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Civil War Units

Alternate Designations Of Organizations of Mississippi CSA Organizations

This list was given to us By Bill Ward. He has gleaned it from different publications and other sources.

If you are aware of other units we do not have here we would appreciate it if you would send those to us to be included in this list.

03-16-1999, this information was sent to us by Bill Garner, Great Grandson of Gideon G. Garner of the 43rd MS. My g.grand father was a member of the forty-third Mississippi Infantry. This unit was known by the following alternate designation derived from the name of its commanding officer. The names used by this regiment were
James O. Banks' Infantry
Richard W. Leigh's Infantry
William H. Moore's "
Richard Harrison's "
Columbus Sykes' "
Company "K " were nicknamed the Kemper Fencibles
Company "L" were nicked named the Gholson Rebels
The 43rd was organized during the spring of 1862.
Let me know if I can be any help and thank you for the good job you have done!
Bill Garner(g.grandson of Gideon G. Garner of the 43rd MS)

Alternate DesignationOfficial Designation:
Abe's Rejecters, Inf.41st Miss.
Adams Light Guard No. 1, Inf.16th Miss.
Adams Light Guard No. 2, Inf.16th Miss.
Adams' (R. L.) Cav.Mississippi State.
Agency Rifles, Inf.14th Miss.
Alcom Rifles, Inf 91st Miss.
Almutcha Inf. 13th Miss.
Amite Defenders, Inf.33d Miss.
Amite Guards, Inf. 35d Miss.
Amite Rifles, Inf. 7th Miss.
Attala Guards, Inf.40th Miss.
Attala Yellow Jackets, Inf.4th Miss.
Avengers, Inf. 10th Miss.
Bahala Rifles, Inf. 1Oth Miss.
Bankston Guard, Inf. 4th Miss.
Barr's (A.) Inf. Miss. Local Defense.
Barry Guards, Inf. 5th Miss.
Barry Guards, Inf. 39th Miss.
Beauregard Rifles, Inf. 18th Miss.
Beauregard Rifles, Inf. 32d Miss.
Beauregard Rifles No. 2, Inf. 14th Miss.
Becketts Company, Inf. 41st Miss.
Ben Bullard Rifles, Inf. 10th Miss.
Benela Sharpshooters, Inf. 4th Miss.
Benton Rifles, Inf. 18th Miss.
Biloxi Rifles, Inf. 3d Miss.
Blackland Gideonites, Inf. 23d Miss.
Blount Guards, Inf. 23d Miss.
Bogue Chitto Rangers, Inf. 5th Miss.
Bogue Chitto Rifles, Inf. 7th Miss.
Boomerangs, Cav. miss. Local Defense.
Bowen Company, Inf. 34th Miss.
Brent Rifles, Inf. 38th Miss.
Brown Rebels, Inf. 18th Miss.
Buckner Boys, Inf. 32d Miss.
Buckner Rebels, Inf. 30th Miss.
Buena Vista Hornets, Inf. 24th Miss.
Buena Vista Rifles, Inf. 17th Miss.
Bufords (J. H.) Cav. Mississippi State
Burnsville Blues, Inf. 17th Miss.
Burt Avengers, Inf. 39th Miss.
Burr Rifles, Inf. 18th Miss.
Burt's (W.) Inf. Miss. Local Defenses.
Caledonia Rifles, Inf. 24th Miss.
Calhoun Rifles, Inf. 2d Miss.
Camden Rifles, Inf. 18th Miss.
Campbell Guards, Inf. 40th Miss.
Capitol Guards, Inf. Miss. Local Defense.
Carroll County Rebels, Inf. 4th Miss.
Carroll County Rifles, Inf. 11th Miss.
Carroll Minute Men, Inf.30th Miss.
Center Marksmen, Inf.4th Miss.
Charley Clark Rifles, Inf.12th Miss.
Cherry Creek Rifles, Inf. 2d Miss.
Chickasaw Guards, Inf.11th Miss.
Chickasaw Rifles, Inf.11th Miss.
Choctaw Guards, Inf.15th Miss.
Choctaw Rangers, Cav.2d Miss.
