Index To Obituary Scrapbooks, Vol. 3


The Crazy Mountain Museum has three scrapbooks of obituaries which an individual saved from the late 1940's to the mid-1980's. There are a few obituaries from before 1940. The obituaries, clipped from local newspapers, are of Sweet Grass County residents or individuals with Sweet Grass County ties. They are usually grouped by family, although not in alphabetical order. They are listed here in order of appearance in the scrapbook. As you go through the index, if you find an obituary you would like, please write (snail mail because the museum does not have internet access): Crazy Mountain Museum, P.O. Box 83, Big Timber, MT 59011. In the request say that the obituary is from Obituary Scrapbook three. The museum charges 25 cents per page and a donation to the museum would be appreciated. Enclose a SASE.
The obituaries are listed by name, date of death, and place of death (if noted).
Belle E. Amery; 1972; Big Timber
Elisabeth Amery; July 21, 1976; Keswick, Baltimore, MD
John Osburn; 1974; Spokane, WA
Howard P. Forsythe; 1973; Big Timber
Gale Eugene McLane; February 6, 1978; California
Josephine Slanger; April 30, 1978; Salt Lake City, UT
Herman Smith; 1973; Big Timber
Hardy Koons; November 26, 1972; Big Timber
Leslie G. Cook, Jr.; August 30, 1978; Wickenbeurg, AZ
George Bjorndal; 1962; Sweet Grass County, MT
Marian E. Hanson (Mrs. George) Carl; 1957; Big Timber
Carl John Hanson; 1963; Warm Springs, MT
Fritz B. Peterson; April 13, 1977; Poulsbo, WA
Mrs. Charles Samuelson; Big Timber
Neil MacFarlane; September 8, 1974; Rome, Italy
Royal V. Traver; September 8, 1978; Steele, ND
Ida O. Plaggemeyer; 1979; Big Timber
Mrs. James (Cora) Preston; 1964; Livingston
Arthur Zeleny; April 26, 1971; Scottsdale, AZ
Mrs. Dick (Jeanette) Frost; September 10, 1964; Livingston, MT
Thomas M. Kuhn; 1964; Columbus
James Preston; December 27, 1974; Big Timber
Percy Cox; 1977; Polson, MT
Mrs. Mary Counter; 1962; Big Timber
Daniel (Danny) Nevin; 1965; Sweet Grass County
Marie Nevin; February 28, 1968; Big Timber
Etta M. Farthing; 1978; Big Timber
John W. Nevin; 1972; Fort Harrison, MT
Donald Farthing; November 13, 1973; Jamestown, ND
Joseph Mathes; 1978; Livingston
James Edward Thompson; 1967; Big Timber
Margaret S. Thompson; 1978
Delmar Thompson; Octoer 15, 1975; Visalia, CA
Eva Cook; March 6, 1973; Big Timber
Stevie Thompson; 1956; Sweet Grass County
Pvt. William Leonard Smart; April 29, 1945; Czechoslovakia
Mrs. Ellen Skretting Thompson; 1977; Sweet Grass County
Margaret Kinder; 1956; Greybull, WY
Mrs. Myrtle Baker; 1952; Great Falls, MT
Nellie Murray; 1972; Sheridan, WY
Robert E. Cummings; January 10, 1978; Helena, MT
Lettie Tucker; 1973; Big Timber
Fred Tucker; February, 7, 1974; Big Timber
Philip Cummings; 1977; Big Timber
Max Forster; February 26, 1974; Billings
Mrs. Mary O. Hill; 1949; Billings
Myra Josephine McCormick; 1958; Billings
Jack McCormick; 1977; Park County, MT
Ole Heltne; 1953; Big Timber
Donald J. Hanly; April 21, 1952; Longview, WA
Emil Birkland; 1973; Livingston
Margaret Kenison; February 14, 1974; Big Timber
Mrs. Anna Bryan; February 12, 1960; Big Timber
William Bryan; December 17, 1973; Vacaville, CA
