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This collection of cemetery histories came about as a natural extension of the Author, Ray Bellande's interest in the history of Ocean Springs. It is hoped this work will facilitate the research of those interested in their family genealogy and history.This online format is mirrored from the book, same title as above.
As with most cemetery studies, there seems to be a propensity for errors of a typographical nature. These have been eliminated to the best of the author's ability, but no warranty is given to the total accuracy of this document.  Many of the cemeteries in this collection have been studied before, and errors discovered in these texts have been corrected in this online web page.
In the book (same title as this web page, published in 1992,presented for the first time,the survey, history and Registery of the large Crestlawn Memorial Gardens at Ocean Springs.  In addition, there were several small family cemeteries which have never been published before that were included in this work.  This project has been both challenging and rewarding.  Possibly there is something for everyone in this area to utilize in there quest for genealogical knowledge.
Ray L. Bellande

September 1, 1992
Ocean Springs, Mississippi

This work is dedicated to those researchers of the past and future who have and will give their time, energy and resources to facilitate our quest for information and knowledge.  Among them are: The Jackson County Genealogical Society, Mississippi Coast History and Genealogical Society, Earnest A. Carvin, Harriet White Frank, Nap L. Cassibry, II, and Brother Jerome Lepre.

The following is an alphabetical listing of Cemeteries that will be presented on this page.  Each separate cemetery list will include geographical survey description along with some descriptive history.
As the book "Cemeteries near Ocean Springs, Jackson County, MS" Sep 1992 is no longer in print,The Web page coordinator, Currently Virgil D. Miller, a member of The Ocean Springs Genealogical Society, Inc., was granted permission from the Author Ray Bellande, Also a Society member to publish the Cemetery Histories and Regesters information ONLINE along with, The Ocean Springs Genealogical Society, Inc., Genealogy Web Page.
As each cemetery page is completed the name for that Cemetery will be highlited and linked.
It should also be noted that the Book Author currently tries to maintain his Register files for each cemeterery in a current status by updateing as deaths are reported in local newspapers and  from other sources. The Register file reported here will have been updated  from 1992 thru October 1999.

It should be pointed out that there are several deaths reported in the local news papers indicating location / residence as  Ocean Springs, MS and other communities in west Jackson County BUT the individuals are to be buried in Biloxi, Miss, National Cemetery and other counties along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Antiock Baptist Church Cemetery Fort Bayou Area: completed & online

 The Babendrier Cemetery, East Ocean Springs Area completed & on Line

Bellande Cemetery Old Ocean Springs: completed & on line

 Bell Fountain Baptist Church Cemetery: completed & online

 The Bonnie Chapel Cemetery, Bonnie Chapel Area completed & online

Bosarge Cemetery St. Martin Area: completed & online

 Calvin Seymour Memorial Cemetery, SE Latimer Area completed & online

 The Camellia Cemetery, Southwest Latimer Area completed & online

 The Carter - David Cemetery, Vestry Area

 Cox Cemetery Old Ocean Springs Area: completed & on line

 Crestlawn Memorial Park Cementery, East Ocean Springs, Completed & online

 The Delancey Family Cemetery, West Latimer Area completed & on line

 The DEL Ladner Cemetery, New Prospect Campgrounds Area completd & online

 The Double Still Cemetery, Northeast Latimer Area completed & online

 Evergreen Cemetery Ocean springs, Ms. completed  & online

 George Byrd Cemetery, Bonnie Chapel Area completed & on line

 Good Hope Church Cemetery, NW Vancleave Area complete & online

 Groue Cemetery - St. Martin area: Completed & online

 House of Prayer Tabernacle Cemetery, Latimer, Area, MS.

 Kendall Family Cemetery Ocean Springs Area: completed & online

 Maples Cemetery, Latimer Area completed & online

 Martin Ryan Cemetery: completed & on line

 New Fayard United Methodist Church Cem, South Latimer Area completed & online

 New Basque Cemetery - St. Martin Area: completed & online

 Old Basque Cementery, St. Martin area: Completed & on Line

 Ryan - Seymour Cemetery (GulfHills) Completed & on Line

 Seaman Road (Indigent) Cemetery, East Latimer area

 Shiloh Church Cemetery, West Humphrey Road completed & online

 William Seymour Cemetery (Bayou Talla) Completed & on Line

The following Harrison County Cemeteries were also surveyed and are being displayed and linked through this Web Page.
 Brasher - Akin Cemetery, Harrison County, MS

 Krohn Cemetery, Southwest Latimer Area complete & on line

 Hamilton Cemetery South Cedar Lake Area completed & online

 D'Iberville Memorial Park, D'iberville, Harrison Co., Ms.

 Wells - Mulholland Cemetery, Harrison Co., MS

 Quave Cemetery, D'Iberville, Harrison County, Ms.

 Moran Cemetery D'Iberville, Harrison County, Ms.

 Fountain Cemetery, D'Iberville, Harrison County, MS.

 Santa Cruz Cemetery, D'Iberville, Harrison County, MS.

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Cemetery listings being protrayed in this online media is for the general use of the public for Genealogy Research and may not be copied for commercial purposes.

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