Choctaw Rebels, Inf.24th Miss.
Choctaw Reserves, Cav.Miss. Local Defense.
Choctaw Silver Grays, Inf. Miss. Local Defense.
Chunkey Heroes, Inf. 3d Miss.
Claiborne Guards, Inf. 12th Miss.
Clarke County Rangers, Inf. 8th Miss.
Clarke County Rescuers, Inf. 37th Miss.
Cochorns Invincibles, Inf. 11th Miss.
Cold Water Rebels, Inf. 34th Miss.
Columbia Guards, Inf. 38th Miss.
Columbus Riflemen, Inf. 14th Miss.
Confederate Guards, Inf. 8th Miss.
Confederate Guards, Inf. 17th Miss.
Confederate Guards, Inf. 40th Miss.
Confederate Rifles, Inf. 18th Miss.
Confederates, Inf. 18th Miss.
Coonewar Rifles, Inf. 2d Miss.
Copiah Rebels, Inf. 36th Miss.
Corinth Rifles, Inf. 9th Miss.
Covington Rifles, Inf. 7th Miss.
Crystal Springs Guard, Inf 6th Miss.
Crystal Springs Rifles, Inf 16th Miss.
Cumberland Guards, 33d Miss.
Cummings Grays, 24th Miss.
Dahlgren Guards, Inf. 3d Miss.
Dahlgren Rifles, Inf. 7th Miss.
Davenports (S.) Cav. Batt. Miss. State
Dave Rogers Rifles, Inf. 1st Miss.
Davis Guards, Inf. 33d Miss.
Do Soto Brothers, Inf. 29th Miss.
De Soto Guards, 14. lst Miss.
De Soto Guards, Inf. 9th Miss.
De Soto Rifles, Inf. 37th Miss.
Dixie Boys, Inf. 30th Miss.
Dixie Guards, Inf. 34th Miss.
Dixie Guards, Inf. 36th Miss.
Dixie Guards, Inf. 39th Miss.
Dixie Heroes, Inf. 30th Miss.
Dixie Rifles, Inf. 29th Miss.
Dowd Rebels, Inf. 24th Miss.
Downing Rifles, Inf. 3d Miss.
Duke's Company, Inf. 41st Miss.
Dunn's (J. B.) Cav. Mississippi State
Durant Rifles, Inf. 12th Miss.
East Mississippi Dragoons, Cav. 2d Miss.
East Mississippi Grays, Inf. 6th Miss.
Edwards Tigers, Inf. 36th Miss.
Ellisville Invincibles, Inf.8th Miss.
Enterprise Guards, Inf. 14th Miss.
Enterprise Tigers, Inf. 37th Miss.
Fairview Rifles, Inf. 16th Miss.
Fant's (A. E.) Inf. Miss. Local Defense.
Fishing Creek Avengers, Inf. 29th Miss.
Foote's (H. W.) Cav. Miss. Local Defense.
Forrest's (A. H.) Cav. Mississippi State.
Foster Creek Rangers, Cav. Miss. Local Defense.
Franklin Beauregards, Inf. 7th Miss.
Franklin Guards, Inf23d Miss.
Franklin Guards, Inf. 33d Miss.
Franklin Rifles, Inf. 7th Miss.
Gage's (W. A.) Inf. Miss. Local Defense.
Gainesville Volunteers, Inf. 3d Miss.
Gaines Warriors, Inf. 24th Miss.
Gale Reserves, Inf. 29th Miss.
Gartley's (W. F.) Cav.Mississippi State.
Gholson Guards, Cav. Mississippi State.
Goode Rifles, Inf. 7th Miss.
Goodman Guards, Inf. 34th Miss.
Grenada Rifles, Inf. 15th Miss.
Hall's (A. A.) Cav. Mississippi State.
Hamer Rifles, Inf. 18th Miss.
Hampton Guards, Inf. 29th Miss.
Ham's (T. W.) Cav. 16th Butt. Miss. State.
Hancock Rebels, Inf. 38th Miss.
Harper Reserves, Inf. 36th Miss.
Hartin's (J. A.) Cav. Mississippi State.
