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Many sites could be linked to develop the history of Fallon County, but I will try to keep it to a minimum. A "must visit" site is the one presented on the Custer County Page. Two sites which are maps of the railroads in Montana in the early years show how transportation was a key element in the settlement of Easter Montana. These maps take some time to load, but are interesting. Earlier history pertains to the wagon trains which passed westward through the state and the establishment of the state Government.

I found where a land patent was issued in Custer County in 1884. With the five year period required to "prove up" this would indicate a filing in 1879. The earliest patent I found for what is now Fallon County was 1905. We know that area had settlers prior to this time. Why they didn't file for a homestead is unknown (maybe the area was yet to be surveyed?).

The best source of recorded history that I have found is included in the publication- O'Fallon Flashbacks. I will give a few links to some pages submitted by persons who were actually acquainted with the development of the county. A lot of the history is scattered throughout the various family stories.

The county is very young in years, but we are point where the oral histories are becoming second and third hand.