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This is an abstraction/ transcription of vital records - birth, marriage, divorce, death - that appeared in Montana, for the most part Big Timber Pioneer newspaper in 1893. If the information is from a different newspaper but appeared in the Pioneer, that newspaper will be listed. If additional information appears in the news item, (FS) will appear at the end of the item. This means that the full news item or story has been copied. Transcribed and copied information submitted to the Crazy Mountain Museum in Big Timber by 1 July 2008. Copies can be obtained by contacting the Museum staff.

In these transcriptions, the spelling of names and locations is as it appears in the newspapers.

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1893 Big Timber Pioneer

Marriage - 5 Jan. 1893, p. 3 c. 2, Married. Last Friday morning Dec. 23, Mr. Chas. Perry and Miss Cora Johns, daughter of Alderman O. John, boarded the Illinois Central train for Bloomington, where they were married by Rev. Kane, pastor of the Presbyterian church. The newly married pair returned on the noon train, when they duly "fessed up". On Wednesday morning of this week, Mr. and Mrs. Perry started for Big Timber, Montana, where Mr. Perry is engaged in the blacksmithing business. The trip was made via Chicago and Minneapolis. The bride and groom were both raised in this city and are followed to their western home by the good wishes of their friends. - El Paso, Illinois Journal.

Marriage - 5 Jan. 1893, p. 3 c. 3, Married, Dixon-McGee. On Tuesday morning, January 3, 1893, in the presence of a few intimate friends and attended by Mr. J.W. Geiger and Miss Conklin, Mr. Harry J. Dixon, of Big Timber, and Miss Nellie McGee of Cleveland, Ohio, were united in the holy bond of matrimony, Rev. Joseph Pope officiating. (FS)

Death - 12 Jan. 1893, p. 3 c. 3. Died, Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock, Lulu Ida, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I.A. Grannis. The sympathies of all are extended to the bereaved parents. The funeral will take place from the residence in Boulder Addition No. 2, at 2 o'clock p.m., tomorrow (Friday). All friends of the family are invited to be present.

Death - 19 Jan. 1893, p. 1 c. 5, By His Own Hand, The Death of William B. Judd, A Well Known, Montana Pioneer. Alone in his cabin in the mountains and worried by the many legal difficulties of the Hidden Treasure Mining Company, Wm. B. Judd, one of the discoverers of the now famous Boulder camp, committed suicide. (FS)

Birth - 19 Jan. 1893, p. 3 c. 2. A little daughter arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Everett on Sunday night.

Birth - 2 Feb. 1893, p. 3 c. 1. A son was born on Wednesday, January 25, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. Fitzpatrick, on the Musselshell.

Birth - 2 Feb. 1893, p. 3 c. 1. The house of John McClaren was made happy on Friday morning by a 10 pound boy. All are doing well and John talks of putting up another forge in his blacksmith shop for the kid.

Birth - 2 Feb. 1893, p. 3 c. 4, Stillwater Scraps (From the Bulletin). The hearts of Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Vickery were gladdened by the arrival of a daughter at their residence Tuesday. Mother and daughter are doing well, and Mr. V. is expected to survive.

Marriage - 2 Feb. 1893, p. 3 c. 4, Stillwater Scraps. The 2nd smile which has illuminated the countenance of Alex Hundley for the past month was fully accounted for on Monday, upon his arrival from Billings with a charming bride. Last week Mr. Hundley hied him away to the county metropolis where he met Mrs. I.D. Nagle, of Rochester, N.Y., and at once proceeded to a justice by whom the twain were made one. (FS)

Death - 9 Feb. 1893, p. 3 c. 3, Died. It is seldom we are called upon to chronicle a sadder bereavement than has befallen Mr. and Mrs. I.A. Grannis. The hand of death has made their home lonely and sad. Within the short space of three weeks they were robbed of their two bright little girls. Tubercular meningitis, one of the most fatal diseases made them in their feeble babyhood an easy prey. The skill of physicians was powerless. The younger was about nine months and the older about three years. The sorrowing parents have the warmest sympathy of the entire community in their affliction.

Marriage - 23 Feb. 1893, p. 3 c. 5, Marriage. At the residence of the bride near Pleasant Hill, Missouri, on Thursday, February 9, 1893, Mr. James Vestal, of Big Timber, and Miss Belle Aldrich. (FS)

Birth - 9 Mar. 1893, p. 3 c. 2. John McVay of Merino, was in town yesterday on his return from Helena. Mr. McVay was feeling happy over the fact that he is now the father of two sons the last one having arrived in this world on the 28th of February.

Death - 16 Mar. 1893, p. 3 c. 2. A little child of Caleb Anderson was buried in the Big Timber cemetery Monday afternoon.

