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The Carleton Sentinel, The Dispatch and The Press Newspapers were published
in the Town of Woodstock, N.B.

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Kicked in The Face By Horse and Seriously Injured
Carleton Sentinel Newspaper Jan 31, 1913

Woman Meets With An Unfortunate Accident---Husband Very Ill
Adds To the Distressing Situation.
Wednesday morning Mrs. James Brothers while attending a horse in the stable, was kicked by the animal in the face causing most serious injuries. The horse kicked with both feet and Mrs. Brothers received the full force of the blow. Dr. Prescott was brought to the scene as quickly as possible and did what he could to relieve the sufferings of the unfortunate woman.
The accident is particularly sad as her husband is very ill, suffering with cancer, and is at times unconscious.
Dr. Prescott says the injuries are very serious, the jaw being broken, and the teeth badly shaltered as well as severe cuts, two being through the lip.
If arrangements can be made Mrs. Brothers will be taken to the hospital.
A baby, four months old, is being cared for by neighbors, who are extending every kindness and assistance to the afficted family.

Relatives of Woodstock People
Lost in Wreck of S.S. FLORIZEL

Carleton Sentinel Newspaper March 8, 1918
In the wreck of the Red Cross S.S. Florizel on the Newfoundland coast, in which over a hundred lives were lost,
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Butler and James R. McCowbrey were among the passengers who perished. They were cousins of Mrs. Blackler and Mrs. John R. Hynes of Woodstock.

One Million Dollars To Be Divided
Carleton Sentinel Newspaper Dec 14, 1917

Carleton County People Will Share in Distribution of Huge Estate.
The full bench of the Massachusetts Supreme Court, Monday afternoon, decided that the $1,000,000 legacy enjoyed by Mrs. Hetty Green during her life, should be divided into forty-five parts.
This legacy was left Mrs. Green
by her aunt, Sylvia Ann Howland.
This may interest several in Carleton County who are distant
relatives of the late Mits Howland.
Geo. Olts, Meductic, and David Olts, Benton, are relatives, as well as some others in county.

Municipal Accounts in Detail

Carleton Sentinel Newspaper Feb. 19, 1915
The following bills and accounts were presented at the January session of the Municipality of Carleton Municipality of Carleton, Dr.
1914 To the Press Printing Co.,Ltd.
Dec22 To notice semi-annual meeting. $1.50
To Jas W Wolverton Constable, Dr.
July 30 To arresting
Jack Mulherrin and taking to jail $1.00
.............Attending examination $1.50

July 1 To arresting
Harry Hagerman on war't for bastardy $1.00
...........Miles travelled twenty $2.00
...........Paid for team $3.00
...........Meals .60
Taking him to police magistrate office and taking him to jail $1.00
Bring from jail to office and attending trial $1.50
The above is chargeable to Parish of Brighton

Sept. 14 Serving Kings summons on
Ward Clark and Norval Clark for assualt on Joe Miller $3.00
..............Miles travelled 5 .50
..............Paid for team $1.50
.............Attending examination $1.50

Nov 10 To serving 2 King summons on
Ward Thornton for assaulting 2 English girls $1.00
.............Miles travelled 12 $1.20
.............Paid for team $1.50
............Attending examination $1.50
...........Ord. paid less $9.10 $24.30

To John A Lindsay Coroner Dr.
Jan 9 To viewing
the remains of Charlet Smullen, who was killed by a runaway horse in the town of Woodstock, Jan 9 1915, by accident, no inquest required $4.00

To holding inquest on t
he remains of Thomas H Craig who was killed at Benton in the County of Carleton, Jan. 7th, 1915, by a train on the C.P.R. $8.00
........Seven jurors $3.50
........Constable, Summoning jury and witnesses $2.50

