Thomas Haynes home

Noxubee County, Mississippi

Thomas Haynes Home

Submitted byEllen Parsons


The following "story" is from Ellen's mother's cousin, Marie
Haynes Hemphill who wrote about the family.

"The Thomas Haynes home in Macon, Noxubee County, Mississippi was a gorgeous two story mansion, typically southern antebellum, which Thomas Haynes built. I have heard my grandmother talk about the large acreage on this plantation and the many slaves Thomas Haynes owned.

On the day this photo was made my grandfather's two older brothers were leaving home to join the Confederate Army, and their father had given each one of the young men a horse and a slave. Neither one ever came home again. One died in camp with small pox and theother was killed in battle.

There was quite a crowd of people there, (in the photo) probably to see the sons off, and my grandfather, (James E. Haynes), then a ten year old, was standing on the steps of the beautiful house."

Another cousin of my mother, Louise Haynes Carpenter, wrote that the men on the horses in the photograph--Alph Haynes and a Negro slave who had gone with Alph to the Civil War, came home for a dayor two from fighting. James Erasmus Haynes was ten or twelve at the time. James wanted to go with Alph but Alph said "no" that he could go when he came again. After Alph and the slave left, James followed them. They had ridden about a day before the slave saw James,stopped him and carried him to Alph. Alph carried James home and was killed on the way back to his group.

The Haynes house, east of Macon, MS, was partially destroyed in a fire and the part not destroyed was made into two houses.

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