Death - 16 Mar. 1893, p. 3 c. 2. One of Richard Nevin's children died last Monday and was buried at their ranch on Sweetgrass creek.

Marriage - 16 Mar. 1893, p. 3 c. 2. Torval J. Gunderson and Miss Emma Lavold, both of Melville, were last week granted a license to wed by District Clerk Bailey. They will be married March 20th, at the ranch on Sweetgrass.

Death - 23 Mar. 1893, p. 3 c. 4. A little child of Frank Gotlob died last week and was buried in the cemetery here on Saturday.

Divorce - 23 Mar. 1893, p. 3 c. 4. An unexpected arrival home of M.H. Morand from Hunters Hot Springs on Monday night will possible result in a divorce case at the next term of court.

Marriage - 30 Mar. 1893, p. 3 c. 3. On Monday afternoon the marriage ceremony of John K. Davis and Miss Bessie L. Davis (whose adopted name is Fay Terrell) was performed at the parsonage by the Rev. J. Pope. Miss Lota Baker and C.L. Olmstead were witnesses to the ceremony. The happy pair returned to the home at McLeod on Tuesday where they will be heartily welcomed by their friends in that vicinity.

Death - 6 Apr. 1893, p. 3 c. 5, A Very Sad Death, The Demise on Tuesday of Lafayette P. Ash of the Boulder Electric Power Company. L.P. Ash died at the Grand Tuesday morning. The deceased being a member of Creighton Lodge No. 38, A.O.U.W. of Creighton, Nebraska, the members of the Big Timber Lodge No. 39 took the remains in charge accompanying them to the train leaving here last evening when all that was mortal of Mr. Ash was taken east in charge of Mr. A.N. Hawley, his business associate and friend. (FS)

Birth - 13 Apr. 1893, p. 3 c. 2. Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Booth were made happy by the appearance of a ten pound boy at their home Sunday. All doing well.

Marriage - 20 Apr. 1893, p. 3 c. 2. Alexander Dizerly and Miss Christiana Collins, daughter of Dr. Henry Collins, were on Friday evening, united in the holy bonds of matrimony by Justice J.E. Barbour. Both are "breeds" and are now located on a ranch near Grey Cliff where during the many years ahead the bride can draw water and hew wood in true "injun" fashion while the groom reclines in ease. Marriage is not a failure with such as they.

Death - 20 Apr. 1893, p. 3 c. 4, Choked to Death. Sheepherder Willard Jeffers choked to death on a piece of meat at the Chinese restaurant on Thursday evening. The remains were sent to the former homer at Hanover, Illinois, leaving here on Sunday evening in charge of John Blake. (FS)

Death - 20 Apr. 1893, p. 3 c. 4, In Memorium. Died - at ther home in Big Timber, at 9:15 on Monday morning, April 17, 1893, Ellen DeWitt Hatch, widow of the late Col. R.B. Hatch, aged 69 years, one month and 19 days. The cause of death was la grippe, superceded by acute bronchitis. (FS)

Birth - 27 Apr. 1893, p. 3 c. 2. Mr. and Mrs. Perley R. Lowell, of the Lake Basin, were made happy on the 19th by the birth of a daughter.

Married - 11 May 1893, p. 6 c.3. Married - Olmstead-Baker - At the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. J.W. Baker, in Big Timber, Montana, on Wednesday evening, May 10, 1893, Mr. Charles L. Olmstead and Miss Lota I. Baker were united in marriage, Rev. Joseph Pope officiating. The bride and groom being attended by George Baker, brother of the bride, and Miss Maude Cowan. The ceremony being performed in the presence of relatives and a few of the most intimate friends of the high contracting parties. After the ceremony the Big Timber Band tendered an exquisite serenade and were welcomed to the hospitalities of the bridal feast. For the present the happy couple will make their home with Mr. and Mrs. M.N. Olmstead, the parents of the groom. Of the parties to this contract we have a few words to say. Mr. Olmstead is the junior member of the Olmstead and Budd Hardware Co., and since his arrival here some two years ago, has by his conduct built a name for himself for honesty and integrity, now forming an important place in Big Timber business circles. The bride, Miss Baker, is a young lady charming in every sense of the word and is well endowed with those womanly attributes that make the home circle a happy one.

Birth - 25 May 1893, p. 3 c. 1. Mr. and Mrs. Will Dodge are rejoicing over the arrival of a son and heir who made his appearance in this world on Monday morning.

Death - 1 June 1893, p. 7 c. 2. Edward Carr died Friday morning at Oka of consumption, at the home of his brother, Chas. E. Carr, manager of the Severance Mercantile Company. Mr. Carr was well known here and at Melville where he was formerly book-keeper for H.O. Hickox. He was a young man much beloved for his many noble and sterling qualities.

