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This site hosts the alphanumerical listing of persons residing in the Territory of Montana during the 1880 census year (June 1880). It includes military personnel assigned to various posts (information available was limited to name, service record & disabilities), persons residing in the count, except for Indian reservation lands within the counties.  Information is presented in EXCEL Format. To access the files “click” on Montana Census Record link below, and follow the instructions.


Note:  For those not having an EXCEL program, free VIEWER is available at Rocket Download.



From the period of November 1876 through to November 1882 the political county lines varied greatly from the established geographical boundary lines created by the various mapmakers, and were shifting rapidly to accommodate the voter’s interests. The map on the left shows the approximate county political boundaries used in the census as of June 1880, superimposed onto current county lines. Researchers using BLM records for investigation of their ancestors need to identify the current county for their records.



Montana Census Records

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 There were 39,159 persons reported by the government as registered in the 1880 Montana census records [28,177 males & 10,982 females]. The attached files show a count of 22,666, including three blank lines created by the census takers; with the variance due to illegible handwriting on the original forms, numbers not used and missing entries on the forms preventing the information from being copied, inclusion of some military posts, and the omission of some townships that have not yet been extracted. The records were extracted from the NARA Census forms #T9-842. To facilitate research of the Montana census on the microfilm copies at the LDS Family History Center, their file line numbers were added to the records for convenience.


In 1880 Montana had 29 Enumeration Districts assigned to eleven Counties for the census takers by the Federal Government in their instruction booklet.



The Indian Reservation Census’ are not included. Native Americans residing outside of the reservation lands are included. The census takers did not always complete either the first or last names of many Indians or Chinese residing within the townships. These “non-reported” persons without names have been eliminated from the attached listings.



We are extremely grateful to the numerous transcribers who so diligently extracted these records. Corky Knebel, site coordinator.


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