Tubb cemetery


Noxubee County, Mississippi

Tubb Cemetery

Submitted by Catherine Cooper
Feb. 2005

The Tubb Family Cemetery is located just south of Highway 21 near Gholson and near the Noxubee-Kemper line. The most recent survey was taken in 1965 and included in the book "Tombstone Inscriptions of Noxubee County, Mississippi" published by the Noxubee County Historical Society in 1975. At that time, only two tombstones remained in the cemetery.

Sometime before her death in 1962, Annie Calmes McGraw Thomas, granddaughter of Elisha Floyd Tubb and Bethenia Lane Mitchell, surveyed the cemetery. At that time, several tombstones remained intact. I have transcribed her survey here exactly as she wrote it.

Rhodeham Yoe
Born Sept. 20, 1816
Died Nov. 11, 1893

Cemantha Tubb Yoe
Wife of Rhodeham Yoe and daughter of Elisha Tubb
Born Jan. 5, 1830
Died Mch. 20, 1907

"Uncle Matt Yoe"
Servant of Rhodeham and Cemantha Tubb Yoe
Died 1905
About 88 years of age

[Ms. McGraw states in her survey that Rhodeham, Cemantha, and Matt were enclosed by a brick wall, and there were covers over the graves.]

Rhodeham Yoe
Infant son of R. Yoe & Mantie Tubb Yoe

Inf. son of E. F. and B. L. Tubb
No dates
[This was Elisha Floyd Tubb, Jr., son of Elisha Floyd Tubb and Bethenia Lane Mitchell. He was born August 11, 1850.]

E. W. F., son of E. F. and B. L. Tubb
Born Aug. 12, 1839
Died Nov. 8, 1847
[This was Elisha William Floyd Tubb, son of Elisha Floyd Tubb and Bethenia Lane Mitchell.]

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