Bert F. Bryan; June 14, 1970; Spokane Valley
Charles L. Bryan; 1977; Bismarck, ND
Floyd Free Crockett; 1965; Big Timber
Mrs. Blanche Wadine Huntley; 1975; Billings
Alica Algard; 1977; Sweet Grass County
Mrs. Karen Ronning; 1960; Billings
John Wright, Sr.; 1973; Coos Bay, OR
Donald DeCock; 1974; Sweet Grass County
Melvin Songstad; 1983; Underwood, ND
Bernard Deeney; 1966; Big Timber
Mrs. Edna Heasler; 1964; Billings
Frank Deeney; August 21, 1974; Billings
John Weidinger; 1964; Sweet Grass County
Roy L. Vaughn; 1972; Big Timber
Harold Raymond Scovill; February 7, 1974; Billings
R.H. Vaughn; October 18, 1977; CA
Oakley A. (Spud) Thomason; 1963; WY
James Edward Faw; 1976; Sweet Grass County
Casey James Cumi; October 23, 1978; Denver, CO
Mrs. J.L. Faw; 1963; Sweet Grass County
Sidney Arthur Brannin; September 10, 1984; Mt. Pleasant, WA
Nels Anshelm Olin; 1963; Big Timber
James E. Brannin; 1984
Mrs. Claude C. Gray; 1962; Sweet Grass County
Voney Spannring; 1974; Livingston
Paul B. Hoffman; 1977; Big Timber
Esther Johnson; November 23, 1978; Sidney, MT
Emma Barr; 1963
Ida Mary Lay; 1970; Sweet Grass County
Henry J. Hausserman; 1977; Livingston
Nora Belle Hausserman; August 27, 1969; Red Lodge
Douglas R. Goosey; 1970; Big Timber
Daniel Roy Goosey; 1978; Big Timber
Mrs. Averil L. Fallang; 1964; Big Timber
Daisey E. Broker; April 12, 1973; Twin Falls, ID
Louise Keppler; 1965; Sweet Grass County
John Peterson; 1963; Big Timber
James Kratzer; 1975; Powell County, MT
Benjamin F. Henry; March 2, 1962; Santa Ana, Ca
Leo Sack; 1964; Big Timber
Floyd (Ted) Kepler; January 21, 1972; Caldwell, ID
Mrs. Esther Kepler; 1974; Powell, WY
Oscar Stephens; 1978; Big Timber
Charity Cunningham; 1971; Big Timber
Henry Carl Tietz; 1973; Englewood, CO
Mrs. Ruth Tietz; 1974; Denver, CO
Branson Miles; June 15, 1974; Spokane Valley
Ben B. Miles; January 9, 1960; Opportunity, WA
Mrs. Carl Etterer; 1963; Bandon, OR
Grace Hoem; 1978; Big Timber
Horville T. Hoem; May 7, 1974; Bozeman
Helen Hoem; 1973; Big Timber
Nils Petersen; 1962; Big Timber
Irene Hoveland; 1974; Billings
Albert Hoyseth; 1967; Sweet Grass County
Isabel A. Jones; 1978; Billings
Jacob T. (Jack) Halverson; December 12, 1984; Big Timber
Tom Hoyem; June 20, 1973; Billings
Torris Hoyem; 1978; Big Timber
Forest Keller; 1977; Billings
Mrs. Mary Egen Keller; 1953; Big Timber
Edward William Franklin; November 24, 1962; Lopez Island, WA
Mrs. Ed (Emma) Franklin; 1973; Lopez Island, WA
Pierre Franklin; July 1, 1973; Lopez Island, WA
Nellie Crawford Porter; 1978; Bozeman
Mrs. Ethel Mais; 1961; Browing, MT
Andrew Anderson; March 3, 1976; Boles Acres, NM
Mrs. Mabel E. Brownlee; 1975; Big Timber
Frances A. Long; 1975; Billings
Chloe M. Moffett; June 3, 1970; Billings
Barrett Paul Tyler; 1973; Sweet Grass County
Vern Dodge; September 13, 1972; Big Timber
Mrs. Mae Headington; 1965; Warm Springs, MT
Olga K. Sandsness; 1970; Columbus
Bert E. Green; 1978; Helena, MT
Alvin Sandsness; January 29, 1945; Belgium
Ole Hegdal; January 5, 1974; Sweet Grass County
Ludwig Mysse; 1963; Anaconda, MT
Ragnvald Berland; November 25, 1970; Livingston
Charles E. Bouse; 1972
Luella E. Bouse; April 29, 1974; Big Timber
