig, The book covers settlers before, during and following the Loyalist period; Magaguadavic Valley, Parish of St. George, Southwestern, NB, Canada. The book has 500 pages, nicely bound; many pictures, local histories and thirty eight genealogies or brief familiy histories. The book is fully sourced and indexed. Contact Cal Craig at 1104 Rte. 770, Bonny River, NB., Canada, E5C 1E1.
Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers, Index CD 100 volumes with extracts from N.B. newspapers issued between the years 1784 to 1895. New volumes are published annually, the next volume commencing with the year 1896. and contains approx. 630,000 references
HOME: Little Ridge, History of Little Ridge, Each Farm & the Cemeteries. Self published & written by Jessie Caldwell, 2003
HOME: Scotch Ridge & Gleason Road...History of Farms, old photographs by Gordon & Doris Matheson, published by Daniel Smith Farms, Ltd, Pomeroy Ridge, NB 1999
HOME; Pomeroy Ridge, History of Each Farm, Pomeroy Ridge, Lumbering History by George, Ruby, Marilyn & Charlie Smith published by Daniel Smith Farms, Ltd., Pomeroy Ridge, NB 1997
St. Stephen - Yesteryear by Doug Dougherty, Parsons Printing Ltd., St. Stephen, NB 2000
The Diverting History of a Loyalist Town, St. Andrews, 1783, by Grace Helen Mowat, Brunswick Press, Ltd Fredericton, NB, 1953
The Journey, Holy Rosary Parish, St. Stephen, NB 1887-1977 & the Early Years by Ann Breault, St. Croix Printing & Publishing Co., St. Stephen, NB, 1977
Pioneer Profiles of New Brunswick Settlers by Charlotte Courlay Robinson published by Mika Publishing Co., Belleville, Ontario, 1980 [includes Martha OWEN, Elizabeth MCCOLL, & Mehetible CALEFF]
Land of the Loyalists by Ronald Rees, Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, NS 2000
1861 Census of Charlotte County, NB [Does NOT include Pennfield, St. David or St. James]. NB Genealogical Society, Charlotte Branch, 1999. Shirley O'Neill
Records of Calais, Maine Volume 2, Early Vital Records, Tax Lists and Census Records, Picton Press, Rockport, ME, 2001  PLEASE, order the book direct from Sharon .This 2nd volume of genealogical data by local author Sharon Howland, contains the early records up to 1840 that everyone thought had burned.  The author's proceeds from this book will be donated to the WCMRPF (Washington County,Maine Records Preservation Fund). 
The Chaffey Dynasty, a history of Indian Isle, NB by Dorothy Schneider.
Memorial of the Loyalist Families of William Moore, Josiah Hitchings and Robert Livingstone, who settled in Saint David, New Brunswick, about the year 1785, by John Elliot Moore; Published By: Journal Office, Lewiston, ME 1785. Added 15 July 2000 Images courtesy of Karen Howell & Alexander-Crawford Historical Society.
Annals of CALAIS, MAINE and ST.STEPHEN, NEW BRUNSWICK; Including the Village of Milltown, ME., and the present town of Milltown, N.B. (partial Appendix here) by Rev. I.C. KNOWLTON, Calais: J.A. Sears, Printer. 1875
We Lived / Online - A Genealogical Newsletter of New Brunswick (Charlotte Co.)  Sources by Cleadie B. Barnett, Certified Genealogist (C)
The 1783 Settlement of Quakers and Others at Passamaquoddy by Theodore C. Holmes. Loyalists settlers in Passamaquoddy. Available from Picton Press.
Calais Vital Records Prior to 1892  This book, compiled by Sharon Howland, is now available direct from  Sharon Howland   the author. The proceeds from the book will be donated to the WCMRPF (Washington County, Maine Records Preservation Fund). 
1851 Census of Charlotte County, NB  This published transcription (indexed) may be purchased from CANB Publications via the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. See the link to view cost and ordering info.
Irish Emigrants & Their Vessels, Port of Saint John, NB, 1841-1849
The Loyalists of New Brunswick by Esther Clark Wright. This is the first book on NB Loyalists you need. Available from the New Brunswick Museum Gift Shop, Saint John, NB.
Marriage Returns of Washington Co., Maine Prior to 1892 ed. by Alice MacDonald Long. Many marriages of Charlotte Co. residents are listed. Picton Press.
Maine Marriages 1892-1966, A Complete List ed. by Lewis Bunker Rohrbach (on CD-ROM). Lists 625,000 marriages, many of which involve Charlotte Co. residents. Picton Press. Also, search these records online at the Maine State Archives.
Passamaquoddy: Genealogies of West Isles Families  by Martha Ford Barto published by Lingley Printing Company Limited, Saint John, NB, 1975
Revolution Downeast: The War for American Independence in Maine
Discussion of Maine (including Penboscot, Machias) during Revolutionary War.
St. Stephen Rural Cemetery, St. Stephen, NB: Tombstone Inscriptions of Charlotte County, N.B., Canada, Volume 1 by the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Charlotte Branch. Picton Press. 
Vital Records from the Eastport Sentinel 1818-1900  The Sentinel newspaper served much of the Passamaquoddy region. Includes BMD notices for people from Charlotte County Picton Press.
Vital Records of Lubec, Maine Prior to 1892  Lubec is the easternmost town in the continental US and has links to many Charlotte County families. Picton Press.
The Young Emigrants: Craigs of the Magaguadavic  Two part book: History of the Royal Highland Emigrants (84th Regiment), and Genealogy - of the Craig Family of Southwestern New Brunswick.  C.L. "Cal" Craig, 1104 Rte. 770, Bonny River, NB, Canada E5C 1E1.
THE NOVA SCOTIA WINCHESTERS: Tracing the Descendants of Josiah Hill Winchester, third son of the "planter" Nathan Winchester by Schani Biermann