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Teton County, Montana Genealogical Resources

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Books and Other Publication Resources for Teton County

Teton County, A History, 1988. The story of Teton County, Montana, its land, its infancy, its people. History of the area through the World War II era. By members of the Teton County History Committee. Published through the Choteau Acantha, 1988. Copies Available at Antique Store on Main Avenue. Surname index.

Bynum, A Roundup of Memories, A Local History Centennial, 1885-1985. The story of Bynum, Montana, and its people. Published through the Choteau Acantha, 1986. Out-of-Print. No index. Copy in Choteau-Teton Public Library.

Boots & Shovels: A History of the Greenfield Irrigation District, Division of the Sun River Project, Fairfield, Montana (Published through the Fairfield Times, 1978) Out of Print. Click here for PDF of Index . Copy of book at the Choteau and Fairfield public libraries.

By Gone Days and Modern Ways, Dupuyer Centennial, By the Dupuyer Centennial Committee, 1977. Available in Dupuyer. (This town was in Teton County until 1919.)

Rails, Roots and Reminiscings, By the Dutton History Committee, 2009. $70. Contact Cathy Odden, 406-463-2410 or Verna Schlueter 406-476-3445.

For Land's Sake: The Life & Times of Bole, Montana, Dedicated to the Homesteaders (Published through the Fairfield Times, 1980). Out of print, No copy at the Choteau Library. Anyone wishing to donate their copy to the Choteau library would be very welcome.

Wide Spot in the Road, a story of Pendroy.

Montana, Its story and biography, a history of aboriginal and territorial Montana and three decades of statehood. Under the editorial supervision of Tom Stout. Three volumes. The American Historical Society, Chicago and New York, 1921. Indexed.

History of Montana, Robert Raymer, 1930. The following Teton County residents (with page numbers) are profiled in this book: ALZHEIMER, Edmund, 795; ANDREWS, William P., 811; BAILEY, Herbert F., 561; BORNHOLDT, Fred, 803; BRANDT, Olaf, 804; BROWN, Walter, 559; CARROLL, George A., 418; COLE, Wheeler W., 828; COOPER, Charles W., 507; EDWARDS, Nathaniel W., 734; EVENSEN, Christ, 801; FORD, Joseph, 169; FUHRINGER, Louis, 604; JENSEN, Chris, 797; JONES, William D., 770; MAYNARD, Ernest B., 415; MCKENZIE, Kenneth, 776; MCLEAN, Edward R., 805; MEADOWS, Oral G., 423; MONKMAN, Gordon E., 680; MORGAN, James C., 426; OIEN, Christian L., 785; POWER, Charles Benton, 77; RALSTON, William R., 820; SMITH, Jesse J., 798; SMITH, Robert B., 813; SOLLID, George, 807; TOECKES, Matt B, 401; TURVELD, Tokerud, 810.

Progressive Men of Montana, 1903. Index and scanned pages on line.

1899 "Society of Montana Pioneers" Volume 1. It is believed that only one volume was produced.

Teton County, Montana Cemeteries, Compiled by Thelma Marshall, Mac Messman, Ann Gillin, Mickey Brown, Donna Wahlber. Printed by the Great Falls Genealogical Society. n.d. (Due to copyright laws the only source for lookups in this volume is the society.)

Choteau Calumet, a newspaper in 1885. SM. Corson bought the Choteau Calumet Publishing Co. around March 16, 1894, and moved The Montanian to the corner of Choteau and Conrad streets.Issues now on line at www.montananewspapers.org.
Teton Chronicle, a newspaper published on Fridays started 1897 by John E. Low, Publisher. C.E. Trescott became owner and publisher of the Teton Chronicle about 12/21/1900. Choteau Public Library starts with volume 1 number 6, Friday Oct. 15, 1897 and ends with 1901. Only four pages, two are syndicated.Now online at www.montananewspapers.org.
Bynum News, 8 pages, Maple and Maple, late of Valier, publishers. First issue 1914, whereabouts of copies, Unknown.
Bynum Herald. published Thursdays, first issue Jan. 27, 1916. W.H. Patrick, editor and publisher. $1.50 per year.
Teton Times, a newspaper published on Saturdays in 1892 by Times Publishing Company. Choteau Library has 1892-1894. Online, see below.
The Montanian, a newspaper published in Choteau on Fridays starting in 1891 by S. M. Corson and later T.J. Lowman until about June 1904. Online at montananewspapers.org.
The Choteau Montanan, published in Choteau starting on July 4, 1913. Now online at www.montananewspapers,org..
Fairfield Sun Times. a newspaper published in Fairfield on Thursdays, started in 1926 as the Fairfield Times, www.fairfieldsuntimes.com.
Choteau Acantha . A newspaper published on Thursdays started in September 1894 as the Dupuyer Acantha. Became the Choteau Acantha in March 1904. Now published on Wednesdays. Old issues now online at www.montananewspapers.org.

Choteau-Teton Public Library, Fairfield-Teton Public Library, and Dutton-Teton Public Library, all have hard copies of old newspapers. Link to Choteau's Web site

Teton County Genealogical/Historical Organizations

LDS Church Family History Center, Choteau
Wednesday 9-3:30. For information call Sue Caskey 406-466-2801..

Friends of Old Agency on the Teton Inc.

Old Timer Settlers kna Heritage Foundation

Researchers and Lookup Volunteers

To request a lookup from any of the references, click on the address of the owner and ask them politely. Please include reference name as the email subject.

General Teton County Information   Nancy Thornton
Marriage and Probate information Clerk of District Court, Teton County See courthouse link Early records on line without index at www.familysearch.org.
Obituary Lookups in Choteau Acantha/small fee   Nancy Thornton
Many newspapers online free at www.montananewspapers.org

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