George Myron Morey; 1969; Bremerton, WA
Joe Bartholomaus; 1960; Big Timber
Lawrence P. Officer; 1964; Livingston
Juanita K. Officer; 1977; Livingston
Larry Officer; February 12, 1976; Phoenix, AZ
Wilbur Franklyn Officer; 1964; Livingston
Charles Officer; April 3, 1976; Billings
Sven Tjensvoll; December 1, 1973; Fort Harrison, MT
Mrs. Louise McMahan; 1952; Melville
Edward L. "Sandy" McMahan; December 7, 1953; San Bernardino, CA
Anna Marie Dahl; August 29, 1963; Riverside, CA
Harold McMahan; 1976; Big Timber
Nina B. Lavold; 1952; Yakima, WA
William Wood; 1967; Big Timber
Clarence McMahan; 1957; Woodburn, OR
Ed Dahl; March 4, 1960; Ekalaka, MT
Walter McMahan; 1954; Big Timber
Emagene McMahan; September 7, 1972; Warm Springs, MT
Thomas W. McMahan, Sr.; 1979; Big Timber
Andrew Thompson; 1974; Tacoma, WA
Albert Hiller; 1952; Big Timber
Don E. Hiller; 1977; Livingston
Mrs. Jennie Esp; July 16, 1965; Big Timber
Mrs. Leonard J. Esp; 1958; Sweet Grass County
Leonard J. Esp; 1972; Sweet Grass County
Oscar Esp; April 14, 1965; Big Timber
Tilmar Esp; 1955; Big Timber
Myrl Esp; 1976; Big Timber
Albert D. Esp; 1979; Big Timber
Dorothy Albrecht; April 15, 1971; Prescott, AZ
Clyde E. Davis; 1971; Big Timber
Mrs. Ruby Davis; 1965; Big Timber
Mrs. Carrie Davis; 1949; Big Timber
John W. Davis; 1949; Big Timber
Charles Onie Davis; 1960; Fort Harrison, MT
Conrad F. Ullman; 1968; Big Tmber
Mrs. Congrad F. Ullman; 1960; Big Timber
Richard E. Hauge; 1942; Big Timber
Mrs. Bina Hauge; June 14, 1964; Big Timber
Ole Ueland; 1965; Big Timber
Bjarne T. Arseth; 1967; Billings
Norman H. Hauge; 1975; Portland, OR
Emil O. Hauge; 1976; Sweet Grass County
Larry Hauge; 1976; Livingston
George Hauge; 1973; Warm Springs, MT
Mrs. Clara Severance; 1948; Big Timber
Paul Severance; July 13, 1960; Phoenix, AZ
Millie Snyder; 1964; Big Timber
E.S. Severance; July 4, 1976; Billings, MT
Eva Severance; 1976; Billings
Grace Severance; 1977; Big Timber
Lloyd P. Severance; 1977; Big Timber
Floyd Bailey; 1954; Big Timber
Hulda Knudson; 1968; Lewistown
Lewis Rapstad; 1973; Sweet Grass County
Agnes Rapstad; August 23, 1973; Big Timber
Roy Barkley; Chicago, IL
Mrs. Anna J. (Ivar) Hoiland; 1955; Livingston
Joseph J. Hoiland; 1964; Big Timber
A. Arlene Hoiland Barkley; Mary 23, 1978; Palmerston North, New Zealand
Anna Berg; 1950; Big Timber
Orie Ostenson; 1975; Big Timber
Arthur I. Berg; 1971; Big Timber
Iona Young; November 8, 1976; Tacoma, WA
Mrs. Grace Berg; 1966; Big Timber
Mrs. Susanna Berg; 1975; Glendive, MT
Mina Doyle; September 7, 1971; Big Timber
Arthur W. (Slim) Doyle; 1971; Big Timber
Alta Allestad; 1971; Big Timber
Luther Aareskjold; 1965; Big Timber
Sophia Aareskjold; 1979; Big Timber
Mark Elliott; February 13, 1959; Waseca; MN
David Clearwater; 1961; Bozeman
Byron Cross; 1975; Billings
Mrs. Ruth Churchill; 1970; Billings
Harry Cross; 1965; Billings
Norman E. Hale; 1970; Big Timber
Mrs. Norman E. Hale; 1967; Big Timber
Rudolph Michels; 1974; Livingston
Tom Donlan; 1967; Big Timber
Mrs. Jessie Donlan; 1968; Big Timber
Richard H. Eurich; 1970; Billings
Ruth Eurich; 1972; Billings
Alfred Rudd; 1952; Billings
Stanley F. (Stub) Rudd; 1964; Livingston
Mrs. Hannah Rudd; 1962; Livingston
