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Days Gone Bye


A History of the Lame Jones Community of

Southeastern Montana


Edited by


Gene Leischner

Nancy Curry

This book is dedicated to those relatives and friends of the

Lame Jones and Milk Creek Communities

who pioneered the land.

Acknowledgement is made to the following people for their extra time in

preparing this book and also to all those who wrote up their histories:

Dwight and ErnaMae Loutzenhiser

Laura Brewer

Cheryl Draper

Carol Dyke

Faye Gaskin

Frank and Goldie Sparks

Tom Sparks

The items of this collection are based on recollections of individuals; we

believe these contents to be reliable and an effort was made to protect

the accurate content of the work but we cannot be responsible for

inaccuracies and errors.


A Place to Be Page 1
A Prehistory Not included
The Climate Not included
Honyonkers Page 6
Pioneering Days Page 6
A Different World Page 9
Lame Jones Creek Page 12
Milk Creek Page 13
A History of the Lame Jones Communitv Page 14
The Milk Creek-Community Page 16
.Upper Lame Jones Page 29
Mackenzie Post Office Page 32
Try Again Sewing Club Page 32
Educating Not included
The Lame Jones School Page 34
Memories of the Old Country School Page 34
The Gregerson.Sc.hool Page 34
The Lame Jones Families Page 36
Aldinger Page 37
Ashley Page 37
Berry Page 38
Brandemihl Page 39
Collie Page 40
Everson Page 46
Fitzsimmons Page 46
Foster Page 47
Ful.ton Page 47
Greenlee Page 48
Hall Page 60
Hanley Page 61
Hogarty Page 62
Honstain Page 63
Huber Page 65
Ketchum Page 65
Kusler Page 66
Lambert Page 67
Lee Page 70
Loutzenhiser Page 70
MacKay Page 73
Mahaney Page 80
Mireau Page 81
Morton Page 83
Murphy Page 84Rabe Page 86
Rilley Page 87
Schueler Page 88
Schuetzle Page 89
Sparks Page 91
Wasnuk Page 101
Wilson Page 103
Rembering The Old timers Page 105
Appendix Not included
Land Ownership Not included
Cemeteries Page 106
Lame Jones Fairview. Cemetery- Page 106
Willard Cemetery Page 106
Index Not included

Pages 1-35 Pages 36-75 Pages 76-106

Dated: 08/21/01