To John A Lindsay Coroner Dr.
inquest on the body of Hollie Atherton, who was killed near Hayden's mill, Woodstock, N.B.
Aug 22, 1914 $8.00
..........Seven jurors .50 each.....$3.50
..........Constable--One witness .....50
..........Summoning jury and witnesses $2.50

To John A Lindsay Coroner Dr.
To holding
inquest on the remains of Preston Huntley, who was found dead in the lumber camp of Wallace Smith near Bloomfield, Parish of Wilmot, in County of Carleton.
...........Dec. 12, 1914......$8.00
...........Mileage $3.00
...........Seven jurors.....$3.50
...........Two witnessess $1.00
...........Constable, Summoning jury and witnesses $2.50
...........Mileage $1.50
...........Dr P T Kierstead post mortem examination $8.00
..........Dr P T Kierstead mileage $1.50

To Chas. J. Jones, Dr.
To services as stenographer on the pr?liminary examination of R. L. Dalton.
3 days attended. July 27, 30 and Aug. 3 at $5.00.......$15.00
Transcribing evidence, 87 fo. at .10......$8.70

To Owen Kelly, Dr.
To paid Gallagher Bros for horse hire per voucher attached $5.50
July 26----1/2 day on
Prosser case $1.00
........16----1 day
on theft case Thorton $2.00

To Wm Armstrong, Dr.
June 24 Searching for
Herbert Marsten 1 day---$4.00
.........25 Searching one night ---$4.00
.........26 Taking H Marsten to jail ---$2.00
.........26 Paid Arthur Glidden for team two horses---$4.00
.........10 Searching for
Tom Hanson for stealing money from Mr. Hoyt at Debec---$4.00
.........Hired team A Glidden ---$2.00
Aug 12 Taking
R. Leslie Dalton to Dorchester going and coming days $4.00 per day---$12.00
........11 Ticket from Florenceville to Woodstock ---.75
........Expenses in Woodstock board ---$1.50
........Ticket to Dorchester and return ---$11.65
........Ticket for prisoner ---$7.70
........dinners in St.John ---$1.00---$8.70
........paid Dr in Dorchester--- $2.00
........paid jailer ---$2.00
.........14- Supper at Dorchester ---.50
.........15- Dinner at Hartland ---.50
.........ticket to Florenceville ---.75---$1.25
.........15- Stage to Centreville ---.50
Oct. 22 Travelling 16 miles $1.60 attend court--$1.60
............Attending supreme court 6 days at $4.00 per day ---$24.00
...........One night session ---$3.00
Nov 13 Travelling 16 miles ---$1.60
.............Four days attending court---$16.00
Sept. 22 One day searching for
Pat Harris ---$4.00
..............One night $4.00, 1/2 day $2.00 ---&6.00

To Albion R Foster, Dr.
June 2 To travelling 24 miles with warrant for
Earl Clark at .10 per mile one way---$2.40
............To travelling 24 miles with warrant for
Claude Clark at .10 per mile one way---$2.40
............Two tele. messages to Monticello ---.60
Sept 4 Serving warrant of arrest on
Harry Brooks charged with setting fire to barn of A Gray---$1.50
...........48 miles travelled, .10 per mile---$4.80
...........Attending examination of Brooks one day ---$2.00
...........Cash pd. tele. message to Officer Barrett, Bridgewater---.70
Nov. 9 Serving warrant of arrest on
Claude Hanning charged with theft ---$1.50
............7 miles travelled .10 per mile ---.70
............Serving King's summons on
Thos Letson ---.30
............Serving King's summons on
Amasa Plummer---.30
............Serving King's summons on
Maurice Pinsky---.30
............Serving King's summons on
Henry Bradley---.30
............Serving King's summons on
Albert Orser ---.30
............Attending exam. of Hanning 1 day ---$2.00
............Travelling 5 miles with search warrant to search
Stephen Hanning's house
............Making search and recovering stolen goods
Nov 27 Serving warrant of arrest on
Arnold Blizzard, 4 miles travelled

To John McLauchlan Co. Ltd.
Mar 31 To 1 suit underwear--- 2
..............1 shirt--- 1
..............1 pair socks
Harry Mason while in County jail.

