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Last Name First Name Comments
Bach Justice Early Supreme Court Judge
Barbour Dr. Early doctor
Blake Justice Early Supreme Court Judge
Brewer H. Miner
Broadwater Colonel Charles A. Businessman, "Diamond R" wagon trains
Brooke Dr. B. C. Early doctor
Bullard Dr. W. R. Early doctor
Cannon Charles W. Baker, community leader
Carmichael Dr. D. L. Early doctor
Chessman W. A. Businessman, water systems
Clark W. A. Community leader, later the Butte Copper King
Cole Dr. C. K. Early doctor
Cowan John one of the Four Georgians who discovered the first gold in 1864
Crabb John one of the Four Georgians who discovered the first gold in 1864
Cruse Thomas Owner of the Drum Lummon mine, financier, community leader
Cutler C. L. Miner
DeWolfe Justice Stephen Early Supreme Court Judge
Edgerton Sidney First Territorial Governor (Lewis and Clark County was originally named Edgerton)
Ewing General R. C. Community leader
Ewing William rancher
Fisk A.J. Newspaperman
Floweree Dan A. G. banker
Fuller Thomas P. Past Helena Mayor, businessman
Galbraith Justice Early Supreme Court Judge



Assayer, grandson of President Benjamin Harrison, grandson of William Henry Harrison


Samuel T.

Financier, politician, nephew of William Clark of Lewis and Clark Expedition

Holmes Dr. L.E. Early doctor
Holter A.M. Businessman, lumber and hardware
Holter M.M. Businessman
Ingersoll Dr. A. E. Early doctor
Keene John Miner, first murderer in Helena, hanged for offense
Kemp Alex Owner carriage works
Kessler Nick Businessman, brickyard owner, brewery owner
Kleinschmidt T. H. Community leader, Helena Mayor three times
Kohrs Conrad Rancher, Deer Lodge area, politician
Lockey Richard Richard Lockey- Clerk, community leader
McLaughlin Rev. E. T. Rev. E. T. McLaughlin- First Sunday school superintendent
McLeary Justice J. H. Early Supreme Court Judge
Miller D.J. D.J. Miller, one of the Four Georgians who discovered gold in 1864
Ming John H. John H. Ming- Real estate, livestock, miner
Mitchell Dr. Early doctor
Morris, Constance & Jurgens Owners of first store
Mullan Captain John Engineer, explorer
Musser Dr. F. D. Early doctor
O'Connell Justice Early Supreme Court Judge
Parchen Henry Druggist


Professor A. B.

Opened first day school


Dr. S. Rodney

Community leader, first person to die in Helena

Potter John First Postmaster
Reeves George P. Jeweler
Reineg Mike Community leader


C.C and George

Owners match factory

Ronan Peter Assayer, community leader, sent to Flathead area as agent, town of Ronan named for him
Rossiter W.W.
Salvail Dr. N. Early doctor
Sanders Colonel Wilbur F. politician
Sayles Doc Miner
Sieben Henry Stockman, sheepowner
Slater Harry Miner, first murder in Helena
Sligh Dr. Early doctor
Sommerville John Miner, Helena named after his home town of Helena, Minnesota
Stanley Reginald (Bob) one of the Four Georgians who discovered gold in 1864
Steele Dr. W. L. Early doctor
Stuart Granville Businessman
Tool Warren Businessman
Toole E.W. Lawyer
Toole Joseph Kemp Lawyer, First Montana State Governor
Train E. H. Photographer
Treacy Dr. William Early doctor
Villard Henry Northen Pacific Railroad President
Wade Justice Decius Early Supreme Court Judge
Wilson James Miner
Wood Captain George F. Laid original plat for Helena
Wynne Dr. Early doctor


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