Marriage - 8 June 1893, p. 3 c. 2. At the residence of the parents of the bride, in Stillwater, on Tuesday, June 6, 1893, Mr. John Scott, of Big Timber, and Miss Katie Countryman, were united in marriage, a few invited guests witnessing the ceremony. The bride, now Mrs. Scott, has been one of Stillwater's most popular society ladies, while Mr. Scott has built up a large circle of friends in Big Timber. They arrived yesterday morning and were met at the depot and escorted to their new home by the Big Timber Coronet Band, of which Mr. Scott is a valued member.

Death - 15 June 1893, p. 7 c. 2. Clarence Arthur, a little son of Sam Solberg of Lower Sweetgrass died Friday June 9, 1893, aged four years and four months. The cause of death being an abdominal abscess.

Birth - 29 June 1893, p. 7 c. 3. Mr. and Mrs. James Norton, of Big Elk, were made happy on Friday last by the birth of a daughter.

Birth - 29 June 1893, p. 7 c. 3. We rise to congratulate Judge and Mrs. J.E. Reese upon the arrival into their household of a son and hel? Which event took place on Friday morning last.

Birth - 6 July 1893, p. 3 c. 1. Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Day were made most happy on Monday by the birth of a daughter.

Marriage - 6 July 1893, p. 3 c. 1. On Sunday last Justice Simpson was called upon to utter the vows that united in marriage Mr. Lee Simonsen of Absarokee, and Miss Myrtle Suydam of Castle. The ceremony was performed at the residence of the groom's parents at Absarokee. (FS)

Death - 13 July 1893, p. 3 c. 3. Harmon Kadlebach died by drowning in the Yellowstone.

Marriage - 13 July 1893, p. 7 c. 2. Marriage - At the Clifton ranch, on Sweetgrass river, on Sunday July 9th, 1893, George E. Slough and Miss Mable E. Wright were united in marriage, Justice of the Peace officiating.

Death - 27 July 1893, p. 3 c. 2. Sudden Death - This morning at about 4:00 o'clock W.F. Day who has been clerking at the Crystal Palace restaurant, died very suddenly from apoplexy. He was taken ill yesterday afternoon and though given every attention, steadily sank until the end. He leaves a wife and two small children who have the heartfelt sympathy of all in this hour of their bereavement. Mr. Day came from Hudson, Michigan, where his parents, who are said to be very wealthy, now reside. He was about 28 years of age and was a young man of many friends.

Death - 27 July 1893, p. 7 c. 1. On Friday, the 21st, John Moseley, better known as "Negro Jack" was drowned in the Yellowstone near Reedpoint. It seems, so the story goes, that a white man had taken up an island in the Yellowstone and had gone into the Musselshell country to rustle enough money to improve it, the white man not returning Moseley thought that he could capture the hay that was growing on the island, and hitching his horses onto a mower and trailing a rake behind started to cross the river. As soon, however, as deep water was encountered the entire outfit was swept away: horses, hay rake mower and Mosley, and as yet nothing has been recovered.

Death - 3 Aug. 1893, p. 3 c. 2. The body of Herman Kaddlebach was found on an island in the Yellowstone three miles west of Stillwater by P.H. Doyle and Jim Morris who went down from here in a skiff. The coroner of Yellowstone county was notified and held an inquest upon the body after which the funeral took place at Stillwater.

Birth - 3 Aug. 1893, p. 3 c. 3. Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Anderson were made most happy yesterday over the birth of a daughter.

Marriage - 3 Aug. 1893, p. 3 c. 3. Married - Miss Nellie McConnell and Mr. Benj. B. Miles were married at the McConnell ranch on the Boulder, on Sunday, July 30, 1893 by Justice John E. Rees, who on this his first experience did very gracefully indeed, but, as he says, did better at the most beautiful spread given later in honor of the occasion.

Death - 24 Aug. 1893, p. 3 c. 1. Ellen Markle is reported to have died last week at Arlee, Wyoming from an overdose of morphine.

Death - 7 Sept. 1893, p. 1 c. 3. Death - Michael Hackney, who for a number of months has been living on Big Elk, was killd near that place on Saturday by a horse falling on him. (FS)

Death - 7 Sept. 1893, p. 1. c. 4. Died - On Saturday, September 2, at the home of the parents in Lake Basin, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Perley R. Lowell, aged four months and 10 days, of cholera infantum.

Birth - 14 Sept. 1893, p. 5. c. 1. We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Lyon on the birth of a boy, who made his first appearance in this world on Saturday morning.

Birth - 21 Sept. 1893, p. 5 c. 1. A 9-pound daughter gladdened the household of Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Doyle on Tuesday morning.