To Dr M E Commins, Coroners Account
July 10
body of Michael Crain found dead in river St. John at Beechwood with permission for burial.---$4.00
..........Mileage, 8 miles, .10 per mile.

To R E Holyoke,
Sept 15 To travelling 22 miles and searching with summons for
Eric Brown in matter of the King vs Eric Brown
.........21 Serving summons on
Dec 7 Serving summons on
Minnie B Adney and travel 2 miles
...........Travelling 17 miles and serving summons on 5 witnesses in case of the King vs M B Adney
To W D Rankin, M B C M ,
Nov 4
John Cassidy, 1 call
April 18
Elisha Stairs, 1 call
June 24 Elisha Stairs, 1 call, for professional services
Athertan & McAffee
Sept. To 68374 (prior) 9 Blue Butter .10, 68374 .50 (prior), 16- 68374 (for prior), 29 -68374 (for prior)
Jan 16- 69340- .50, 69341-.25 ( Robt. Kinney)
John R Tompkins, Esq, preparing voters and jury lists for 1915.
J C Hartley
To certifying 138 school lists at .50 each, preparing voters lists for revisors, parish clerks, list of parish officers for publication, list of parish officers for parish clerks.

R B Jones Co,Ltd June 27 Two suit overalls, July 28 Two suits overalls.
A C Burden, County jailer
John O'Brien 244 meals at .12c
Herbert Marston 15 meals at .12c
George Kinney 21 meals at .12c, jail fee $1.50 ---$4.02
John Mulheron 64 meals at .12c, jail fee $1.50---$9.18
Colman Tibbits 18 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$3.66
Thos. MacCorqundale 2 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$1.74
Chas Drake 69 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.58---$9.78
Luke O'Brien 69 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$9.78
John Sullivan 69 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$9.78
Leslie Dalton 61 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$8.82
Michel Manning 46 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$7.02
Henry Larkin 78 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$10.80
Harry Hagerman 1 meal at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$1.62
Laura Harris 3 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50------$1.86
John Gormany 3 meals at.12c, ---.36c
H Baston, 61 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50----$8.82
Thos Allen 6 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$2.22
25 Geo Armon 57 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$8.34
P. Psaila 21 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$4.20
Ward Prior 91 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$12.42
Geo D Titus 4 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$1.62
John Burke 3 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$1.86
J S Sewell 4 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---.48c
Geo Wark 7 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$2.34
Robt Ferguson 9 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$2.58
Harry Sullivan 9 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$2.58
S Blizzard 1 meal at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$1.62
Mrs. Blanche Higgins 1 meal at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$1.62
Chas Morris 24 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$5.58
Mrs. Harry Edgar 42 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$5.02
Fitz Peterson 15 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$1.80
Andrew MacAffee 45 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$6.90
Joseph Hinton 16 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$1.92
Jas Hanlon 1 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$1.62
Wm Glew 45 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$6.90
Walter Lovely 16 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$3.42
Violet Todoroff 6 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$2.22
Laurell Harris 15 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$3.30
Thomas Nelson 3 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---.36c
Fred Chase 3 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---.36c
R L Cronkite 9 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$1.08
Thos Mills 9 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$2.58
W Brown 57 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$8.34
Chas Broad 12 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$1.44
Franks Sparks 15 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$1.80
Aug 21 8 ozs carbolic acid .50
July 6 Screw hooks and staples .20
Sept 3 6 yds toweling at .10c
Robert Kinney 12 meals at.12c, jail fee $1.50---$2.94
Less jail fees ...$52.50

