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O’Fallon Flashbacks

Copyright 1975 O'Fallon Historical Society, Baker, Montana. Printed by Western printing & Lithography

Copyright 1975 O'Fallon Historical Society, Baker, Montana. ALL RIGHTS RESEVED


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The original text was in the vernacular as it was written.

For the sake of reducing file size and the lack of quality in reproducing the graphics (pictures and sketches)-they were eliminated. The picture legends were retained as were the page numbers. Displayed in red color.

Copyright 1975 O'Fallon Historical Society, Baker, Montana. Printed by Western printing & Lithography



The" old saddle horse" has traveled many miles and has worked many hours over the years. Now that he is reaching "the end of the trail", he is looking back at where he has been and remembering the things he has seen and the things he has done.

He isn't so old that he has lost his sense of humor. He can still wink at some of the things that went on, but horses are like daisies, "they don't tell".

Cherie Ferrel drew our cover design. Cherie was born in Baker, Montana in 1950. She graduated from the Baker High School and attended the Montana State University, majoring in Commercial Art.

She became a professional freelance artist in 1972. She now works as a freelance political cartoonist and caricature artist in Deadwood, South Dakota during the summer months.


The honorable mention in our Book Cover contest. The judges felt this entry so unique and representative of the area and the topics covered in our book that it merited a printing. Study the details. You'll love them.

The artist, Helen Bergstrom Lacasse, was born in Fallon County and attended the rural school at Willard. She graduated from the Baker High School in 1933 and then she worked for the M.D.U. as a secretary for a time. She now lives in Portland, Oregon and is the mother of two children. For several years, now, she has been in a wheel chair with a crippling disease which has left her with only the use of the point finger and thumb on each hand. To supplement her income she takes special orders for gift cards, greeting cards, stationery and pictures. Helen entered the contest with the encouragement of her daughter who is majoring in Art in college.

TO THE READER - -We have compiled a book which reads like a story book, but it is a book of true stories, written by many people. As much as has been possible we have printed the accounts in the vernacular in which they were written. We feel this makes our book more picturesque and more interesting to read. Have fun and enjoy yourself as you peruse these pages. The Committee


This book is dedicated to the posterity of the pioneers and to all succeeding generations. In this book we have tried to show a way of life and the history of southeastern Montana, which we feel is long over due, and to acquaint the generations to come of their heritage from their forefathers. Some of these heritages are: Self Reliance, Clear Thinking, Help Thy Neighbor, Honesty and a Sense of Freedom and Dedication to God and Country.

As you read this book, notice that these people worked hard and played hard. Even if they didn't have all the material things of life, that so often in society, are set up as a guide line for greatness, they did not feel underprivileged.

The men were great, but as a special tribute to the women, take note of the women who came as school teachers, nurses and mothers and were inspirations to their children and help-mates to their husbands.



picture by Jim Anderson

Three ladies of the Book Committee dress up in period clothes to sell books at Baker "CRAZY DAYS". The clothes belonged to Eva A. Price, Mother of "Bud" Price. Left to right, Mrs. L. Price in a dress dated at about 1900. It is of silk and the parasol is of white linen, Mrs. John Wild whose dress is dated about 1908 or 1909 and is made of white linen and Mrs. John Karch ' Jr. The dress she is wearing is dated around 1923 or 1924 and is made of black silk satin and silk lace. The hat is black lace.



Mrs. L. Price [Jessie Hodges], Chairman Mrs. John Wild [Ida Gunderson], Financial Secretary Mrs. John Karch, Jr. [Carol Rose] Mrs. Harry Hanson [Marion Fost] Mrs. Alice Newell [Alice Myhre]


Our extra special thanks to T. L. Owen, Gulnare Lutts, the Ash sisters, Lorene Kirschten, Betty Stanhope, Dessa Shepherd, Jim Anderson and many, many others who have spent endless hours gathering material and selling books.




Taken from the book "Comprehensive Plan -Baker, Montana

One of the community facilities in Baker which greatly compliments the cultural opportunities in the area is the museum at 227 South First Street West. Operated by the O'Fallon Historical Society, the facility provides a wide range of interesting items indicative of the planning area's rich history. The museum structure itself is the old Long country school built sometime in the early thirties. It was moved into town and served as a public library until the present library was built. The building opened to the public as a museum in the summer of 1970. The main floor is the primary display area, and the basement is used for working and storage; about 1,100 square feet of space are provided altogether. Mr. John Karch, Jr., Mrs. L. Price and Forrest Duffield are the members in charge of the museum.

On March 3, 1968, Glen Moore, Chairman of the Fallon County Improvement Association, presided over a meeting of Fallon County citizens who were interested in an historical society.

At the March 24 meeting the officers were elected and the organization named.


The first elected officers were; Gene Hoff, President; Cole Mattie, Vice-president; Mrs. Harry Hanson, Secretary and Forrest Duffield as Treasurer. The name "O'Fallon Historical Society" was adopted from the O'Fallon Creek water shed in the county. O'Fallon Creek was named by William Clark, the explorer, for his nephew Benjamin O'Fallon, an Indian Agent and army officer. O'Fallon's report of the slaughter of 29 members of the Jones-Imenerm party of the Missouri Fur Company by 400 Blackfeet Indians, in May of 1823, presents one of the most vivid pictures of Indian Warfare in the West.

Charter Members of the society are: Mr. and Mrs. Larry Busch, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Delane Beach, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beckman, Mr. and Mrs. William Bergstrom, Mrs. Bertha Blaser, Mr. Forrest Duffield, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fost, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Fost, Mr. and Mrs. George Gunderson, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hamilton, Mrs. Irene Myhre Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Hoff, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jensen, Mr. Henry Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. John Karch, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Keirle, the Rev. and Mrs. Vergill Kellogg, Miss Sara Kerr, Mrs. Ed Lawler, Mr. Edward Lawler, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lawler, Mrs. Gulnare Lutts, Mr. and Mrs. Cole Mattie, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Molstad, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morton, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Myhre, Mrs. Alice Newell, Mrs. Nina Powell, Mr. and Mrs. L. Price, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Saler, Mrs. Josephine Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stanhope, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Stark, Mrs. Isabel R. Stieg, Mrs. Jessie Stieg, Mr. and Mrs. John Wild, Mr. and Mrs. John Willman, Mr. and Mrs. Denzil Young and Mrs. Ruth Young.

Life Members are; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Busch, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Keirle, Mr. and Mrs. L. Price, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lawler, Miss Sara Kerr, Mrs. Anna Blanchard Hibbard, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Steen and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hanson.

1973 Officers of the O'Fallon Historical Society are: Harold Jensen, President; Mrs. Ruth Young, Vice President; Mrs. Harry Hanson, Secretary and John Karch, Jr., Treasurer.