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Obituaries Page

Page Updated 2009

I have removed the format that was used for the obituaries between February 2006 - September 2007 and gone back to the former format of having all obits below in alphabetical order making them much easier to find. Obituaries posted between February 2006 - September 2007 are all found below under the persons surname.

Please check individual postings as MANY contain family members with different surnames than those indicated in the header.

Special thanks to Masiel Miller of Perry Maine who has generously donated approximately 200 obituaries for the site. These have been collected over the past 50 years by Masiel's Mother and then Masiel continued the project. The majority of these were originally published in the the Quoddy Tides Paper (QT) or the Eastport Sentinal (ES)... where known they are indicated with these abbreviations. Not all obituaries will indicate the source from which they came. These additions are scanned images so please take the time to check out the pages if you think you can make a connection as the search engine does not pick up names on these pages. These contributions are indicated with a * .

Ackley Surname Edith V. (Brown) Ackley

Allingham Surname * Frances (Malloch) Allingham

Allingham Surname Page 2 * Millicent F. (Lank) Newman Allingham

Allingham Surname Page 3 * Luther Chesley Allingham, George Allingham

Allingham Surname Page 4 A. Edwin Allingham

Anthony Surname * Wellington H. Anthony, Clyde Anthony

Anthony Surname Page 2 * Jeanette Annie (Newman) Anthony, Merton W. Anthony

Anthony Surname Page 3 * J. Edgar Anthony, Mrs Edgar Anthony (Nellie Hilyard)

Anthony Surname Page 4 Waitstill Mohan Anthony, Howard W. Anthony, Dallas G. Anthony, Florence (Benson) Anthony, Ralph Bertrum Anthony, Lewis Clyde Anthony, Bennett Ford Anthony, Otis Anthony, Gary Anthony, Ronald Anthony, Waitstill "Leigh" Anthony Updated 2009

Archer Surname Beatrice E. Archer

Armer Surname Juanita Mae (Calder) Armer

Babcock Surname * Maurice A. Babcock

Babcock Surname * Alice M. (Mitchell) Babcock, James F. Babcock

Babcock Surname Phyllis L. (Matthews) Babcock, George S. Babcock

Babin Surname Opal Laverne (Tinker) Babin

Banks Surname Reba M. Banks

Barker Surname * Harry E. Barker

Barker Surname Evelyn Parker Barker, Larry Winston Barker, Maxine A. (Brown) Barker Page Updated 2009

Bassett Surname Madeline Marie (Porter) Bassett

Batson Surname * Price Batson and Owen A. Batson

Batson Surname Page 2 Irving C. Batson (Scanned Image)

Batson Surname Page 3 Sophia Anne Batson

Baxter Surname * Florence B.(Whelpley) Baxter

Bell Surname * Matthew F. Bell

Bishop Surname * Elizabeth (Mitchell) Bishop

Blanch Surname Henrietta "Kitty/Babe" (Brown) Blanch

Breton Surname Edmond Breton

Brough Surname Madeline V. (Henderson) Brough

Brown Surname Page 1 * Adelbert Brown, Clifton W. Brown, Eugene A. Brown, Harry B. Brown, Manning B. Brown, William Brown

Brown Surname Page 2 * Emily Jane (Anthony) Brown, Ethelbert George Brown

Brown Surname Page 3 * Edgar James Brown, Lydie Bianca Brown, Ralph Lloyd Brown, Raymond V. Brown

Brown Surname Page 4 * Kenneth Brown. This write upsurrounding Kenneth's death contains MANY names. It is a scanned article, please check it for a name that may be of interest to you.

