Woodstock. Woodstock Parish, Carleton Co. New Brunswick, Canada. Cadastral map.

Woodstock Parish,  Carleton Co. New Brunswick, Canada.

Carleton Co. NBGenWeb Project

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woodstock.gif (275925 bytes) Grant Reference Plan No.111 upper right hand corner shows original settlers names around Woodstock, Woodstock Parish. Grafton settlement Northampton Parish is across the Saint John River.  USA border is to the west.

Richmond Parish (upper middle) map.  Richmond Corner and Plymouth. Woodstock Parish to the right with Bedell Settlement and Teed's Mills. Hartford map joins to the north with the Irish Settlement map joining to the west and the Woodstock map to the east.

Upper left corner map shows the area around Irish Settlement, Campbell Settlement, McKenzie Corner and Tapley Mills, Parish of Richmond.  Richmond Corner to the east.

Lower right-hand corner showing settlers names around Hillman, Woodstock Parish and Lower Northampton, Northampton Parish. Saint John River seperating the parishes. Plan No.123 would adjoin the lower edge of the map. Springfield Settlement is 2 miles south of Hillman. To give you an idea of scale: Hillman is two miles SW of Lower Northampton.