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New Obituaries Updates


These are Obituaries from Alcorn, Prentiss, and Tishomingo Counties.

We have all the obituaries from the Banner Independent in Booneville, from 2000 - 2003; we have obituaries from other newspapers in the area.  If you have obituaries you would like to share send them to [email protected]

 Prentiss County Genealogical & Historical Society

If you are sending more than one obituary, please put them in one email.




People who contributed obituaries are:

Tupelo Daily Journal, Booneville Funeral Home, Cay Devin, Sandra Ford Bettie Parker Gustafson, Gail Hall, Sue Hardy, Penny Johnson, Ruby Rorie, Bill Scroggin, Karen Sedlecky, Faye Sparks, Nancy F. Wike.

We would like to thank volunteer transcribers:

Janet Hindman, Annet Treece



The Society would like to thank Timothy Owens for his work in getting these pages together.


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