Brown Surname Page 5 Lloyd Brown, Dorothy (Thurber) Brown, Ernest Frederick Brown, Kathleen Margaret (Wentworth) Brown, Stacy H. Brown, Calvin John Brown, Hilda Harriett (Norman) Brown, Melva Rosalie (Searles) Brown, John O. Brown, Abigail Ellen (Tinker) Brown, Helen Faye (Jackson) Brown, Evelyn D. Brown, Murray Bennett Brown, Earle Kenneth Brown, Martha V. (Farmer) Brown, Walter Brown, James Austin Chesley Brown, Elwin Ellsworth Brown, Freeman William Brown, E, Raye Brown, Olive (English) Brown, Dallas Eugene Brown, William W. (Bill) Brown

Brown Surname Page 6 Whitney F. Brown, Arthur William Weldon Brown (Scanned Images)

Calder Surname James Calder, Clinton Calder, Eleanor "Ellie" Genevieve Calder, Bertram Hazen Calder, Dean Bennett Calder, Emerson (Bruz) Edmund Calder, James Calder, Royis Elda (Matthews) Calder, Louise C. Calder, Kenneth Calder, Neil Clement Calder, William James Calder, Clifford Calder, Doris Blanche (Langmaid) Calder, Margaret Louise (Galen) Calder, Luther R. Calder, Herbert M. Calder, Raymond Clifford Calder, Franklin S. Calder, Caroline (Patterson) Calder, Mary Margaret Calder, Wesley Donald Calder, Jewel Jean Calder, Chesley Maxwell Calder Updated September 2009

Calder Surname Page 2 * Linnea (Vivian) McGowan Calder, Neil Joseph Calder, Gerald Lamond Calder, Zedro (Brown) Calder, Daniel G. Calder (Scanned Image)

Calder Surname Page 3 * Ruth Elaine Calder, Gilmore Daniel Calder, Percy Calder, Portia Calder, Arnold Rigby Calder

Calder Surname Page 4 * Lewis Edmund (Eddie) Calder, Velma Aileen Calder, Edgar B. Calder, Melbourne B.Calder, Agnes Belle (Mitchell) Calder

Calder Surname Page 5 * Reginald Douglas Calder, Angus C. Calder, Bernard Melvin Calder

Calder Surname Page 6 Mary Ann (Burden) Calder (Scanned Image)

Calder Surname Page 7 Melvin Ellsworth Calder, Lillian M. Calder, Margaret Matilda (Newman) Calder, Hazel Anita Calder (All Scanned Images)

Capen Surname * Fannie D.W. (Malloch) Capen

Case Surname Vivian A. (Moores) Case

Chute Surname * Chester Colville Chute, Marsden Edwin Chute, Philmore Chute

Chute Surname Hiram Robert Chute, Brian Vernon Chute, Vernon Livingstone Chute, Eleanor Bernice Chute, Marion L. (Newman) Chute, Edwin H. "Bubby" Chute, Merrill Chute, Lewis H. Chute, Moira Chute, Mrs Harriet Chute Page Updated 2009

Clark Surname Melda Madeline (Calder) Clark, Marion E. (Newman) Clark, John D. Clark, Barbara E. (Nugent) Clark

Cline Surname * Charles R. Cline, Douglas B. Cline, Carleton S. Cline, Ryder H. Cline

Cline Surname Page 2 Horace E. Cline, Marion Rose (Mathews) Cline, Price Cline, Brandon William Cline, Marion (Hatt) Cline, Ross Wayne Cline, Gerald Francis Cline, Arthur Leroy Cline, Beverly M. Cline, Marjorie M. (Brown) Cline, Maude E. (McDowell) Cline, Ross M. Cline, Helen A. (Allingham) Cline, Carrie I "Belle" (Lank) Cline, Wilfred R. Cline, Deidre "Nancy" (Frost) Cline, Edward "Roger" Cline, Wilfred R. Cline, Ruby (Moores) Cline Updated September 2009

Cook Surname * Mr Eric E. Cook

Cooke Surname Randolph "Randy" Wallace Cooke, Laura Eileen (Holmes) Cooke

Corbett Surname Gladys R. (Newman) Corbett

Corey Surname Mina E. Corey, Alfred Corey

Daigle Surname * Edna Gertrude (Fletcher) Daigle

Daggett Surname Maxine M. Daggett, Emma Carolyn Daggett

Davis Surname * Edna B. (Porter) Davis

Desautels Surname * Mildred K. (Calder) Desautels

DeShon Surname Howard C. DeShon

Dinsmore Surname Milton "Pat" Dinsmore, Minerva (Ingalls) Dinsmore

Donovan Surname * Rhoda Ann (Mitchell) Donovan

Duncan Surname John Duncan

Eaton Surname Helen C. (Calder) Eaton, Genevieve (Newman) Eaton

Eastman Surname Mary Jane (Seeley) Eastman

Enos Surname Willa (Wilson) Enos (Scanned Image)