Hatchie Rifles, Inf. 32d Miss.
Helen Johnston Guards, Inf. 24th Miss.
Herndon Rangers, Cav. Mississippi State.
Hicks' Company, Inf. 1st Miss.
Hightower's (T.) Cav. Miss. Local Defense.
Hill City Cadets, Inf. 1Oth Miss.
Hillsborough Rebels, Inf. 36th Miss.
Holmes County Volunteers, Inf. 38th Miss.
Holmesville Guards, Inf. 33d Miss.
Home Guard, Inf. 9th Miss.
Horn Lake Volunteers, Inf. 9th Miss.
Invincibles, Inf. 9th Miss.
Irrepressibles, Inf. 9th Miss.
Iuka Rifles, Inf. 2d Miss.
James Creek Volunteers, Inf. 1st Miss.
Jasper Avengers, Inf. 37th Miss.
Jasper Grays, Inf. 16th Miss.
Jasper Guards, Inf. 37th Miss.
Jeff. Davis Legion, Mississippi
Jeff. Davis Rifles, Inf. 9th Miss.
Jeff. Davis Sharpshooters, Inf. 7th Miss.
Joe Mathews Rifles, Inf. 2d Miss.
John M. Sharp's Inf. 3d Miss.
Johnson Guards, Inf. 33d Miss.
Johnston Avengers, Inf. 32d Miss.
Johnston Avengers, Inf. 38th Miss.
Johnston Avengers, Inf. 39th Miss.
Jumper's (J.) Cav. lst Seminole (Indian) Batt
Kemper Dragoons, Cav. 2d Miss.
Kemper Lesion, Inf. 13th Miss.
Kemper Rebels, Inf. 5th Miss.
Kemper Rebels, Inf. 24th Miss.
Knox's (J. G.) Cav. Miss. Local Defense.
Koger's Company, Inf. 41st Miss.
Kossuth Hunters, Inf. 23d Miss.
Lafayette Guard, Inf. 9th Miss.
Lafayette Rebels, Inf. 29th Miss.
Lake Rebels, Inf. 6th Miss.
Lamar Rifles, Inf. 11th Miss.
Lauderdale Cav. 2d Miss.
Lauderdale Guards, Inf. 13th Miss.
Lauderdale Spring Grays, Inf. 5th Miss.
Lawrence Rifles, Inf. 12th Miss.
Leake Rangers, Cav. Miss. Local Defenses.
Leake Rebels, Inf. 33d Miss.
Live Oak Ritles, Inf. 3d Miss.
Local Guards, Inf. Miss. Local Defense.
Long Creek Rifles, Inf. 15th Miss.
Louis White Rebels, Cav. 2d Miss.
Lowndes Southrons, Inf. 10th Miss.
Lowrey Invincibles, Inf. 32d Miss.
Lowrey Rebels, Inf. 32d Miss.
Lowry Rifles, Inf. 6th Miss.
McClung Rifles, Inf. 15th Miss.
McClung Rifles, Inf. 18th Miss.
McLain Rifles, Inf. 37th Miss.
McLemore Guards, Inf. 37th Miss.
McWillie Blues, Inf. 3d Miss.
Madison Rifles, Inf. 1Oth Miss.
Magnolia Guards, Inf. I7th Miss.
Magnolia Rifles, Inf. 2d Miss.
Marion Men, Inf. 7th Miss.
Mathews' (S.) Cav. Mississippi State
Maxwells (W. C.) Cav. Mississippi State
Meridian Invincibles, Inf. 14th Miss.
Minute Men of Atalla, Inf. 13th Miss.
Mississippi 42d Regt. See 2d Miss. Cav.
Mississippi Avengers, Inf. 34th Miss.
Mississippi College Rifles, Inf. 18th Miss.
Mississippi Confederates, Inf. 24th Miss.
Mississippi Defenders, Inf. 33d Miss.
Mississippi Rangers, Cav. Mississippi State.
Mississippi Rangers, Inf. 17th Miss.
Mississippi Rifles, Inf. 10th Miss.
Mississippi Rip Raps, Inf. 41st Miss.
Mississippi Yankee Hunters, Inf. 1st Miss.
