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Sunflower County, MS

Obituary Index
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Obituary Index
from The Enterprise-Tocsin
the weekly newspaper of Indianola, Sunflower, MS
The index is arranged chronologically by the edition of the paper that the obituary appears in, most current first.. If you find a name in the index for which you would like a copy of the obituary, write to the
The Enterprise_Tocsin, ATTN: OBITUARY REQUEST,
at the address below.
The Enterprise-Tocsin
Attn: Obituary Request
P.O. Box 650
Indianola, MS  38751
In your request, include the following:
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The designation "N/A" means the information was not available in the printed obituary
All locations (city, county, cemetery) are in the state of Mississippi unless otherwise noted.
If you have any obituaries from editions prior to November 8, 2001,
and would like to contribute them to this list please contact me.


October thru December 2004

Date of Obit Name DOD Location Cemetery
30-Dec Bowles, Corinne Toomer 24-Dec Madison Hickory Grove
  Moore, Volivar Edward Jr. 23-Dec Jackson Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Tyner, Billy Murrell Sr. 28-Dec Moorhead Moorhead City
  Wheeler, John Marion "Butch" Jr. 25-Dec Indianola Indianola City
  Wheelwright, Lizzie W. 24-Dec Memphis, TN Pilgrim Rest M.B. Church
  Williams, John W. 27-Dec Indianola Lehrton
  Miles, Lera Myrl Hillhouse 29-Dec Belzoni Indianola City
23-Dec Dotson, Melinda Willard 17-Dec . Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Lewis, Viola K. 20-Dec Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Marshall, Willie Mary 15-Dec Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Pittman, William Grant 17-Dec Inverness Sunflower
  Robinson, Virue Christine Tisdell McDonald 17-Dec Cleveland Linn Methodist Church
  Stuart, Elizabeth Ann 18-Dec Cleveland Linn Baptist
  Wells, Annie Lee 13-Dec Chicago, Il Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Wood, Helen Morgan DeClement 20-Dec Blue Springs Indianola City
  Foster, Carl E. Olson 21-Dec Isola Indianola City
16-Dec Andrews, Muriel King 15-Dec Spring, TX Indianola City
  Bevill, Robert Henry 11-Dec Greenville Indianola Memorial Gardens
  Brown, Shirley A. 11-Dec Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Carroll, Ollie B. Scott 12-Dec Greenwood Moorhead City
  Ertle, Peggy Ruth 13-Dec Indianola Indianola City
  Spivey, Freddie 10-Dec Indianola Pine Ridge
  Willcutt, Donald Gene 11-Dec Indianola Indianola Memorial Gardens
  Robinson, Agnes Byas 10-Dec Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens
09-Dec Grayson, Cassie 03-Dec Greenwood Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Pernell, Eddie Mack 04-Dec Indianola Pine Ridge
  Wiley, Terrance 03-Dec Rome New Bethel
25-Nov Adams, Hugh E. 16-Nov DeSoto Twin Oaks Memorial Gardens
  Howard, Annie Laurie McLendon 20-Nov Indianola Indianola City
  Ingram, John Stith 17-Nov Jackson Shaw
  Scott, Grady 18-Nov Greenwood Mt. Calvary
  Wade, Juanita Holland 19-Nov Jackson Lakewood Memorial Park
  Weston, Thomas Earl 07-Nov Michigan Sumpter Community Church of God in Bellevue, MI
18-Nov Bingham, Isaac B. Jr. 15-Nov Indianola Holly Ridge
  Bullock, Floyce Rule Burchfield 13-Nov Memphis, TN Lehrton
  Johnson, Willie Mae 11-Nov Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Taylor, Richard Winston Jr. 15-Nov Sunflower Odd Fellows in Greenwood
  Weeks, James Clifford "Cliff" 13-Nov Tylertown Gospel Hall
11-Nov Bolden, Willie R. 06-Nov Cleveland Holly Ridge
  Brown, Hazel Thomas 05-Nov Jackson Golden Link in Anguilla
  Kelly, J.C. 05-Nov Inverness Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Wright, Frances Donahue 27-Oct Tupelo Southside
  Swift, Antonio Antwaun 02-Nov Rialton, CA Riverside Memorial Gardens
04-Nov Clower, James Rowland 01-Nov Cypress, TX Indianola City
  Langdon, Everette W. 01-Nov Cleveland Ebenezar AME in Blakely, GA
  Warren, Russell "Red" 28-Oct Cleveland Mt. Galilee
  Taylor, Eddie Lee 2-Nov Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Wood, George Lee 27-Oct Nashville, TN Memorial Gardens
  Sykkes, Juanita T. 28-Oct Memphis, TN Smith in Cascilla
28-Oct Alford, Willie Clyde "Bill" Jr 26-Oct Baton Rouge, LA Roundaway
  Gibson, James R. 21-Oct Durant Indianola City
  Lee, Julia . . Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Lott, Raymond Britton "Tootie" 22-Oct Itta Bena Indianola City
  White, Earl G. Sr 20-Oct Greenville Linn Baptist Church
  Byrd, Phillip C. Sr. 22-Oct Greenville Lakeview Gardens
21-Oct Davis, Shirley 18-Oct Cleveland Jake Chapel Church
  Dozier, Olivia Robinson 19-Oct Indianola Mt. Zion Heathman M.B. Church
  McDaniel, Rebecca Elizabeth Moon 16-Oct Tupelo Drew
  Tigues, Marshall Sr 17-Oct Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Twiner, Luvenia 18-Oct Cleveland Lehrton
14-Oct Braswell, Dewey Lloyd 12-Oct Ruleville Indianola City
  Eldridge, Travis 05-Oct Meridian Golden Grove in Neshoba County
  Frison, Mark Brenton 04-Oct Jackson Stephensville
  Spencer, Reuben Law Jr. 09-Oct Indianola Indianola City
07-Oct Brooks, Sarah Elvira Adams 01-Oct Laurel Drew City
  Cartwright, Nan Lois 29-Sep Indianola Indianola City
  Fedrick, Lee Willie 02-Oct Drew New Jerusalem M.B. Church at Long Lake
  Harris, Edgar 02-Oct Ruleville Mt. Galilee
  Strong, Willie Mae 03-Oct Jackson Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Williams, A.G. 04-Oct Indianola Pine Ridge
  Williams, Sylvester 02-Oct Drew Wanderer Home
  Ouzts, Charles "Ned" 03-Oct Indianola Linn Baptist Church
  Rush, Mary Lee 03-Oct Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

July thru September 2004

Date of Obit Name DOD Location Cemetery
30-Sep Avritt, Mirna Yasmin Gonzalez 24-Sep Isola .
  Cannon, Ray V. 27-Sep Jackson Mt. Galilee
  Childs, John William 20-Sep Greenwood Belzoni City
  Edwards, Lillie 26-Sep Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Jones, Delbert Lee Sr 24-Sep Belzoni Cole Lake 
  Lewis, Kennis T. 27-Sep Moorhead Pine Ridge
  Green, O.C. 24-Sep Greenwood Odd Fellows in Greenwood
  Williams, T.J. "Fat" Sr 26-Sep Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Sweatt, Nellie Wallace 27-Sep Cleveland .
  Washington, James 26-Sep Greenville Pine Ridge
  Thomas, Louise 22-Sep Irvington, NJ Rising Star
  Ward, Sue 21-Sep Indianola Pilgrim Green
23-Sep Burton, Coriner 17-Sep Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Hawthrone, Clytee 18-Sep Cleveland Gilfield
  Hopkins, Amos Sr. 22-Sep Greenville Holly Ridge
  Ward, Sue 22-Sep Indianola .
  McDaniel, Jewell Lee Tisdell 21-Sep Greenwood Linn Baptist Church
  Wilson, Elizabeth 21-Sep Greenville Pine Ridge
  Rash, Ernest Jr 20-Sep Greenville East Road
16-Sep Hardrict, Alice 13-Sep Drew Delta Height Memorial Garden in Cleveland
09-Sep Butler, Cozette Lynnwanda 07-Sep Washington, GA Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Clay, James Ackerman 02-Sep Greenwood Pine Ridge
  Chapman, Dena Merle Hamel 02-Sep Greenwood Lorena Baptist in Lorena
  Jackson, Winnie 05-Sep Ruleville Jake Chapel Church
  Meier, Christine McClain 04-Sep Indianola Shaw
  Watkins, William Henry Sr. 04-Sep Indianola Big Morning Star
  Lipnick, Maxine 05-Sep Indianola Jewish Cemetery/Odd Fellows in Greenwood
02-Sep Kimbrell, Steve Morris Jr. 19-Aug Grenada Wright Miller
  Lane, Marion III 28-Aug Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens
  Tucker, Lula M. 28-Aug Ruleville I John
  Smith, Louvenia 30-Aug Cleveland Riverside Memorial Gardens
Date of obit Name DOD Location Cemetery
Aug 29
Finch, Rosie
Aug 20
Smith Chapel Church

Fondren, Yvonne Betts
Aug 23
Pulaski, TN
Rowan in Caledonia

Hackett, Mildred Rogers
Aug 23
Mt. Galilee

Langdon Jimmie L.
Aug 23
Galilee, Carthage

Russell Lenora
Aug 19
Chicago, IL
Spring Hill Church

Truevillian, Melvin
Jul 28
Chicago, IL
Oakhill Cemetery, Blue Island, IL
Aug 19
Hartlein,  Sarah, Sanders
Aug 08

