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Researching YOUNG of Noxubee, Clay, and Lowndes counties. Would like to exchange information with any one with a tie to the Thomas H. YOUNG family of Noxubee county. Also, need help with Caroline YOUNG HAMBY, buried at Salem Cemetery.

The Rileys jlriley@ccc-cable.net Posted Jan. 29, 1999


Looking for Mahalia DANIEL, b. 1828, daughter of Ezekiel Daniel and Elizabeth Unknown. First married to a KNOX, had son, John Daniel KNOX, and possibly a dau., Mary KNOX. She married second, William Richardson, 2 Dec 1855, in Noxubee county. Their children: Albert, 1862; James A. "Gus", b. Winston county, 17 Mar 1865, d. 1955 Hico, Texas; Eula, 1867. Mahalia's son, John Daniel Knox is my husbands grandfather.

Geneva MWOOD404@aol.com


Researching all of the above. Need information on the J.C. Sciples Mill at Shuqualak, Ms.

Gwen Scipel Burnett msgirl@rocketmail.com Posted Jan. 29, 1999


Several families went to Wasinton county, Texas. Mine went in 1855. Richard M., or Francis M. PEARSON and wife, Elizabeth TROTMAN PEARSON. Land deeds show them in Union Hill, Texas, also listed in 1860 census.

Patwilmy@aol.com posted Jan. 29, 1999


I am an avid tree climber, willing to share. Parents, and their parents before them from Macon. Also interest in Pickens, Alabama.

D.W. Nowels readnow2@yahoo.com or readnow1@juno.com Posted Jan. 29, 1999


Searching for ancestors and desendants of Daniel wilson Dobbins CLINE, my maternal grandfather. Dobbins was the name of the doctor who delivered Daniel in Macon, Noxubee county, Ms., March 5, 1860. His parents were Moses Leonidas CLINE and Nanette "Nancy" Emeline WORD. Daniel had five brothers and three sisters; Mary Elizabeth "Puss" CLINE, Sarah Ellen Cline CHANDLER, Emmie Jane Cline, Charles Word Cline, John william Cline, Moses Edgar "Ed" Cline, David Alonzo Cline, and, Thomas Warren Cline (Sr.). The family lived in Lowndes and Noxubee counties, Ms., and Pickens county, Ala.

Moses CLINE and family immigrated to Washington County, Texas in 1870 or 1871. Moses and Nanette are buried in Washington county, Tx. It is known that Daniel married twice in Texas. His first wife, Katie A. Meguire, died shortly after the marriage, and he married Jan. 20, 1885 a Sallie Ophelia BLYTHE in Brenham, Texas. Children of this marriage: Mattie Rose, Ruth Ophelia, Fred Marion, Roland, Lee, Clarence Chauncie C. and Maud Marie, my mother. The family moved by wagon after the 1900 Galveston hurricane blew off the top of their house, to Dallas. Other surnames acquired by marriage of Moses and Nanettes daughters are PATRICK, STEVENSON and LOHMAN.

John Lohman jlohman@txdirect.net Posted Jan. 29, 1999


Seeking information on William George Stevenson in Noxubee county, Ms. from 1860 to 1865.

William S. Smith william.s.smith@gte.net


William G. Little married Lucy Boykin in Noxubee county, 1857. Need probate record for his first wife, Dulcina Little who died about 1856. Elizabeth A. Freeman married John Tipton in 1863. Need probate record for her first husband, Hugh Freeman.

Sharon Black black@1starnet.com Posted Jan. 29, 1999.


Looking for infor. on Shumaker family.

Loretta Blansett Lban64@aol.com Posted Jan. 29, 1999


Looking for gr grandfather who may have been in legal guardianship of his aunt and uncle. Lawrence Timothy SPANN may have been with Robert YATES and wife, Anna or Annie (Spann). the father died around 1840, when he, Lawrence Timothy SPANN, was two years old.

Lynda Yates Spann LSpann3852@aol.com Posted Jan 29, 1999.