Farmer Surname Dallas E. Farmer, Gary. A. Farmer

Finch Surname Wilson Kenneth Finch, Frances G. (Newman) Finch

Fitzgerald Surname Mrs. Bessie Fitzgerald, Philip T. Fitzgerald, H. May (Henderson) Fitzgerald

Fitzsimmons Surname * Elizabeth L. Fitzsimmons, Charles H. Fitzsimmons Sr., Eleanor (Malloch) Fitzsimmons, John H. Fitzsimmons, Mabel R. (Matthews) Fitzsimmons

Fitzsimmons Surname Caroline (James) Fitzsimmons, Herbert Ralph Fitzsimmons, Janet Vennell (Frost) Fitzsimmons, Mary Brenda (Begin) Fitzsimmons, Charles H. Fitzsimmons Jr., Florence Dean (Ramsdell) Fitzsimmons

Flagg Surname Cadwallader Flagg

Fleet Surname Alfred C. Fleet

Fletcher Surname Annabelle Jane Fletcher, Ethel Fletcher, Alice Caroline Gordon Fletcher - (Mrs. Charles Fletcher), Clayton "Dickie" Fletcher, Varnal Tobin Fletcher, Dolly Fletcher, Eldon Fletcher Page Updated 2009

Flynn Surname Burton Guy Flynn

Fraser Surname Thelma E. (Matthews) Fraser

Galley Surname Francis Cleveland Galley, Patricia Ann (Newman) Galley, Charles Raymond (Milton) Galley, Helen (Vautour) Galley Updated September 2009

Gallagher Surname Wade E.B. Gallagher, Horace I Gallagher, Robert Eliot Gallagher Updated September 2009

Gardner Surname Bob Gardner

Getchell Surname Sharyn Lee (Russell) Getchell

Gilley Surname Evelyn Marguerite Gilley

Gough Surname Joseph Burton Gough

Gray Surname Elizabeth Gray

Green Surname Arleen Manetta (Cline) Green

Greene Surname Esther Jane (Mitchell) Greene, Linda Jean (Ryan) Greene, Sheldon Dallas Greene, Medley "Afton" Greene, Terry (Gardner) Greene Page Updated September 2009

Hanson Surname Edith Agnes (Calder) Hanson

Harvey Surname Bernard F. Harvey

Haskins Surname Jennie M. (Mathews) Haskins

Henderson Surname Cecil R. Henderson (Scanned Image)

Higgins Surname Hazel (Babcock) Higgins, Olga Estella (Thurber) Higgins Updated 2009

Hilyard Surname Charles Hilyard, Ruby Marion (Newman) Hilyard

Holmes Surname Eleanor (Batson) Holmes

Hooper Surname Evelyn Hooper, Sharon Lynn (Richardson) Hooper, Viola Ferne (Wright) Hooper, Colby Emery Hooper, Blake (Parker) Hooper

Howard Surname Nina (Mitchell) Howard

Howland Surname Marie (Newman) Howland

Huntington Surname Madeline "Maddie" (Newman) Huntington

Jackson Surname Melvin Howard Jackson, Elizabeth Mae "Betty" (Matthews) Jackson

Jackson Surname * Randolph Jackson, Mrs Walter Jackson (Emma Apt), Mrs Harry Jackson (May Fletcher), Ernest Jackson

Jacquard Surname Agnes A. Hansen Jacquard

James Surname William James

Johnson Surname Ruby E. (Blanch) Johnson, W. Harvey Johnson, Floyd Harvey Johnson Updated 2009