Bevill, Helen gavriel
Aug 11
Bevill's Chapel Cemetery,
Hazel Green, AL

Brooks, Earl
Aug 16

Carpenter, Bertha
Aug 13
Riverside Memorial Gardens

Dickerson, Virginia Brown
Aug 10
Indianola City

Harpole, John Marshall
Aug 17
Moorhead City

Hough, Martha Lagrone
Aug 13
Indianola City

Maxwell, Charlie "Billy" W.
Aug 18
Indianola City

Steele, Manese
Jul 10
St. Peter's Church
Aug 12 Lipnick, Melvin Aug 08 Indianola Jewish Cemetery, Greenville

Helms, J.V. Aug 06 Belzoni Caile

Bolden, David Aug 09 Memphis, TN Greenview Memorial Gardens

Franklin, Yvette Randall Aug 07 Hot Springs, AR unknown

McClain, Charles Aug 01 Lakeland, FL Oak Hill, FL
Aug 05 Tiny, Emma Jul 07 Greenwood Pineridge
Jul 29 Batiste, Inez Mack Jul 25 Pensacola, FL Riverside Memorial Gardens

Campbell, Eddie Mae Jul 26 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Helms, Marjorie Jones Jul 24 Meadville, AR Crittenden Memorial Park, Marion, AR

Hocutt, Henry Wayne "Red" Jul 23 Meridian Linn Methodist Church

Loden, William Landon Jul 21 Jackson Dorsey

Manning, Ira Dearman Jul 22 Ridgeland Drew City

McCaskill, John Hamilton Jul 26 Indianola Indianola City

Pierce, Olen Woods "Mutt" Jul 25 Long Beach National Cemetery, Biloxi

Hamilton, Roosevelt Jr Jul 22 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens
Jul 22 Bowie, Ura Luckett Jun 10 Detroit, MI Lincoln Memorial Park, Mt. Clemens, MI

Bell, Fannie Brooks Wallace Jul 09 Inverness unknown

Gerald, Wilford Jul 16 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Hope, Geneva Laura Mae Jones Jul 19 Heber Springs, AR Indianola City

Norford, Bunnie Sue Jul 16 Jackson Riverside Memorial Gardens

Stevens, Dwen Jul 18 Isola Greencrest Gardens
Jul 15 Bell, Fannie Wallace Jul 09 Inverness unknown

Buchanan, Carolyn Calhoun Jul 04 Florence, AL Greenview

Jones, Willie Lee Jul 10 Jackson Mt. Zion Heathman M.B. Church

Langston, Larry L. Jul 08 Greenwood Riverside Memorial Gardens

Marsh, Talcum Jul 07 Cleveland Stephensville

Morris, Billy Jerald Jul 08 Greenwood Drew

Turner, Mabry Sr. Jul 08 Greenwood Pine Ridge
Jul 08 Allen, Doris Youngblood Jun 30 Cordova, TN Moorhead

Jones, Charles Lowell Sr. Jul 02 Greenwood Moorhead

Smith, Queenola Jul 03 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

McClellan, Sammy Mack Jul 03 Greenville Moorhead

Mack, Thelma E. Scott Jul 03 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Matthews, Laura G. Jul 04 Jackson Moorhead

Clark, Luevenia Jul 06 Ridgeland Mt. Galilee Church

Meeks, Minnie M. Jul 01 Greenville Mt. Galilee Church
Jul 01 Burchfield, J.B. Jun 29 Cleveland Magnolia Gardens

Earvin, Sammie Eddie Jun 28 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Minor, Wilson Jun 27 Indianola Swan Lake M.B. Church

Palmore, Allie Earline Jun 24 Greenville South Side 

April thru June 2004

Date of Obit Name DOD Location Cemetery
Jun 24 Jones, Levon Sr. Jun 21 Greenwood Pine Ridge

Lessley, Mary Jamie Jun 20 Ruleville Elam Baptist Church

Tillman, James Jun 19 Drew Noah Memorial

Thomas, Catherine Jun 20 Kansas Riverside Memorial Gardens

Turner, Martha Jun 17 Indianola Little Rock
Jun 17 Cattlidge, Rufus Jun 07 Kankakee, IL Riverside Memorial Gardens

Foley, Alla Frances Jun 11 Jackson unknown

Harvey, Dorothy J. Jun 08 Jackson Zion Chapel #2

Hill, William Floyd "Billy" Jun 13 Greenville Lambert

Jenkins, Richard Jack Jun 11 Indianola Indianola Memorial Gardens

Fox, James Vocal Jun 14 Indianola Roundaway

Phillips, Eddie Jun 15 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Silas, Fannie Mae Jun 13 Indianola Mt. Zion Heathman Church

Simmons, Jimmie Lee Jun 15 Jackson Riverside Memorial Gardens

Abel, Reba Cledith Jun 10 Merigold New Cleveland

Hayes, Virgia Jun 12 Ruleville Mr. Galilee

Milsap, Paul Jun 08 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Parker, Virginia Jun 15 Indianola Mt. Zion Heathman Church
Jun 10 Greer, Arthur James May 28 Chicago, IL unknown

McCaleb, Johnnie B. Jun 05 Shaw Riverside Memorial Gardens

Johnson, Irene Jun 08 Cleveland Mt. Galilee

Mc Daniel, Julius Morgan "Mac" Jun 04 Moorhead Moorhead

Millbrook, Arthur Sr. Jun 04 Indianola Holly Grove

Norals, Larry III May 29 Jackson Ray's Memorial Garden

Young, John Jun 08 Greenville Holly Ridge

Harvey, Dorothy J. Jun 08 Jackson Zion Chapel #2

Milsap, Paul Jun 08 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens
Jun 03 Gully, Jeanette Green May 27 Cleveland Mortimer 
May 27 Cooper, Albert May 17 Vicksburg St. John M.B. Church

Groce, Howard Sr. May 23 Ruleville Drew

Parker, James L. May 18 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Reedy, William Ervin Sr. May 24 Inverness Hickory Grove

Smith, Sue Alice Lott May 21 Johnson City, TN Memorial Park, Memphis, TN
May 20 Barrier, Suzanne Savery May 15 Jackson Indianola City
May 13 Cox, Lanell "Winky" May 08 Jackson Merry Grove Church

Jones, Randy Larmas May 07 unknown Riverside Memorial Gardens

Hendon, Dorothy Anthony May 11 Indianola Indianola City

Kimbrell, Thomas Duane May 04 Indianola Unknown

Nolden, Almeta Anderson May 06 Greenwood Willing Workers

Navarro, Pete May 09 Holly Ridge Road Stoneville

Payne, Louise May 10 Lexington Pine Ridge

Weeks, Harry Jr. May 12 Indianola Indianola City

Cole-Wheeler, Vircy Lee Nolden May 06 Sunflower Willing Workers
May 06 Fratesi, Bonnie Campbell May 02 Greenville Indianola City

Griffith, Billie Miller Apr 29 Indianola Indianola City

Morris, Wyvonia May 03 Jackson Riverside Memorial Gardens
Apr 22 Fair, Beatrice Davis Apr 15 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Ingram, James L. Apr 14 Washington, D.C. Drew

King, Charlie Walter Jr Apr 17 Indianola Hickory Grove 

White, Prince Alvin Apr 15 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Minnifield, Delia Apr 14 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Threadgill, Ricky Jr. Apr 17 Jackson Riverside Memorial Gardens

Turner, Joseph Lafayette Apr 20 Leland Indianola Memorial Gardens

Brown, Mamie Apr 20 Greenwood Riverside Memorial Gardens
April 15 Chavers, Laura Apr 10 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Hodges, Margaret April 06 Greenville Hickory Grove

Jernigan, Paul L. Apr 08 Memphis Riverside Memorial Gardens

King, Dewey Wayne Apr 12 Inverness Hickory Grove

Moreland, Lenna Davis Apr 09 Indianola Lehrton

Ransfer, Amzie Apr 12 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens
Apr 08 Brown, J. C. Apr 04 Inverness Mt. Galilee Church

Cooley, Earline Jennings Apr 03 Rolling Fork Central Baptist

Hoskins, Estella "Penny" Apr 02 Belzoni Riverside Memorial Gardens

Mancini, Rosa Katherine Apr 01 Greenville Shaw

Jackson, Clyde Cullen Apr 06 Edwards unknown

Pepper, Allen Plester Jr Mar 31 Moorhead Moorhead

Perkins, Ellen Mar 29 Cleveland Riverside Memorial Gardens

Thornton, Karen McDonald Apr 04 Jackson Linn Methodist

Trucks, Samuel Jameson Mar 30 Covington, TN Covington Memorial Gardens, TN

Warnock, Charles boyd Mar 31 Ruleville Lehrton

Williams, Thomas Apr 04 Indianola St. John M. B. Church
Apr 01 Martin, Christopher Mar 24 Lafayette, LA Lafayette Memorial Park, LA

Scott, William Henry Mar 28 Belzoni Riverside Memorial Gardens

Mamon, Frank Ollie Mar 20 Ruleville St. Claire M. B. Church

January thru March 2004

Date of Obit Name DOD Location  Cemetery
Mar 25 Broadbent, Robert Eugene Mar 20 Greenville East Liverpool, OH

Coleman, Jessie Lee Mar 17 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Hampton, John Earl Mar 22 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Hendricks, Annie Mar 19 Southaven Southside

Lewis, Eugene Mar 17 Greenwood Mt. Galilee

McKinney, William H. Sr Mar 13 Corinth Henry

Singleton, Callaway Mar 22 Little Rock, AR Boyer

Smith, Buddy R. Mar 21 Memphis, TN Indianola City

Thompson, James Mar 19 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Walls, Velma Mar 22 Belzoni Pine Ridge

Ward, Cleo Geneva Mar 22 Ruleville  Lehrton
Mar 18 Barnett, Leo Mar 12 Cleveland Morning Star

