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Brigg's Mill "Spring Time"

Broadway School, Woodstock

Broadway School, on Broadway Street, Woodstock.
 The photo was probably taken in the early thirties or forties?
If you know who the student names are, please send an e-mail to me, S.Webb

Town of Woodstock

Woodstock, Carleton Co.
What Main Street, Woodstock, looks like today.


Ferry  "Hero"

Ferry "Hero" on the Saint John River, Woodstock area.  The time period maybe late 1800s.
Photo credit for above images Judy Patey. Posted 17 July 2000.



Daniel Elthelbert "Albert" Wort,  was an inventor, genius. At 10 years old he built a model of a grasshopper value gear, that in later years was applied to locomotives. He was enrolled as a  member of the Institute of American Inventors, Sept.28, 1939 for this grasshopper action. He built miniature trains (four locomotives, passenger cars, coal tenders, round house, freight cars), complete in every detail, decided he wanted a railway all of his own. Albert laid a mile of  rail line track on Island Park, Woodstock, N.B. The trains were under steam each Saturday and holidays, during the summers from 1921 to 1938. Taking passengers around the island for five cents a ride. He engineered the old water works for the town. Albert was a descendant of United Empire Loyalists, Conrad & Mary (Small) Wort, who were exiled to Saint John, N.B. in 1782 from New York. Photo and information courtesy of Sharon Webb. Posted 29 Aug 2000.


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