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1870-Spring, Fort McPherson 21-horses were stole.


1870-Spring, near Fort McPherson civilian surveyors killed by Sioux under leader “Pawnee Killer.”


1870-Spring, after the attack on the surveyors, Maj North chased the Indians


1870.4.2 Stillwater River near Oregon Trail, 6 civilians killed by Indians


1870.5.4 Miner’s Delight at Beaver Creek (Popo Agie River Tributary). Cpt Gordon, 2nd Cav, Co D. After fight, Camp Stambaugh established. On soldier killed, 7-Indians killed.


1870.6.13 Fort Buford, Lt Col Morrow Cmdr. Four civilians wounded No Indian casualties.


1870.6.25 Medicine Bow, Lt Hall, Co I, 2nd Cav; near Casper, WY


1870.6.27 Pine Grove Meadow, Lt Hall and Lt Young both mentioned


1870.9.25 Fort Buford, wood cutter fight; Charles Teck, herder, was killed. This was last attack by Sitting Bull.


1870.10.1 Yellowstone River-Dakota, Lt Nelson led a force against some Indians.


1871-Summer, near Fort McPherson, Cody and others were attacked. John Weister was wounded.


1871 – Summer, about 20 Indian raids on the fort to steal horses prevailed.


1871.6.21 Camp Brown on the Wind River, Indian skirmish.

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