Williams, Delaney Mar 14 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Price, Yulinda Lee Mar 13 Sunflower East Road

Lewis, Eugene Mar 17 Greenwood unknown
Mar 11 Fratesi, Joseph Mar 09 Indianola Indianola City

Peeples, Ryan Dalton Mar 03 Grenada Old Union Church of Christ

Jue, Fong Young Mar 09 Indianola Indianola City

Stonebraker, Flora Frances "Fanny" Mar 09 Akron, OH unknown

Rice, Joe Alex Mar 07 Ridgeland Indianola City
Mar 04 Beard, Carlos Bircesin Feb 29 Hiway 49 North Riverside Memorial Gardens

Beard, Roderick Feb 29 Hiway 49 North Riverside Memorial Gardens

Falconer, Jessie Roshon Feb 29 Hiway 49 North Riverside Memorial Gardens

Nolen, Rosalie James Feb 24 Ruleville Odd Fellows

Sanders, Lorine Feb 29 Greenwood Pine Ridge

Smith, Heather Faith Feb 25 Jackson Indianola City

Ramey, William dean Feb 20 Fort Worth, TX unknown

Silas, George E. Mar 01 Whitfield Riverside Memorial Gardens

Williams, Kiwaski L. Feb 29 Hiway 49 North Pine Ridge
Feb 26 Capps, Bertha Mae Van Tuyl Feb 19 Indianola Indianola city

Macon, Jesse Williams Feb 18 Calhoun City Old Bethany 

Morales, Bibiano Saavedra Feb 21 Sunflower Pantion Municipal in 
Progresso Tamaulipas, Mexico

Toomer, Larry Feb 21 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens
Feb 19 Harris, Larry Randolph Feb 15 Hattiesburg Pilgrim Rest Church of God

Rogers, Eloise Bell Jan 28 Indianapolis, IN unknown

Zwiezinski, Celeste Ullrich Feb 16 Jackson Indianola City

Kelly, Mose Sr. Feb 12 Indianola unknown
Feb 12 Bellipanni, Frank Thomas Feb 05 Indianola Indianola City

Boyer, Charles Edward Jr. Feb 07 Indianola Indianola City

Bush, Lillian M. Jan 30 Ruleville Roseland Park

Hollins, Norma Ruth Feb 07 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Jarrett, Joanna Coleman Feb 05 Linn Linn

Lott, Lige Lee Feb 11 Oxford Hickory Grove

Nevels, Charlie Bernard Feb 07 Greenville unknown

Meeks, Jim Jr. Feb 09 Cleveland Bethel in Black Hawk

Williams, Mario Feb 09 Jackson Travelers Rest Church
Feb 05 Adams, Marie Isom Feb 03 Greenville Moorhead 

Belk, Maria "Mia" Williams Jan 28 Jackson Wright-Miller

Graham, Martha Dean Feb 04 Greenville Moorhead

Jordan, Nina Mae Welch Jan 30 Indianola Indianola City

Meeks, Irma J. Jan 28 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Wash, Carlean Jan 31 Ruleville Traveler's Rest
Jan 29 Bennett, Lue Ella Jan 23 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Evans, David Sr. Jan 25 Cleveland Pine Ridge

Fair, Jewel Dean Jan 25 Highway 49 Riverside Memorial Gardens

Lumpkins, Mary Willie Jan 20 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

McCurry, Gladys Free Jan 25 Belzoni Riverside Memorial Gardens

Prichard, Elizabeth Cooper Jan 25 Indianola Hickory Grove

Price, Bennie Lee Jan 25 Greenwood Holly Grove Church

Sullivan, John L. Jan 21 Whitfield Lakewood Memorial Park
Jan 22 Callaway, Robert Windle "Cab" Jr. Jan 16 Jackson Indianola City

Galloway, Rachel Jan 19 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Golden, Hettie Lee Willis Jan 15 Indianola Indianola City

Sledge, June Thompson Jan 14 Indianola Moorhead 

Truelove, Samuel Earl Sr. Jan 15 Yazoo City unknown
Jan 15 Abels, James K. Jan 11 Jackson Caile

Boatman, Archie Lee Jan 12 Indianola Swan Lake

Cartledge, Reginald D. Jr. Jan 11 Wiggins Drew

Kimbriel, James Paul Jan 12 Greenville Lakeview Gardens

Nicholson, Lona A. Jan 07 Rolling Fork Mound in Rolling Fork
Jan 08 Duke, Maggie Marshall Jan 07 Belzoni Caile

Harmon, George F. Jan 03 Greenville Riverside

Hicks, Percy Dec 24 Grenada I John

Vega, Olivia Grace Dec 31 Jackson Philadelphis United Methodist Church, Heidelberg

Townsend, Mary Elizabeth Jan 06 Belzoni Humphreys County Memorial Garden

Campbell, Catherine Jan 01 Imperial Beach, CA Lake Chapel 

Harper, Jack Jan 01 Indianola Indianola City

White, Jessie Dean Jan 06 Ridgeland Indianola City
Jan 01 Brown, Carlos Jevon Dec 28 auto accident Riverside

Davis, Willie Sr Dec 28 Clarksdale I John

Faint, Robert Lee Sr Dec 26 Greenville Mt. Zion Church

Minor, Laura Dec 30 at home .

Jernigan, Willie Lee Dec 28 Greenville Riverside

Kirklon, Roy Jr. Dec 28 auto accident on Hwy 448 Riverside
. Kirkwood, Randy Daniel Sr Dec 24 Clarksdale Riverside

McAbee, Jinnie "Lou" Dec 22 Ruleville Green Grove

Stacy, Sibyle Jean Dec 27 Jackson Ruleville

Ruckeer, Walter Dec 20 Indianola Riverside

October thru December 2003

Date of Obit Name DOD Location Cemetery
Nov 27 Barnes, Willie R. Nov 19 Greenville Riverside Memorial Garden

Brooks, David Nov 21 Jackson St. Lawrence 

Gaston, Ida Mae "Tobo" Nov 22 Ruleville Mt Galilee M.B. Church

Howard, Amos Nov 22 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Hamilton, Frank Sims Nov 21 Greenwood Lehrton

Mabery, Henrietta Nov 22 Greenwood Mt Pleasant M.B. Church

Quong, Raven Nov 21 Atlanta, GA Riverside Memorial Garden

Scott, Melvin John Nov 25 Indianola Ft. Lupton, CO
Nov 20 Boyd, Glenda Jean Nov 12 Milwaukee, WI Riverside Memorial Gardens

Hill, Evernell Nov 17 Greenwood Holly Ridge

Scales, Susie Nov 14 Inverness Riverside Memorial Garden

Schwartz, Sam Jr. Nov 16 Greenville Indianola City

Simpson, Bobby Wayne Nov 16 Indianola Indianola City

Washington, Gloria Jean Nov 14 Greenville Pine Ridge
Nov 13 Hull, Estoria Mack Nov 08 Greenville Riverside Memorial Garden

Isom, Mike Nov 07 Memphis Memorial Park Mausoleum

Jefferson, Lula Mae Nov 07 Greenwood Mr. Galilee

Owens, Geneva Wilson Nov 11 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Pyron, Dell Ross Nov 10 Vicksburg Indianola City

Taylor, John Darryl Oct 31 Atlanta, GA Garden Memorial Park, Jackson

Vincent, Tony "Dieter" Jr. Nov 11 Greenville Indianola City
Nov 06 Beverly, Gertrude M. Nov 04 Cleveland Mt. Galilee 

Collier, Gussie Mae Oct 31 Greenville Mt Galilee

Johnson, Nicoby Mandrell Jr. Oct 30 Indianola Jacob Chapel Church, Blaine

Jones, Mildred Bell Oct 28 Chicago, IL Burr Oak, Chicago, IL

Lynn, Roosevelt Morris Oct 31 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden
. McDonald, Doris M. Nov 03 Clinton, AK Linn Methodist Church

Rodgers, Maurice Standard Nov 02 Jackson Moorhead City

Simmons, Ruben Oct 31 Moorhead Pine Ridge 

Lawler, Frankie Stephens Nov 05 Rosedale Cherry Hill, Dublin
Oct 30 White, Jimmy Earl "Crawfish" Oct 22 Greenville Indianola City

Beard, Robert Wayne Oct 25 Indianola Indianola City

Byrd, Betty Lynn Oct 25 Sunflower Crittenden Memorial Park

Durham, Larry Lee Oct 21 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Horton, Frances Faye Oct 23 Greenville Lehrton 

Marshall, Muttiller Oct 24 Ruleville St. Rest 

Parker, John Sidney Jr. Oct 29 Indianola Indianola City

Sharp, Bessie Wiggins Oct 28 Indianola Indianola City

Starnes, Larry McBride Oct 26 Jackson Salem

Wash, David Jr. Oct 24 Greenwood Riverside Memorial Garden

Thomas, Johnathan Oct 26 Longswitch Road/
Washington County
Riverside Memorial Garden
Oct 23 Hampton, Johnnie Oct 19 Indianola Oak Grove M.B. Church

Betts, Sarah Wade Oct 17 Indianola Indianola City

McCool, Betty Simpson Oct 21 Indianola Indianola City

Taylor-Sago, Myrtis Lee Oct 20 Moorhead Pine Ridge

Guy, Mary Elizabeth Graham Sep 18 Greenville unknown

Towles, Lake H. Oct 18 Sunflower Indianola 

Weaver, Dennis Odell Oct 20 . Lehrton
Oct 16 Anderson, Emma Oct 14 Cleveland Riverside Memorial Garden

Dunn, Anne Floyd Oct 10 Tupelo Oakhill, Tupelo

Galloway, America Oct 12 Greenwood Riverside Memorial Garden

Smith, Aalique L. Oct 11 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Webb, Emma Grice Oct 12 Ridgeland Indianola City 