George Triplett and Lucy Hawthorne were the parents of my grandmother, Julian Ann, born April 6, 1886 in Ms. and died Sept. 1, 1959 Memphi, Tenn. Siblings: John Allen, George Jr., Dinah (Morgan), Emma (Dishman), and Dora (?). Married an unknown TRIPLETT, then an unknown DAVIS, then, Reben Campbell, and finally, my grandfather, Clarence House.

Lillie Fort msfortay@earthlink.net Posted Jan. 29, 1999


Seeking information on my gggrandfather, James H. WOOD, b. abt 1812, S.C., d. abt 1867, Smith County, Ms. Married Jan 27, 1846 to Mary SMITH HILL, born Apr 9, 1813, Johnson county, N.C., died 1887, Bayou Meto, Pulaski Co., Ar. Also seeking data on ggggrandfather, Reese WOOD.

Jack Spikes JBSPIKES@prodigy.net Posted Jan. 29, 1999.


Looking for information on the HARMON family that lived in Noxubee county from about 1839 to 1870. They moved there from Greenwood S.C. and later moved to Kaufman county, Texas.

James Harmon jlharmon@tenet.edu


I have a marriage certificate of my ggrandfather which suggests that the name may have been ROBERSON instead of ROBINSON. Need help with this black American.

Wes Robinson-McNeese wes@keynet.net Posted Jan. 29, 1999.


I am looking for William Golden, wife, Johanna, several children in the 1880 Noxubee census. Could you help, please?

Rosemary Golden wosi@magicnet.net


Elizabeth Floyd Tubb is my Great Grandmother. Please contact Buffalo Spirit Dancer Frazier,

Wahya43@aol.com Posted Jan. 29, 1999.

Choctaw....Chief Moshulatubee......Elizabeth Floyd Tubb

Need information on Chief Moshulatubbee and his family. Names of wives? Elizabeth Floyd Tubb is in the Noxubee 1850 census, along with someother of her family, is she part Choctaw?

Anne Gray, Anniemgray@aol.com Posted Jan.29, 1999.


I am seeking more information on the Dr. William Durham Lyle family of Macon, Ms.
The Lyles lived in Macon from about 1840-1868. He was a physician and was in charge of the Southern hospital at the Battle of Shiloh. Later he served as Senator for Noxubee County after the Civil War. He practice medicine in Memphis for about 3 year and returned to live in Old Marion of Lauderdale County. He died in 1873. I am interested in finding any other descendants
of this family. His father, Silas Ward Lyles (Liles) lived in Lowndes County and married Catherine Morris. He too came to Mississippi about 1840 from Fairfield County S. C.  I will be most happy to share information on the family. I particularly would like to know where Dr. W. D. Lyle was buried. Also, what happened to Silas Ward Lyles widow, Catherine Morris
Lyle after his death in 1870 at Caladonia, Ms. William Durham Lyle married first Martha Bonner of Pickens County. Secondly, he Married Mary Bibb. She died in Washington, D. C. several years after Dr. Lyles death. Thanks for any help, Rev. Robert E. Walker Booneville, Ms. 38829 Posted Jan. 28, 1999.


Seeking information on descendants of Robert Lee (Rob) Holladay,
physician at Cooksville. He was married to Florence Sparkman and died
in1921. Children: Mary Walda Holladay, Sallie Doris Holladay, Florence
Sparkman Holladay, and Nancy P. Holladay. Harold Graham Harold@bayouweb.com.

Posted Jan. 28, 1999


The Hudsons that I am speaking of are black.  Based on family reunion pictures you can tell that they are decendants of mix blood.   Most of them are very fair skinned.  I am a direct decendent of Louis Prince who by the way is Hattie (Prince) Hudson and Gracie (Prince) Coleman father.  Gracie is my father's grandmother, thus making Louise his great grandfather.  I'll check with some of my cousins and see if I can get Horrace's father and mother's name.  By the way I am also researching the Maury surname.  My dad is a Maury and I am having a problem finding my granddad's family line.  I was however able to trace Joe A. Maury from the Colored Troops
regiment in Mississippi.  My grandfather is originally from Shaqualak and he may still have relative in that area, any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Email....... Paula LStone1068@aol.com Posted Jan. 28, 1999


My "grandfather", GEORGE MCNEESE, was born August 10, 1906 in Shuqualak, MS
and died May 4, 1978 in East St. Louis, IL.  His parents were YANCY MCNEESE and MATTIE GREER.  Further, I do not know, but hope that is helpful. Please email wes@keynet.net, Wes McNeese. Posted January 28, 1999.



