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This cemetery was indexed by Yolonda Hudson, who works at the Chancery Clerks office at Charleston. This one has not been completed, but when it is complete it will be placed in future publications.

Alford, Charlie/09-14-1930/01-24-1999
Alford, Lubertha Carson/age 72/05-11-1930/06-26-2002
Amiker, Brown/09-13-1895/10-10-1980

Bellamy, Earnest Henry/age 66/06-01-1937/05-30-2003
Bernard, Hattie Marg/02-14-1938/04-15-1993
Bernard, Mansfield/05-05-1899/02-09-1975 "/"At Rest""
Bernard, Moses Lee/01-04-1941/12-25-1982
Double Marker
Bernard, Hattie/10-14-1914
Bernard, Jennings/03-13-1908/06-18-1977
Brett, Pennie B./12-03-1887/01-19-1992
Black, Mr. Lenrose/Born 12-08-1882/Died-06-24-1997/Age 115
Blackmon, Ljury Birks/age 61/died 05-02-2011
Brewer, Dorothy Ann/02-24-1954/11-11-1995
Brown, Annie R./02-13-1911/12-24-1982
Brown, Antonia/12-13-1889/03-23-1983
Brown, Charlotte Gray/1904/10-10-1999
Brown, Clem-10-03-1904-12-05-1982
Brown, Erma E./01-03-1898/08-25-1974
Brown, George W./ MS PVT US Army WWII/06-10-1899/01-25-1963
Brown, Gerald Prentis/age 64/internment at Newton Coemtery May 22,2012
Brown, Mamie Bellamy.02-12-1905/05-30-2002
Brown, Mariah H. Willie/08-26-1889/10-07-1979
Brown, Solomon/11-28-1892/10-29-1986
Bryant, Lucille Clark/widow of Roosevelt Bryant/10-13-1916/06-14-2002
Billion, Maggie/05-07-1911/09-18-1970
Bulloch, Roberta/05-04-1903/05-21-1974

Carthon, Louis T./age 45/died 02182010/interred 02-26-2010
Clark, Kattie/09-15-1910/04-20-1967"/"At Rest""
Coon, Son/03-30-1888/10-03-1982
Crowder, Clifford/MS Pvt Co E 816 Pioneer Inf WWI/10-15-1895/04-15-1968

Dallas, Katie Smith/09-09-1905/06-06-1982
Daniel, Buford/05-19-1932/03-01-1997
Davis, Blanch Lee/age 58/12-17-1946/05-25-2005/interned 06-04-2005
Dawson,Gladys Dogan /08-25-1913/04-29-1997/sent by Sylvia
Derdon, Gertrude/11-10-1915/07-02-1962
Derdon, Mattie/09-02-1888/02-14-1983
Drake, Ellen/08-14-1897/01-31-1973

Edwards, Jim, Sr./03-15-1890/02-03-1971

Fair, Eugene/Born 11-07-1940/Died 07-11-1994/Age 45
Fair, Bro. George/10-16-1908/11-07-1991
Flowers, Pauline Harris/12-10-1892/01-21-1970
Flowers, Rilla I./01-12-1892/10-18-1980
Frost, Gladys Marie/03-22-1965/01-06-1989
Frost, Mrs. Mary Leatha/01-21-1921/06-02-1990/Age 69

Gardner, Callula/09-12-1912/12-01-1994
Gardner, Sidney, Sr./01-30-1897/10-29-1977
Gray, Addie Mae/03-24-1913/11-25-1976
Gray, Grafton /11-04-1906/12-21-1990
Green, John/Tec5 US Army WWII/05-19-1914/02-27-1988
Griffin, Ray C. "RAY"/born 06-05-1945/died 03-22-1997/Age 50
Double Marker
Griffin, Daffy/02-21-1905
Griffin, Ollie Taylor/05-11-1912/10-31-1983