White, Rosetta Oct 08 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Sterling, Maylene Brunty Oct 05 Sunflower Millspring M.B. Church
Oct 09 Covington, Arthur James Oct 06 . Willing Worker

Davis, Martha Elizabeth Oct 04 Cleveland Indianola City

Kisner, Dean Newell Oct 02 Largo, FL Indianola City

Lumpkin, Blanch Oct 06 Greenwood Riverside Memorial Garden

Purcell, William Paul "Billy" Jr. Oct 07 Indianola Indianola City

Willis, Margaret Oct 05 Ruleville Drew 

Wilson, Jessie James Oct 03 Indianola Holly Ridge

Wilson, Ardelia Fields  Oct 01 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Randle, Ronnie Lashun Oct 03 Cleveland Drew

Jones, John Paul Oct 06 Coffeeville Coffeeville

Weber, Mildred Long Oct 04 Greenwood Indianola City

Williams, Lakindra L. Oct 02 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden
Oct 02 McDonald, James E. "Sonny" Sep 29 Indianola Indianola City

Sutherland, Jerry Sep 28 Oxford Greenville

Walker, Laudie Lee "Polly" Sep 27 Spring City, TN Hickory Grove

Whitley, George William Sep 29 Chicago, IL Riverside Memorial Garden

July thru September 2003
of Obit
Name DOD Location Cemetery
Sep 25 Cook, Joe Lee Sep 18 Orange, TX Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, Orange, TX

Giles, Mable Ann Hawkins . California Inglewood Park, Inglewood, CA

Haltom, John Thomas Sr. Sep 19 . .

Hodges, Ellis Clifton Sep 17 Greenville Linn Baptist Church

Medders, Clarence Sep 12 . Indianola 

Nelson, Melinda Sep 18 Cleveland Pine Ridge

Nobile, Robert Ward Sep 19 Cleveland Indianola City

Smith, Beatrice Whaley Sep 24 Cleveland Riverside Memorial Garden

Watson, J.C. Sep 10 Chicago, IL .

Wood, Cynthia Leigh Sep 20 Cleveland North Cleveland
Sep 18 Fair, Mollie Sep 09 Ruleville Pilgrim Rest 

Fair, Marma Duke "Tracey" Jr. Sep 11 Indianola St. Matthew Church

Freeman, Johnnie Mae Sep 12 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Gibson, Rena Mae Sep 13 Indianola Pilgrim Green

Simmons, John Sep 11 Indianola Pine Ridge 

Combs, Ruthie Mae Sep 08 Milwaukee, WI Graceland, Milwaukee, WI
Sep 11 Marquis, James B. "J.B." Aug 30 . Memory Gardens, Hamilton, AL

Robinson, Rosie M. Sep 06 Ruleville Drew

Sanders, John Henry Sep 03 Jackson Riverside Memorial Garden
Sep 04 Brocato, Stella Favara Sep 02 Indianola Indianola City

Close, Doris Foster Aug 31 Greenwood Indianola City

Harris, Clinton III Sep 02 Risco, MO .
Aug 21 Fisher, Martha C. Aug 17 Ruleville Riverside Memorial Garden

Fisackerly, Anna May Aug 16 Pensacola, FL Northridge/Woodhaven, Memphis, TN

Harris, Roosevelt Aug 14 Indianola New Providence

Hendon, Louise Jones Hodges Aug 17 Indianola Fairview Baptist Church

Hudson, Earnestine Aug 18 Greenwood Willing Worker

Morgan, Prince Ella Aug 15 Cleveland Mt. Galilee

Payne, Ollie Mae Aug 20 Greenwood Macon Lake

Dunigan Cleaster Aug 12 Greenwood Riverside Memorial Garden
Aug 14 Dunigan, Cleaster Aug 12 Greenwood Riverside Memorial Garden

McGregor, Elizabeth Wood Aug 08 Ruleville Indianola City 

Miller, Jimella Clark Aug 06 Greenville Riverside Memorial Garden

Powell, Deborah A. Aug 06 Doddsville .

McCraney, James W. Aug 11 Indianola Moorhead

Turner, Julia Bell Auf 11 Greenwood Willing Worker
Aug 07 Chambless, Rickey Wwayne Aug 01 Bentonville, AK Indianola City

Jones, Eloise C. Aug 03 Lyons, IN Prairie Chapel, Bloomfield, IN

Evans, Betty Griffin Aug 01 Jackson Mt. Zion Heathman

Tatum, Lannie Lanel Aug 03 . Indianola Memorial Gardens
Jul 31 Cooper, Forrest "Sonny" Graham Jr Jul 22 Inverness Indianola city

Hutchins, Wilson Jr Jul 22 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Taylor, Rosie Jul 27 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Taylor, James Edwin "Jamie" Jul 25 Vicksburg Leland-Stoneville

White, Anderson Sr Jul 20 Indianola St Lawrence Church 
Jul 24 Boyles, Gracie Allen Pyron Jul 19 Indianola Indianola city

Lott, Nellie Beatrice Jul 16 Meridian Greenlawn Memorial Gardens

McClain, Patricia Walker Jul 22 Highway 49 Gooden Lake

Moody, Jack H. Jul 08 Cleveland Lehrton

Roby, Ollie Mae Jul 18 Jackson Riverside Memorial Gardens

Scott, Tommie Lee Sr Jul 18 Ruleville 2nd United Baptist

Wright, Bennie Barnette Sr Jul 19 Jackson Hickory Grove
Jul 17 Biddle, Alice Jul 14 Ruleville Drew 

Brown, Russell Jul 08 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Houston, Betty Sue Pettway Jul 09 Fort Worth, TX Memorial Gardens, Clarksdale

Fry, Maple R. Jun 28 Greenville Riverside Memoorial Gardens

McDaniel, Theola Jul 13 Ruleville Mt. Galilee

Porter, Parks Cadman Jul 13 Madden Parkway
Jul 10 Boyles, Bennie Vance Jr Jul 04 Kosciusko Good Hope 

Ingram, Sylvester Ingram Jr Jul 05 Moorhead Pineridge

Jernigan, Arthur Jul 03 Greenville Riverside Memorial Garden

Wilson, Terry Franklin Jul 01 Jefferson City, M0 Center Hill Doniphan, MO

Winters, Thomas Oliver Jul 08 Indianola Indianola Memorial Gardens
Jul 03 Sessums, C.O. "Jack" Jun 28 Greenville Indianola City

Black, Velma Rodgers Jun 28 Ruleville Moorhead 

Branch, Jim Jr. Jun 29 Ruleville Riverside Memorial Garden

Hooker, Hester Marguerite Winston Jun 27 Beaumont, TX unknown

Nellum, Roger Terrell Jun 28 Greenville Pulgrim Rest Church

Williams, R.L. Jun 27 Cleveland Riverside Memorial Gardens
April thru June 2003
of Obit
Name DOD Location Cemetery
Jun 26 Arriaga, Lynn "Junior" Jun 21 Denver, CO unknown

Causey, David Jun 17 Cleveland Drew

Johnson, Gregory Jun 20 Inverness Riverside Memorial Gardens

Nesting, Georgia Carol Land Jun 22 San Antonio, TX Sunset Memorial Park, TX

Long, Darius J. Jun 17 Jackson Riverside Memorial Gardens

Lundy, John Clinton Jun 23 Purvis Indianola City

Steward, Mary Saunders Jun 21 Southaven Thyatira Church of Christ

Taylor, Julie Mae Jun 22 Columbia, SC Riverside Memorial Gardens

Willis, Mary Bryant Jun 17 Indianola New Bethel M.B. Church
Jun 19 King, Orterness Parker Jun 13 Jackson Riverside Memorial Garden

Patterson, Tressie Yeager Jun 16 Cleveland Indianola City

Robinson, Ida Bell Jun 16 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden
Jun 12 Boone, Roggie Hiram Sr Jun 09 Greenwood New Cleveland

Cole, Rosie Jun 08 Blaine New Hope M.B. Church

Harris, Leatrice Davis Jun 04 Malden, MO Macedonia Cemetery

Hamblet, Almeter Jun 04 Greenville Pine Ridge 

Shockley, Jacob "Jake" Jun 09 Jackson Indianola City

Williams, Richard Jun 09 Jackson Pine Ridge
Jun 05 Bradshaw, James Allen "Jimmy" Jun 02 Indianola Indianola City

Herring, Danny May22 . Riverside Memorial Gardens

Scott, Leola Beth Bales May 29 Indianola .

Spain, Hattie May 30 Greenwood Riverside Memorial Gardens

Rowland, John Royce Sr Jun 02 . Greencrest
May 29 Dailey, Marie Wilson May 26 Jackson Indianola City

Boyles, Estelle May 24 Durant Lehrton

Brown, Oudie Sr May 24 Glendora Mt Galilee

Williams, James L. May 19 Indianola Jake Chapel Church
May 22 Crossland, Craig Allen May 17 Hattiesburg Drew

Doster, Beatrice Downs May 14 Indianola Indianola City

Hollins, James Shelton May 17 Jackson Union Grove

Reese, George S. Jr May 14 Greenville Hollandale

Scroggins, George C. Jr May 15 Jackson Indianola City

Utz, Donna Massey May 17 Memphis, TN New Cleveland 

Wright, Katherine Ann Gibson May 18 Greenville Pilgrim Green
May 15 Johnson, Rosie May 05 Clarksdale Oaklawn 

Moore, Paul Berlin May 08 Indianola Indianola City

Ratliff, Mamie Dawson May 10 Starkville Lynn Baptist Church
May 08 Allen, Coren B. May 05 Ruleville St Mary Church

Hoffman, Florence Gail May 05 Greenville Indianola Memorial Gardens

Jone, Fannie May 02 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Taylor, S.B. May 01 Cleveland Riverside Memorial Garden

Thomas, Isaac Jr. Apr 24 Gary, IN Evergreen Memorial Park,
Hobart, IN

Waddell, Bettie Harville May 03 Jackson Indianola City
May 01 Phallon, Tom Diggs Apr 14 . .