Alfred Hans (Junior) Rudd; 1962; Craig, CO
Louis Beley; 1949; Big Timber
Nettie Jackson; 1966; Livingston
Esther A. Reed; January 6, 1977; Livingston
Alice C. Shockey; 1975; Butte, MT
Alvin (Bergie) Berg; 1984; Billings
Mrs. Louis Rapstad, 1985, Great Falls
Arthur T. Ellison; 1953; Big Timber
Fred Ellison; September 22, 1970; Big Timber
Albert E. Ellison; 1956; Sweet Grass County
John Boe, Jr.; 1935; Sweet Grass County
Mrs. John Boe; 1961; Billings
Kay Boe; 1957; Sweet Grass County
Edna Joann Boe; 1949; Livingston
Ellen V. Boe; 1978; Big Timber
John O. Boe; 1978; Big Timber
David Miller; 1978; Billings
Oluf Fjare; October 18, 1973; Big Timber
Abby Hetland Fjare; 1963; Big Timber
Mrs. Donna Fjare; 1969; Big Timber
Bernhard Hetland; October 9, 1978; Big Timber
Christopher Boe; 1952; Fort Harrison, MT
Hans G. Boe; 1968; Big Timber
Raymond Boe; 1971; Sweet Grass County
Mrs. Ellen Boe; 1956; Big Timber
Karen S. Toffefson; 1971; Big Timber
Gustav Tollefson; 1972; Big Timber
Harold Boe; 1978; Billings
Ronald Halverson; 1973; Big Timber
Mabel Halverson; 1978; Big Timber
Calvin Hughes; 1972; Minneapolis
Eystein O. Birkeland; 1971; Sweet Grass County
Lawrence "Sonny" Hughes; February 15, 1978; Billings
Mrs. Oskar Drivdahl; July 16, 1950; Bozeman
Oskar C. Drivdahl; 1957; Big Timber
Mrs. Catherine Lyon; 1952; Spokane, WA
Charles A. Dempster; 1977; Big Timber
Robert Lyon; 1975; Gooding, ID
Agnes M. Dempster; 1979; Big Timber
H. C. "Sho" Lyon; December 3, 1964; Gooding, ID
Myrtle Haas; February 26, 1962; Lakewood, CA
Ray W. Haas; 1977; Jefferson, OH
Clive Haas; 1973; Big Timber
Mrs. May Galbreth; 1959; Big Timber
Mrs. Mary Willard; 1963; Spokane Valley, WA
Mrs. Knute Anderson; 1937; Big Timber
Tom Anderson; 1964; Sweet Grass County
Reider Anderson; 1972; Big Timber
Signe C. Anderson; 1977; Big Timber
Illa Ostenson; 1978; Gallatin County
Arthur E. Grosfield; March 21, 1977; Sweet Grass County
Severine Strand; September 16, 1975; Big Timber
Nels Strand; August 16, 1969; Ionia, MI
Sam Strand; 1962; Billings
Bertha Strand Parmely; February 22, 1977; Billings
Sigurd Strand; 1977; Ionia, MI
Merle A. Strand; 1972; Laurel, MT
Anne W. Jones; 1978; Gallatin County
Margaret Aline Courter Strand; 1978
Peter Riveland; 1965; Big Timber
Kenneth Riveland; August 26, 1975; Billings
Eva Roquet; 1974; Great Falls, MT
Dr. Herbert Roquet; 1964; Big Timber
F.B. (Bernie) Mjelde; 1967; Coeur d'Alene, ID
Emil J. Frang, 1954; Big Timber
Claire Simmons; 1974; Big Timber
Mrs. Catherine Frang; 1955; Livingston
Clint Collenborne; May 23, 1974; Big Timber
Vesta Collenborne; 1975; Big Timber
Floyd M. Pierce; 1975; Bozeman
Almeda Pierce; 1977; Big Timber
Genevieve Beck; 1975; Big Timber
Thelma Patterson; November 25, 1970
E.R. (Pat) Patterson; 1960; Sweet Grass County
Olaf E. Hauge; 1985; Big Timber
William Muir Jr., 1951; Big Timber
Delmar R. Muir; June 18, 1977; Sault Ste. Marie, MI
J.B. (Brodie) Nevin; November 20, 1976; Hanford, CA
Bertha Plaggerman; December 9, 1975; Bozeman
Jake Plaggerman; 1960; Big Timber
George K. Stevenson; 1963; Roundup
Mandius Thompson; 1974; Big Timber
Wilbur Williams; 1972; Billings
Harry L. Brewer; 1978; Big Timber