Molino Rifles, Inf. 23d Miss.
Monroe Guards, Inf. 14th Miss.
Monroe Quin Guards, Inf. 39th Miss.
Monroe Volunteers, Inf. 14th Miss.
Moody True Bines, Inf. 8th Miss.
Mooreville Blues, Cav. 2d Miss.
Mooreville Darts, Inf. 1st Miss.
Morgan Riflemen, Cav. Miss. Local Defense.
Mount Zion Guards, Inf. 36th Miss.
Mrs. Body Guard, Cav. 2d Miss.
Natchez Fencibles, Inf. 12th Miss.
Neill Guards, Inf. 30th Miss.
Nelson Grays, Inf. 4th Miss.
Neshoba Rangers, Cav. Miss. Local Defense.
Neshoba Rifles, Inf. 11th Miss.
New Guard, Inf. 6th Miss.
New Prospect Grays, Inf. 5th Miss.
Newton Hornets, Inf. 39th Miss.
Newton Rangers, Cav. 2d Miss.
Noxubee Blues, Inf. 5th Miss.
Noxubee Home Guards, Cav. Miss Local Defense.
Noxubee Rifles, Inf. 11th Miss.
Oak Bowery Invincibles, Inf. 40th Miss.
Oakland Rebels, Inf. 29th Miss.
O'Connor Rifles, Inf, 2d Miss.
Okolona Ouards, Inf. 41st Miss.
Oktibbeha Plowboys, Inf. 15th Miss.
Panola Guard, Inf. 9th Miss.
Panola Patriots, Inf. 29th Miss.
Panola Vindicators, Inf. I7th Miss.
Paris Rebels, Inf. 4th Miss.
Parrott Rifles, Inf. 40th Miss.
Patton's Company, hd. 37th Miss.
Pearl River Guards, Inf. 39th Miss.
Penin's (R. 0.) Cav. Batt. Miss. State.
Pettus Guard, Inf. 13th Miss.
Pettus Rebels, Inf. 5th Miss.
Pettus Relief, Inf. 12th Miss.
Pettus Rifles, Inf. I7th Miss.
Pinckney Guard, Inf. 8th Miss.
Plentitude Invincibles, Inf. 23d Miss.
Point Mount Rifles, Inf. 1st Miss.
Pontotoc Grays, Ins, 41st Miss.
Pontotoc Minute Men, Inf. 2d Miss.
Pontotoc Rangers, Cav. 2d Miss.
Port Gibson Rifles, Inf. 10th Miss.
Prairie Guards, Inf. 11th Miss.
Price Rebels, Inf. 39th Miss.
Price Rehef, Inf. 38th Miss.
Prince's (W. B.) Cav. Mississippi State
Quitman Grays, Inf. 17th Miss.
Quitman Guards, Inf. 16th Miss.
Quitman Invincibles, Inf. 14th Miss.
Quitman Rifle Guard, Inf. 9th Miss.
Quitman Rifles, Inf. 7th Miss.
Quitman Rifles, Inf. 15th Miss.
Quitman Southern, Inf. 6th Miss.
Rankin Grays, Inf, 6th Miss.
Rankin Rebels, Inf. 39th Miss.
Rankin Rifles, Inf. 10th Miss.
Rankin Rough and Readies, Inf. 6th Miss.
Raymond Fencibles, Inf. 12th Miss.
Rebel Avengers, Inf. 33d Miss.
Red Invincibles, Inf. 4th Miss.
Red Rovers, Inf. 5th Miss.
Red!s (S. W.) Cav. Mississippi State
Reube Davis Rebels, Inf. Ist Miss.
Robson Rifles, Inf. 29th Miss.
Rockport Steel Blades, Inf. 6th Miss.
Rough and Readies, Inf. I 7th Miss.
Ruffin's Company, Cav. 2d Miss.
Samuel Benton Relief Rifles, Inf. 17th Miss.
Sardis Blues, Inf. 12th Miss.
Satartia Rifles, Inf. 12th Miss.
Saunders' (T.) Cav. Mississippi State
Scotland Guards, Inf. 5th Miss.