Seeking information on Enoch DICKSON living in Brooksville, Mississippi in the early 1800's.  He possibly was born Feb. 17, 1833, in Tennessee, son of John H. Dickson, born about 1815. John H. Dickson was the son of Enoch Dickson born in Amherst County, Virginia, about 1773, and died in Rutherford County, Tennessee, Feb. 5, 1841. Enoch married Juriah Wood daughter of Captain James and Ann Wood on Oct. 7, 1801. Enoch Dickson from Brooksville is possibly my great great grandfather. Any help is very much appreciated. email......jfredrck@nstar.net Posted Jan. 28, 1999


My father's family was originally from Shuqualak, Ms. The earliest recollection of the family goes back to the 1800's until the 1970's. His parents were Devoine COLEMAN and Joseph MAURY. I am seeking any additional information about relatives, marriages, or any possible connection that might lead to finding out about slave owners who may have passed on those last names. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Shawn Lewis sclewis@radix.net Posted Nov. 18, 1998


My grandmother's name was Susie Mae SPARKMAN, her father was Lewis Henry SPARKMAN and his wife was Jennie ROBINS. They were long time residents of Macon. Also researing my BROOKS family in the Noxubee area. Denise Brooks Bowman Hoofn42.aol.com Posted Nov. 18, 1998


I am researching the Shields family and the Jernigan family in Noxubee
county. Joelyn James jjames@magnolia.net posted Nov. 8, 1998



Seeking information on Elizabeth THANTHAM listed in
Noxubee 1860 slave schedule. Jeanne TRANUM Tutor, neantutor@aol.com posted Nov 8, 1998


Jim Spell, raised in Macon, moved to Oregon 1972. Mother's maiden name
MORGAN. Any other Noxubee county folks now living in Oregon? Beth E. Spell bspell@eoni.com posted Nov 8, 1998


Researching HOLMES
Paul Holmes pdholmes@ix.netcom.com posted Nov. 8, 1998


Seeking information on Aaron Hayden JONES who lived in Noxubee Co. 1830-1840
or so before moving on to GA. Would like to know why he came there from
Maine and why he left and what he did. Thanks. Susan Barger Donahue bargerhaus@mcn.com posted Nov 8, 1998


SAEL McRAE ROOKER married EMILY HUNDLEY in Macon in 1835. She was
divorced and had three children by Jordan Hundley. Samuel and Emily had
three children born in Macon: James Wm. (who died there in 1848 at age
12),Lucynthia Rebecca b1837 and John Bunyon b 1839. They went to TX
about 1849. Would like any possible information on this family.
Susan Bellon sbellon@ubtanet.com posted Nov. 8, 1998



Looking for info on the family of Shepherd SPENCER and any other
Spencers in the Noxubee County, MS area (near Cooksville community)
circa 1840 - 50 or later. They family emigrated from SC. Mary K. Johnson, michaelgj@juno.com posted Nov. 8, 1998



The names I am researching are TRIPLETT, MASSEY, JEFFCOAT, and WILLIAMSON
Marvin Triplett triple7@l-a-net.net posted Nov 8, 1998



Samuel McRAE ROOKER married Emily HUNDLEY in Macon in 1835. She was
divorced and had three children by Jordan Hundley. Samuel and Emily had
three children born in Macon: James Wm. (who died there in 1848 at age 12),
Lucynthia Rebecca b1837 and John Bunyon b 1839. They went to TX about 1849.
Would like any possible information on this family. Susan Bellon, posted Oct 20, 1998.