James, Lovie D. Apr 27 Greenville Riverside Memorial Garden

Chance, Eddie Lee Apr 27 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Williams, Jerry Lee Apr 28 Itta Bena Pitts

Burk, Ruth Earline Walker Neal Apr 27 Greenville Indianola City

Brooks, Bertha Carter Apr 24 Greenville Riverside Memorial Garden

Bowie, Skeets Cleveland Apr 26 Oxford Indianola City
Apr 24 Boyd, Earnestine Apr 19 Ruleville Mt. Galilee

Lake, John C. Apr 20 Grenada .

Poe, Powell E. Apr 16 Indianola Indianola City

Sibley, Earl Lee Apr 19 Greenwood Union Grove M.B. Church

Stanton, Amanda Shacklett Apr 17 Greenville Indianola City

Tirey, William Hart Apr 16 Isola Indianola City

Windfield, Margiere Apr 23 Greenville Pine Ridge

Winters, Attlee White Apr 17 Greenville Riverside Memorial Garden
Apr 17 Crawford, Mable (Lloyd) Apr 11 Greenville Delta Memorial Gardens

Dial, Syble Anne (Brown) Apr 13 Jackson Clinton 

Fox, Junior Templeton "J.T." Apr 14 Jackson Roundaway 

McCoy, Lorenzo Dow Jr. "L.D." Apr 10 Greenwood Drew
Apr 10 Doyle, Lillie Bell Apr 03 Indianola St. Matthew Church

Mura, Rose Lee Apr 04 Indianola Indianola City

Irving, Gerald Jr. Apr 04 Greenwood Holly Ridge 

Hawthorne, Lucas L. - 6 weeks Apr 04 Jackson Willing Worker

Harvey, Mary Rebecca (Stansel) Apr 08 unknown unknown

Sibley, Benjamin Franklin "B.F." Apr 03 Cleveland Cleveland
Apr 03 Cole, Dereck D. Mar 28 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Holland, Earline Mar 28 Greenwood Drew

Fox, Mabelene (Kisner) Mar 31 Flowood Roundaway Baptist Church

Tucker, Ether Lee (Johnson) Apr 01 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Tabb, Betty Ruth (Palmer) Mar 28 Greenwood Indianola City

McDowell, Tabor Andrews Jr. Mar 29 Greenville Hickory Grove

Zepponi, Angelina (Roncali) Apr 01 Indianola New Cleveland 

Sikes, Annie Katherine (Ware) Mar 26 Greenville Greenville City

McCrory, Genelle (Payne) Nov 12 Vaiden Parkway
January thru March 2003
of Obit
Name DOD Location Cemetery
Mar 27 Austin, Bernice Mar 22 Worcester, MA New Hope

Hanks, Lizzie J. Mar 21 Belzoni St. Luke Church

Jackson, Marcus D. Mar 23 Dallas, TX Shilo Memorial Garden

Harrington, Willie Mar 21 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Pearson, Arch III Mar 20 Indianola unknown

Waldrup, Betty Jean (Nordan) Mar 25 Indianola Indianola City

Weeks, Johnnie Mae Mar 23 Indianola St. John Church

Wells, Ethel Mar 24 Cleveland Drew

Whitehead, Beatrice Mar 21 Moorhead Pine Ridge
Mar 20 Davis, Birkett  Mar 14 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Crouch, Earline (Jordan)  Mar 18 Greenville Indianola City

Watkins, Mary Ella (Hutchins) Mar 14 Indianola Bethlehem

Horis, Nathan Charles Mar 19 Indianola Linn Methodist 

Young, Frances Mar 14 Jackson Straight Bayou
Mar 13 Braswell, Dexter Lydell Mar 11 Indianola Indianola City

Brookins, Fannie M. Mar 06 Whitfield Riverside Memorial Gardens

Daltonn, Mildred (Smith) Mar 09 Indianola Indianola City

Davis, Emma J. (Ross) Mar 10 Cleveland Green Grove 

Harris, Annie Mary Mar 06 Chicago, IL Riverside Memorial Gardens

Whitaker, Tommy E. Mar 09 Indianola Indianola Memorial Gardens

Young, Isabella Mar 08 Cleveland Mr. Galilee
Mar 06 Bankston, Emma "Dollie" Feb 26 Ruleville Merry Grove

Bell, Carmen (Romedy) Feb 27 Indianola Memorial Park, KY

Fitts, Ola (Spivey) Mar 05 Indianola Moorhead

Kisner, John William "Bill" Feb 28 Ruleville Bruce 

Lewis, Edith Mar 02 Indianola Mt. Zion Heathman Church

Smithhart, Sarah Kirk Mar 01 Indianola Indianola City

Fleming, Margaret Mar 03 Ruleville .
Feb 27 Swift, Demetrius Donta Feb 22 Rialto, CA Riverside Memorial Garden

Pearson, Bertha Mae Feb 23 Jackson Willing Worker 

Winters, Arthur Borden Feb 23 Greenville Indianola City 

Anderson, Nancy Carolyn (Reese) Feb 21 Indianola Southside

Bankston, Henry Sr Feb 24 Ruleville Merry Grove

Edwards, Billy Dowd Feb 25 Memphis, TN Indianola City

Elmore, Robert Winefred Sr. Feb 24 Indianola Indianola City

Foster, Ozie Feb 24 Ruleville St. Mary M.B. Church

Herring, Henry Ernest Jr Feb 21 Greenwood Southside

Mitchell, Floyd Eugene Feb 22 Memphis, TN Indianola City

Norris, Loyd Jr. Feb 21 Greenville Roundaway

Rheinecker, Virginia (Robinson) Feb 22 Greenwood Odd Fellows East
Feb 20 Baker, Willie Mae (Beckworth) Feb 12 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Barnes, George *100 yrs* Feb 16 Cleveland Riverside Memorial Gardens

Clark, Vivian (Knox) Feb 16 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Knox, Dorisie (Ford) Feb 15 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Crawford, Voncile (Moore) Feb 12 Gulfport St Stephen's
Feb 13 Caldwell, Benjamin Franklin "Benny" Jan 19 Indianola Moorhead

Dailey, Edgar Alonzo Feb 06 Indianola Indianola City

Fried, Rose (Gold) Feb 08 Indianola Ahavath Rayim 

Mills, Lewis S. Feb 10 Grenada Rome

Harris, Jimmy L. Feb 06 Ruleville I John M.B. Church

Hull, Frankie Lee Feb 05 Drew Drew 

Rowland, Hugh Boyce Feb 06 Jackson Greencrest Memorial Gardens

Glover, Emma Lee (McMath) Feb 10 Shelby St. Peter Church
Feb 06 Briggs, Issac Jan 30 Greenville Pine Ridge

Kisner, Imogene Daniels Jan 29 Magee McNutt

Nobile, Willie "Nunnie" Jr. Feb 02 Indianola Indianola City

Thompson, Timothy Jr. Feb 01 Cleveland Mt. Galilee
Jan 30 Cole, Geneva Jan 22 Cleveland Drew

Fratesi, Larry P. Jan 26 Indianola Indianola City

King, Joe Lee Jr. Jan 25 Inverness Riverside Memorial Gardens

Eiland, Otis Lee Jan 27 Indianola Mt. Zion Heathman

Roberts, Irene Jan 24 Chicago, Il Johnson

Smith, James M. Jr. Jan 27 Indianola Leland/Stoneville
Jan 23 Johnson, Corrine Jan 16 Cleveland Willing Worker

Weatherspoon, Ruby Jan 16 Ruleville Mt. Galilee

Body, Annie Jan 14 Indianola Daybreak M.B.Church

Butler, Clarella Jan 16 Maywood, IL Riverside Memorial Gardens

Edwards, Ruby (Doss) Jan 19 Kansas City, MO Mt. Galilee

Harrison, Cecile Eliska (Davis) Jan 15 Greenville Moorhead 

Hendon, Marlon Jan 20 Indian Bayou unknown

Smith, Hubert Earl Jan 20 Indianola Indianola City

Eubanks, Ualissie P. Jan 16 Isola Pilgrim Rest

Scott, Ida Bell Jan 14 Ruleville Merry Grove
Jan 16 Butler, Callie  Jan 08 Greenville Riverside Memorial Garden

Coleman, Mary Frances Jan 07 Ruleville Mt. Galilee

Denson, Oliver B. Jan 12 Cleveland Roundaway

Hamilton, Clarence Hillard 
"Hamp_Brick Mason"
Jan 14 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Jones, Katherine (Carter) Jan 11 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Robison, Howard Michael Jan 10 Doddsville Linn Baptist Church

Shelton, Ruth (Scott) Jan 11 Vicksburg Lambert 

Scott, Ida Bell Jan 14 Ruleville .
Jan 02 Belk, Betty (Love) Dec 23 Blaine Linn Methodist Church

Yount, Mary Elizabeth (Lucas) Dec 26 Sarah Flag Lake

Grantham, Annie P. Dec 26 Indianola Moorhead
September thru December 2002
Date of Obit
Dec 26 Baird, Bettina Magee Dec 21 Jackson Hickory Grove - Baird plot