David Craig and Alex. Rogers
Both Carleton County Men

Carleton Sentinel Newspaper Jan 30, 1914
Word has been received here of the murder of Alex. Rogers and David Craig, two old time Aitken, Minnesota, men at their home at Poupore Siding, near Aitken City, by Harry Reeley, a supposed harmless imbecile who then killed himself.
Reeley, who was 35 years old of age, became infatuated with 16 year old Nora Hall, who lived with her grandparents near the home of the two murdered bachelors. The girl used to run over to their place and they took a fatherly interest in her. Reeley became jealous without any reason for it, sent her a note saying he was going to kill the men, and finally, the following night he went to the Rogers home and shot both of the occupants.
Matt Beland, another neighbor returning from a dance, went into his barn and found the body of the murderer lying nearby where he had shot himself. Giving the alarm a visitor of the neighbors to the Rogers home found both men dead. Rogers and Craig were both about 54 years of age, while Reeley was 35.
H. W. John, Milligan and Nathan Rogers, of Northampton, are cousins of Mr. Rogers, who is a native of Carleton County, while John Craig, of Lower Woodstock, and William, of Cabino, Que., are brothers of David Craig, who was a native of Carleton County.
The bodies of Rogers and Craig were taken to Cloquet and prepared for burial. A double funeral was held in the Methodist church, at Aitken, by Rev. A. L. Richardson, and the friends of many years intimate association were buried together in Lake View cemetery. Craig had no relatives.
"Sandy" Rogers was a man noted for his mild, quiet manner, and among the many acquaintances he had here during the days when Aitkin was a lumbering town, not a man has anything but friendliness and praise to speak regarding him. It is certain he never gave any sane man cause to take his life. Mr. Craig was of similar disposition and both were highly respected in their home community.
Their death is deplorable.
Note:Newspaper headline was Harry Keeley, article write-up is Harry Reeley ?

$4,500 Goes to Son's Heirs
Carleton Sentinel Newspaper June 6th 1913
Decision in Case of Deep Interest to Carleton County People

Before Louis E. Young, Judge of Probate pro hac vice. In the estate of Elizabeth Raymond, late of the Parish of Simonds, widow of David M. Raymond, an order was made on the 20th of May last for the distribution of the surplus of the personal property, amounting to $4500.00
Elizabeth Raymond died leaving one son, a person of unsound mind. By her will she bequeathed her personal estate to trustees for the purpose of supporting the son during his life time, and with a provision that if he ever became of sound mind the estate was to be turned over to him. The son lived some years and then died, and the question arose as to whether the residue of the personal estate would go to the son's heirs or the mother's heirs as at the time when the son died. If the property goes to the son's heirs then the Raymonds would take a share, but if only to the mother's heirs the Shaws would take the whole personal estate, Elizabeth Raymond being before her marriage a Shaw.
The judge of Probate decided that it would go to the son's heirs and directed the money to be paid to G. Hiram Raymond of Middle Simonds, who is the administrator of the son. J. C. Hartley appeared for the Shaw interest, M.L. Hayward for Handford Shaw, A. N. Vince for Thursa Mooers, one of the Shaw heirs, and also for the trustees, and W. P. Jones for the Raymond heirs. The case may be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Former Woodstock Man Elected
Mayor of Fairbanks, Alaska

Carleton Sentinel Newspaper June 6th, 1913

The voters of Fairbanks have selected the men who shall guide the course of the municipal bark during the coming term of one year. At 9 o'clock yesterday morning, the battle of ballots started and until 8 o'clock in the evening the skirmishing continued. The counting of the votes occupied until midnight, and the final result was awaited with interest by the residents of the city.
Murray C. Smith received the largest number of votes, leading the nearest man by 64 votes.
On him undoubtedly, will fall the mantle of mayor, for that honor is annually conferred on the person - with the highest number of votes to his credit.

The Citizens' ticket elected all of its men with the exception of Harry E. St. George and W. F. Whitely. The Non-Partisan ticket elected one of its men, William Baltuff and Dan Callahan, running indepently, secured a berth well above the tailenders.
Murray C. Smith is a native of Carleton County, and a brother of Louis Smith.

