Fergus County, Montana Photo Index 3

Fergus County Photos Index 3

Updated 05/02/12

Gib Distad, Camp Dodge, Iowa Gib Distad, Camp Dodge, Iowa Presbyterian Church Group, Roy Sunday School Children, Roy
Sunday School Group 1921, Roy Sunday School Group 1923, Roy Sunday School Group 1929, Roy "Grandma" Zenisek, Coffee Creek
Charles and Helen Lee, Denton Frances "Frank" Zenisek Frank and Estelle Ruzica Elizabeth Harri and unknown
Ethyle Tayte 1908 Florence D. Leavitt 1908 James and Barbara Zenisek James and Barbara Zenisek
Marion Merrill 1908 Mary Sanborn Charles Swaggart Charles Swaggart
Albert and Blanche at Gib's, Roy Alton and his rabbit, Roy Grace training a horse, Roy Byron Lee Clow, Roy
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