Harris, Dan/09-03-1886/03-28-1961
Herron, Margaret Murray/age 93/died 09-11-2006/interned 09-16-2006
Hervey, Callie/09-01-1898/02-06-1978
Hervey, Robert L./12-11-1951/07-07-1980
Hill, Winnie R./09-05-1879/11-03-1980
Hoskins, Jim/01-01-1876/08-02-1963

Hudson, Ben W. "Mance/Hus. Mattie Hervey Hudson/age 80/09-13-1920/04-10-2001

Hudson, Mattie Hervey widow of Ben W. Hudson/age 77/07-05-1925/02-36-2003
Johnson, Idellar B./Dates Illegible
Johnson, Osa Mae/03-30-1930/02-23-1983
Jones, Annie Mae/08-15-1927/11-125-1950
Jones, Wallace/MS PVT 374 Engr GS REGT WWII/06-06-1921/09-16-1944

Keglar, Robert C./age 84/died 09-12-2010/interred 09-18-2010/past president of NAACP Tallahatchie County Ms.
Kincaid, Mary/1897/1976
Kuykendall, Elizabeth C./04-21-1913/09-25-1985
Kuykendall, Joe/08-15-1908-08-08-1982
Kuykendall, LaKesia Marie/10-26-1978/02-10-1997/"We Love You"

Lahmon, Jessie H./01-01-1916/07-17-1995
Lee, Inez/age 97/died 04-13-2005/interned 04-18-2005
Leverett, Everelena R./07-15-1921/06-13-1981
Lucas, Geneva/1905/1992

McGee, Rev. E.H./04-30-1891/09-14-1976
McGee, Mattie J./03-15-1889/11-11-1970

Means, Henry McKinley/01-19-1903/05-02-1982
Meriwether, Lula/WYF of Rev. L.A./05-10-1878/07-23-1946"/"At Rest"
Meriwether, Rev. L.A./07-30-1875/11-20-1958
Miller, A.C./02-16-1907/06-13-1978
Mitchel, Golden/Born 07-09-1895/Died-06-16-1965
Moore, Priscilla/Born 12-23-1882/died 01-06-1986/"At Rest"

Moorehead, Robbie/age 88/died 08-03-2002

Nash, Edith/10-08-1908/01-12-1973/"At Rest"
Nash, Fred, Sr./11-28-1899/07-03-1983

Peacock, V.L./09-15-1926/07-17-1990

Williams, George Pollard, Jr./age 51/US Army Vet/died 01-03-2011/interred 01-08-2011
Reed, Monroe James "Boo"/age 29/Murdered at his home/died07-16-2009/interred 07-22-2009
Reed, Willie M./Born 01-12-1903/Died-Illegible
Richardson, Marcus age 23/01-03-1982/05-30-2005 Auto Accident/interned 06-04-2005
Roberts, Lula Sanders/1874/11-20-1971/"REST IN PEACE"

Sawyer, Tabitha/03-10-1881/11-23-1972
Simmons, Damon Arnaz/age20/12-01-2000
Simmons, Jerry/MS Pvt Co D-325 Labor BN OMC WWI/03-12-1891/12-10-1957
Simmons, Tillar R./09-05-1905/09-21-1982
Smith, Bennie/01-26-1902/12-18-1978

Terry, Bobby Gene/age 64/03-03-1944/07-13-2007/interned 07-21-2007
Terry, Earl/09-10-1911/12-17-1982

Tery,Willie Mae "Madea"/age 93/01-25-1916/12-15-2009

Vaughn, Lindsey/1900/1978

Walker, F.M./03-03-1910-03-05-1984/"At Rest"
Williams, Willie Bell/age 71/died 08-08-2011-interred 08-13-2011
Wilson, Nellie Gray/11-09-1947/04-24-1993
Willis, Charles/age 53/05-06-1956/03-31-2010
Willis, Mary E./07-01-1913/05-11-1982
Winford, John R./02-15-1901/08-06-1986
wright, Edna Earl/age 50/11-05-1951/05-21-2002
Wright, James L./06-04-1948/01-18-1992

Young, Ida/07-04-1878/05-17-1978/"At Rest"

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