Reseaching William Mallory WILLIS born 1850 and Mary Narcissus
BORDER born 1860 in Brooksville. Thanks, Eddie Jo Howard, posted Oct 20, 1998



Under Will's in Noxubee County I found the names Shepard Spencer SR. & Shepard
Spencer Jr. it listed Will book C, I believe they are my g.g.g. grandparents through
CAROLINE ELLIS SPENCER who married Pleasant William Whitten.
Faye Rouse, Quodon@aol.com. posted Oct 20, 1998



Seeking information about my g-grandmother, Martha A.Leigh. Here is what I know: her husband, my g-grandfather, was James Henry Eckford (born 6-22-1822 in Courtand, AL);
son of John F. Eckford (b. 3-20-1796 in Tweedside, Scotland) and Elizabeth Fisher (b. 3-20-1797). He was a planter in NE Mississippi. According to the 1860 Noxubee County Slave Census, he had 66 slaves. Their daughter, my grandmother Melville Leigh Eckford (born 2-11-1857 in Columbus, Lowndes County, MS) married Rev. Gardiner C. Tucker of Mobile. Ernest E. Tucker (eetucke@ibm.net) posted Oct 20, 1998



Researching the ancestors and descendants of my maternal great grandparents Nanette "Nancy" Emeline WORD and Moses Leonidas CLINE who married about February 9, 1837, in Columbus, Lowndes County, MS. Nanette was probably born in Elyton, AL in 1820 and Moses in Concord, Cabarrus Co., NC in 1811. It is believed that they were married in a Methodist-Episcopal church. One of their children, my grandfather Daniel Wilson CLINE, was born in Macon, Noxubee County, MS in 1860. Has anyone run across these names? Thank you! John Lohman posted Oct 20, 1998

I am looking for inforrmation on David Martin Quick who died in Noxubee Co, MS in 1864 while serving in a home guard unit during the Civil War. Thank you. From: John Ross , 5 Sep 1998 (John Ross, would you please send me your email address? I lost it! "ear")

Does anyone have any information the JOHN TROSPER, wife Nancy, son James (America), and daughter Sallie, who appear on the 1900 Noxubee MS census? There were never supposed to be any Trospers in MS, but there they are!. The son James appears on the 1920 census, Sunflower Twp.? I have not seen these census'. Only got inf. from Soundex. Does anyone know of any other Trospers? This is a very elusive family. From: Correll Trosper-Hartman, 4 Sep 1998

Seeking info on Asbury HENDON or Joshua Isham HENDON. These brothers were residing in Noxubee County in 1850. From: E. Wayne Hendon, 4 Sep 1998

Seeking information on MARY JANE BUTLER, born September 1 1844 . Perkinsville , Noxubee Co. MS, who married JOSEPH MARTIN. Children were Katie, Sarah Ellen, Robert Michael, and my line, MARY JOSEPHINE, who married a Hughes. Her parents were possibly, Thomad D Butler, and Frances Ellis. From: Bill Horn, 27 Aug 1998

Hello My name is Burk Moreland. We are interested in the Thomas W Hagood and Lizzie Burt who was married in Noxubee Co. Miss. in the mid 1800's. Would appreciated any info. From: Burk Moreland, 26 Aug 1998

eeking info on Wm. O. Fuller b. 1850 AL? or MS? In 1870 he was in Nox. Co., MS and in 1880 Leflore Co. He m. 1st Unknown and had Eula, 1868 & Laura, 1873. He m. 2nd (Mrs.) Nannie Mauldin. He m. 3rd Mattie Mae Mitchell and had (my Grpa) Geo. Wm. Fuller, 1891, Silver Lee Fuller, 1895 & Tell Well Fuller 1898. Wm & Mattie Mitchell Fuller both died of pnemonia in 1900 either in Leflore Co. or Sunflower Co., MS. Please email me if you know this family or the Mitchell family too. Thx, From: Mandy W. Queen, 21 Aug 1998