Johnston Surname Blanche Elaine (Calder) Johnston

Jones Surname Containing obituaries and dates for Annie M. Jones, Cecil Jones, Reba Marguerite Jones

Justason Surname Dorothy Jane (Lank) Justason

Keohan Surname John Keohan

Kierstead Surname Julia Winifred (Warren) Kierstead

Kinney Surname Margaret Anne Kinney

Kurzweil Surname Esther Jane (Brown) Kurzweil

Kolb Surname Florence Elizabeth "Betty" Brown Kolb

Laffey Surname Barbara (Stimpson) Laffey

Lahey Surname Burton Lahey

Langmaid Surname Neil B.Langmaid (Scanned document)

Lank Surname Bessie "Bet" Lank, Sophia Flagg Lank (Scanned document)

Lank Surname Page 2 * Ernestine (Brown) Lank, Burnham Vaughn Lank, Stanley Maxwell Lank, Burton Clyde Lank, Waldo Whitney Lank, Evelyn (Calder) Lank, Robert B.Lank

Lank Surname Page 3 * Beverly Lank, Calvin Lank, Merrill W. Lank

Lank Surname Page 4 Judson "Juddy" Emery Lank, Captain Eddie Lank, Vesta Millicent (Wilson) Lank, John William Lank, Bruce Allen Lank, Frances Jean Lank, Edward Lank, Raymond Clayton Lank, Kenneth Carl Lank, Vincent Lank, Edward Lank, John Lank, Clarence Hanlon Lank, Loren Lank Page Updated 2009

Leslie Surname John Leslie

London Surname Hazel Leona (Lomax) London

Lomax Surname Basil Clyde Lomax, Hazen Oscar (Junior) Lomax

Lord Surname Vernon M. Lord

Lyons Surname Lavinia Scott Barnes Lyons

MacCarthy Surname Florence Lillian MacCarthy

Mahar Surname Josephine A. (Preston) Mahar

Malloch Surname Peter Malloch, William Malloch, Edward A Malloch, Julia May Malloch, Helen Irene Malloch, Arthur Malloch and Marion Malloch. Many others persons named in the actual obituaries. Scanned document, surnames are NOT picked up by the search engine.

Malloch Surname Page 2 * Alonzo Baker Malloch, Henry P. Malloch, Edward A. Malloch, Whitman Malloch, Stewart Millage Malloch

Malloch Surname Page 3 Virginia Lank Malloch

Malloch/Mallock Surname Page 4 Haley Diane Malloch, Gordon Glenn Malloch, Florence Malloch, Marion Malloch, Arthur Malloch (Mallock), Mrs Mildred Hannah Mallock (Malloch), Douglas Brent Malloch, John Wellington Malloch, Ralph Wesley Malloch, Theodore Calvin Mallock. Vernon E. "Butch" Mallock

Mann Surname * Melda M. Metcalf Mann (Melda Brown)

Marsh Surname * Eva. J. (Mitchell) Marsh

Martin Surname Lillian Bernice (Anthony) Martin

Matheson Surname Myrtle Josephine Matheson, William Earl Matheson

Mathews Surname * Mona M. (Harvey) Mathews

Mathews Surname Michael Vincent Mathews, Walter C. Mathews, Galba "Galby" Mathews, Tristan Allan Mathews

Matthews Surname * Audber "Ob" Leroy Matthews, Weston Marvin Matthews, Loren Edwin Matthews, Hilda Pearl (Townsend) Matthews, Claudia Maud (Porter) Matthews, Raymond Matthews

Matthews Surname Georgie Cecille (Cline) Matthews, Marjorie Viola (Brown) Matthews, Louis R. Matthews, Hollis E. Matthews, Glenn Howard Matthews, Ella Mae (Gilbert) Matthews, Paul H. Matthews, John E. Matthews, Harold Lee Matthews, Arnold Vincent Matthews, Christopher Scott Matthews, Carrie Pearl Matthews, Ethel G. Mathews, Mazie Verna Matthews, William Edwin Matthews, Rheta (Lank) Matthews, Earl Lester Matthews, Clayton Raye Matthews Sr., Irene (Blanchard) Matthews, Capt. Burris W. Matthews, Emery J. Matthews Updated September 2009