David Mattice; 1974; Big Timber
Charles H. Clayton; 1972; Big Timber
Albert F. Boyd; 1964; Big Timber
Jim Pederson; March 4, 1973; Columbus Montana
Sivert Raisland; 1950; Big Timber
Mrs. Christina Raisland; 1968; Big Timber
Harrison (Jack) Crane; 1978; Big Timber
Cecil Valgamore; December 29, 1975; Livingston
Ida Marie Crane; 1977; Livingston
Mrs. Eva M. Valgamore; 1960; Big Timber
William Glass; 1949; San Diego
Mrs. Grace Williams; 1963; Phoenix, AZ
Mrs. Robert J. (Mary Amanda) McKenzie; 1962; Big Timber
Margaret M. McKenzie; 1963; Livingston
Lola McKenzie; 1971; Big Timber
William D. McKenzie; 1952; Big Timber
Mrs. Emma Larson; 1967; Big Timber
Mrs. Christina Raisland; 1963
John Larson; 1962; Big Timber
Dixie Lewis; 1974; Livingston
Kolben Haugstad; 1960; Big Timber
Kristine Haugstad; 1974; Livingston
Glen Parker; 1958; Big Timber
Gene Parker; 1960; Omaha, NE
Mrs. Knute Hogemark; 1955; Big Timber
Thad Pound; August 9, 1971; Dinuba ,CA
Knute Birkeland Hogemark; 1977; Big Timber
Ralph (Buster) Pound; January 30, 1975; Walport, OR
Mrs. Margaret Watson; 1965; Big Timber
Ted Watson; August 9, 1972
Alexander Watson; 1962; Big Timber
Theodore T. (Teddy) Olson; 1957; Big Timber
Mrs. Mabel Olson; 1963; Big Timber
Mrs. Effie Stole; 1952; Livingston
Clinton Carter; 1959; Big Timber
Betty Jane Carter; 1972; Big Timber
Roy Lee Carter; 1971; Sweet Grass County
Grace Hood; October 28, 1977; Sacramento, CA
Alice M. Murphy; 1977; Big Timber
Joseph Widdicombe; 1977; Big Timber
George B. Crum; July 12, 1977; Big Horn County, MT
Mrs. Catherine C. Crum; 1962; Big Timber
Walter H. Baker; December 29, 1972; Anaconda, MT
Merle R. Bainter; Sweet Grass County
Nina M. Bainter; 1976; Livingston
Fred Sargent; 1978; Big Timber
Belinda C. Sumner; 1965; Livingston
Mrs. Hans Tjaaland; 1956; Big Timber
Herbert O. Tjaaland; 1972; Billings
Susan May Tjaaland; March 11, 1973; Big Timber
Oscar A. Fallang; 1952; Fort Harrison, MT
Sarah Martha Fallang; 1962; Big Timber
Inga Goodell; February 25, 1968; Spokane, WA
Blanche Fallang; 1959; Big Timber
Mrs. Agnes Olsbach; 1949; Seattle
Carl G. Myrstol; 1971; Big Timber
Allen D. Myrstol; 1963; Columbus
Edna D. Paulson; 1971; Big Timber
Chester Fraser; 1976; Big Timber
William N. (Narcie) Blair; 1977; Billings
Waldemar M. (Walt) Steensland; 1972; Fort Harrison, MT
Ethel Steensland; May 4, 1969; Seattle, WA
Esther E. Mysak; April 10, 1973; New York
Maier Miller; April 10, 1973; Polson, MT
Horace B. Yerkes; 1965; Big Timber
Elias Holen, JR.; April 27, 1972; Anaconda, MT
Mary Jasper; 1969; Billings
Mrs. Josie Hanson; 1958; Big Timber
Katherine M. Douglas; 1977; Bozeman
Stella Greig; March 6, 1970; Albany, OR
Mrs. Hallie Margaret Gunderson; 1963; Big Timber
Mrs. Grace Post; 1959; Big Timber
Vernie Hathaway; 1973; Sweet Grass County
June R. Hathaway; 1973; Sweet Grass County
John Moss; November 30, 1970; Bozeman
Mrs. Priscilla M. Hathaway; 1963; Billings
Charles M. (Tude) McComb, 1963; Sweet Grass County
Willard McComb; 1973; Montana
Pat McComb; 1975; Big Timber
Edward Lovseth; 1975; Wallace, ID
David Otto Lovseth; 1977; Great Falls, MT
Charles Clifford Nicholson; 1949; Big Timber
Mrs. Henry Nicholson; August 24, 1951; Victoria, B.C.
