Tubb-Haynes House

Noxubee County, Mississippi

Tubb-Haynes Home


This home was built on land owned by Elisha Floyd Tubb and was located on Highway 21 about three miles from Gholson. Family lore states that Elisha's daughter, Cimantha Isabella Tubb, climbed out one of the widows of this house and eloped with Rhodeham Yoe.

Records show that Elisha Tubb sold the land to George Haynes, but it is not clear whether Elisha Tubb or George Haynes built this house.

Elisha Floyd Tubb, a Primitive Baptist preacher, married Bethenia Lane Mitchell in Greene Co., AL and moved from Eutaw, AL to Noxubee Co. in 1833. Elisha and Bethenia had nine children, several of whom were buried in the Tubb cemetery in Noxubee county. However, many of the tombstones in the cemetery were destroyed years ago, and it is not known the names of all those buried there.

In 1857, Elisha and Bethenia, as well as several of their children, moved to Texas.

Quoting Bethenia Elizabeth Yoe, daughter of Cimantha Isabella Tubb and Rhodeham Yoe, and granddaughter of Elisha and Bethenia Tubb: "My Mother said that many times they were frightened by howls of wolves and by Indians who were numerous in these parts. The Indians worked for my grandfather and the chiefs children went to school with his children."

Photo and information made available by Catherine Cooper.

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