McCann Surname Eva (Jones) McCann

McCurdy Surname Agnes C. (Phinney) McCurdy

McFadden Surname Clara (Blanch) McFadden

McGarvey Surname Pearl (Quinn) McGarvey

McPherson Surname Merle B. (Anthony) McPherson

Mealey Surname * Elizabeth M. (Sullivan) Mealey

Mills Surname H. Garland Mills

Mitchell Surname Ida Mitchell, Wellington Joseph Mitchell, Mary Joan (Lapointe) Mitchell, Lorena H. (Matthews) Mitchell, Sumner Mitchell, Glenn A. Mitchell, Allen "Skipper" Mitchell, David H. Mitchell, Arthur E. Mitchell, Mrs. Gertrude Evelyn (Johnston) Mitchell, Rheta Almeda Mitchell, Dr. Hazen C. Mitchell, Kenneth Ross Mitchell, Leonard S. Mitchel, Lucy (Homer) Mitchell, Josephine Mitchell, Erlon Mitchell, Gerald Mowatt Mitchell, Eugene Mitchell Updated 2009

Mitchell Surname Page 2 * Thomas H. Mitchell, Reta Mae Mitchell, Clyde Kendrick Mitchell, Mercy Elizabeth (Emery) Mitchell, Richard N. Mitchell, Hazel R. (Seeley) Mitchell, Morton Keith Mitchell

Mitchell Surname Page 3 *Alva (Bud) Mitchell, Judson E. Mitchell, Melvin Ross Mitchell, Winslow Townsend Mitchell, Helen E. (Sheehey) Mitchell

Mitchell Surname Page 4 Quinton M. Mitchell (Scanned Image)

Monroe Surname Samuel Alan Monroe

Moore Surname * Susan Mathews Moore

Moores Surname Louise B. (Babcock) Moores, Gaye D. Moores

Morrison Surname Neilie (Brown) Morrison

Moses Surname Captain Thomas Moses

Mulholland Surname * Miss Elizabeth Mulholland, William H. Mulholland

Mulholland Surname Page 2 Julian Mulholland, Elizabeth Mulholland

Newman Surname Florence (Lank) Newman, Wilford Newman, Michael Alexander Newman, Terrance M. Newman, Percy William Newman, Marion Clara (Lank Matthews) Newman, Helen M. (Flagg) Newman, Judy E. (Brown) Newman, Angelena Waneta Newman, Curtis R. Newman, Betty E. Newman, Mary L. (Woods) Newman, Florence May Newman, Leon E. Newman, Bernard "Bingy" Newman, Malcolm L. Newman, Courtney Blair Newman, Victor Martin Newman, Constance (Cook) Newman, Neil Newman, Hildred Josephine Newman, Cleveland M. Newman, Clifford Ellsworth Newman, Paul Alton Newman, Roger Atwood Newman, Pansy Ethel Newman Updated 2009

Newman Surname Page 2 * John Leonard Newman, Curtis Raye Newman, Keith Newman, Douglas Calvin Newman, Mrs. Flora C. Newman

Newman Surname Page 3 * Leo Newman, Edna Muriel (Hilyard) Newman, Annie Joyce (Savage) Newman, Ernest R. Newman

Newman Surname Page 4 * Jeremiah Newman, Virginia Mae (Babcock) Newman, Jeremiah Newman (A second death notice added, easier to read than the first.)