Mann, Elizabeth (Tyler) Dec 18 Jackson Greenville City

Price, Charles Leslie Sr Dec 22 Hot Springs, AR Hickory Grove 

Robinson, Irene (Canoy) Dec 18 Greenville Greenlawn Memorial Gardens

Spencer, Sadie (Ross) Dec 23 Greenwood Indianola City

Plummer, Ella Mae Dec 19 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens
Dec 19 Fried, Theo Dec 10 Indianola Ahavath Rayim

Helton, Floice (Wablington) Dec 13 Indianola Indianola City

Shanklin, Ella Mae Dec 11 Greenwood Weeping Mary

Moore, Sennie Lee Dec 17 Indianola Methenie

Sykes, Alford Dec 11 Indianola Indianola Memorial Gardens
Dec 12 Abney, Dorothy (Green) Dec 09 Ruleville Pleasant Grove

Britt, Amos Edward Boyer Sr Dec 06 Greenwood Indianola City

Cole, Leon Dec 06 Moorhead Riverside Memorial Garden

Dantzler, Julia Dec 08 Greenville Indianola City

Hunter, Lillian (Gunnels) Dec 07 Hilton Head, SC Hickory Grove

King, Ella Dec 05 Indianola Riverside

Lewis, Josie Dec 06 Los Angeles, CA Pine Ridge

Love, Mary Edna (Holloway) Dec 06 Greenville Indianola City

McGee, Augusta Dec 03 Greenville Riverside Memorial Garden

Whitehead, Charlotte Ann Dec 06 Greenwood Odd Fellows

Fountain, Sarah Ceola Dec 10 Inverness Riverside Memorial Garden

Lamastus, Guy Edward Jr. Dec 05 Greenville Greenlawn Memorial Gardens
Dec 05 Allen, Damion Dominic Nov 26 Madden Riverside Memorial Garden

Anderson, Julia "Bird" Nov 28 Chicago, IL Midwest Memorial Chapel, Chicago, IL

Clifford, Katherine (Farish) Dec 02 Lexington, TN Indianola City

Donahoo, Debra D. Nov 29 Belzoni Hickory Grove 

Reece, Katrina (Weeks) Nov 30 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Singleton, Christine Nov 27 Indainola Riverside Memorial Garden

Vance, George Thomas Nov 27 Greenville Indianola City

Wright, Linda Nov 28 Moorhead Pine Ridge

Vincent, Thomas Mark Nov 28 Ridgeland Garden of Memories Memorial Park,
Florence, MS

Williams, Rosia L. Nov 27 Webb Oaklawn

Walker, Cornealie (Palmer) Nov 29 Ruleville St. Mary 

Gardner, Robert F. Nov 15 Fort Worth, TX Dallas-Fort Worth National 

 McClain, Annell (Dickerson) Decc 3 Indianola Indianola City

Ransfer, Amzie Jr. Nov 26 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden
Nov 14 Cox, Minnie (Smith) Nov 12 Winona Indianola City

Fuller, Sadie Lee (Wilson) Nov 07 Drew Drew

Gainspoletti, Mary Nov 09 Shaw Shaw

Harris, Willie Nov 08 Greenville Nebo

McCrory, Genelle (Payne) Nov 11 Vaiden Parkway 

Marquis, Carl Hildred Nov 10 Jackson Indianola City
Nov 07 Davidson, Sue (Trotter) Nov 01 Indianola Woodlawn

Davis, Grace Lindsey Nov 05 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Doze, Charles Everette Sr Nov 04 Winoa Odd Fellows - Greenwood

George, Willie Bell (Brown) Oct 30 Indianola Indianola Memorial

Gray, Andrew Lewis Jr Nov 01 Greenwood Gilfield 

Sellers, Mozell "Atlay" Nov 01 Indianola Mt Zion Church

Truss, Ozzie B. Oct 31 Jackson Blake

Weeks, Johhn Nov 02 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Word, Fincher Edgar Oct 30 Indianola Indianola City
Oct 31 Johnson, Monroe Oct 26 Shaw Oak Grove Church

King, Sharon Ann Oct 24 Brunswick, TN Indianola Memorial Gardens

McCool, James Roy Oct 27 Indianola Indianola City
Oct 24 Caldwell, Eugene Oct 17 Cleveland Riverside Memorial Garden

Kirk, Earnestine Oct 16 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Randle, Fannie Alice Oct 20 Indianola Mt Olive Church

Smith, James Wallace Oct 18 Grenada Lehrton
Oct 10 Pressgrove, Paul Byron Oct 08 Greenwood Indianola City

Daniels, Roosevelt "PeeWee" Oct 12 Forrest City, AR Willing Worker

Johnson, Tyrone Oct 07 Greenwood Mt Zion - Heathman

Knighten, Shannon Q. Oct 04 columbus, OH East Road 

Smith, Jessie (Burke) Sep 25 Jackson Indianola City

Harper, Elijan Thomas Sep 27 Jackson Evergreen
Oct 03 Bush, Lois Hatton Sep 29 Jackson Indianola City

Dodd, Loyd, Allen Oct 01 Greenville Lehrton

Miles, Mary Oct 01 Indianola Mound

Tisdell, Pearl (Whitten) Oct 01 Ruleville Linn Baptist

Townsend, Willie Mae Sep 25 Cleveland Mt. Galilee

Collins, David Raymond Sep 24 Bolivar .
Sep 26 Fowler, Susie Sep 24 Ruleville St. Rest 

Jones, Lue Bertha Sep 20 Yazoo City Henry

Lemon, James Lee Jr Sep 22 Sunflower Willing Worker 

Williams, Ralph Sep 20 Indianola Boyer

Smith, Linda Lee (Triplett) Sep 23 Jackson Riverside Memorial Garden

Landing, Felton Sep 20 Richmond, VA .

Thompson, Donald Sep 22 Minter City Mt. Galilee

Edwards, Thomas lyle Sep 18 Pickwick Dam Pickwick White Sulphur

Price, W.D. Sep 23 Hampton, AR Thornton
Sep 19 Armstrong, John Henry Sep 15 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Branch, Nell Yarborough Sep 13 Indianola Hillcrest

Hampton, Bertha B. Sep 11 Ruleville Riverside Memorial Gardens

McDaniels, Alfred Sep 17 Indianola Mt Galilee 

Spealman, Lenora Elizabeth (Rahn) Sep 13 Indianola Indianola City

Stewart, Milton Sep 12 St Louis, MO Pine Ridge
Sep 12 Green, Joe Spight  Sep 10 Indianola Indianola City

Arrington, Paul Sheffield Sep 03 Greensboro, NC Westminster Gardens, NC

Gouard, Ora Lee Sep 08 Moorhead Pine Ridge

Ivory, Floyd Sep 07 Indianolas Riverside Memorial Garden

Parson, Dessie Sep 05 Greenville Willing Workers

Tupmanm, Inez (Schaefer) Sep 06 Ruleville Indianola City

Williams, Inez (Peacock) Sep 13 Indianola Ebernezer

Roberts, Edward D. Jul 17 Germantown, TN Moorhead

Winstead, Rickey Lee Sep 09 Doddsville Roundaway
Sep 05 Brandon, Brenda Faye (Carter) Sep 01 Indianola unknown

Taylor, Clara (Fowler) Aug 31 Greenwood Hickory Grove

McCarty, Johnny Norman Aug 31 Greenville Indianola City

Williams, J.W. Sep 03 Greenville Travelers Rest M.B. Church
June thru August 2002
Date of Obit Name DOD Location Cemetery
Aug 29 Brownlee, Edith (Zacharia) Aug 27 Greenwood Indianola City

Carr, Vernice (Wablington) Aug 21 Raymond Indianola City

Walters, Robert F. "Bob" Aug 26 Ruleville Odd Fellows, Grenada

Richardson, Clara Aug 22 Drew I John

Moore, Dorothy Aug 26 Jackson Riverside

Randle, William Peyton, Sr Aug 25 Greenwood Hickory Grove
Aug 22 Davis, Sadie Lee (Johnson) Aug 13 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Griffin, Tommie Lee Aug 10 Las Vegas, NV Riverside Memorial Gardens

Harrington, Elizabeth (Thomas) Aug 17 Kansas City, MO Riverside Memorial Gardens

Williams, Charles Edward Sr. Aug 15 Jackson Hickory Grove

Arbuckle, John Calvin Aug 18 Cleveland North Cleveland

Haltom, Nina Mae (Cook) Aug 18 Batesville Batesville-Magnolia
Aug 15 Akins, Eddie Aug 09 Belzoni Goshen Cemetery

Brooks, Geneva Aug 12 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Courtney, Alberta (Coulter) [Thompson] Aug 17 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Hayes, Pat Aug 08 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Rainge, Earline Aug 10 Indianola Travelers Rest M.B. Church

Thomas, Estella Aug 04 Cleveland Merry Grove M.B. Church
Aug 08 Brinkley, Lester Lamar Jul 11 Houston, TX Drew City

Fulford, J.M. Sr. Aug 03 Greenwood Greenlawn

Gardner, Bert Deering Jul 31 Pasadena, TX Indianola City

Henry, John Paul Jul 30 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Lewis, Willie Aug 02 Indianola Pine Ridge

Thomas, Estella Aug 04 Cleveland unknown

Maxey, Walter Preston Sr. "Butch" Jul 31 Near Indianola Itta Bena

Scott, Lucille Aug 05 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Tindall, Evelyn Aug 05 Jackson Indianola City
Aug 01 Barrett, Donald Rex Jr. Jul 24 Indianola Indianola City