Caught In Shaft
Harley Dunlap Meets Terrible Death
Carleton Sentinel Newspaper July 11, 1913

Was Looking for Pigeons When Accident Happened-
His Young Companion Gave Alarm.

The town was shocked Wednesday morning when it was announced that Harley Dunlap had been killed in the carding mill by being caught in a rapidly revolving shaft.
The evidence given by his young companion tells the story of a boyish act that was attended with sad consequences. The boys went under the mill looking for pigeons and young Dunlap sat on the driving shaft--his clothing was caught and he was thrown violently around the shaft and was killed instantly. The mill was stopped as quickly as possible but not until the poor young fellow had been frightfully mangled. Coroner J. A. Lindsay was soon on the scene and empaneled a jury who viewed the remains.
The inquest was held in the evening, the jurors were:
J. S. Leighton Jr., Foreman
E. A. Burden
John A. Atherton
E. J. Clark
Hugh Dalling
James McManus
C. M. Augherton

Allie Tapley sworn said : I know Harley Dunlap. I was in his company, this morning, in front of the carding mill. We went under the mill to see if there were any pigeons there. Harley sat down on the driving shaft which was in motion and his sweater caught in the shaft and threw him round and round. When I saw he was caught I went to Henry Flewelling and gave the alarm. They shut the mill down and when I went back he was dead. I told Mr. Flewelling he was caught in the shaft and he shut the mill down. I have sat down on the same shaft.

Chief of Police Kelly testified--I was at carding mill this morning and saw body of boy fast to the shafting, his clothes wound around--I cut his shirt to clear him from shaft--He was about a foot from the cog gear. His clothes were caught in the key way and wound very tightly.

The jury returned the following verdict :-
We find that
Harley Dunlap came to his death by being caught in a revolving shaft in a carding mill run by
Aaron Clark on the 9th day of July, 1913,
and we do not attach any blame to any person. The death of Harley Dunlap was accidental.
We recommend that the attention of the factory inspector be called to the open and dangerous condition under the mill.
The body was taken to Millville Thursday morning for burial.

Heirs Wanted
Carleton Sentinel Newspaper Jan 29, 1904

The next of kin of one Thomas McDonald , who left New Brunswick in 1869,
will learn something to their advantage
by communicating with John S. Leighton, Jr., Woodstock.
McDonald recently died, leaving an estate,
and a legal firm in the West are making inquiries regarding the location of his relatives.
Any person knowing of his family history will please communicate with Mr. Leighton,Woodstock.

Workmen Want Shorter Hours
Carleton Sentinel Newspaper May 30, 1913

Masons, Painters and Carpenters Agree
No Decrease In Pay
That nine hours shall constitute a days work, with ten hours pay, is the agreement made between the painters, carpenters and Masons of Woodstock.
It is understood that the new rule will come into force June 16th. In order that no confusion or misunderstanding shall occur those engaged in these occupations are giving public notice of the agreement through the newspapers.

The agreement is signed by the following:
Clarence Hanson
Manzer Atherton
Nathaniel Peed
George Weeks
Thomas Winchester
R.L. Allingham
William Chapman
Arthur Stone
John Graham
Ralph Chapman
Steven Green
Oscar Hanson
I. L. Fisher
E. R. Snow
George Johnson
J. Fred Davidson
Samuel Tutney
C. W. Bowlin
C. N. Killam
David MacLeod
Octave Lavoie
Harry Hanson
Arthur Taylor
Chas. Britton
Samuel Steeves
John Sanderson
William Sanderson
William Archibald Waugh
Edward J. Griffin
C. G. Donnelly
G. Brown
Johnnie Brown
Bonie Fields
William Babkirk
Andrew Babkirk
Enoch Steeves
Arthur Bragdon
Richard Beach
T. S. Medlie


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