Newman Surname Page 5 * John W. Newman

Newman Surname Page 6 Newton Nelson Newman (Scanned Image)

Newman Surname Page 7 Betty Mae (Daggett) Newman, Frances M. Newman, S. Winslow Newman, Basil L. Newman (Scanned Images)

Noonan Surname Ollie Noonan Sr

Olson Surname Inez (Corey) Olson, Jason Olson

Parker Surname Eunice (Thurber) Parker, Romaine Parker, William Everett Parker, Vernon A. Parker, Everett Harold Parker, Irene Sharon (Chute) Parker, Eileen F. (Lingley) Parker, Bradley Ermine Parker

Peck Surname Lillian G. (Brown) Peck

Perlotte Surname James J. Perlotte

Phinney Surname John Ashton Phinney, Lenora (Townsand) Phinney

Poole Surname John Poole

Porter Surname Eliza (Barnes) Porter, Muriel Frances (Alexander) Porter, Mildred Kathleen (Hooper) Porter, Jane Hilda (Moore) Porter

Pouria Surname Mary (Mitchell) Pouria

Quigley Surname Leila May (Mitchell) Quigley

Randall Surname * Annie M. Randall (Annie M. Mitchell)

Rice Surname * William N. Rice, Oden W. Rice

Rice Surname Fenton Rice, Donald Reginald Rice Jr.

Richardson Surname Norman W. Richardson

Robinson Surname * James L. Robinson, Mrs Beverly (Angie Lank) Robinson

Sailsbury Surname Helen (Babcock) Sailsbury Added 2009

Savage Surname Thelma Savage, Doreen Savage, Vernon Alva Savage, Bonnie Jean Savage, Malcolm David Savage Updated 2009

Savage Surname Page 2 * Vivian B. (Cline) Savage, Helen M (Galen) Savage, Donald E. Savage, Jean Rebecca (Daggett) Savage, Ronald Graham Savage, Anna Marguerite (Vennell) Savage, Beulah M. (Jackson) Savage

Searles Surname James Searles, Mrs Ida (Matthews) Searles, Walter Searles, Lawson Searles, Harold Oscar Searles, Melvin Leroy Searles

Sirles Surname Dorothy H Sirles, Henry C. Sirles, Aurelia J. (Brown) Sirles

Simpson Surname Sarah Simpson, Leonard Simpson

Small Surname Q. Jusdon "Juddy" Small, Nancy (Mitchell) Small

Smith Surname Walter Wesley Smith, Patricia Ruth (Richardson) Smith, Bertha Estella (Lank) Smith, Mrs Margaret Smith, Madeline (Stanley) Smith

Smart Surname Mary Caroline" Mollie" (MacDonald) Smart

Sprague Surname Margaret A. (Mitchell) Sprague

Stanley Surname Henry Myles Stanley

Stevenson Surname Katheryn (Newman) Stevenson

Stimpson/Laffey Surname Barbara (Stimpson) Laffey

Taylor Surname Ethel (Newman) Taylor

Therrien Surname Winnifred Newman Therrien

Thornton Surname Alvena (Newman) Thornton

Thurber Surname Donald Thurber, Mrs Jessie Thurber, Morton Elias Thurber, Edith (Newman) Thurber, Cecil E. Thurber, Ida M. Thurber, Mary "Mamie" (Calder) Thurber, Michael Allan Thurber Updated September 2009

Tinker Surname Odell Tinker, Allen "Bruddy" Tinker, Sherman Colbert Tinker, Calvin Sumner Tinker, Ainsley Boland Tinker, Robert "Bobby" D. Tinker Jr.

Tinker Surname Page 2 * Hilda Crichton Tinker

Turley Surname Peter George Turley

Tuzo Surname Queenie Marie (Cook) Tuzo (Scanned Image)

Townsend Surname Clarence Edward Townsend, Stella M (Mitchell) Townsend, Evelyn (Calder) Townsend, Milton S. Townsend Updated September 2009

Trecartin Surname Barbara (Calder) Trecartin

VanBeek Surname Christina Frances (North) VanBeek

Wade Surname * Theda Louise (Lank) Wade

Westrup Surname Brian E. Westrup

Whelpley Surname * Cecil Pember Whelpley

Wilkins Surname Margaret Wilkins

Williamson Surname Linnie (Calder) Williamson Added 2009

Wilson Surname Jennie (Ralston) Wilson, Alice Mae Wilson

Wilson Surname Page 2 Mrs John Nelson Wilson (Eva May Cossaboom) and Philip Leonard Wilson

Young Surname Hildred Josephine (Newman) Young

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