Howard, Rebecca Jul 25 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

McIntyre, M.D. "Mac" Jul 25 Indianola Indianola City 

Pointer, Edward Jr. Jul 30 Ruleville Arcola

Priget, Annabelle Jul 28 Ruleville Mt Galilee

Smith, Waddell Jul 25 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Spellman, Eugene Sr. Jul 27 Indianola Pine Ridge 
Jul 25 Brister, Annie Jul 22 Greenville Drew City

Clerk, Dora Jul 22 Indianola Willing Worker

Durr, Reese Jul 13 Ruleville Drew City

Harris, Louis Jul 19 Cleveland Riverside Memorial Gardens

Nevitt, Ruby Lee (Cole) [Scott] Jul 20 Greenville Beautiful Zion M.B. Church

Henke, Norman J. Jul 16 Bradenton unknown

McCoy, Lawrence Ray Jul 17 Greenville Indianola  Memorial Gardens

Watkins, Fannie M. Jul 21 Jackson Riverside Memorial Gardens

Woods, Elizabeth Jul 19 Greenwood Riverside Memorial Gardens
Jul 18 Brown, Minnie Lee Jul 09 Greenwood Mt. Galilee M.B. Church

Townsend, Lizzie Jul16 Ruleville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Walker, Matilda Jul10 Ruleville unknown
Jul 11 Hemphill, Alice Marie (Moore) Jul 07 Ridgeland Indianola City

Courtney, Thornton Jul 08 Cleveland Stephenville

Dixon, Tommie C. Jul 09 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Greene, Clifford Lee Jul 04 Jackson Garden Memorial

Keith, Etta Mae Jul 02 Russellville, AR Shaw 

Pruitt, James H. Jul 08 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Wilson, Julia Jul 03 Clarksdale Drew City
Jul 04 Henry, James Haulk Jun 27 Greenwood Moorhead

Lott, Johnny "Will" Jun 28 Indianola Pine Ridge Memorial Gardens

Phillips, Fannie Belle (Whittington) [Gaston] Jun 25 Hazelhurst Hickory Grove

Powell, Ruth (Powell) Jun 29 Jackson New Liberty

Shaw, Ollie Jr. Jun 27 Ruleville Green Grove

Wilkins, Minnie Bell (Knighten) Jun 28 Sunflower East Road
Jun 27 Bearden, Richard Dillard Jr. Jun 22 Greenford Greencrest

Brandon, Mariah Lou Jun 22 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Strong, Lelea (Harper) Jun 20 Greenwood Marshperell

Donald, Lucille (Nelson) Jun 25 Greenwood Pine Ridge

Moore, Blossie (Riley) Jun 25 Indianola Indianola City
Jun 13 Baymon, Adells Jun 10 Belzoni Mt. Oliver/Bellwood

Buchanan, Katherine H. (McDonald) Jun 05 Jackson Indianola City

McNeal, Jessie Lee Jun 08 Little Rock, AR Castell Cemetery, Forest City, AR

Session, Dorina (Johnson) Jun 09 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Spivey, Hazle Alford Jun 09 Indianola Oakwood

Wright, Chaunsey D. Jun 07 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens
Jun 06 Evans, Kala Anita May 30 Pearl Odd Fellows East

Morton, Eddie Lee Jun 02 Indianola Greenwood

White, Lewis Covington Jun 03 Indianola Southside

Roberts, Elma P. May 28 Collins Belzoni

Stovall, Lucille (Johnson) May 30 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens
March thru May 2002
Date of Obit
May 30 Cobbins, Clifton May 25 unknown Pilgrim Rest

Gates, Mary May 25 Isola Mt. Olive

Nance, Ruth (Williams) May 23 Ridgeland Lehrton

Stovall, Hardy May 27 Greenwood Willing Workers

Warren, Joshua May 21 Jackson Riverside Memorial Gardens

Wilkins, L.T. May 22 Burlington, IA East Road 
May 23 Cannon, Kadarius May 15 Doddsville St Mary

Bradley, Mable Dean May 18 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Curry, Charlie May 18 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Faulkner, Byrdie (Jones) May 16 Belzoni Hickory Grove

Hayes, Creola May 19 Inverness Riverside Memorial Gardens

Dixon, Antwan May 15 Ruleville Gilfield

Floyd, Billy May 19 Cleveland Roundaway

Price, Yolanda E. May 19 Greenwood Riverside Memorial Gardens

Tate, Destiney Vonsha May 17 Indianola Pine Ridge

Trippe, Gregory Scott May 16 Jackson Belzoni City
May 16 Spann, Annie Apr 30 South Haven, MI Covert Cemetery, Covert, MI

Allen, L. Sledge May 11 Oxford Indianola City

Bell, Carline (Bates) May 14 Inverness Hickory Grove

Coleman, Versie M. May 10 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Hendon, Richard Prather May 12 Atlanta, GA Fairview 

McClain, Whitfield May 10 Indianola Indianola City

Ross, Kenneth May 12 Greenwood Indianola City

Sandifer, Sarah May 10 Ruleville Drew

Stowers, James Hamilton May 12 Greenwood Itta Bena 

Keyton, Sol Jr. May 03 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Warren, Howard May 07 Greenwood Riverside Memorial Gardens
May 9 Harkins, Joseph Franklin May 4 Yazoo City Glenwood

Williams, Tamara Joneene May 3 Houston, TX Riverside Memorial Garden
May 02 Clark, Louis H. Jr Apr 15 Kingsport, TN East Lawn Memorial Park
Kingsport, TN

Green, Violet S. Apr 29 Cleveland Riverside Memorial Garden

Leflore, T.C. Apr 25 St Louis, MO Riverside Memorial Garden

Rogers, James Apr 25 Ruleville Smith Chapel
Minter City

Watson, Erline (Henderson) Apr 29 Indianola Indianola City
Apr 25 Austin, Ella M.(Barber) Apr 22 Ruleville New Hope

Bell, Gladys Evon Apr 17 Greenville Helm 

Branscome, Lillian (Bridges) Apr 21 N/A Bethel
near Charleston

Brown, Charlie T. Apr 20 Indianola Indianola City

Gibson, Joseph Wallace Jr Apr 17 Jackson Roundaway

McDuffy, Sherrelle L. Apr 21 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Jordan, Tommy Lee Mar 17 Indianola Mt Zion

Moore, Annie Apr 20 Ruleville Mt Galilee

Nolden, G.F. "Nipp" Apr 20 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Randle, Arnether L. "Babysister" (Lacey) Apr 22 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

Rives, George Dabney Jr Apr 18 Memphis, TN Indianola City

Vance, C.J. Apr 23 Ruleville Riverside Memorial Garden

Zepponi, Avis Quinn Apr 22 Greenville Greenlawn Memorial Garden
Apr 18 Braswell, Janell (Vance) Apr 12 Indianola Indianola City

Ellis, Emma Jean (Palmertree) Apr 17 Indianola Indianola City

Gibson, Clarence Jr Apr 15 Jackson Riverside Memorial Garden

Matthews, O.L. Apr 14 Indianola Riverside Memorial Garden

McBride, Cora Apr 10 Jackson Riverside Memorial Garden

Mullins, Jimmy Calvin Apr 10 Inverness Southside

Rogers, Diane (Rogers) Mar 19 California Inglewood Park
Inglewood, Los Angeles County, California

Tredway, Helen (Snead) Apr 05 Greenville Forest Lawn
Richmond, Virginia
Apr 11 Cockrell, Bertha (O'Neal) Apr 05 Greenwood Itta Bena
Leflore County

Davis, Marie Allday Apr 07 Demopolis, AL Indianola City

Dean, Glassie Lee Apr 04 Greenwood Swan Lake M.B. Church

Dumas, Charles Apr 07 Greenwood Riverside

Jones, Willie Mae Apr 05 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Narmour, Marguerite (Shawblosky) Apr 03 Greenville Indianola City

Sims, Floyd Washington Apr 07 Indianola Hickory Grove
Apr 04 Winstead, Dustin Giles Mar 31 Jackson Roundaway

Brantley, Alma (Parkerson) Mar 30 Indianola Indianola City

Chappell, Ed Willie Jr Mar 28 Indianola Swan Lake M.B. Church

Ratliff, Lillie Apr 02 Cleveland Riverside Memorial Gardens

Henderson, Beatrice Estes Mar 29 Indianola Indianola City

Stringer, Levone Sr Mar 31 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Whatley, Marvin Sr Apr 01 Ruleville Lehrton

Washington, Ruthie Mae Apr 01 Greenville Pine Ridge 
Mar 28 Bryce, Lula Mary Mar 25 Indianola N/A

Gerald, Annie B. Mar 22 Greenwood Riverside Memorial Gardens

Mitchell, Cecil Roy Mar 25 Jackson Indianola Memorial Gardens

Trammell, Harry Leroy Mar 24 Greenwood Hebron Baptist

Scheafer, Walter B. Mar 20 Shirley, AK Indianola Memorial Gardens

Burton, Agnes (Shockley) Mar 24 Belzoni Indianola Memorial Gardens
Mar 14 Darby, Dorothy Lynn (Arnold) Mar 07 Gunnison Shelby

Harrington-Johnson, Gussie Mae Mar 07 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Duggan, Cornelia Mar 06 Belzoni Belzoni City

King, Mary Frances Mar 07 Inverness Hickory Grove

Timbs, Elma Roberts Mar 12 Moorhead Moorhead

Lundy, James I. Mar 09

Mar 07 Davis, Walter Allen Sr Mar 02 Boyle Riverside Memorial Gardens

Floyd, Jeanne Wilkinson Mar 03 Lumberton Indianola City

Selders, Willie Mar 02 Indianola St Matthew Church

Sledge, Robert Owen Sr "Bobby" Feb 28 Indianola Moorhead

Sparkman, Mary Jo Mar 01 Jackson Lakewood Memorial Park

Thomas, Irlean Feb 26 Elgin, IL Riverside Memorial Gardens

Moore, Eula Feb 26 Bolivar Mt Ararat M.B. Church

Callahan, Bessie L. "Becky" Feb 28 Greenwood Belzoni City

Gully, L.E. "Jake" Mar 04 Kosciusko Salem 
Kemper County

Jackson, Beverly Feb 28 Indianola N/A
January thru February 2002
of Obit
Feb 28 Brewer, Billy Watson Feb 23 Memphis Hickory Grove

