Obituaries from the Fallon County Area

Obituaries from the Fallon County Area

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A little background: Betty K. started collecting clippings of obituaries in the early 60's. Which she copied and catalogued, she later encountered a file from the Baker Library which had catalogued vital statistics from the various Fallon County newspapers. Betty compiled two data bases from these sources. Recently Betty has undertaken the task of scanning and coping the obits from the early papers. This is an ongoing project. More recently Monty S. has undertaken the project of transcribing these scanned obits. As of this time obits through 1921 have been included.  

Before we start-I have a few comments to make.

1. We need volunteers to transcribe more of the obits. So far I have been trying to OCR the copies and converting them to txt. files. Well, newspaper clippings do not OCR well. And the obits are mostly names, dates and punctuation and I'm not a typist. .

2. The linked files contain somewhere near 5500 names. Only about 500 of the obits have been transcribed. As you scroll down the pages you will encounter many names without files. Betty K. will have copies of most of the files. A  request may be made to Betty for a particular file.

3. As the files have been transcribe by an OCR process many errors exist. The files have not been proofread.

4. Originally the files were places on the list of queries. This was good being as they were then available for the search function. However, it creates a large number of entries on the Fallon County page for those who wish to scan the entire list.

5. Sorry to say, we started with 1975 and worked ahead. Most of the interest is in the earlier files. (1920).

6. The obits thru 1921 have been transcribed. (These are also included in the data bases).

Betty's Collection

Area Vital Statistics

Transcribed record from Monty S.





If you are considering volunteering


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