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A Genealogy group in Glendive, Montana, organized in 1985

Purpose:  To promote genealogical research, share knowledge, and to help preserve family histories

Publication: The Tree Branch, Published each March and October featuring local information, research ideas, and a current newspaper obituary index. Queries are printed free of charge to members, and to non-members depending on space available. Surname lists are also welcome.

Membership:  Voting membership is $6 per year, belong to Tree Branches and the Montana State Genealogical Society. Members receive the newsletter, have access to all computer CDs of family histories and U.S. census records, use of computer and all materials in Tree Branch inventory.
Subscription: $5 per year, receive two issues of the Tree Branch.

Address:  Dawson Tree Branches, P O Box  1275, Glendive, MT  59330

Tree Branch Officers - 2006 - 2007
President:    Shirley Westlund 
Vice Pres:    Jackie Schlicht     Newsletter editor
Secretary - Treasurer:    Karen Yakel 
Queries:     Margaret  Basta         
Web Master:      Rose Wyman    
Librarian:    Betty Shearer    "Personal Genealogies, books, class reunion booklets, high school year books or any collection pertaining to early Montana history may be deposited at the Tree Branch Library for future generations."
Scrapbook:  Edna Boyce

Meetings:    3rd Tuesday, monthly, 7 p.m. Glendive Public Library, Sept -  May
Visitors welcome Anytime!  Share your questions and solutions!

Special Projects:
A large family history book, Our Times Our Lives,  was published in 1989 with over 1200 early family settler stories, photos, homestead lists, county and city officials, area histories of small communities, churches and marriages.
 OUR TIMES OUR LIVES can be found in many Montana libraries. Check the index, if you find a story that you want, please send a SASE with $5 to the Tree Branches

WPA stories of the early years have been indexed and are kept on file at the Library
Members worked on the large state project, the Montana complete death index!
Sometime in 2006, the remaining Dawson County Cemeteries will go on - line!
Tree Branches are currently working to expand the early marriage index to include the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s!

Look-ups are available for $5 per item with a SASE. Send question with information requested. There is nearly a complete local newspaper inventory on microfilm at the public Library. The newspapers are indexed and are being updated constantly. Please put your surname in the subject line of your e-mail query.

Special Collections purchased by the Tree Branches for the  Library genealogy room:

  • Compendium Of American Genealogy, 7 Vol. America's 1st settlers of New England

  • DAR Centennial Index, 3 vol. 1996 & 1 vol of spouses

  • Complete Book of Emigrants, P. Coldham, 4 vol.

  • Migration from the Russian Empire, 1875-1886, Vol I & II

  • Bicentennial GFR Dakota-Montana settlers, stories & pictures, cemeteries
  • Gluckstal Colonies Marriages

  • Emigration from Germany to Russia, 1763 - 1862, Stumpp

  • Irish Records for Family and Local History

  • Irish Settlers in America

  • Tennessee Cousins, Ray

  • Loyalists in Ontario

  • 1790 U.S. Census Index, 12 vol.

  • Many 'how-to' books, magazines, and more

  • Eastern Montana Census records, 1900, 1910, 1920 & 1930

  • Many donated resources by members and visitors ....... come see!

  • Be sure to visit the Montana Gen Web site for Great Help!

Questions, comments, and suggestions welcome! e-mail  >> mailbox


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