Marriage - 28 Sept. 1893, p. 5 c. 3. Married - On Tuesday afternoon, September 26th, 1893, at the home of Mrs. Eva C. Hunter, in Livingston, Mr. Fred M. Mjelde, of Big Timber, and Miss Jocasta E. Hunter, of Livingston, were united in the holy bonds of marriage, Rev. W.C. Fowler, officiating. (FS)

Birth - 5 Oct. 1893, p. 5 c. 1. The birth of a daughter created joy in the household of Dr. J.H. Moore on Monday morning.

Death - 5 Oct. 1893, p. 5 c. 2. On Thursday, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Al Dodge fell asleep at about ten o'clock in the morning and its continued slumber into the afternoon alarmed Mrs. Dodge who sent to town for Dr. Moore, but too late, the little one breathing its last before the doctor arrived. A bottle of laudanum accidentally placed in the child's reach tells the story. The funeral took place from the Congregational church on Friday afternoon.

Death - 5 Oct. 1893, p. 5 c. 3. Died. Sarah, the oldest daughter of Oswald B. Nevin, aged about seventeen, at her home of Sweetgrass, from dropsy.

Birth - 12 Oct. 1893, p. 5 c. 1. The wife of Jacob Rapstad surprised him yesterday morning by presenting him with twins, a boy and a girl.

Marriage - 2 Nov. 1893, p. 5 c. 3. Married - At the home of the parents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. Newton Budd, on Railroad street, and in the presence of a few intimate friends and relatives Mr. A.T. Kellogg and Mrs. Pearl M. Kavanaugh were, last evening, united in marriage, the Rev. Joseph Pope officiating, and are now receiving the hearty congratulations of their many friends. The bride has resided in Big Timber and vicinity since childhood and is exceedingly popular with all. The groom by his many sterling qualities has made hosts of friends and worthy of his good luck.

Birth - 16 Nov. 1893, p. 3 c. 1. A 10-pound son gladdened the household of Mr. and Mrs. James Connelly on Saturday morning.

Marriage - 16 Nov. 1893, p. 3 c. 3. If affords us great pleasure to note the marriage of Mrs. Bertha A. Nash and George E. Simmons, which took place at the residence of W.G. Strong near Melville on Thursday, November 9, 1893, the ceremony being performed by Justice Strong in his usual happy manner.

Marriage - 23 Nov. 1893, p. 1 c. 5. Wallace S. Vanderhoff and Caroline M. Peterson both of Deer Creek, Yellowstone county, have had a marriage license issued to them.

Marriage - 23 Nov. 1893, p. 5 c. 3. The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Harvy Bliss in Staples, Minnesota. (FS)

Marriage - 7 Dec. 1893, p. 1 c. 4. Marriage of Chas. F. Stocker and Randi Esp, both of Park Co. on 30 Nov. 1893. (FS)

Marriage - 7 Dec. 1893, p. 1 c. 4. Marriage of Henry Andrews and Esther Johnson on Wednesday, December 6th. (FS)

Marriage - 14 Dec. 1893, p. 1 c. 5. Married - Geo. R. Finely and Mrs. May Oliver were united in the bonds of matrimony at the parsonage on Tuesday evening by Rev. J. Pope. Mr. and Mrs. Drew were witnesses. The happy pair left Wednesday for their home at Greycliff where they will immediately go to housekeeping.

Death - 14 Dec. 1893, p. 5 c. 2. Eddie, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Boardman, died Sunday Dec. 3, at the home of Mrs. Boardman's parents at Chippewa Falls, Wisc. The child had gone to sleep Saturday night in its baby carriage, apparently well, but when Mrs. Boardman arose in the morning he was dead. The sympathies of all are extended to the bereaved parents, who have during the past year had more than their share of hard luck.

Death - 28 Dec. 1893, p. 1. C. 4 & 5. The Wrong Man - Red Morris Tries to Kill Henry Witten, But Gets Killed Himself - Poor Shooting By Both. James Morris killed in shooting on Sunday. (FS)

Death - 28 Dec. 1893, p. 5 c. 1. Andrew Jensen, an industrious Norwegian who has resided near Melville for several years, accidentally shot himself in the head at the home of Henry Ellingson on Friday. Dr. Moore, of this place, was summoned but before his arrival Jensen bled to death, the bullet having penetrated one of the arteries of the head. He was about thirty years of age and unmarried.

Marriage - 28 Dec. 1893, p. 5 c. 3. Married - At the residence of Mrs. Pruett, in Big Timber, on Friday evening, Dec. 22, 1893, Mr. A.L. Druckemiller and Miss Martha Weatherman, Justice J.E. Rees officiating in his usual happy manner.

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