Sheridan's Daybreak III book MT

Sheridan's Daybreak III

Entering the New Millenium
The Ongoing History of Sheridan County, Montana

Compiled and Collated by May (Hilyard) Budke, Pamla (Fouhy) Hendrickson and the Sheridan's Daybreak III Committee
Copyright 2005 by the Sheridan County Daybreakers Genealogy Society

This 1092 page hard bound book was a 2 year project begun in 2003 and completed in the fall of 2005. Most stories were written in 2003 or early 2004.Cemetery records in the back of the book were updated through the end of 2004. Books were originally sold for the price of $45.00, but with the current special price reduction, you can purchase the book for $25.00 plus shipping!  If you are in Sheridan County, books can be purchased at the following locations: Little Muddy Dry Goods, Nelson Accounting,the Greeter or Plentywood Rexall Drug in Plentywood, or by contacting May Budke or Pamla Hendrickson. If you are interested in ordering a book, please click on the following link for more information or to print out an order form.

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Following is part of the Foreword from the book as published.

Sheridan’s Daybreak III continues the on-going history of residents past and present, who lived and/or may still live in the northeastern Montana communities of Antelope, Archer, Coalridge, Comertown-Dooley, Dagmar, Homestead, Medicine Lake, Outlook, Plentywood, Raymond, Redstone, Reserve, Volmer and Westby. Since Sheridan’s Daybreak and Sheridan’s Daybreak II were published thirty-five and twenty years ago, this volume updates personal stories from the first two books; includes first-time personal stories of those born during the past two decades, stories omitted from volumes I and II, and those who have changed marital status; catalogues community cemetery gravestones and/or courthouse death records; chronicles organizations, clubs and churches; and contains colorful stories of the past and human interest stories of the present. All stories are printed in their entirety as submitted to retain their local language and uniqueness, with only minor revisions.
Sheridan’s Daybreak III began when the decision was made that so many changes necessitated publication of volume three to continue the rich heritage of Sheridan County—marriages, births, deaths, divorces, remarriages, and the communities in general. With this motivation, I wrote a letter to the editor of Sheridan County News calling for a meeting of Sheridan County readers and residents interested in producing Sheridan’s Daybreak III. From the small group responding—ideas, volunteers and community participation followed which resulted in this beautiful book—a new chapter to the story of Sheridan County. May Budke, Coordinator
This book not only contains family histories and a chapter on the stories and memories of county residents, but a chapter on the cemeteries of Sheridan County compiled by the Sheridan County Daybreakers Genealogy Society. Following is a brief excerpt from the chapter, Cemeteries of Sheridan County, by Pamla (Fouhy) Hendrickson.
The goal of the Sheridan County Genealogy Society is to record the resting places of our ancestors to the best of our ability. With this in mind, we have compiled these indexes from available sources, mostly cemetery stones or listings, some of which were compiled by the late Ralph Parpart, who spent many hours searching out this information. . . . Local volunteers maintain many of our small cemeteries, but some of our earliest have been long abandoned and are going back to nature. Even though we can no longer locate some of their resting places, we have not forgotten those who have gone before us. This chapter is dedicated to them.

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