Secessionists, Inf. 13th Miss.
Semple's (R.) Cav. Miss. Local Defense.
Shieldsborough Rifles, Inf. 3d Miss.
Shubuta Guards, Inf. 37th Miss.
Shubuta Rifles, Inf. 14th Miss.
Simpson Fencibles, Inf. 6th Miss.
Simpson Guards, Inf. 39th Miss.
Slate Sptings Cav. Miss. Local Defense.
Smith Rifles, Inf. 34th Miss.
Smiths (J. F.) Cav. 2d Miss. State Troops.
Sons of Liberty, Inf. 34th Miss.
Sons of the South, Inf. 4th Miss.
Southern Farmers, Inf. 32d Miss.
Southern Sentinels, Inf. 8th Miss.
Spartan Rand, Inf. 13th Miss.
Standefer's (J. J.) Inf. Miss. Local Defense.
Standing Pine Guards, Inf, 40th Miss.
Starke's (P. B.), Cav. 28th Miss.
Stephen Guards, Inf. 4th Miss.
Stillwell's Cav. Mississippi State.
Stubbs Rifles, Inf. 23d Miss.
Summit Rifles, Inf. 16th Miss.
Sunflower Dispensers, Inf. 3d Miss.
Terry's (P. P.) Inf. Miss. Local Defense.
Thaines' Cav. Mississippi State.
The Defenders, Inf16th Miss.
Thompson Invincibles, Inf. 23d Miss.
Tippah Farmers, Inf. 34th Miss.
Tippah Rangers, Inf. 34th Miss.
Tippah Rebels, Inf. 34th Miss.
Tippah Riflemen, Inf. 23d Miss.
Tippah Tigers, Inf. 23d Miss.
Tishomingo Avengers, Inf. 32d Miss.
Tishomingo Rebels, Inf. 32d Miss.
Tishomingo Rifles, Inf, 2d Miss.
Tolson Guards, Inf. 8th Miss.
Town Creek Rifles, Inf. 2d Miss.
True Confederates, Inf. 8th Miss.
True Misissippians, Inf. 30th Miss.
Tullahoma Hardshells, Inf. 8th Miss.
University Grays, Inf. 11th Miss.
Vaiden Guards, Inf. Miss. Local Defense.
Van Dorn Guards, Inf. 38th Miss.
Van Dorn Reserves, Inf. 11th Miss.
Verona Rifles, Inf. 41st Miss.
Vicksburg Sharpshooters, Inf. 12th Miss.
W. R. Nelson Guards, Inf. 32d Miss.
Walker Reserves, Inf. 1st Miss.
Walthall Rebels, Inf. 29th Miss.
Ward's (M. S.) Bart. Art. 14th Miss.
Water Valley Rifles, Inf. 15th Miss.
Wayne Rifles, Inf. 13th Miss.
Weatheralls (J. T.) Cav. Mississippi State.
Wesson Art. Miss. Local Defense.
Westville Guards, Inf. 16th Miss.
White Rebels, Inf. 38th Miss.
Wigfall Rifles, Inf. 15th Miss.
Wilkinson Guards, Inf. 38th Miss.
Wilkinson Rifles, Inf. 16th Miss.
Williams' Company, Inf. 41st Miss.
Williams'(T.) Inf. Miss. Local Defense.
Wilson's (H. C.) Inf. Miss. Local Defense.
Winona Stars, Inf. 15th Miss.
Winston Guards, Inf. 13th Miss.
Winston Rifles, Inf. 5th Miss.
Wirt Adams'Cav. 1st Miss. (Adams)
Withers' (W. T) Art. lst Miss.
Wolf Creek Marksmen, Inf. 38th Miss.
Yalobusha Rangers, Cav. Miss. Local Defense.
Yalobusha Rifles, Inf. 15th Miss.
Yancey Guards, Inf. 37th Miss.
Yankee Hunters, Inf. 36th Miss.
Yankee Terrors, Inf., 8th Miss.
Yazoo Grays, Inf. 30th Miss.
Yazoo Minute Men, Inf. 10th Miss.
Zollicoffer Avengers, Inf. 36th Miss.

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