Lovell's 1871 NB Directory

CAMPOBELLO- A village and settlement on the west end of an island of the same name, parish of Campobello, county of Charlotte. It is chiefly inhabited by fishermen and is situated immediately opposite the towns of Eastport and Lubec in the State of Maine, at the entrance to the Bay of Fundy. The Island of Grand Manan lies south, Indian and Deer Islands north,and the “Wolves” east of Campobello Island. A good trade is done here in smoked herring and line fish. Copper and lead mines are said to exist on the island. Distant from Eastport 2 miles, fare 25c.; from St. Andrews, the shiretown, 17 miles fare 75c.; from St. John 55 miles, fare $1.75. Mail semi-weekly. Population about 600. Population of whole island about 1100.

Allingham, Robert, fisherman
Batson Arthur O., fisherman
Batson H.F., farmer and fisherman
Batson John, farmer and fisherman
Batson John H., fisherman
Batson Thomas jun., fisherman
Batson Thomas, fisherman
Beatty Benjamin, ferryman
Beatty George, fisherman
Bell William, farmer
Byron Luke, J.P, postmaster, merchant
Calder Alexander, fisherman
Calder James, fisherman
Calder John, fisherman
Calder John jun, fisherman
Calder John, 3rd, fisherman
Calder Walter, farmer and fisherman
Calder Walter jun., fisherman
Calder Walter 2nd, master mariner
Calder William, fisherman
Calder William W., master mariner
Chapman Richard, farmer
Chute Marsden, carpenter
Clarke Charles, fisherman
Davidson David, fisherman
Dienaide Peter, farmer
Dienaide Simeon R., storekeeper
Elliot George, fisherman
Elliot James, fisherman
Farmer John, J.P., customs officer
Finlay Mrs. wid J.W.
Flagg Arthur, master mariner
Flagg Cadwallader, farmer and fisherman
Flagg Price O. farmer and fisherman
Flagg William farmer and fisherman
Gallagher Francis, fisherman
Gallagher John, farmer and fisherman
Gallagher William, fisherman
Gibling William O., clerk
Gilligan William, farmer and fisherman
Gregg James, farmer
Harvey Daniel, fisherman
Harvey John, millman
Hayden Charles H., storekeeper
Hayden John A., clerk
Johnston George M. trader
Kelly Edward, fisherman
Kelly Lowell, fisherman
Kendrick Alden, fisherman
Kendrick, Andrew, farmer
Kendrick Alonzo, fisherman
Lank Edward, fisherman
Lank John, farmer and fisherman
Lank Robert, farmer and fisherman
Lank Walter, fisherman
Lank William, farmer and fisherman
Lank William jun., fisherman
McDaniel John, millman
McDaniel William, millman
McGowan William, gardener
McGowan, William jun., fisherman
Malloch George, fisherman
Malloch James, fisherman
Malloch Isaac, fisherman
Malloch Peter jun., fisherman
Malloch Rev. Peter, Baptist
Mitchell Albert, fisherman
Mitchell Benaiah, fisherman
Mitchell Daniel, fisherman
Mitchell Daniel K., fisherman
Mitchell Ezra, fisherman
Mitchell Hibbard, fisherman
Mitchell Huse, fisherman
Mitchell John A., fisherman
Mitchell Nehemiah, fisherman
Mitchell Nelson, master mariner
Mitchell Stephen, fisherman
Mitchell Thomas, master mariner
Mitchell William, fisherman
Mulholland Charles, farmer
Mulholland Charles jun., fisherman
Mulholland Frederick, farmer and fisherman
Mulholland Frederick jun., fisherman
Mulholland George, fisherman
Mulholland Jos., farmer and fisherman
Mulholland Robert, ferryman
O’Neil Edward, farmer
Parker Andrew, fisherman
Parker Edward, fisherman
Parker George, fisherman
Parker James, clerk
Parker James M., fisherman
Parker Malachi, master mariner
Parker Mrs., boarding house
Parker Owen, master mariner
Parker Robert, master mariner
Parker Thomas, fisherman
Patch Charles, fisherman
Patch Eleazer, fisherman
Patch Joseph, storekeeper
Power John, fisherman
Power William, farmer
Renouf David, fisherman
Rice Isaac, mail contractor
Robinson Cornelius, fisherman
Sharland John, storekeeper
Simpson Alexander, fisherman
Simpson Hugh, farmer and fisherman
Simpson James, farmer and fisherman
Simpson James jun., fisherman
Simpson Leonard, fisherman
Swain Joseph, fisherman
Taylor Eleazer, carpenter
Taylor James, fisherman
Taylor Joseph A., carpenter
Thurber Elias, fisherman
Thurber Hanford, fisherman
Thurber Isaac, fisherman
Thurber Sylvanus, fisherman
Todd Alfred, farmer and fisherman
Vennell Daniel, ferryman
Vennell James, farmer and fisherman
Whelpley Henry, fisherman
Williams Rev. J.S., missionary, ch of England

The steamboat or ferry landing here is called Welsh Pool.

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