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October 1997

Whereas the Montana State Genealogical Society exists for the purposes of promoting the study of genealogical and historical research in Montana, and

Whereas the USGenWeb Project basically exists for the same purposes, and

Whereas the two entities are separate but have many of the same goals and are beneficial to each other's cause and the public at large,

Be it resolved that the Montana State Genealogical Society is hereby issuing a statement in support of the USGenWeb Project and especially its MTGenWeb division and is proposing an unofficial but friendly and cooperative working relationship with those involved with it. We recognize that both entities will benefit from sharing information and data and from encouraging people to use both the state society and the project, but most of all the individual members and society in general will benefit. Therefore we encourage the USGenWeb Project to use our data and information to put online, and we encourage our newsletter editor and any other members to use information from the USGenWeb Project that will be useful to them. We emphasize that communication between the two entities is extremely important here. Common courtesy dictates that either party communicate their intentions to use the other party's material. Hopefully we can cooperate enough to involve some mutual planning in order to most effectively benefit each other and  to avoid duplication of effort or competition. While we encourage the individual local genealogical societies that are members of the Montana State Genealogical Society to also cooperate with the USGenWeb Project, we fully recognize that they have the right to deal with the USGenWeb Project as they wish. footer

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