Stuart Nicholson; 1960; Big Timber
Gladys Edwards; 1977; Tucson, AZ
Gilbert Johnston; 1964; Big Timber
Emil Drivdahl; December 3, 1983; Big Timber
Emil Adam; 1957; St. Ingnatius, MT
William Refsland; 1962; Big Timber
David V. Higbie; 1962; Missoula, MT
Carl Busse; April 18, 1967; Ft. Harrison, MT
Tosten Stenberg; 1976; Ft. Harrison, MT
Rube Nelson; 1977; Billings
Mrs. Ida Busha; 1950; Big Timber
Helen Busha Sibert; May 8, 1977; French Town
Beatrice Grace Johnson; July 26, 1971; Flathead Lake
Carl S. Thompson; 1984
David Busha; 1975; San Jose, CA
Mrs. Eda Hatch Lewis; January 30, 1957; Trial, B.C.
F.C. (Friday) Alexander; August 21, 1972; Carbon County
Gilbert (Gib) McFarland; 1957; Wheatland County
Joseph H. Gunderson, 1959; Park County
Ingebrigt Brendsel; 1954; Big Timber
Norman Ostenson; 1968; Big Timber
Emma M. Elges; 1973; Livingston
Paul F. Fischer; 1970; Big Timber
Charotte Colvin; September 28, 1962; Long Beach, CA
Kristine Larson; 1973; Galen, MT
George B. Camp; 1972; Sweet Grass County
Newton McDonald; 1973; Big Timber
Teddy Hetland; 1975; Big Timber
Rudolph Michels; 1974; Livingston
Mrs. Mina Knapp; 1974; Valley City, ND
Clement W. "Pat" Breeding; 1973; Butte, MT
Bessie Ellen Blackwell; 1977; Pullman, WA
Nellie Wilson; December 3, 1973; Billings
Mrs. Pat (Lorraine) Breeding; 1963; Livingston
LeRoy Breeding; 1976; Wheatland, WY
Joe Mayfield; June 25, 1964; Big Timber
William A. Wood; 1970; Columbus, MT
Raleigh Wood; January 5, 1975; Missoula, MT
James Wood; December 28, 1975; Livingston, MT
Mrs. Charles (Florence Rife) Wood; January 14, 1978; Hamilton
Louis Esp, 1972; Bozeman
Ida Esp McKreaken; August 28, 1978; Palm Springs, CA
J. George Yost; 1970; Billings
George W. Eaton; 1971; Big Timber
Mae Hiner; June 27, 1973; Big Timber
Mrs. Winnie T. Rickman; 1977
Ellen C. Rich; 1972; Bozeman
Lura Ann Story; 1971; Big Timber
Mrs. Lussie Hanson; 1962; Big Timber
Mary J. Michels; 1967; Helena, MT
Helen C. McAuslan; August 26, 1970; Bozeman
Loree Moore; July 27, 1972; Ojai, CA
Albert W. Strickland; 1961; Big Timber
Ed Weamer; 1972; Forsyth
William S. Amos; 1972; Big Timber
Edward G. Hodan, Sr.; 1971; Columbus
Helge Sundby; 1973; Bozeman
Emily Peterson Hodan; 1978; Minneapolis
Evelyn Johnson; 1970; Big Timber
Mrs. Katherine Harper Allen; 1955; Big Timber
Charles V. Schuler; Big Timber
Chris Albertson; 1965; Fort Harrison, MT
Mrs. Bertina Skaarland; 1957; Big Timber
Laura Stewart; March 3, 1970; Big Timber
Cora Sanderson; May 21, 1973; Miles City
Carl Bue; 1970; Big Timber
Mrs. Carl Bue; 1958; Big Timber
Dr. Bernhard Olness; 1967; Billings
Millie Ellis; February 3, 1972; Woodland, CA
Herman F. Frey; 1972; Columbus
Sven Stenberg; 1967; Big Timber
Steven Stenberg; 1971; Big Timber
Olufine Stenberg; 1969; Big Timber
Darlene Nelson; 1962; Billings
Gustav (Gus) Stenberg; 1977; Big Timber
Mrs. Gus Stenberg; 1963; Big Timber
Olga Perschillo; 1975; Billings
Mrs. Bertha Lien; 1953; Big Timber
Ann Lien Bennett; August 2, 1976; Tacoma, WA