Day, Nina Ketrell Feb 21 Birmingham, AL Mt Galilee

Morgan, Lewis R. Feb 20 Cleveland Drew

Oldham, Mary Emma Brown Feb 23 Indianola Indianola City

Roebuck, John D. Sr Feb 21 Greenwood Indianola Memorial Gardens

Mullins, James B. Feb 24 Greenwood Odd Fellows, Greenwood
Feb 21 Brown, Littie P Feb 11 Greenwood Rising Star, Isola

Edward, Charles Eddie Feb 16 Greenwood Riverside

Harper, Luther S Feb 19 Greenwood Braxton Cemetery, Braxton

Hall, Mary E Feb 16 Inverness Riverside Memorial Gardens

Herrod, Eddie B Feb 13 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Jenkins, Mary Lee Streety Feb 11 Harrison, AR Indianola Memorial Gardens

Reed, Willie Feb 15 Ruleville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Small, Willie Mae Feb 17 Indianola Mt Zion Heathman Church*

Waid, Lois Jane Feb 18 Indianola N/A
Feb 14 Wood, Clyde Everett "Pete" Feb 09 Indianola Leherton

Appleberry, Earl Sr Feb 12 Sunflower St Peter Church*

Brinston, Odie Lee Sr Feb 09 Indianola St Peter Church*

Cartwright, James William Feb 10 Diamondhead Indianola City

Johnson, Adryanna Feb 06 Indianola Riverside

Jenkins, Mary Lee Sterety Feb 11 Harrison, AR Indianola Memorial Gardens

Quick, Kennedy Feb 12 Indianola Greenlawn Memorial Garden, Greenville

Weeks, Charlie D. Feb 09 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Whales, Arthur Feb 11 St Louis, MO Big Morning Starr M.B. Church
Feb 7 Brooks, Jessie Feb 01 Detroit, MI Riverside Memorial Gardens

Butler, Idella Wallace Feb 02 Chicago, Il Holly Grove Baptist Church

Crosthwait, Frank O. Sr Jan 31 Madison Drew

Brown, Jake "Lee Davis" Jan 28 Indianola St John, Woodburn

Hawkins, Cindy Cauley Feb 03 Greenville Indianola City

Hawkins, William Martin Feb 04 Belzoni Belzoni City

Carter, Velma Taylor Jan 31 Clarksdale Pilgrim Rest Church

Hemphill, Mable Feb 01 Ruleville Mt Galilee

Loyd, Ila Mae Peach Feb 02 Indianola Southside

Mosley, Elizabeth Jan 31 Flint, MI Bethlehem Church

Turner, John Lee Feb 01 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Wood, Torrey Spivey Feb 01 Madison Hollandale
Jan 31 Calhoun, Tinia Briscoe Lott Jan 29 Indianola Indianola City

Gibson, Johnnie "Bill" II Jan 16 Lansing, MI Deep Dale, Lansing, MI

Jones, R.T. Jr Jan 26 Belzoni St. Luke Church, Isola

Johnson, Charlotte S. Jan 26 Greenville Mt Galilee

Kimble, Rev J.M. Jan 26 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Riley, Clarice Chandler Jan 26 Jackson Indianola City

Weeden, Lillian Beatrice Jan 24 Memphis Oakridge, Clarksdale

Switzer, Anna Bernice Skeen Jan 25 Belzoni Roundaway
Jan 31 Allen, Odessa Lee Jan 20 Moorhead Swan Lake

Bailey, Bertha Jan 20 Inverness Indianola City

Britt, William Ellis Jan 22 Indianola Indianola City

Burnham, Ray O. Jan 10 Indianola Indianola City

Cooper, Elizabeth Jan 17 Sunflower Willing Workers

Cooper, Ida Jan 20 Ruleville N/A

Copperwood, Monroe Sr Jan 19 Inverness St John M.B. Church

Thornton, Robert William Jan 17 Vicksburg Indianola City

Turner, Lillian Crosby Jan 22 Jackson Belzoni City

Carriagan, Don R. Jan 15 Danville, IL Young America Cemetery, Hume, IL

Walker, Callie Jan 18 Moorhead N/A
Jan 10 Bell, Dr. Clifford Sanders Jan 11 Jackson Hickory Grove

Burnham, Roy O. Jan 10 Indianola Indianola City

Harris, Mary Virginia Montgomery Jan 11 Memphis, TN Hickory Grove

Herman, Zenobia Jan 13 Indianola Pine Ridge

McCarty, Inez Booth Jan 10 Indianola Indianola City

McCain, Mathelene Holmes Jan 11 Greenwood Indianola City

McDaniel, Murrie L. Jan 12 Doddsville Linn Methodist Church

Tillis, Sarah Jan 11 Ruleville Pine Ridge

Baird, George Evans Jr Jan 09 Indianola Hickory Grove
Jan 10 Baird, George Evans Jr Jan 09 Indianola Hickory Grove

Brown, Birdie Lou Jan 06 Greenville Indianola City

Hancock, Mable Lenell Hopson Jan 02 Holly Ridge Indianola City

Ivy, Willie George Jan 03 Greenwood Pine Ridge Memorial

Jarrett, Robert Dennis "Nig" Jan 06 Shaw Linn

Harris, Robert Jan 03 Cleveland I John Church

Simmons, Mattie Lou M. Dec 21 Columbus, MT N/A

Stowers, Willie Hamilton Jan 06 Greenwood Hickory Grove

Goff, Raymon Walton Sr Jan 05 Rome, GA Indianola City

Weeks, Jewel Jan 04 Indianola County Line Cemetery, Glen Allen, ??
Jan 3 Ames, Sam Dec 31 Inverness N/A

Berryhill, Larry Leon Dec 27 Greenwood Indianola Memorial Gardens

Dearman, Minnie Elizabeth Robison Jan 02 Indianola Linn Baptist Church

Hoskin, Mary Ann Dec 28 Moorhead Riverside Memorial Gardens

Rash, Bertha Tolliver Dec 26 Cleveland East Rose 

Rush, George I. Dec 27 Isola Belzoni
 November thru December 2001
Date of Obit
Dec 27 Bolden, Thomas Jefferson Dec 24 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens

Cole, Azzline Dec 22 Indianola Riverside
Dec 20 Donahoo, Bonnie Lynn Bingham Dec 16 Isola Hickory Grove

Latham, Henry L. Dec 19 Greenwood N/A

Monroe, Author Edward Dec 12 Starkville Oddfellows

Williams, Irma Jean Vance Dec 12 Moorhead Pine Ridge

Redmond, Ruby Dec 12 Indianola Riverside Memorial Gardens
Dec 15 Adams, Wilburn Dorsey Dec 11 Greenwood Moorhead*

Fitts, Eunice Pate Dec 05 Moorhead Moorhead*

Kirk,  Rev. Williard Douglas "W.D." Dec 12 Indianola Roundaway Baptist Church

Walls, Woodroe Dec 09 Indianola I John Church

Stevens, A.B. Jefferson Nov 29 Baynetta, AL Zion Fountain AME Church, Stockton, AL

Mabry, Elizabeth Dec 04 Greenwood Swan Lake Church

Williams, Irma Dec 12 Moorhead N/A
Dec 6 Baird, William Henry Jr Dec 03 Jackson Indianola City

Campbell, Laura Jewell Dec 04 Conroe, TX Indianola City

Griffin, Desiree Hibbler Nov 21 Indianola Pilgrim Rest

Joiner, Bessie Mae Dec 03 Ruleville Gilfield M.B. Church

Jones, Frances F. Dec 03 Pascagoula Drew 

Lloyd, Louella Nov 28 Moorhead Pine Ridge Memorial Gardens
Nov 29 Bowman, Lee Willie Nov 20 Indianola Mt. Zion Heathman Church

Fairley, Annie McCoy Nov 23 Indianola Pineridge 

Vance, Betty Roberson Nov 22 Indianola Restland Memorial Park, Carthage, Panola, TX
Nov 22 Baptiste, Margaret Ladell "Dell" Nov 18 Memphis, TN Leherton

Herring, Charles Bradford Nov 09 Webster, TX Forest Park East Cemetery, Webster, TX

King, John Nov 11 Greenwood Willing Worker 

Porter, Eddie Mae Nov 19 Greenville Riverside Memorial Garden

McLendon, Benjamin "Howard" Nov 18 Greenwood Greencrest Memorial Gardens

Spencer, Lora Anne Kimbrell Nov 17 Indianola Roundaway
Nov 15 Denley, Mattie Lucille Nov 07 Indianola Hickory Grove

Love, Mable Lee Nov 03 Indianola Pine Ridge

Lottie, Mitchell Nov 13 Cleveland N/A

Tharp, Margaret Cecelia Nov 9 Minter City Indianola Memorial Gardens

Washington, Lillie B. Land Nov 12 Indianola Mt Oliver

Wright, Vergie Murphy Nov 8 Greenville Riverside Memorial Gardens

Spearman, Ranzy Nov 13 Cleveland N/A
Nov 8 Cole, Marion Lee "Shake" Nov 06 Memphis Swan Lake Church

Moody, George W. Nov 06 Grenada N/A