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E MAIL / Lezlie Carson.

CRAIG FAMILY - added Feb 08

Estabrook Family - many descendants that lived in Carleton County - added June 25, 2006

Williams Family - many descendants that lived in Carleton County - added June 25, 2006

Antworth Family

Barter's of Avondale

Bristol, Clark, Clarke, DAVIDSON, DOANE, HILTS, HAINES, KIERSTEAD,Osgood, Palmer, Park, Thayer


Kasey's Keep - Hannigan surname  New - June 20, 2005

Davis & Hotham Family

Wendall  Clair Buckingham

Descendants of
Thomas Crain/Crane/Crehan and Margaret O'Day

Descendants of William Crain and Lavinia Smith.

Ancestors of Lezlie Carson Bridges Family + 212 unique surnames.

Wade, James  -married Mary  Cox Wakefield, New Brunswick

Descendants of John Morgan Sr.

Descendants of Thomas Brownlow

Isaac Draper Descendants

Thomas Wolverton

Ruby Cusack's Settlers of Johnville

Gartley, Wayne
- life and Family August 4, 2005

Rogers family from Tyrone to New Brunswick September 10, 2005

Larlee Family

Titus Descendants

George Laverty & Elizabeth Brown

Peter Haggerty & Nancy McGuire




Rhoda, Gartley, Strong, Langstaff

Haywood Family / Victoria Corner

Stephenson, Samuel Merritt 1831-1907


Story of Cantin Dionne

Rynax, Greer, Nason, Charters, Moore, Haines, Fletcher, Phillips

The Descendants of James McNally  

McLeod Family

Ancestors of Andrew McInnis

Jones, Curtis & Dunphy families

The Downey Family

Dow Family

Book of Dow & The Dows of N.B./ Dow Settlements

Civil War Diaries of Wentworth Dow

Hayward, Thomas, McKeen, Currier, Taylor

A site with Carleton County family names

Ancestors of Donald Murray Brown (Chase, Ginson, Ward)

Broad Family

Descendants of Morris Higgins

Descendants of Gallagher

Descendants of Daniel Dooley

Descendants of Charles Doherty

Descendants of Jacob Crabbe

Descendants of John Dugan

Descendants of Robert Sproul

Dominicus Sewell Family

DeMerchant, Cuffman / Coffman

Ancestors of Barry Crawford

David & James Good

Everett, Maguire, Estabrook, Scott, Sappier, Desvaux, Glasher

Descendants of James Craig

Descendants of Jan Orser

Descendants of Thomas Harris

Craig, Delong, Harris, Orser, Shaw

Delongs in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine

Barker, Schriver



Harrington Family

Gray Family

Beckim of the Bloomfield area

John Boyer Victoria Corner



Smith and Kierstead Carleton Co., NB

Tompkins, Jacob of the Pr.of Wales Amer. Reg.

Tompkins descendants

Sweet Family

MacFawn, Archabald Whitfield Descendants new October 2004

McBean, Reeleder, Speizer Families Updated July 2004

 Sanderson, James - New August 17, 2005

Frank Sparks - New - August 17, 2005

Descendants of Isaac and Elizabeth (Hutchinson) Hartt - August 18, 2005

Miller, Wheeler, Tompkins, Squires, Fredericks, Bulmer, Duplisea - new October 6, 2005

R.Wallace Hale's
revision of E. Tappan Adney's "The Sharp Family"
along with his own studies of the descendants of William Elihu Shea and John McIlroy, both of whom settled in New Brunswick after the American Revolution.  Descendants of all settled in, and are still residents of, Carleton County.   Courtesy of R.Wallace Hale.   

Carleton County Home Page

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