Selmer T. Lien; March 25, 1971; Fort Harrison, MT
Jennie Madden; 1967; Butte
Ruth B. Rapstad; 1984; Cascade, MT
Mrs. Elida Egeland; 1963; Big Timber
Teresa Satre Noe; 1965; Big Timber
Orville Noe; August 29, 1973; Livingston
Ole Satre; 1963; Big Timber
Edwin O. Satre; 1975; Billings
Mrs. Sidney Brannin; Sweet Grass County
Charles C. Brannin; 1972; Big Timber
Robert Carrington Ward; 1957; Big Timber
Stanton Douglas "Clancy" Cooper; 1975; Sherman Oaks, CA
Dora Brannin; 1962; Columbus
William A. Briner; December 2, 1969; Kalispell
Julia Cannon; 1954; Helena
Albert F. Wagner; 1978; Big Timber
Mildred Wagner; February 18, 1978; Livingston
Harry J. Wagner; February 28, 1973; Livingston
Riley Doore; 1972; Lake Cachuma, CA
Raymond Wagner; December 16, 1979
Delia E. Kinsey; 1977; Billings
Mrs. Mary Blanscet; 1963; Big Timber
Mrs. Mabel Olson; 1962; Billings
Clayton Van Moschelle; November 11, 1973; Sweet Grass County
Florence R. Ferris; 1966; Big Timber
Violet Lima; June 3, 1976; Big Timber
Chris Magelssen; 1955; Sweet Grass County
Mrs. Mary Bertha Magelssen; 1947; Billings
Dr. J.W. Magelssen; Rushford, MN
Shirley D. Oaks; 1975; Albuquerque, NM
Leonard Nunley; July 9, 1969; Big Timber
Roy E. Nunley; 1971; Big Timber
Alfred G. Johnson; September 11, 1973; Great Falls, MT
Rawleigh Purcell; March 1, 1975; Thompson Falls
Earl J. Purcell; 1976; Big Timber
Bert Versland; March 22, 1974; Canby, OR
Paul Lamp; 1948; Big Timber
Jesse C. Duncan; 1962; Big Timber
Joseph M. Mjolsness; July 26, 1977; Alpine, TX
Jake Lovelace; 1963; Fort Harrison, MT
Harold Warp; February 3, 1976; Billings
Mrs. Hilma Warp; July 3, 1975; Big Timber
Rose M. Crockett; 1977; Big Timber
Horace S. Davis; 1967; Billings
John Krone; 1949; Big Timber
Anton Krone; November 14, 1973; Billings
Thorvald Krone; January 28, 1974; Columbus
Walter Julius Boelter; 1966; Big Timber
Gordon Butler; 1970; Livingston
Torger Birkeland; 1977; Big Timber
Mandius Thompson; 1948; Sweet Grass County
Tim Wesley Hendrickson; March 11, 1974; Douglas, WY
Burton S. Smith; 1971; Columbus
Lambertus Van der Voort; 1971; Big Timber
Roy Osborn; 1947; Big Timber
James William Furnish; 1977; Powell, WY
Gilbert Arthur Opland; 1969; Sweet Grass County
Olava Barstad; 1966; Harlowton
Laura Clark; 1959; Billings
Lonvill Garske; October 8, 1978; Great Falls
Charles William Voges; 1958; Sweet Grass County
Mrs. Henry Holtan; 1946; Cedar City, UT
Donald Voges; 1959; Big Timber
Petrine K. Peterson; 1971; Columbus
Cora J. Peterson; 1978; Columbus
Dr. Bill E. Mjelde; 1985; Sheridan, WY
Oliver F. (Mike) Eppens; 1978; Big Timber
Alta M. Eppens; 1978; Butte
Harry Plaggemeyer; 1958; Miles City
Abe Plaggemeyer; 1978; Big Timber
Fred Plaggemeyer; October 2, 1973; Big Timber
Robert C. Johnson; 1972; Big Timber
Delia Plaggemeyer Boyd; October 2, 1973; Livingston
Earl James Butler; January 7, 1985; Big Timber
Kjell Thompson; Ferndale, WA
Ruth (Blair) Peterson; June 16, 1983; Big Timber

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