I am researching an African American Carr Family that was located in the Brooksville area between 1870 and 1880. On the Noxubee County web site there is a cemetery index that has a Carr tombstone inscription listed. Is there some way of locating this cemetery and tombstone? Any assistance that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. From: Robert N. Davis, Jr., 21 Aug 1998

Jennie Rea Campbell married Robert Joseph Seiver in (we think) Noxubee Co. Jennie was born in 1867 in Hardin Co. TN. Robert Joseph was born in 1862 in Hardin Co. TN. They had 2 children born probably near Macon: Robert J. born abt 1896 and John Rea born about 1897. Jennie had a sister Knight(Kenghter) born about 1874 in Hardin Co. TN, she married a DILWORTH and had a dau. Jennie Rea Dilworth. This family was possibly living near Jennie and Robert. This is all I know of this family, and sure would like to find some descendants. Will share info. From: Pat Jones,16 Aug 1998

Seeking descendants of Robert Joseph and Jennie Rea CAMPBELL SEIVER. They were in Noxeebee Co near Macon around 1900. Robert Joseph was born in Hardin Co TN in 1862 and Jennie Rea (Rea was her mothers maiden name) was born in Hardin Co. TN in 1867. They had two children: Robert J. born in 1896 and John R. born in 1897. Both were born in MS. Jennie had a sister Knight born about 1874 in Hardin Co. TN., she married a DILWORTH and had a daughter Jennie Rea DILWORTH. They were possibly in this county. Any help will be appreciated and will exchange info. From: Pat Jones,16 Aug 1998

JOINER, Rev. William, b: April 3, 1759, d: June 17, 1840. Buried at Soule Methodist Church. Would like any information on Wm, esp: Parents, siblings and Wife's name. Thanks, From: Dwight Joiner, 14 Aug 1998

My g-grandfather was "Will"iam E Robinson. Will md. Martha Ann Fason Nov. 4th, 1890 in Webster Co. Mississippi. They had two sons, and a daughter, 1. "John" Benjamin My Grandfather, 2. G-Uncle "Dock" Vandon, and 3. G-Aunt Lou "Willie". In 1904, he left his family to find work, Supposedly joined the Merchant Marines. The family never heard from him again. Does your line have a W E Robinson in Mississippi during these times? Can you tell me who his Parents, and Siblings were, and where they came from, and where he went after service? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, From: Patsy R. Buckner, 185 Bob Jessup Rd., Mount Airy, NC 27030, 12 Aug 1998

I'm looking for family. Please reply. From: Jackson Paul Hamiter, 02 Aug 1998

ALEXANDER HANNAH came to Noxubee Co. in or around 1840 from Tenn. I think he and his family were there from 1840 to 1850. I think he was the father of my great-grandfather who was WILLIAM CULLEN HANNAH. From: Judy "Hannah" Glover, 01 Aug 1998

Elizabeth Jane Floyd Tubb, 1775-1851 Interested in any information on this person, this family. thanks, From: Anne Gray, 30 Jul 1998

HARVEY, Thomas C. m. to Ida TYNES. Noxubee Co. Ida TYNES HARVEY died in 1931. Would like to correspond with descendants of this marriage. Are any of the presently living persons with surname "HARVEY" in Macon descendants of this family. Genealogy and Family history interest. Check our homepage at http://www.lx.net/charles Thanks From: Charles, 30 Jul 1998

Any reference to any Gorff in Noxubee County. Loking for family of Julius Gorff. He married Hortense Wedekind in Macon in 1874. Also looking for burials of GORFFs. Thanks, From: Pat McNamee, 02 Aug 1998

Seeking to correspond with any descendants of William M. NEVES who moved to Noxubee Co. from north Alabama between 1860 and 1870. He and many of his descendants are apparently buried in Deerbrook Cemetery. His wife was Elvira Elizabeth Cole. Among his children were: Mary A. Neves (Gavin), William M.(mar. Lula Swift), Martha, James, Fanny, Ida Neves (O'Byrne). He may have had a sister named Brancy living with him. Believe this William M. Neves to be my great-grandfather Milus Reese Neaves' brother. From: Teresa Neaves , 02 Aug 1998



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