James S. Romine was an ardent hunter and fisherman; not big game but birds: ducks, pheasants, and grouse. He was an enthusiastic member of the Hardin Rod and Gun Club.In these early days the family enjoyed many trips up Lodge Grass Creek, Sport Creek and the Little Horn Canyon. Dempsey Voiles ran a livery barn in Wyola and his horses and buggies were available for such outings.

In 1924 he entered a partnership with Chris Christensen, formerly of Sheridan, Wyoming, and they, operated the Wyola Mercantile Store until his death in 1941. The post-office was a part of the store.

For twenty years he served on the Wyola school board; through his efforts the long benches were replaced by desks for each child.During the twenty-nine years he lived in Wyola his goal was to make his town a better place in which to live.

THE ROMINE FAMILY By Eva Romine MillerMy father, James S. Romine, and two of our neighbors, Stark Bair and Tom Coons, came into the Sarpy area in the spring of 1917 from Bowbells, North Dakota. Each took up a homestead joining each other.

My father built a one-room homestead shack during that summer in which we lived for about two years, before building a larger, log house. The middle of October of the same year my parents, my brother, Sidney Allen, and myself, Eva (now Mrs. George Miller), with all of our worldly possessions moved into our new home, such as it was. My younger brother, James, was born in July of the first summer we spent in our new homestead shack.

During our early homestead days we had to go seven miles to get our mail at a little country store and post-office called McRae, now extinct. At that time a stage brought the mail up Sarpy Creek from Hysham every Tuesday and Friday. To this day mail is still delivered only on Tuesdays and Fridays.

There being no school in the Spring Creek community at that time, Allen and I lost one year of school. During the summer of 1918 neighbors Homer S. Allen and John A. Perry and built Springfield School.

Our nearest neighbors were the John A. Perry family. Florence Perry (now Mrs. Almon Walborn) and I explored every sandrock formation within miles of our homes innumerable times. We had to find our entertainment near our homes and we were happy in doing so. Teen-agers in those days didn't have access to cars to drive to find their fun.

After finishing the eighth grade at the Spring Creek School we had to room and board in Hardin to go to high school, for there was no school bus making its daily journey into this area.

I had the privilege of taking Normal Training my junior and senior years in Hardin High School and it so happened that it was offered those two years only. I taught my first two years on my high school certificate at the Hart School, which was located south of Hardin near Two Leggin Creek. After graduation from what was then called Eastern Montana Normal School in Billings I taught the total of twenty-one years in Hardin District 17-H. Eighteen of those years were in the Sarpy area.I have lived in this area since the fall of 1917. Mrs. Sid Romine and Jimmy

FAMILY OF HECTOR AND MARY ROSS By Vivian Lewis KimballHector Ross was born in Canada, September 27. 1843. He migrated to Chicago where he was trained to be a miller. (from Looking Back Again, Big Horn county Heritage.)




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