Yoe-McGraw Home

Noxubee County, Mississippi

Rodham Yoe Store



To the right is the Rodham Yoe store. The store was owned by Rhodeham Yoe in Summerville on Highway 21. Rhodeham opened the store in 1837. In 1958, the store was owned by Rhodeham's son, Richard Rhodeham Yoe, but was torn down due to road construction. This photo was taken in the 1950s.


[Rhodeham Yoe came to Noxubee Co. from Hawkinsville, TN. He married Cimantha Isabella Tubb in Noxubee.]


Below is the well behind the Yoe-McGraw home. This photo was taken in the 1890s.









Yoe -McGraw home in Gholson.
Source: W.P.A. History of Noxubee Co., MS 1936

Interview with Bethenia Elizabeth Yoe (m. Dewitt Clinton McGraw).

"I was born in this house which was built by my father, Rhodeham Yoe, in 1847. The architects were Knoles and Combs. The house was built of virgin timber almost entirely of oak cut about one mile from the house. This section of the country was them a primeval forest, and the land upon which this house was built as well as that to be cultivated had to be cleared. Some of the stumps are still under the house. The house weathered many storms and is still in good state of preservation. The front is Ante-Bellum style, porch on front with two small columns. The two large front rooms with a hallway between are as large as an ordinary ballroom. The wainscoting in the hall is of solid plank, three feet wide, cut from virgin forest. Ceilings are 12 inch plank and floorings are made of wide plank. Material was pit sawed and the house put together with wooden pegs and square iron nails made by hand. Six months was required for construction."

Photos and information made available by Catherine Cooper.

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