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Montana Radiator, Helena, December 15, 1866, last issue October 13, 1866. T.J. Favorite, Editor, burned down but files saved

The Rocky Mountain Gazette, Helena, August 11, 1866-January 9, 1874, Peter Ronan, paper burned down

The Helena Weekly Herald, Helena, November 15, 1866, A.J. Fisk, Owner

The Record-Herald and Independent of Deer Lodge combined in 1943 to form the Independent Record of today

The News of Helena, Helena, before 1874

The Morning Capital, Helena, March 3, 1880, Piatt, Travis, Williams, and Shoue, publishers

The Montana Argus, Helena's 1st German paper, 1883, Herman Melster, editor and publisher

Stock and Mining Journal, Helena, in print by 1885

Helena Daily Journal, 1889, Russell Harrison


Townsend Tranchant, Townsend, Broadwater County, 1884

Sun River Sun, Sun River, Cascade County, February 1884, Will Hanks, owner

Rocky Mountain Husbandman, White Sulpher Springs, Meagher County, by 1885


Ananconda Review, Anaconda's 1st paper, Deer Lodge County, May 1884, John S. Mills, publisher

Anaconda Standard, 1889

The Independent, Deer Lodge, Deer Lodge County, August 16, 1870, moved to Helena in March 1874

New Northwest, Deer Lodge, before 1874

The Mining Review, Butte, Silverbow County, about 1876 til 1886, started again in 1888

The Butte Miner, Butte, June 1876

The Frontier Index, Butte, August 1879, Legh R. Freeman, publisher

The Intermountain, Butte, 1882 or 1883

Great Falls Tribune, Cascade County, May 14, 1885-today

Great Falls Leader, June 16, 1888, Leader Publishing Company

Avant Courier of Bozeman, Gallatin County, Bozeman, before 1874

The Weekly Chronicle, Bozeman, December 1882, S. W. Langhorne, editor and publisher

The Missoulian, Missoula, Missoula County, February 8, 1873, Frank Woody and T. M. Chisholm, changed name to Morning Missoulian on June 8, 1889

The Missoula and Cedar Creek Pioneer, 1st Missoula County paper, September 15, 1870, Joseph Magee, W.H. Magee, and I. H. Morrison

Missoula Times, Missoula, November 1882, Harrison Spaulding, publisher

Madisonian and Montanaian of Virginia City, Virginia City, Madison County, before 1874

The Enterprise, Livingston, 1883

Dillon Tribune, Dillon, by 1885

Dillon Examiner, June 1886, Wright and Oakley, publishers

Record of Fort Benton, Fort Benton, before 1874

Fort Benton River Press, Fort Benton, October 30, 1880, Williams, Wright, and Stevens, publishers

Fort Benton River Press, Fort Benton, by 1885

The Yellowstone Journal, Miles City, July 17, 1879

Billings Herald, Billings, July 7, 1882, Bramley and Devine, publishers

Billings Post, Billings, by 1885

Billings Herald, Billings, by 1885

Billings Rustler, Billings, by 1885

The Billings Post, Billings Herald, and Billings Rustler combined to become the Billings Daily Gazette of today

Daily Montana News, area unknown, 1876 for short time

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