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Methodist Episcopal Church, founded 1865, burned 1871, rebuilt. Reverend A. M. Hough.

Catholic Church started construction in 1871.

First Presbyterian Church, 1879, Reverend George G. Smith.

St. Peter's Episcopal Church,1879, M.N. Gilbert, Rector.

(The Episcopal Bishop The Right Reverend L. R. Brown, 1881).
Avon Community Church, Avon, MT 492-7077
Bahai Faith of Helena 442-7798

Beth Shalom Messianic Congregation, 601 Wilder, Helena 449-7100

Boulder United Methodist Church, 211 W. Centennial, Boulder, MT 225-3948
Buddhist Open Circle, 9 W. Placer, Helena 443-6593 or 442-9594

Calvary Baptist Church of Helena, 1225 Knight, Helena 442-5149

Calvary Chapel of Helena, 75 Dunbar Street, Helena 443-6592
Catholic Parishes

Our Lady of the Lake, Canyon Ferry, Helena 227-5334

Our Lady of the Valley, 1502 Shirley Road, Helena 458-6114

Sacred Heart Church, Wolf Creek, MT

St. Catherine's Catholic Church, 214 S. Elder, Boulder, MT

St. John's Evangelist, Boulder valley, Boulder, MT

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church, 120 W. Riggs, East Helena 227-5334

St. Helena Cathedral, 530 N. Ewing, Helena 442-5825

St. John's Catholic Community, Clancy, MT

St. Mary Catholic Community, 1700 Missoula Avenue, Helena 442-5268
Christ's Church, 921 E. Sixth, Helena 443-5712
Canyon Ferry Road Baptist Church, 3384 Canyon Ferry Drive, East Helena 227-5119
Christian Science Reading Room, 318 Fuller, Helena 443-7717
Church of Christ, 1000 N. Ewing, Helena 442-6532
Church of Christ, Neighborhood Center, 201 S. Last Chance Gulch, Helena 227-7910
Church of God, The Pathway Home, 1580 Valley Speedway Road, Helena 227-0470
Church of God of Prophecy, 1737 Waukesha, Helena 443-7133
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Helena First Ward, 1610 E. Sixth Avenue, Helena 443-4471
Helena Second Ward, 1260 Otter Road, Helena 442-8836
Helena Third Ward, 1610 E. Sixth Avenue, Helena 442-7410 or 442-2501
Helena Fourth Ward, 1260 Otter Road, Helena 442-1960 or 449-8209
Boulder Branch, Boulder, MT 225-9249
Townsend Ward, Townsend, MT 266-3218
Clancy United Methodist, 9 N. Main, Clancy, MT 933-850
Covenant United Methodist Church, 2330 Broadway, Helena 442-6501
Crossroads Christian Church, 1421 N. Roberts, Helena 442-0055
East Helena United Methodist Church, 50 Prickley Pear, East Helena 227-5346
Elliston Community Church, Elliston, MT 494-7077
Episcopal Congregations
Church of the Nativity, 302 E. Riggs, East Helena 449-3698 or 442-3384
St. Peter's Parish, 511 N. Park, Helena 442-5175
St. John's Church, 314 N. Cedar, Townsend, MT 449-3698 or 442-3384
Evangelical Covenant Church, 800 N. Hoback, Helena 442-6813
Evangelical Free Church, 904 Idlewilde, Helena 457-0275
Faith Lutheran Church, Boulder, MT
First Assembly of God, 2210 Dodge Avenue, Helena 442-6851
First Baptist Church of Montana, 359 N. Warren, Helena 442-2090
First Christian Church, 311 Power, Helena 442-3525
First Church of Christ Scientist, 1800 Highland, Helena 442-7485
First Church of the Nazarene, 117 Valley Drive, Helena 442-7386
First Lutheran Church, 2231 Broadway, Helena 442-5367
First Presbyterian Church, 535 N. Ewing, Helena 442-4775
Fortress of Joy Church, 720 Faw Road, Helena 442-1819
Four Square Church/Family Life Center, 708 E. Groschell, East Helena 227-5201
Friendship Baptist Church, Jefferson Hills, Montana City MT 442-8080

Gateway Baptist Church, 3730 N. Montana Avenue, Helena 442-8758

Grace Baptist Church, 801 Tara Court, Helena 442-6864 or 449-0074
Green Meadow Christian Reformed Church, 4790 Green Meadow Drive, Helena 443-1443
Hannaford Street Bible Church, 830 N. Hannaford, Helena 449-2273
Helena Alliance Church, 1030 Chouteau, Helena 442-1301
Helena Center for Creative Living, St. John's, S. Rodney, Helena 442-0224
Helena Christian Fellowship, meets at Jorgenson's restaurant, Helena 442-9827
Helena Valley Baptist Church, 1315 Sierra Road, Helena 458-8152
Heritage Baptist Church (Independent), 601 Wilder Avenue, Helena 442-1114
Holy Cross Catholic Church, 449 Hoback, Helena 458-8183 or 442-9021

In One Accord A Passion for Jesus Ministry, 501 N. Park, Helena 443-1191

Liberty Baptist Church, corner of Green Meadow and Sierra, Helena 458-6300
Lincoln Baptist Church, 206 Sleepy Hollow, Lincoln, MT 362-4137

Messianic Jewish Congregation, 3384 Canyon Ferry Road, Helena 227-5693

Maranatha Baptist Church, 2526 Lake Helena Drive, East Helena 227-9017
Mount Helena Community Church, Myrna Loy Center, 15 N. Ewing, Helena 449-7771

North Hills Helena Missionary Baptist Church, 8289 Avocett, Helena 442-8791

Neighborhood Assembly of God,2475 Stuart, Office 2450 Floweree, Helena 442-8523
New Creation Church of God, meets at Best Western Colonial Inn, Helena
New Hope Ministries-U.P.C., 405 Griffin Road, Helena 439-8360
New Life Lutheran Church (ELCA), 5980 N. Montana Avenue, Helena 458-6377

Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church, 1400 Stuart, Helena 442-7842

Pentecostal Family Fellowship, 6145 N. Montana Avenue, Helena 458-3737
Plymouth Congregational Church, 400 S. Oakes, Helena 442-9883

Quakers of Helena, Helena 442-3134

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 285 Sierra Road, Helena 442-6314

Saint John's Lutheran Church, 1000 Helena Avenue, Helena 442-6270

Seventh Day Adventist Church, 2410 Belt View Drive, Helena 443-1414
St. Paul's United Methodist Church, 505 Logan, Helena 442-5643 or 443-4218
Saint Tikhon's Eastern Orthodox Church,:of Bozeman and Helena, 443-3627
Salvation Army Church, 1905 Henderson, Helena 442-8244
Society of Friends (Quakers), Helena 442-3134
South Hills Baptist Fellowship, 7 Microwave Hill Road, Montana City, MT 449-4685

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, meeting at the Waterford, 915 Saddle Drive, Helena 443-3448

Valley View Evangelical Lutheran Church, 3000 N. Benton, Helena 443-6326

Victory Chapel, 1376 Linden, Helena 227-3535
Vineyard Christian Fellowship, 1409 Helena Avenue, Helena 442-4763
Wolf Creek Bible Church, Wolf Creek, MT 449-2936
Word of Truth Ministries, 1806 Townsend, Helena 449-3004
Worldwide Church of God, 4790 Green Meadow Drive, Helena


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