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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
(Updated Book Info)


The Montana State Genealogical Society has issued First Families of Montana certificates to direct descendants of the very first residents who arrived prior to statehood, November 8, 1889, and to direct descendants of the Early Settlers of Montana who arrived between November 9, 1889 and December 31, 1929. Many of these later pioneers were the homesteaders who have gone unnoticed in Montana's history. This is our way of gathering information about them and sharing it with you through a future publication of the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Eligibility & Instructions
The Application
Pedigree Chart
Sample Certificate

First Families of Montana, Submitters & Surnames
Early Settlers of Montana, Submitters & Surnames

Were your ancestors in Montana before statehood date, 8 Nov1889?  Were your ancestors in Montana before 31 Dec 1929?  If either is the case, you will want to check out our First Families section on this site to obtain further information on the early pioneers in "First Families and Early Settlers of Montana", Vol II.


“First Families and Early Settlers of Montana” Volume I, with over 270 families, is available to the public.  The cost is $20.00 plus $3.95 postage.


“First Families and Early Settlers of Montana” Volume II, is hot off the press and available to the public. The cost is $30 plus $4.95 for mailing.


Contact: Al Stoner, 44 Wonder Rd, Clancy, MT.


Or email [email protected] for further information